Week 51 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music review written by Tobi Davis

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Woodstock by Ninet TayebArtist: Ninet Tayeb
Track: “Woodstock” 
With pomp ‘n’ stomp and in glorious old time rock, Ninet Tayeb delivers a heady rendition of Joni Mitchell’s 1970 release “Woodstock”.

Toms land thick and earthy, barrelled and rich in dirt; the smash ‘n’ crash of cymbal and fizz rains down from the sky in percussive counterpoint; kick punches gloved, with texture and depth of tone; snare smacked with rasp and tipping-point. Electric six-strings rattle in awesomely rough riff, with crunch ‘n’ grind. The track lurching in pulsating swells and ecstatic runs, as bass drives form and motion from the back.

Tayeb’s voice soars, soulful and full-bodied with an attacking rasp ‘n’ edge; her performance nothing short of barn-storming; the somber, wistful lament of Mitchell’s original cast to the four winds; and yet, the striking spirituality and heartfelt aspiration of the 1970 release remains.

Very much an rendition for our noisy, social and streaming media times, Ninet Tayeb successfully delivers the meaning and message of Mitchell’s song, without compromise with great understanding and respect. Wonderously operatic and glorious psychedelic; put it on repeat and play it loud. Really loud. ‘We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden’.

Twitter: @ninettayeb
IG: n.tayeb


Forever Endevour by HarlanArtist: Harlan
Track: “Forever Endeavour” (Harlan LP)
Four-piece Indie-rock outfit Harlan releases a debut LP of home-brewed delights, shimmering gems; dreamy, introspective, and steeped in amp-warmed nostalgia.

Framed in an ever-shifting world of electric strings in chorus and reverb; founding member and namesake, Harlan Hutton’s voice forms the emotional and musical center of the 9 track album. Her words delivered as part stream of consciousness, part document; ideas and questions interchange; memories mingle with fantasies and forebodings; images from out and within. Hutton’s vocal presented in lingering ambient; supporting backing and double, resonating in odd detachment.

Instrumentation revolves about Hutton in a wondrously open arrangement; overlapping runs of guitar arpeggio and riff are delivered in expansive, musical stanzas; the bass playing and off the various guitar parts with great effect and compelling contrast; drums tipping and falling in lightly worked fill and beat, responding to the ebb ‘n’ flow of lyric and arrangement alike. The band playing the tempo as one; rallying and easing-off, in surges, slows, and stops.

An immensely enjoyable and engaging collection of songs from beginning to end, ‘Harlan’ makes for a disarmingly intoxicating listening experience. It sets about its work gently, drawing the ear and heart. Beautifully loose in its musical form and understated in its production, Hutton’s songwriting is allowed to breathe and move at its own pace. A quiet giant, ‘Harlan’ is an album you’ll revisit time and time again.

Twitter: @harhutton
IG: harhut


Fumes by TannersArtist: Tanners
Track: “Fumes”
Brash Magazine Artist of the Year 2018, the singular art-pop oddity Tanners makes a welcome return with her first release of 2019, the intoxicating neo-synthpop slow-burn masterpiece, “Fumes”.

Synthpads bleed in, melancholic and distant; electro-sonics burst blunt in percussive dabs. Linndrum-style beats snap and clasp, gated tight. The stereo field allowed to breathe open; arrangement crafted in instrumentation and space. Synths soar and resonate with compelling emotion, strikingly atypical for electronic music. The 3-minute 51-second track shifting in steady graceful stanzas.

Tanners works her voice deftly; allowing fragility and breathlessness to temper and texture her accomplished vocals. Verses stagger adrift and lost; choruses delivered in bittersweet surge and soaring rush. In an impressive demonstration of both taste and self-discipline, Tanners never outshines the quiet, understated production; letting the instrumentation stand equal to her voice.

Every bit the slow-burn modern classic, ‘Fumes’ is further testament to the great range and depth of Tanner’s creative talent. Ignored by Spotify in 2018, the great and mighty playlisting gods have finally caught up; ‘Fumes’ earning a well-deserved spot on their, ‘Pop Right Now’ playlist. With so much great music being made by the current generation of independents; in a sky filled with so many bright stars, Tanner’s star continues to shine amongst the brightest of them all.

