Book News: Romance-Suspense Teaser, The Perfect Sin by The Blakk Dahlia

First Encounters Leading to Sin

NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia Releases Book Teaser for New Release, The Perfect Sin


The Perfect Sin book, by The Blakk Dahlia

Adding to the new book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, author The Blakk Dahlia shares a sneak peek into her new release, The Perfect Sin. This new romantic-suspense novel explores a story of the selfish heart. Along with the previous releases, this author explores a forbidden romance from the “heart’s” perspective. The Perfect Sin is a first-hand account of a young woman (Jennifer Steele) falling for a lover who belongs to another woman. In this tale, The Blakk Dahlia explores an unpopular concept of infidelity, forbidden love, and the destruction that may come.

Within the book teaser, the main character details her thoughts and emotions while setting her eyes on a potential love interest. This preview is a sample of The Blakk Dahlia’s writing style and the descriptive innocence finding someone who sparks your interest.

The Perfect Sin by The Blakk Dahlia

Book Teaser: “When Jennifer Saw Darren”
During the first day of work, Kelly introduced me to almost everyone in the office. Administrative staff members, the team, managers from nearby teams, random people on the floor. However, she didn’t introduce me to him. I guess since he worked on a different floor, he wasn’t included in the new girl tour stop.

While heading home for the day, I found him in the downstairs lobby. I didn’t just see him; my eyes experienced his face. Distance sat between us, but through the crowd of people rushing to leave, I knew I wanted him. Brown skin, with a height no less than six feet, fit, low haircut, with a thin mustache leading to a short goatee. Deep dimples on each side of a spellbinding smile exposed with his laughter. He regularly checked a cell phone while listening to random jokes told by Michael and another guy. I was heavily curious to know what made him glow infectiously. If I knew, maybe one day that smile would appear just for me.

My eyes locked on him until he was about to look towards my direction. I lowered my head for a moment to hide the eye-stalking, then once I looked up, he was gone. Jolting my head from left to right, I searched for signs of his whereabouts. No luck.

The Perfect Sin is the fourth release from the Heartbreak Diaries book series. The collection of novellas dive into the stories from love and love lost due to the styles of hearts many may walk (or rush) into choosing a significant other. Rushing to Distraction (The Foolish Heart); Wrong Vengeance (The Toxic Heart); and Devastation or Destiny??? (The Settled Heart) are all stories derived from accounts of The Blakk Dahlia’s own dealings in dating and relationships.

“Although feathers may be ruffled with this story. I wanted to create a book within the series that is real from all angles. Falling for sin can cost you, but what if that sin gives you great hope to love again. And when we choose our feelings over the feelings of a stranger, how do we handle that guilt?” says, The Blakk Dahlia. This story consists of love, chaos, guilt, and realistic stories of what we all have faced going through the ebbs and flows of adulthood.

The Perfect Sin, book by The Blakk Dahlia

The Perfect Sin is Available Now!

About The Perfect Sin
Jennifer helps Darren to realize what he’s been missing. And that’s simply living life. They have no intention of hurting anyone, but it feels too good to let go. Going back and forth about right and wrong, Jennifer soon falls into self-centered ways rationalizing Darren’s affection and love (the sin) as deserving. Pursuing it causes them to break the heart of an innocent bystander, Darren’s wife. The sin comes with a high cost as a result of the broken pieces. Is Jennifer willing to pay? Learn more about this book and the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series at

NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown)

Photo Credit: Joe Miles

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), best describes herself as a Creator. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that creatives can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: blakkdahliawrites

Updated: March 2, 2020

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