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Summer Revenge Giveaway - BRASH! Magazine Blog

About Wrong Vengeance.
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy Sullivan appears to be a woman who has it all together, however, readers will quickly learn that she’s living in a world in which she despises. Dealing with abuse in many forms within her own home, she escapes yet she carries the weight of the post-trauma as she tries to move on with her life. While the world continues to turn, Brandy is stuck wondering if love will give her more than what she received. Will she allow past hurt eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

Wrong Vengeance displays how a good/warm heart can turn cold. The Blakk Dahlia took a personal experience and created a tale of romance, chaos, pain, and self-discovery.

Read a Sample Chapter HERE!

Learn more about The Blakk Dahlia and the Heartbreak Diaries book series by visiting
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Electric Pop in Bold Colors | “Phantom Feeling” by WESLEY

Recording Artist, WESLEY, Releases Vibrant New Single, “Phantom Feeling”. One of two collaborations with artist/producer, Denny White

Phantom Feeling by WESLEY - BRASH! Magazine BlogWESLEY’s two new singles ‘Phantom Feeling’ and ‘Long Way Home’ are a collaboration with artist and producer Denny White (Julia Michaels, Tiesto, Ryan Tedder, Lukas Graham). The unique, fresh and bold sound takes listeners on a ride of emotion through passionate guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Thematically the new music comes from the feelings that WESLEY obtained during a new relationship, after his big shift to Los Angeles and step away from the 9-5 lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Bazzi, Justin Timberlake, Post Malone and Khalid, WESLEY’s beats are packed with diverse samples to accompany his mellifluous voice and soundscapes.

I think that these songs capture the time and headspace that I was in while I experienced that. Phantom Feeling truly captures the feeling of having something or someone so close to you that you feel like they/it are/is always there. – Wesley

With the goal to encourage others to take a chance WESLEY advocates, “You really never know what will come of it. I think it’s a testament to words in the songs, the people I’ve been able to work with and meet that if you just take a chance you might surprise yourself”. ‘”Phantom Feeling” and “Long Way Home” are slated for release summer 2019.

Listen to “Phantom Feeling” NOW on Spotify, Apple Music, & Tidal.

Recording Artist, WESLEYAbout WESLEY
WESLEY is Anthony Anderson. An electro-pop artist from the frozen state of Minnesota, he moved to Los Angeles in 2014, to develop his musical style and songwriting. After years of juggling a 9-5 job with his passion for music, WESLEY realized that working in a corporation was not going to fulfill his drive to create and made the decision to focus solely on his music.

WESLEY’s music explores explosive 808’s and vibrant synths, hoping to bring back 90’s pop vocals by fusing it with new trap-pop and future bass style beats. Growing up listening to everything from Earth, Wind & Fire, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey, and vintage rock’n’roll,

WESLEY was inspired to create music covering a variety of different genres.

Combining a raspy pop vocal with sampled, textured instrumentals, WESLEY crafts a place for others that lets them connect to the words and melodies. His songs are heavily driven by the inspiration of movement. WESLEY states, “I’ve always been someone who likes to move around and explore. I once had an acting coach tell me that I needed to make my car a mobile meditation center, so I just ‘meditated’ on good music and realized that some songs on a road brought out certain feelings that you can’t get anywhere else”.
IG: officiallywesley

A Message | “Love Yourself” by Tanisha Avent

R&B recording singer-songwriter, TANISHA AVENT Releases R&B-Dance anthem, “Love Yourself”

Love Yourself by Tanisha Avent - BRASH! Magazine Blog“Love Yourself” was produced by multi-Grammy award-winning producer, Rockwilder along with Malcolm Pope and written by Tanisha Avent, Shanelle Irving (five-time Grammy-nominated songwriter), Jonathan Jennings (Oscar-nominated actor/composer) and Lawrence White.

E Music Entertainment also released a comprehensive, “Love Yourself” Radio Remix package produced by seasoned and newcomer remixers, Available NOW on all streaming and digital platforms.

Stream “Love Yourself” Now on Spotify!

Love Yourself was written with the message of love…it was written to inspire people to love themselves no matter what obstacles life might throw at them. In the process of writing this song, it has also taught me the true meaning of self-love, so I encourage all my beautiful ladies and fellas to simply love yourself. – Tanisha Avent

R&B Recording Artist, Tanisha Avent

Tanisha is currently on the “Love Yourself” promotional tour, which included singing the National Anthem at the NY Mets game on Wednesday, August 7th.