Twitter: @whoistanners
IG: whoistanners


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About Tobi
Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.

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Welcome 2 Bubblegum Grunge | “Probably Crying” by Girl Wilde

LA Recording Artist, Girl Wilde, Releases New Single,
“Probably Crying”

Probably Crying by Girl Wilde - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Los Angeles based pop-rocker Girl Wilde is back today with the release of “Probably Crying,” the first single off her upcoming debut EP. Packed with 90s-inspired alt-rock instrumentals and vibrant pop melodies, “Probably Crying” is another heavy hitting track from the emerging ‘bubblegum grunge’ artist.

On the meaning of the new single, Girl Wilde writes that “‘Probably Crying’ is about owning my emotional tendencies and trying to figure out where they come from.” She continues to explain that “growing up I was deemed ‘overemotional’ (I can be). Like everyone else I have my own unique traumas, and working through them has been pretty painful. There was a certain time in my life when I could only muster the energy to cry. My expectations for what life should be didn’t leave room for me to experience reality, and when I did, it almost seemed to hurt worse. I didn’t have the patience, or distance from my own emotions.”

“Probably Crying” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

Los Angeles based pop-rocker Girl Wilde

Photo Credit: Jordan Douglas

About Girl Wilde
Previously songwriting for others as well as her past musical project, Alex Barnes aka Girl Wilde is no novice to the music world. The Girl Wilde project was born from a desire to be unrestricted by genre, expectations, and trends. Blending influences of rock, pop, and electronica, Girl Wilde is carving out a fresh and distinctive sound that is uniquely and truly her own.

Girl Wilde made her introduction to the world last year with her debut single “Bad Side,” which she quickly followed up with singles “Nervous Breakdown” and “Fake Louis.” With over 300K+ streams to date and support from Alternative Press, C-Heads, Ones To Watch, and idobi Radio, Girl Wilde is a glam alt-pop goddess you’re going to want to keep an eye (and ear) on.

Twitter: @ImGirlWilde
IG: girlwilde

Book Buzz: “Devastation or Destiny???” by The Blakk Dahlia

Wedding Bells Are Coming…And So Is the Devastation! New Book Snippet from Author, The Blakk Dahlia

Heartbreak Diaries Book Series Author, The Blakk Dahlia, Reveals Sneak Peek of Upcoming Release, “Devastation or Destiny???”

(New York, NY) – New fiction book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, is celebrating Independence Day in more ways than one. Written by The Blakk Dahlia, “Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart) entails a story of The Settled Heart; hitting book retailers on July 4, 2019. Save the Dates have been sent, now readers are anxiously waiting for the “Big Day”! Celebrating the upcoming “nuptials” of the characters, Tanya and Kenneth, The Blakk Dahlia gifts book lovers with a snippet of the upcoming release from the first chapter entitled, ‘An Unbothered Bride-To-Be’.

Pre-Orders are Available Now on Amazon Kindle!

Devastation or Destiny??? Book by The Blakk DahliaThe first chapter is an introduction to the main character Tanya’s mood as she goes through last-minute preparations for her wedding day. Not the usual, Bridezilla, she’s going through the motions of pondering thoughts of how the relationship altered her dreams, and how marriage will change her life.

The third “entry” from the Heartbreak Diaries, “Devastation or Destiny???”, sets the scene of a perfect love, leading up to what is supposed to be the perfect wedding day. Tanya’s love for her man, Kenneth is unmeasurable. However, a great love comes with a cost. For Tanya, it’s the life of adventure she dreamt of. Kenneth, on the other hand, stands firm in his traditional beliefs in a rural town; close to his loved ones. She tries to suppress the wandering thoughts of what could have been if she gave up the love of her life for the life she loves. With devastation on the horizon, readers will find out if love will truly conquer all.

Book Snippet from Chapter I: An Unbothered Bride-To-Be.

“Tanya! Hurry up, we’re running late!” Shauna yelled to her best friend.

“I’m coming!” She sighed with aggravation.

