Dreams Coming True | Jersey EP by YQ Dreams

From HIT SONG with DA BABY to FIRST EP of his Career! – YQ DREAMS ends the year with his EP Jersey

Jersey EP by YQ Dreams - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Delran, NJ – On Sep. 20, 2019, American-Jamaican rapper and musical artist from New Jersey, YQ Dreams will be releasing the first project of his career Jersey. After an amazing first half of the year opening for names like “Omeretta The Great”, performing at a Superbowl LIII pep rally takeover, and having one of the hottest tracks of the summer “DID IT” featuring North Carolina’s hottest rapper Da Baby; YQ isn’t letting the year-end easy as he enters the last quarter with a bang!

Jersey is an Eight track EP, that artistically embodies the reality of YQ’s life struggles, insecurities, and being able to overcome the many obstacles that he has faced. While promoting becoming better in every aspect of life and embracing your spirituality, YQ has been focused on creating more compelling music to filter the heart of his hometown and encourage his fans around the globe.

“Back and Forth” is the song leading this monumental project and the first track fans will enjoy. “Back and Forth” not only promotes the mission of YQ Dreams but goes as far as telling his fans to stand up for themselves staying focused and protecting their energy no matter how much negativity may surround them. In 19 days, the world will experience eight tracks of hip-hop and melodic vibes. This young talented artist is using his craft and life experiences to relate to his listeners and to change the world.

Twitter: @yqdreams
IG: yqdreams

Debut! | “Rearview” by Shannon Quinn

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Quinn Recently Released her Debut Single “Rearview”

Rearview by Shannon Quinn - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Nashville, TN – With relatable lyrics like I remember everything, from the coffee shops to midnight talks, but words are just words, I guess I’m not quite her, “Rearview” is sure to resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup.

“Confusion, lies, love, memories – these are just some of the images that kept popping up in my mind as I wrote Rearview,” Shannon explains. “I always write to speak the truth – my truth. Rearview is a story of reflection and that’s what I hope listeners take away from this song.”

“Rearview” is Available Now on All Major Music Streaming Outlets!


Singer/Songwriter, Shannon Quinn

About Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania. As a child, her passion for music was sparked by Taylor Swift. She began taking piano lessons and taught herself to play guitar, all while competing in local talent shows. Fast forward to 2019, Shannon obtained her degree in Vocal Performance and moved to Nashville, TN.

Twitter: @squinn_13
IG: squinnmusic

Industry News: Music Player Network Now Independently Owned

Music Player Network - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Thousand Oaks, CA – Music Player Network, the cutting-edge internet community dedicated to those creating, performing, and enjoying music, is now owned by the people who set the standard in music-oriented online communities. Established in 2000, but tracing its roots back even further to Craig Anderton’s ground-breaking “Sound, Studio, and Stage” site on AOL, MPN has grown to include discussion forums that cover a vast selection of music-related topics. Continuing the site’s enviable reputation for credibility, all forum moderators are hand-picked industry experts.

Owned by diverse corporate interests over the years, MPN was acquired by Future plc from NewBay Media in 2018. Future immediately realized that MPN was unique, and generously returned ownership to its creators. According to Stuart Williams, Brand Director of Music at Future plc, “After consulting with MPN staff and carefully evaluating our options, we came to the decision that MPN would be best served in the hands of the people who had created it. We know it will flourish under their guidance, and wish the community the very best for the coming years.”

Already, MPN has implemented several improvements that take advantage of the latest advances in forum technology, added exciting new communities and moderators, and rebooted legacy forums for a new generation of participants. Managing Director David Bryce states, “Forum members regard MPN as a home away from home, and it was of paramount importance to keep that congenial, helpful feel intact. We remain committed to the ‘by musicians, for musicians’ philosophy that has been key to the site’s success and longevity. Based on the response to the recent changes, that’s exactly what’s needed in today’s world.”

MPN will celebrate its 20-year anniversary in 2020. Several events and additions to the site are planned in recognition of the event. Please visit http://www.musicplayernetwork.com for more information, and to join the internet’s most vital music community.

