BRASHION! |Style X Takeover – Art Basel Miami

Celebrity Draya Michele + Mint Swim + STYLE X take over Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel 

Miami, FL – Celebrity, influencer, entrepreneur Draya Michele flooded the Mondrian South Beach Pool Deck yesterday with an A-list eclectic crowd adding a fresh new vibe to Art Basel Miami.

Influencers and notables including Dj Clue, Fabulous, Justin Combs among many others came out to support the Mint Swim Pool Soirée produced by STYLE X with sounds by Kieto and Rich Medina.

Celebrity Draya Michele + Mint Swim + STYLE X take over Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel

Photo Credit: Eva-Maria Guggenberger

Guests sipped on Hennessy and Notorious Pink Rosè while viewing art from incredible artists including Leidy Mazo, UnCutt Art, Sayco Williams and Zack Laine.  Amazing massages were provided by Guy and Girl Spa and beauty station by Style The Runway.

Celebrity Draya Michele + Mint Swim + STYLE X take over Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel 

Photo Credit: Eva-Maria Guggenberger

Partners and Sponsors: Hennessy, Notorious Pink Rosé, Style The Runway, Vysen Eyewear, Hemp Wellness, Nirvana Group, Alioop Network, Guy and Girl Spa, Redbull and GTS Kombucha. 

About Style X
Producer of globally recognized fashion, music and art events, providing top designers, brands and artists a world-class platform to showcase on. We present this season’s must see shows, unforgettable performances, and exclusive installations. We represent the diverse cultures of the world integrating international designers, media, celebrities and commerce season after season.
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BRASH! Beauty | Lipstick Collection

Author, Blogger, The Blakk Dahlia Shares her Beauty Collection in New Blog, Lipstick Holiday

Lipstick Holiday Blog by The Blakk Dahlia

Sharing the Shade…Lipsticks!
I always find out about the National “internet appointed” holidays on the day of and sometimes after. (Usually through a hashtag on IG). Luckily, I caught this one in time to participate and share my favorite lipstick shades on the gram. Although National Lipstick Day is now over, there’s never a wrong day to talk about lipstick!

Model, Alexcina Brown The Blakk DahliaMatte or Glossy?
Matte is my favorite style. It gives me a fuller lip look and displays my color just right. However, depending on the brand I have to add a little gloss to keep from getting the “cracked-dry lip”. My favorite brand of Mattes is Nicka K New York.



Get more details on her lipstick collection, favorite brands, and share what’s in your collection HERE!

E. Alexcina Brown, The Blakk Dahlia lipstick selfies

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia is an author and lifestyle blogger in New York City. The Georgia native created this platform to provide inspiration on living your dreams YOUR way and making the most of your days.

The Blakk Dahlia is also the author of the new suspenseful book series, the Heartbreak Diaries. Each book serves as a diary entry, telling stories from the perspective of various styles of hearts.

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BRASHION! News | Designer Jason C. Peters Brings the Heat to the South

CEO/Fashion Designer, Jason C. Peters, Heats Up ATL with Latest Fashion Show

Signature Collection by Fashion Designer, Jason C. Peters - BRASH! Magazine BlogSummer styles are hitting the market and fashion lovers down south got a taste of what Jason C. Peters has cooked up with his one-of-a-kind clothing line. Kicking off the hottest season of the year, Peters put on a show in Atlanta, GA displaying his designs along with keeping up his activism through creativity.

The show was held at Iridium ATL on June 29th. Vibrant models walked in his unisex bear hoodies, bear shorts for the ladies, tees consisting of his signature bear design in eye-catching style variations. These styles gave a chic look to casual designs, dressed up or dressed down. For anyone looking for style inspo, this show served as a Summer Style Guide for anyone looking to switch up their wardrobe for the new season.

Peters’ show also reminded us of his fashion/social messages with a purpose with a few paper doll designs. (If you’re not familiar with a Jason C. Peters PaperDoll Fashion Show….READ HERE!) Messages touched on the fight “Pro-Choice”, Saving the Planet, and Ending underage marriage. Mixing Fashion and messages, Peters shows that his cause wasn’t a short-term trend, but a life long mission to use his gift in fashion design and creativity to encourage change.


Elated by the success of the show, Peters took to instagram to thank supporters and those involved behind the scenes:



Love these looks and want to take them home? Visit to purchase clothing and accessories created by Jason C. Peters.


