Vintage Prom Night Visuals | “Stand With Me Tonight” Music Video by C. SHIROCK

Acclaimed Musician C. SHIROCK Releases Official Music Video for New Single, “Stand With Me Tonight”

Stand with me tonight music videos by c shirock

The single is a stunning love song featuring heartfelt, shimmering vocals with ethereal synthscapes. The video features twinkly vintage prom night visuals and narrate a teenage romance between two high school students.

C. SHIROCK has found success with his music featured in multiple TV networks including MTV, NBC and ABC. He has performed at major summer festivals in front of hundreds of thousands of people across the US and UK, alongside acts such as Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra, to name a few.

Watch Music Video for “Stand With Me Tonight”


Catch our exclusive with C. SHIROCK as he covers our
Winter ’18 Issue AVAILABLE NOW!

BRASH! Magazine Winter 18 Issue C. SHIROCK
Twitter: @CShirock
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‘Tis the season to be BRASH! | Winter ’18 Cover Reveal

BRASH! Magazine Winter ’18 Cover Reveal featuring singer, songwriter, musician, C. SHIROCK!

BRASH! Magazine Winter 18 Issue C. SHIROCK

Cover Photo Credit: Allister Ann

Holidays, Resolutions, Family time, and NOISE! Closing out 2018 with a bang, C. SHIROCK is bringing the HEAT to warm us the frosty winter that is around the corner. Writing and performing music with feeling and vulnerability, his tracks are definitely a playlist “add” to keep you cozy!

Also in this issue, we go inside the music with Stewdiopheen (Joi Wynn), music engineer who is loving and learning in this industry. McKenzie Caldwell-Pope is a Mom-Boss looking to inspire mothers to balance family life and going for their own desires. Our BRASH! team writer, Rose Fall sought out artists to look out for in 2019, and we’re giving you a few holiday songs to get you into the spirit.

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BRASH! Magazine Fall ’18 Cover Reveal | Godz Chyld

Bronx Hip Hop Artist, Godz Chyld Covers BRASH! Magazine’s Fall ’18 Issue

Cooling winds aren’t the only thing blowing into the Autumn skies as Summer comes to a close. To kick off a new season, BRASH! brings you Rap Music in the form of honesty and the true spirit of spitting lyrics, Godz Chyld. The True Game of Hip Hop. In our Fall ’18 Issue, we get an exclusive look into which legends inspired him, his thoughts on the music industry and his latest project Woke EP. Be on the look out for our latest Cover Story and see why Godz Chyld is a rapper to keep on your playlist!

BRASH! Fall '18 Cover ft. Godz Chyld

Cover Photo Credit: Danny Ferreras

Get a sneak peek here:
Inspired by conscious thinking, Godz Chyld wanted to create a body of work that would represent the thoughts of like-minded music lovers, without falling into the trend of “Staying Woke” that has swept the world as a temporary feeling.

“…there’s so many false prophets out here tryin to get a profit, I’m the real thing.”

Twitter: @G0dzChyld
IG: godzchyld7

Also in this issue:

BRASH! Exclusives
~ R&B Artist, Porcelan talks with BRASH! about hitting the Billboard Charts!
~ How Canadian Indie Label Post Music Productions are doing more than just representing indie artists!
~ Ian Harnarine’s Latest…Caroni at the Toronto International Film Festival!

Recaps from New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week!

Throughout our features, you’ll find how the 90s era is motivating artists today and true artistry from the world of indie!

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Fall ’18 Issue of BRASH! Coming Sept 28th!

Summer ’18 Cover Reveal | BRASH! Magazine

Keith Robinson & Alexa Ferr covers BRASH! Magazine’s Summer ’18 Issue!

We’ve been waiting for the Summer and it’s almost HERE! To celebrate Summer ’18, BRASH! is giving a double serving of Cover Artists and more indie music news to enjoy! Sit poolside or suntan with your dose of a BRASH! Summer and MAKE NOISE with us!
Cover Artists:
Keith Robinson.
From Dreamgirls to multiple TV roles including his current role as Miles Calloway on the hit show Saint and Sinners, Keith Robinson is a triple threat in the industry as a singer/songwriter. With his upcoming mixtape, Trapsodic Love, he’s putting his own spin on Love Music guiding the movement of romance along with joining in on the surge of REAL R&B!
Alexa Ferr.
This singer/songwriter is UNSTOPPABLE in the industry. Breaking out of Toronto to LA in order to pursue her dreams, Alexa Ferr, teams up with notable producers along with gaining her noteriaty with true talent and staying true to herself!
Also in this issue:
  • Jewel Tankard is sharing the wealth by giving us the keys to the KINGDOM with Financial Education.
  • Keeyen Martin has not stopped since we last featured him, he’s the epitome of hard work and indie artist winning with his performances and notable appearances that people would die for!
  • Music in the works, learn how indie artists are inspired throughout the creative process and what helps them in the studio.
All of this and more in the Summer ’18 Issue of BRASH! Magazine coming June 15th!


Full of Soul | Spr ’18 Cover Artist Pat Soul

ATL Artist, PAT SOUL, Gets Real w/ BRASH! Magazine

pat soul, cover artist, atlanta artist, rnb music, singer, songwriter, producer, made with soul

Photo Credit: Chris House

BRASH! came to know PAT SOUL with his single “BLAME THE GOV”. An upbeat soulful track with the lyrics “Something’s going wrong so I wanna blame the government…” The Atlanta singer’s motivation for the song came from social media’s reaction to problems occurring and always placing the blame on the government.

“I think there’s a lot of talent out there. Unfortunately, the music seems to be the lesser part of the industry (to the business). Labels and business moguls seem to run the industry with artists who catch people’s eyes before their ears, but I’m not really concerned with all of that. I think there’s great R&B/Soul out there, and people will always find a way to the good stuff. ”

Check out his full interview in the SPRING ’18 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

pat by pat soul, pat soul, atl artist, indie music news, brash magazine, cover artist, rnb music, male vocalist, new music

PAT is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

Twitter: @ItsPatSoul
IG: ItsPatSoul


2018 is already heating up and BRASH! is delivering HOT indie music and fashion news! Our Spring 2018 features Atlanta singer, Pat Soul giving us the exclusives on what’s behind the music while new indie releases and music stories of indie artists will inspire you to keep pushing!

Now let’s talk about BRASHION! we have not one, but TWO fashion week recaps from New York to London. See what’s new on the runways along with the BRASH! editorials!

pat soul, brash magazine, singer, male vocalist, cover artist, exclusive interviews, independent artists, indie music, indie fashion, NYFW, music articles, digital magazine, entertainment magazine, music source, indie artists, underground music

Cover Photo Credit: Chris House

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Spring 2018 Cover Reveal | Pat Soul

Atlanta Singer/Songwriter Pat Soul Kicks off BRASH! Magazine’s First Issue of 2018

BRASH! Magazine is back with a new issue and MAKING NOISE for 2018! We are here to be your #1 source in indie music and fashion! Our publication had the pleasure of interviewing Atlanta, GA native Pat Soul for our Spring ’18 Cover Feature!

pat soul, brash magazine, singer, male vocalist, cover artist, exclusive interviews, independent artists, indie music, indie fashion, NYFW, music articles, digital magazine, entertainment magazine, music source, indie artists, underground music

Cover Photo Credit: Chris House

Check out his exclusive interview along with the amazing indie artist feature and our NYFW treats in the Spring 2018 issue of BRASH! coming March 9th!