Tanisha Avent is quickly becoming a buzzworthy artist as she makes her way through the music industry. “Tanisha is one of the hottest new artists to make it into the very busy music biz…”Love Yourself” is a great song that will bring power to the people. Remember I said that,” says Klassic, CEO of Fleet Dj’s. Tanisha is currently adding additional touches to her upcoming EP, to be released later this fall. In the coming days, Tanisha Avent will be taking over the streets of New York City and will be performing at the following locations in support of the “Love Yourself” NYC Residency.

Remaining Dates for NYC Residency
* Tuesday August 13th – Atlantic City, NJ 
* Saturday August 24th Asbury Park, NJ

This past June for World Pride Month, Tanisha shot a PRIDE version of the music video “Love Yourself” along the parade’s route. (Watch Video Below)

About Tanisha Avent
Brooklyn born, R&B singer and songwriter, Tanisha Avent has been passionate about music and the arts ever since she can remember. Her inspiration and creativity sparked while listening to Whitney Houston every morning with her great grandmother. Tanisha was shy, but her family encouraged her gift, and motivated her to make others happy by singing.

R&B Recording Artist, Tanisha AventTanisha began songwriting at the age of 16 years old. She has the uncanny ability to capture true feelings and life experiences. “I feel like I have to inspire people,” mentions Avent. “My brand represents authenticity and reality. With music being my only passion, I could not imagine life without it,” she adds. “What you see of her is just the beginning,” Debbie of E Music Entertainment states. “There is a real story here. The passion and fire shown through her songs are from her own life experiences, as well as her friends and family. Tanisha’s goal is to uplift her fans through her songs.”

Currently, Tanisha is recording, while spending time performing, interviewing at radio stations, shooting music videos and developing her social media. She is extremely excited to share her dynamic collection of original and remixed songs. Available now on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.
Twitter: @TanishaAventMus
IG: TanishaAventMusic

Week 58 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

"Wise Gal" by Lauren Ruth WardArtist: Lauren Ruth Ward
Track: “Wise Gal”
Singer-songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward delivers a bluesy rock ‘n’ roller with gritty soul and dirty swagger, new single “Wise Gal”.

Cranked, overdriven Velvet Underground blunt, an electric six-string rattles percussive down the left; bass grooves low and dense, with the patter of a 60s-style kick; light on the subs and weighted to move; snare smacks crisp and dry on the transient with a touch a delicious wet in the sustain. The track and band sway as one, guitars rip and spank left/right as the chorus opens up.

Lauren Ruth Ward shifts from uber-cool walking talk to raspy, soulful rises and falls; her voice dancing about the beats, as a guitarist might roll around the rhythm. Lyrics cascade in snapshots of memory and personal reflection; but instead of being passive and distant, the words arrive rich, vital, and steeped in raw emotion. Lauren Ruth Ward’s vocal style more fierce tirade than introspective lemant.

“Wise Gal” rips and sworns with fizzy, psychedelic guitar solos that pan about the track; quadraphonic-like; music and vocal ebb and flow as one, thanks to accomplished instrumentation and the necessary well-practiced musicianship to back it up. Immensely enjoyable and unforgivably groovy, ‘Wise Girl’ is a soundtrack to dust-hot summer road trips and midnight drunk-dancing in the heat and humidity. A raspy, nasty, rock ‘n’ roller for your summer mixtape.
Twitter: @laurenruthward
IG: laurenruthward

"Ghost" by Erica - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Erica
Track: “Ghost”
UK-based rock outfit Erica drop their eagerly anticipated third album, featuring a super-tight slice of distortion and soul, new song “Ghost”.

With a crash, the track drops as one, guitars flick in understated riff and grind in muted fuzz and crunch; bassline running in controlled stuttered lines of low frequency, snare punching hard with fierce snapback; the kick bedded deep with a subtle layer of sub. Electric six strings suddenly rip open into blazing distortion, while cymbals splash and rasp; a tightly controlled chorus-heralding of glorious noise.

Woodward’s vocals stand tall with well-worked double and slap; working the melody in a series of evolving steps, his voice breathes with a rock snarl and an edge of grunge ‘n’ dirt.

