Music Monday | “Hands Down” by M.O. Littles

Acclaimed Hip Hop Artist, M.O. Littles, New Single “Hands Down”

Hands Down by M.O. Littles

Toronto, ON – M.O Littles, award-winning Hip-Hop artist recently released his new single “Hands Down” feat. Merkules & Tek Luciano. Littles is known for is authenticity, edge, and respect for the Hip Hop genre’. The passionate artist brings his all to award-winning music videos, US & European concerts and collaborations with artists, including Dru and Rich Kidd. Having sold thousands of albums, the multi-talented artist continues to up his game, writing the theme song for the reality TV show, Fashion Hero and the team anthem for the Canadian National Basketball team, Sudbury 5. Littles is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with his journey and that a seat at the Hip Hop table is never given but earned. Critics and fans agree, M.O. Littles deserves a seat. Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette writes, “His music is gritty and infectious, M.O is definitely hungry for success.”

Stream “Hands Down” NOW!
Twitter: @mdotodot
IG: molittles

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