Tanya’s concern wasn’t being on time. Instead, she concentrated on her hair in the bathroom mirror.

Shauna suddenly appeared in the doorway with her hand rested on a perched hip. “Tanya! Are you serious!?!? Why are you styling your hair now? We’ll have time to come back and get pretty before the rehearsal.”

“I know. But I wanna be pretty now.” She responded, unbothered by her friend’s urgency. “I’ll be done in a minute.”

“With the way I’m rushing and you slowing around, you’d think I’d be the one getting married. Now COME ON GIRL! Ms. Lucy opened the shop today just for us. We can’t hold her up.”

Shauna moved closer, to hurry the process.

“I said…I’m coming.” Tanya moved away. “Chill. We’ll have enough time to get there. We’re only twenty minutes away Shauna.”

“I’ll be in the car when you’re done!” Shauna stormed away.

Tanya stayed in the mirror, relieved to be left alone. She wanted a peaceful morning before the wedding rehearsal. Determined to move on HER time, not anyone else’s.

Living in the “Heart of Dixie” was only supposed to be a pit stop. Tanya relocated from Miami, to help restructure the finance department for the company’s subsidiary. The move was a big adjustment from having a condo by the beach and a lively nightlife. However, living in the city where she attended college, along with moving closer to her close friends, Shauna and Keena, made it a little easier. An added bonus was meeting Kenneth. After that, her plans of moving out of the country fell away as she fell deeper in love.

Their romance developed on a whim. Tanya hired his company for landscaping for her new townhome. The home, which was initially an investment property while working in Birmingham. Kenneth became captivated by her beauty and drive for success. Over time, he would come back to check up on the yard, free of charge of course. Their friendship quickly turned into love. Two years later he proposed, and six months after that, the wedding day was a little over 24 hours away.

About “Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart)
Choose the love of your life, OR the life you love?
Tanya found her happy ending, but it wasn’t the one she wrote. A lover of adventure and exploration found the heart of a hard-working traditional man. Kenneth is unwilling to take on her dreams, however, he gives the greatest love with no reservations. As their wedding day approaches, she finds herself thinking of what could have been. Did I give up on what I REALLY wanted too soon?

Fearing that she’ll miss out on a chance of true love, Tanya gives in. But, the deep yearnings never end. The universe hears the inner cries of the life she wanted, as she prepares to take on a new life with Kenneth. Life eventually gives her want she truly wants but with a cost…Devastation!

Thrown into dismay, Tanya finds herself starting over. Will the devastation be worth it? Or should she have been grateful for the “once in a lifetime love”?

The Heartbreak Diaries Book Series is a gripping new collection of must-reads that will ask many questions that go unspoken in dating/relationship conversations. Previous releases, “Rushing to Distraction” and “Wrong Vengeance” taps into the foolish and toxic hearts, respectively. What’s unique about this series is that it dives into these heart types from a real and vulnerable place. Each book has a “dear diary” moment from an integral character, displaying their true intentions within the story. For more information on the “Devastation or Destiny???” and the Heartbreak Diaries book series, visit www.TheBlakkDahlia.com.

Visit www.TheBlakkDahlia.com to Pre-Order “Devastation or Destiny???” on Amazon Kindle.


E. Alexcina Brown, The Blakk Dahlia

Photo Credit: Joe Miles (NYC)

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), is an Author/Model/Actress/Editor-In-Chief. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.

For interviews, features, and speaking engagements, email TheBlakkDahlia@gmail.com.

Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites

Summer Jams! | “Saucy” by Keith Jacobs

R&B New-Comer, Keith Jacobs, Releases New Single, “Saucy”

Hip-Hop may still dominate the current Billboard Charts, but every now and again we are introduced to a R&B artist who has the perfect tone, style, and groove that becomes the promise of stardom. Keith Jacobs is that artist. His current single, “Saucy” from his forthcoming still untitled disc, due October 18th is already creating national attention with becoming “that song” at your favorite radio station. KEITH offers a throwback style of music which has been missing from the airwaves as of late.