Years of putting the hours in on the UK live scene have forged Erica into an impressive rock outfit. Well-crafted songwriting is supported and further enhanced by well-judged production and arrangement, “Ghost” every bit the radio-ready release. Yet, despite the abundance of quality in evidence, the listener is, nevertheless, left with one single impression above all others; and that is, Erica is a proper f**king rock band.
Twitter: @ericaband10
"Kiss" by LuviaArtist: Luvia
Track: “Kiss”
Brighton-based independent artist Luvia delivers a somber and soulful waltz, gloriously melancholic in mood and sublimely cinematic in presentation, new single “Kiss”.

808 drops deep into the track, punching dense craters of sub and low frequency. A crate-snare crashes protracted and distant, as though Motown-miced and sat at the back. A heavy bass drone bursts in steady, slow pulses; arpeggio electric strings rattle and shimmer in tremolo and chorus, set adrift in reverb and delay. Strings swoon in saturated fizz and timbre-shift; part virtual, part real, an odd, oblique serenade set warped and wondrous old Hollywood.

Luvia breathes and whispers through the verses in hushed stanzas of shattered image, delivered in snatches and glances. Her voice twisting and turning in teasing phrase, evolving percussive, building the pre-chorus in augmenting layers of expectation. Luvia breaking into mournful cry, soulful wail, and fatalistic shriek in the chorus; her vocal performance an odd, oblique serenade in reaction to and reflection of the string accompaniment.

“Kiss” shifts in short stab and ill-balance swagger; the track collapsing and re-constructing as one, forever malformed, forever beautiful; an eerie, sonic oddity, cast cinematic and willfully obtuse. Striped down in its instrumentation and quietly deliberate in its production; a unique listening experience that intoxicates and drags you under its darkening spell. Draw the curtains, turn out the lights, put “Kiss” on repeat and drown in glorious melancholy.
Twitter: @LuviaMusic
IG: luviamusic

Share your music via Thursday’s #Musichouruk 8 pm – 9 pm (UK Time) for considering on our New Music Monster Playlist and review as one of our New Music Picks!

About Tobi
Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.
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Event Recap: 2019 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala & Fashion Showcase

Celebrities Arrive at the 2019 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala & Fashion Showcase

2019 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala, red carpet

L-R: Babatunde’, Johnson, Banks, Lamar, Smith, Walker Photo Credit: Curtis Sabir; Sheri Determan; Keith Crosby

Celebrities hit the red carpet for the 2019 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala at the Los Angeles Convention Center on August 4 in Los Angeles hosted by actor/producer Obba Babatunde’. The awards gala was produced and presented by fashion designer StormyWeather Banks, LLC. Celebrity attendees included Ogom “OG” Chijindu (VH1’s Basketball Wives; Lingerie Football League), Tonya Banks (Reality TV Star “Little Women LA”), Aaron Frazier (HBO’s Ballers), Jordyn Curet (Disney Channel “Raven’s Home”) and many others.


This year’s event highlighted the achievements of those who have broken barriers in the fashion industry. Honorees included Academy Award Winning Costume Designer Ruth Carter, Supermodel Beverly Johnson, and Cross Colours Clothing Line Founders Carl Jones & TJ Walker. Beverly Johnson received the “Icon Award”, Carl Jones & TJ Walker received the “Influential Award” and Ruth Carter received the “Triumph Award”. Walker received Carter’s award on her behalf in her absence. Actress Kellita Smith was in attendance to present the “Icon Award” to Supermodel Beverly Johnson.


Immediately following the awards gala, LA’s emerging fashion designers showcased their ready-to-wear pieces during the gala fashion show to a crowd of fashion goers and enthusiast, hosted by 102.3 KJLH Radio Personality Adai Lamar.

Photo Credits: Curtis Sabir; Sheri Determan; Keith Crosby

About Breaking Barriers Awards Gala & Fashion Showcase
Breaking Barriers Awards Gala & Fashion Showcase honors pioneers in the fashion industry. The event celebrates in awarding the achievements of those who continue to paint the path to a brighter future. 2019’s honorees included Black Panther’s Award Winning Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter, Cross Colours Founders Carl Jones & TJ Walker, & Suplermodel Beverly Johnson hosted by Actor, Producer, & Director Obba Babatunde.

About StromyWeather Banks, LLC
StormyWeather Banks, LLC is a fashion event coordinator offering aspiring fashion designers, suppliers, & attorney’s the opportunity to network with the fashion industry professionals.