Twitter: @MusicPlayerNtwk
IG: musicplayernetwork

Week 63 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monsterLoving is the Way by Alex McArtorArtist: Alex Mcartor
Track: “Loving is the Way”
Texas-born singer-songwriter Alex Mcartor makes a welcome return with an inspired blend of soulful instrumentation and synthpop sonics to delight and enthrall the listener, with new single, “Loving is the Way”.

Mcartor’s voice strikes up, soulful and compelling with rasping edge and warmth; her words strung melodic in long, towering, stanzas of rich low and resonating mids. ‘Loving is the way to touch you, feeling just to be in your heart’, the words delivered mantra-like, staggering and massive. Electric keys push outwards in graceful undertones and modulated overtones. A beat cranks, bit-crushed and sat deep into the center of the mix; quietly keeping the count.

Synth pads fizz and pulse, as the track begins to build. Electric arpeggio rattle and flex left/right; the production breathing width and depth into the stereo field, as the kick drives down the middle in rapid dabs of low frequency. Mcartor’s voice begins to shift, delivering words in quickening twists and turns. A snare smacks hard, flat-packed; reverb gated short, the beat-design evolving in gathering complexity.

Synthpop sonics erupt in shards of shimmering chimes, while electro-bass rumbles in metronic shudders and waves. Electric six-strings wail and contort in ambient and delay. Hi hat snaps and cymbal bursts, pop and sneeze across the width of the arrangement, adding fizz, height and energy. The 4-minute 5-second composition pushing onwards and upwards in a perfect judged blend of instrumentation, while drawing upon an inspired and eclectic range of genres.

“Loving is the Way” further cements Alex Mcartor’s reputation as an Independent Artist of striking creative integrity and originality, capable of delivering songcraft and production of the highest order; made all the more impressive, given her young age. And, in turn, further demonstrates that Alex Mcartor has every chance of becoming a highly successful Artist with little or no apparent limit to the heights she might reach musically and artistically.

Twitter: @alexmcartor
IG: alexmcartor_


Freckles by Pip Blom Artist: Pip Blom
Track: “Freckles”
Hard touring Independent Artist Pip Blom delivers a noisy dose of lo-fi indie-rock goodness with new single “Freckles”.

Overdriven six-string bark down the center, in dry percussive stabs and bolts. Hi-Hat rasp ticks in shifting snippets of metallic fizz and chink, while kick lands deep with a touch of hollow; the snare, a sneezed smack of super-short rattle and mid-frequency impact. A second driving guitar joins, distorted blunt and fuzzy. The bass moving in jinks and jags, deep and at the back of the track.

Pip Blom’s vocals arrive in lo-fi telephone tones, prickly and rusted; the filter effect setting them off mic and a touch distanced. Blom’s voice idles and meanders through hazy image and trail of thought in compelling understated, lazy stanzas. Willfully off-set backing vocal adds weight to the chorus, as cymbals splash and shimmer around electric rocketship, saturation, burst, explosion, and grind.

“Freckles” moves through its 3-minute 2-second run time with engaging simplicity and disarmingly straight-forward approach to songcraft and production. Everything is done extremely well and with deliberate intent. There is an impressive economy and sense of creative-discipline in the methodology of the instrumentation and arrangement. Each element serves a clear purpose, without the inclusion of anything frivolous or superfluous. The result is an immensely enjoyable and effortless listening experience. The music of Pip Blom stands as an undeniable testament that lo-fi and noisy can also be carefully crafted and adapt in its execution.

Pip Blom are playing live across Europe and the UK throughout September, October and into November.

Twitter: @pipblom
IG: pipblom


Out on the Old Highway by Li'l Andy Artist: Li’l Andy
Track: “Out on the Old Highway”
Montreal-based singer-songwriter Li’l Andy crafts a landscape of forgotten lives and broken dreams in musical tones forlorn, wistful, and poetic with new single, “Out on the Old Highway”.

Slide guitar haunts from out the vista haze, slinking and shimmering like quicksilver rattlesnakes. Six-strings grind, arpeggio, metallic and heavy; rusted tones, creaking and cracking under the weight of flesh white finger ends. A bass guitar moves dimly in the distance, shadowing the guitar in low-frequency drones and drags. A kick drum lands seldom and deep, punctuating the track like a stopped clock.

