Self-Love Message | “God Made Me Right” by The Highway Women

The Highway Women Celebrate All Forms of Beauty with New Single, “God Made Me Right”

God Made Me Right by The Highway Women - BRASH! Magazine BlogThe Highway Women dropped their feel-good anthem “God Made Me Right” on all streaming platforms. The Highway Women continue to showcase their passion, mission, and talent with a song that delivers a powerful, positive & uplifting message for women and girls everywhere.

“God Made Me Right” is a message of truth. No matter your age, heritage, size or background, you are all beautiful. Highway Woman, Amanda Pruitt shares, “I love the song because of the honesty behind it. We are all different but we are all made just right.”

The track delivers a beautiful message to celebrate our differences and beauty along with female empowerment which really highlights the strength and vocal talents of each member of the band – Think Country

The Highway Women delight on their new single “God Made Me Right.” The song is an anthem of female empowerment. They have a distinct sound that is refreshing for the radio airwaves. – Digital Journal


“God Made Me Right” was written & produced by Justine Blazer who is an integral member of our development team. “I wrote the song in approximately ten minutes. I submitted it to their label thinking, “here goes nothing”. I am so grateful to The Highway Women for bringing this song to life. It is about celebrating all forms of beauty, shapes, skin colors and sizes because we are made right!!”

Stream “God Made Me Right” NOW on iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon!

The amazing vocal talents of each band member of the Highway Women is unique and showcases how true beauty, strength, talent in diversity can come together in beautiful harmony.
Twitter: @highwaywomen
IG: highwaywomen

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