Saucy by Keith Jacobs“The ladies have found them a new summer jam,” says Keisha Nicole at KBXX in Houston. “Keith’s new single “Saucy”, is sensual yet catchy,” she adds. Built on the energy of a simple guitar line, the melodies evolve to present an entrancing layered landscape where you can swim in a simple moment. At this moment you sink into the depths and all the elaborate iterations that can come when you are in search of all the flavors and depths of life and it’s passions. The Sauce of Life.

“Saucy” is Available Now on Apple Music, Spotify, & GooglePlay!

Keith Jacobs, a Houston, Texas native and a graduate of famed HBCU institution, Southern University in Baton Rouge LA. His love of music would later afford him to cross paths with another Texas native, famed music producer Jean-Robert Redwine (Chris Brown, G-Easy, Mario, Ludacris, Zendaya, Tinashe). Together through Redwine’s custom imprint, Redwine Music, the creation of “Saucy” came to fruition.

Keith is an artist that truly and genuinely embodies the energy of an era where R&B reigned supreme, says mega producer and label head Jean-Robert. “Keith is a modern evolution of the best feelings we grew up listening to and all the musicality it took to capture those classic feeling in our lives.”

“Saucy” continues to thrive at national radio and streaming platforms and has placed Keith in the path of success in the ever-growing business of music.

Saucy is a vibe and just the tip of the iceberg. I am excited about this release mostly because I can feel a shift of music and I want to be at the forefront of this change. – Keith Jacobs

Keith Jacobs brings his “SAUCY” talents to his hometown of Houston, TX with a performance at The House of Blues on June 26th and he makes his Essence Music Festival debut on Saturday, July 6th at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

About Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs’ music has a style and vibe that pierces through our feelings with subtle sonic influences from Houston’s iconic music culture. He sings with sensuality, appreciating every aspect of a woman. He’s loyal to his artistry, and the music holds the key to his soul. He’s intriguing; forcing you to want to know more about the man and the artist.RnB Artist, Keith Jacobs

No stranger to love, Keith Jacobs often finds himself as the muse in which his lyrics flow, embodying the good and bad experiences of his life. He’s transparently honest and true to his music. It doesn’t come as a surprise that by sharing his art with the world, he wants us to not be afraid of being transparent in our relationships.

With the release of his debut EP, Still Tippin’, Keith Jacobs shares his emotions and wants us to trust him with ours. Musically inspired by Diddy, Ryan Leslie and The Dream, Still Tippin’ takes us on an impulsive and melodic ride.

Keith Jacobs’ ambition and artistry will not allow you to forget who he is, nor will it allow him to fail. You’ll find that passion to succeed evident in his lyrics, as well as what’s most important to him: family, loyalty and constant progression.

Twitter: @ThisIsKeithJacobs
IG: ThisIsKeithJacobs

Event News: The Essence of Emotional Intelligence (Essence Festival ’19)

Talia Oliver Announces Special Event In NOLA During Essence Festival Weekend

(New Orleans, LA) – Atlanta entrepreneur Talia Oliver will be bringing big names to New Orleans during the Essence Festival weekend, for a party with a purpose about emotional intelligence and mental health issues. The headlining event, titled “The Essence of Emotional Intelligence: Demonstrating How To Foster Healthy Friendships, Romantic Relationships and Business Partnerships”, will be held on Friday, July 5th at the historic Carver Theater in New Orleans. Two amazing ladies — Randi Rossario Maples and Tamisha Monet — will be joining Talia in a panel discussion about the importance of having emotional intelligence, while building various relationships in this digital age we are living in.

The Essence of Emotional Intelligence Event Flyer

Randi Rossario is a media mogul, author, life and empowerment coach, and the owner of Oh So Radio, an internet/app based radio station based in Metro-Detroit. She uses her platform to help others on a daily basis, delivering encouragement and wisdom through her morning videos. Randi currently has a combined social media following of over 250 thousand people, with a weekly reach of over 5 million accounts per week.

Tamisha Monet is a certified life coach, having received her certification from the reputable Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Academy. She has a plethora of spiritual gifts that she accesses regularly through her work as a certified Astrologer and Master Reiki Practitioner.