Worth Fighting For | “Yours” Music Video by Antonio Ramsey

#FunkTrap Recording Artist Antonio Ramsey Returns To The Music Scene With “Yours” Music Video

Recording artist, Antonio Ramsey

Antonio Ramsey returns to the music scene after a brief hiatus to deliver his new single, “Yours”, will be available via all digital and streaming platforms on Friday, August 16th. “Yours” was written by Antonio Ramsey and produced by Nate Rhodes. “Yours is a reminder to my men that your girl can get snatched up if you don’ treat her right!, cherish what you have or somebody else will,” mentions Ramsey.

The “Yours”, music video was directed by Jonpassion and produced by Ziggy Marley. “The concept was to show a variation of dynamic couples that are facing real problems, but that one fun-night on the town reminds them to keep fighting for the true love that they already have,” adds Antonio.

Watch Music Video for “Yours”

Last year, Antonio Ramsey released his debut EP, FunkTrap: The Unveiling to rave reviews and featured chart-topping singles, “Trash”, “Rituals” and “All Night Long”. He is currently adding finishing touches to his upcoming EP, slated to be released later this summer.

About Antonio Ramsey
What becomes of a striking vocal talent that was born and bred for entertainment in South Florida, polished and primed in Atlanta and is currently being presented in the Los Angeles performance sect? Undoubtedly, the debut of a conceptual new genre, “Funk Trap” and a comprehensive new talent, Antonio Ramsey, who’s destined to dominate the charts and update what we now know to be the soulful sound of today’s man.

The raspy baritone and soon to be vocal paramount has opened shows and shared stages with fellow celebrated performers including Fantasia, Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Bobby Brown, Vivian Green, Bobby V, Chubb Rockand more. Ramsey, entered the music industry with his debut single, All Night Long, a mannish, bass-ladened promise to unabashedly “give it all he’s got” all night long. The accompanying video, shot between a desolate California desert and a sex-charged hotel room is steadily tearing through the social-sphere drawing fans into the look, feel, sound and overall experience that is the 20-something year old crooner with boy-next-door charm.

Ramsey, who is heavily inspired by James Brown and Jodeci, has made cameo appearances on television in projects on MTV, BRAVO and NBC. 2018 will continue to usher in performance and portrayal opportunities for everything from new music to forthcoming movie roles. Walls, boundaries and boxes don’t stand a chance if attempting to stop this show. It’s already in process and he’s got the feeling baby.
Twitter: @IAmARamsey
Instagram: IAmAntonioRamsey

Hot Girl Summer Renewal | “New Bitch, Who Dis?” by Cuja

Brazen Girl Power Anthem
“New Bitch, Who Dis?” by Cuja

Following the release of her debut EP Vol. 1, budding pop artist Cuja returns today with a new infectious bop titled “New Bitch, Who Dis?”.

New Bitch Who Dis by Cuja

I wanted “New Bitch, Who Dis?” to be the song people listen to when they want to be all about themselves, when they’re getting ready for a night out or when they need a friend to say ‘Babe, he’s not even worth it. – Cuja 

An ode to those that have done us wrong, “New Bitch, Who Dis?” shows Cuja reclaiming the energy in her life and giving the middle finger to anyone who tries to stand in her way. After finding herself shrouded by negative experiences in the music industry, Cuja enlisted the help of two fellow powerful women, producer Alina Smith and artist/songwriter Elli Moore. Together they created an impassioned yet relatable song that highlights Cuja’s sultry vocals. “I was feeling like I needed to be heard and if people were uncomfortable or didn’t like it, that’s on them,” Cuja explains.

Listen to “New Bitch, Who Dis?” on Spotify and Apple Music!

Pop artist, Cuja

Inspired by other girl-power artists such as Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, Cuja has put her own spin on pop, creating a shimmery, electrified sound that serves as her authentic storytelling canvas of heartbreak, love, pleasure, and pain. Cuja has the drive to succeed like no other. Part of her drive stems from her frustration with the lack of Asian-American representation in the music industry. She hopes her story as a Filipina-American artist will inspire others to pursue music and encourage the music industry to invest in opportunities that promote inclusivity for all minority groups. After releasing her debut EP titled Vol. 1 back in June, Cuja is ready to roll out more heavy-hitting singles that touch on the complexity of life.
Twitter: @cujamusic
IG: cujamusic