Li’l Andy’s voice stalks in vast, tired, syllables; great casts of low mid resonance, set in occasional contrast, by lifts of light phonetics allowed to drift without direction or intention. Images flow in vivid phrase and graceful passage; depicting scenes of the destitute and the downtrodden, the maligned and the conveniently forgotten.

Moving in protracted, yet graceful shudders and shakes, the 4-minute 37-second track grows quietly in instrumentation; a lone fiddle, strung out somber and beautiful; a single bowed serenade to the cast-aside, and in turn, a sad echo of Li’l Andy’s own lament. The country singer-songwriter crafting a constant, if allusive, an undercurrent of myth most ancient and born of the land into the, otherwise, stark and grounded lyric.

Despite its sobering subject matter, Li’l Andy manages to inbune “Out on the Old Highway” with a lingering sense of wonder at the persistence of hope and the great human capacity for perseverance. An inspired and accomplished act of songcraft and production. Music-making of the highest quality.

Twitter: @thisislilandy
IG: thisislilandy

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Drops Mic | “Up in the Air” by Curt Chambers

Rising Country Star Curt Chambers Releases New Single “Up in the Air”

Country Music Artist, Curt Chambers Nashville, TN – Curt Chambers is a GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter and producer who has gained notoriety for his unique fusions of rock, soul, country and hip hop. Curt released his third country music single “Up in the Air”. Curt co-wrote the song with Ashley Bowers (country singer who charted through Stony Creek Records/BBR) and co-produced and co-wrote several tracks on Jimmie Allen’s 2018 smashing debut album) and songwriter Allison Cruz (Big Deal Music Nashville). The Song was produced at Chris Young’s Losing Sleep Studios. The Tongue in Cheek love song was inspired one night when Curt ran into a young lady he was pursuing and he asked her why she was not responding to his calls. She said I am “Up in the Air”. His buddy turned around and said, “There is a song there Curt.” Chambers said the songwriting experience with Bowers and Cruz “was flawless, we wrote it in one day. I sat on this song for almost two years. I kept getting great feedback performing it out live and felt it was the right time because my fans were asking for it. I really want them to appreciate the song, which was stripped down with a purpose to showcase my country vocal styling and the lyrical content of the song.”

“Up in the Air” is Available Now on Apple Music, Amazon, & Google Play!

About Curt Chambers
Curt Chamber’s immense talent, partnered with his wildly diverse blues, country, and hip hop power-packed performances humbly provided him opportunities to share stages with a wide array of musical legends such as BB King, and Jerry Douglas as well as rock and hip hop icons like the legendary Dr Dre, Travis Barker, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and many more. He is pursuing his dream of becoming a Country Music Artist, and has made the move to Nashville where he has recently signed to WME. He has been invited to perform in different capacities at CMA Fest, Musicians Hall of Fame, Exit/In, Whiskey Jam, and Boots on Stage Shindig at Sea. He has also taken the stage in various venues in SoCal such as The Hotel Cafe, The Ranch Saloon, Stagecoach, and Coachella. Curt has toured with Country Artists, Tyler Rich, Dustin Lynch, Georgia Florida Line, Chris Young, and Jake Owen.

Often described as refreshing and innovative, the Philadelphia native’s gift as a musician were cultivated at home and in the church, where he was raised to appreciate diverse musical genres and was influenced heavily by gospel, soul, blues and country music. He was taught to play several instruments including piano, drums and guitar. It is on the guitar where the essence of Curt Chambers comes to life, captivating all who are fortunate enough to witness. Curt has turned legendary Honky Tonks into mosh pits of country music loving fans who celebrate his high energy vocal and music skills. He is a Rising Star in the Country Music Scene.

Twitter: @curtdarockboy
IG: curtchambers

Week 62 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Sunday Afternoon by Katie KittermisterArtist: Katie Kittermaster
Track: “Sunday Afternoon”
Singer-Songwriter Katie Kittermaster delivers a quietly compelling slice of upbeat Indie-pop with new single, “Sunday Afternoon”.