Other guest speakers will include Atlanta entrepreneur Christopher Williams, who recently became the youngest black franchise owner of Subway. Williams will be telling his story about how he raised over $250,000 and went from homeless to franchise owner in just a year. Atlanta entrepreneur Taylor Deathridge, owner of the only one-stop shop beauty loft in ATL will be interviewed live about having it all; the dream career, the fairytale love story while balancing a huge life changing struggle.

Talia will be partnering with A Bella La Femme Society to give away three scholarships to three very lucky attendees. A Bella LaFemme Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that provides collegiate minority women with scholarships to promote mental wellness. The mental wellness scholarships may be utilized at the desire of the recipients. ABLS is also committed to serving the community across the state of Louisiana by providing free self-defense and gun safety courses, Heels & Steels® . The courses are structured to empower, alleviate hardships, and to build resourceful sisterhoods in their communities.

Not only will this event be filled with food for thought, but a lot of delicious food will also be prepared and served by Chef Sell. His mouthwatering Cajun chicken and seafood alfredo has been nominated for Best Pasta in Atlanta by Terrapin Brewery.

Event Info:
Fri. Jul. 5th, 2019 at 3 P.M. at the Carver Theater
(2101 Orleans Avenue, New Orleans, LA)
Click Here to Register

About Talia Oliver
Having served as one of the original writers at The Shade Room and a contributor for The Singers Room, Talia went on to create the burgeoning media platform “The Closet Ratchet” which has become the voice of the intellectual and spiritual yet “closeted” ratchet people who utilize social media. In addition, Talia is a published author, a small business owner and an inspirational speaker to young mothers and entrepreneurs. For more information, contact Talia Oliver at (470)292-1811 or taliaoliver716@gmail.com.

Music Vids | “Within” by Godz Chyld

Within EP by Godz Chyld

Bronx, New York emcee G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld presents the Joshua Cruz-directed music video for the D’artizt-produced title track of his new EP “Within”. GC’s last album was End Game, and he has collaborated with producer Jordan River Banks over several releases (watch the video for “Blue Flame” featuring Killah Priest and Loaded Lux).

GC says his new track is about “reconnecting with our true authentic selves. In this day and time it’s easy to get caught up in distractions because there’s so many of them like social media & the internet. I think it’s important for us to come back to ourselves and grow from our pure desires, not the programmed ones.”

Watch Music Video for “Within”

Godz Chyld - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Twitter: @G0dzChyld
IG: godzchyld7

Fear of Letting Go | “Heavy Waters” by Yianna

Yianna Releases Alt-R&B Sophomore Single,
“Heavy Waters”

New York-based songstress Yianna is back today with the release of her second single, “Heavy Waters,” the follow up to her stunning late 2018 debut, “Ordinary Love.” Drawing influences from alt-rock, pop, R&B and soul, Yianna creates music that is completely unrestricted by traditional genre boundaries.

Heavy Waters by Yianna - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Heavy Waters is about knowing that the relationship you’re in isn’t working and you’re not going anywhere with this person. You know you should leave, but you can’t or you’re afraid for one reason or another. – Yianna

“Heavy Waters” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

About Yianna
There is a raw vulnerability to Yianna’s music that is wise beyond her years; she taps into a soulful energy that is often absent from today’s mainstream hits. Marked by sultry vocals, laidback R&B stylings, and catchy melodies, Yianna’s music takes the listener on a uniquely picturesque journey with each and every track.

New York Recording Artist, Yianna

Photo Credit: Rachel Golden

When she was just 18, Yianna dropped out of college to pursue music. She knew little of the music industry, songwriting or production, but she had the drive to become an artist. After trying her hand at it and extensively gigging around the tristate area in various coffee shops and subway stations (all under fake names since she didn’t want anybody to know her identity), Yianna believed maybe it was time to move on and started applying to a military program. Before committing to her new career bath she was urged by those close to her to give music one last try. Feeling more encouraged than ever she dove head-first into writing her own songs… and now here she is today with two glittery singles under her belt and plenty more music on the way.

Twitter: @yiannamusic
IG: yianna