Acoustic tones tumble in protracted rake, before opening up into percussive rattle and shake; a kick lands deep and bedded in, and the track builds with a low-frequency push and shaker rasp. Acoustic six-strings playing off each other left/right, the steady rhythmic build broken-up for a 4 count of bars; arpeggio and backing vocals held in amber. Piano keys add depth and weight during the choruses, as strings gently widened the track.

Kittermaster’s vocal walks the beat loosely, allowing the melody to drift; the 18-year-old Artist demonstrating impressive craft and maturity in what is a disarmingly talkative, understated, and well-judged performance.

The accomplished and tastefully ‘hands-off’ production, mix, and master reflects, supports, and enhances Kittermaster’s vocal delivery. The 3-minute 51-second track an object lesson for aspiring Artists in knowing when enough is just enough; a quiet gracefulness and warmth of spirit running throughout.

Artists are oft tempted to the cynical and downbeat as it lends itself more easily to earning the attentions of plaudits and the impression of integrity; but in a world that, of late, feels as though as it is darkening with each passing day, it is of the utmost importance that Artists and Entertainers deliver work of optimism and hope; there is, quite simply, no greater imperative; and it is, in this regard, that Katie Kittermaster has excelled. “Sunday Afternoon” is a quiet triumph; a beacon of light, shining bright against the rising dark.

Twitter: @kkittermaster
IG: katiekittermaster


The River Bend by Subculture + Rachel ChinouririArtist: Subculture + Rachel Chinouriri
Track: “The River Bend”
Subculture and Rachel Chinouriri come together to craft a bluesy ambient of soulful voice and scattered Acid-Jazz instrument with new single, “The River Bend”.

Bass stalks with deep dab, yet light on its feet. Brushwork shuffles with snare rattle and bleed; percussion landing metallic and blunt in stereo-cascade. Sample rasps in dry coughs and deadened sneeze. Ambient shifts with tonal impressions, too distant for definition; brass bursts in long, shrieked-sustain and shimmering delay. The space of the track fluid and in perpetual flux. Sonics erupt hectic in a well-worked mess of frequencies, random with clear intention.

Chinouriri’s vocals rise glorious from the ambiance; nonchalant and uttered in the swallow and close mouth, words drop like liquid gold; tone, understated, rich and thick with soul. A tour-de-force in voice, delivery, and performance; Chinouriri drawing the ear into the midst of the great undulating swell and surge of accomplished instrumentation.

Evocative of the uber-cool acid-jazz movie soundtracks of Dirty Harry, Bullet, and The French Connection, “The River Bend” is an inspired contemporary brew and exploration in rhythm, melody, and harmony; a living, breathing critique and conversation upon the subject of music and its artistic form; one that opens up the possibilities of creation and liberates the listener from the tired, the generic, and the cynical; a composition that dares you to be different.

Twitter: @whoissubculture
IG: whoissubculture

Twitter: @rachelchinourir
IG: rachelchinouriri
Crazy Horse by MillyArtist: Milly
Track: “Crazy Horse”
LA-based Independent Outfit Milly drop a glorious dose of laid-back lo-fi and garagey goodness with new single, “Crazy Horse”.

Thrift Shop beats drop blunt and off-tonal, willfully awkward and intentionally warped; alternating off-balance and sat in odd, indifferent distance by quizzical and curious use of reverb. Six-strings delivered in tremolo and chorus, counting strings and rasping rakes, rattling off-set and played-off against each other; left to right, the stereo-field opened up, messing/smart. Bass drones heavy and deep, grinding the track forward in swells of low frequency.

Vocals land lazy and laid-back; teased by saturation and oft scattered by delay, in short, idle stanzas of gloriously lackluster melody and compelling understated lyric. Seemingly haphazard backing vocals, discarded distant and off-center, provide additional width and depth.

Deceptively effective and well-worked in its production, the 3-minute 14-second track peppered with undersold sonic delights, reverses, and keys, crafting shifting layer and contrasting texture into the composition. “Crazy Horse” slow-burns to a triumphant and chaotic crescendo of awesomely distorted guitar noise and dirty swell, as though the noise-floor itself is rising up to bring the song to a cacophonous and glorious end.

Proper independent, alternative music.

Twitter: @millymusicgroup
IG: millyleband

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Dynamic Duo | “Don’t Look Away” by Kylie Hughes & Luke Underhill

Rising Pop Songstress Kylie Hughes Enlists Piano Driven Singer/Songwriter Luke Underhill for “Don’t Look Away” Duet

Dont Look Away by Kylie Hughes and Luke Underhill - BRASH! Magazine BlogRising pop songstress Kylie Hughes has enlisted fellow songwriter and piano-driven talent Luke Underhill to partner for a powerful duet, “Don’t Look Away.” Written by Hughes and Underhill and a ‘super relatable track’ (Celeb Secrets).

Celeb Secrets exclusively premiered the track yesterday stating, “The moody duet covers the insecure feeling of loving someone that could suddenly leave you.” View the exclusive HERE.

Hughes explains, “When Luke and I sat down to write this song, we talked about both knowing the insecure feeling of loving someone that could suddenly leave you. It was sparked by our love of film and the movie HER. Joaquin Phoenix’s last monologue is so emotionally complicated and truthful that it inspired a poem that we worked into a duet. Fear of loss of love is something we both very much related to.”

Underhill continues, “Kylie and I wanted to paint a very real picture with these lyrics. She showed me a poem she had written and I mentioned it reminded me of the closing monologue from Spike Jonze’s movie HER. The feeling of longing for someone who’s right next to you. You don’t want them to turn a shoulder because you don’t know if they’ll turn back. We ran through other directions we could possibly go for this song, but that lost feeling is something we connected on.”

Underhill and Hughes began writing together about a year ago and quickly found an artistic synergy. Both artists split time between Nashville and LA writing and recording.

Hughes is a multi-talented artist, born and raised in Southern California who began writing and recording at the young age of 12. Her most recent self-titled album landed her features by likes of The Huffington Post, Examiner, InStyle.com and Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists, to name a few. The budding talent has shared the stage with The Beach Boys, Jewel, Newsboys, MercyMe, and even performed a duet in 2013 at Carnegie Hall with Michael W. Smith.

Underhill, who is celebrating the release of his sophomore studio EP, Illuminations, has received more than 75,000 Spotify streams and has racked up more than 1 million YouTube views as an independent artist while garnering praise from the likes of Parade.com and Elmore Magazine. The Chicago native has performed several times on the city’s beloved morning show, WGN and recently brought his energetic live show to Nashville for his second performance at the music industry’s most popular weekly hang, Whiskey Jam.

Recording artist, Kylie HughesAbout Kylie Hughes
Kylie Hughes is a multi-talented artist, born and raised in Southern California. Her songwriting offers a glimpse of her passion for spontaneous adventure, sassy personality, and a healthy dose of heartbreak to all of the music she makes. Her songwriting is a blend of pop and country rooted in her experiences through life. Her musical journey started at the impressive age of 12. Her first release was a collection of Christmas songs and shortly thereafter; a self-produced project featuring five covers and one original. Hughes’ Freshman year of High School is when she released her first original EP, Unsaid, produced by Emmy winning songwriter/producer Bobby Harty followed by another full-length collection of original songs called Still and 2010 single “Audience of One“.

IG: misskyliehughes

Recording artist, Luke Underhill About Luke Underhill
With diverse influences ranging from Gavin DeGraw and Bruce Springsteen to Ed Sheeran and Ben Folds, the multi-talented 23-year-old singer/songwriter, Luke Underhill, is making his mark in the format. Earning a reputation as the contemporary ‘piano man,’ the Chicago native’s emotional renditions of his songs have already earned him comparisons to a young John Mayer – while some more upbeat arrangements inspire exciting flashes of early Bryan Adams. Since the release of his debut studio EP The Left Side in 2017, Underhill has worked diligently to hone his skills as a songwriter, musician, and artist.

Twitter: @LukeUnderhill_
Instagram: LukeUnderhillOfficial