Photos by Marcus Ingram (Getty Images)
Twitter: @JasonCPeters
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BRASHION! Exclusive | No Pay No Runway®

BRASH! Magazine Interviews No Pay No Runway®‘s CEO/Founder, Carnell Jones. A Model Movement Giving Voices and Raising Awareness for the Beauties of the Catwalk

No Pay No Runway Interview - BRASH! Magazine Blog

No Pay No Runway® was formed to bring awareness to all models who may have found themselves being treated unfairly or manipulated into working for Free.

Did you know that every time a model hits the runway during your favorite fashion event, she walks away with experience, minimum exposure, and weeks of countless emails/inquiries for pictures to add to the portfolio. Many are unaware of the time investments given in the industry from models who are looking to make their own mark. Unfortunately, those opportunities to start and thrive as a working model are very few.

No Pay No Runway® is standing up to be that voice. Giving models a platform to advise and speak out against designers, fashion production companies, and other brands utilizing their talents for events to boost their company’s profiles, and leaving the models with nothing.

BRASH! Magazine reached out to the founder of No Pay No Runway®, Carnell Jones, for more details on the movement and how models can get involved!

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

BRASH! What is the overall mission for the movement? Our mission is to give every model a voice to speak out against free labor in the fashion industry, and to eventually get them the wages they deserve.

BRASH! Why do you feel that models accepted the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in order to hit the runway? Many models accept the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in the beginning because most of the producers and designers are selling them false hope and dreams. For a young model to hear “If you walk for free, you will get great exposure and you will eventually become the next modeling star” is a rather soft spot for most models. The average model is between 15 & 25 years of age, so when they hear “You will become famous one day”, they tend to put their guards down and accept anything.

Read the full exclusive interview in the Spring ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine.

For more information, follow No Pay No Runway® on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a model who would like to reach out to the movement regarding mistreatment in the fashion industry, email
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BRASHION! | Inspo from Lifestyle Blogger, The Blakk Dahlia

Author/Lifestyle Blogger, The Blakk Dahlia Shares Her Must Haves Consisting of Style, Business, Health, and Shine!

my favorite things blog, the blakk dahlia

I want to share a few gifts.  Sharing is caring right? Everyone has their own list of “must haves”, new discoveries, and trinkets for sentimental reasons. I’d like to expose a few of mine :). Hopefully these will give you new ideas, inspos, or even a confirmation that there’s another addict in your section 😉

Ready? Here goes…

Anything That Sparkles.
I LOVE to shimmer! Who doesn’t. Whether it’s glitter or sequins, I NEED IT!. Clothes, shoes, and accessories with sparkle is automatically on my list (usually ending up in my shopping cart). Any and every occasion requires a hint of shine. A regular day strolling through the city or a night out in Manhattan, looking for Sex and the City vibes.

Faux Fur.
Something cute that goes great with my sparkle-fits or a warm greeting to my feet in the mornings as I get out of bed…Faux fur makes the list.

Model, Alexcina Brown

Photo Credit: Tosin Photography

Body Suits.
Got body?…Suits I mean. Leaving my legs to put on a show, body suits are a sensual given when wanting to look cute around the house, or add to your fav pants or skirt.

Photo shoot time and can’t figure out what to wear, my first “go-to” is a body suit and a pair of thigh high socks, then the “fit” comes together around that.

chromebookChrome Book (Beasley).

My old laptop houses all of my creative works, BRASH! Magazine, my books, other writing work, pictures, and everything else that I need to save for business and personal. With the years of wear and tear, my poor laptop decided to show its age and slowly fall apart. In addition, it’s a bit big and too much to carry around with me.

Manhattan Martini.
We all have our “regular” drinks when we can’t think of anything else on the menu. Mine is the usual Rum and Coke. However, some nights I want to sip sexy. That’s when the Manhattan Martini comes into play.

manhattan martini from STK

“Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan” from STK (NYC)

​One of my fav martinis 🍸 the “Manhattan”. Made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Rye whiskey is my fav with this drink.

Lemon Water.
To detox the libations,  and to cool down, I LOVE making lemon water. It helps me to cut back on sodas and sugary drinks. This refreshing beverage also helps with clearing up your skin, acts as a good source of Vitamin C to protect your immune system, AND it’s a great digestive agent.

CLICK HERE to Get More of The Blakk Dahlia’s Favorite Things!

Check out more random adventures in NYC on The Dahlia Diaries! 


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Party in Style | FashionforRoyals

Archana Dhankar from FashionforRoyals Blog Gives Party Fashion Ideas for this Season!

Written by Archana Dhankar

Party Look Ideas for the Season

The holiday season is officially here, with the festive countdown already started and you’ll probably be looking forward to two weeks of ultimate partying ahead. Well, you may have spent hours at the gym to look your best and cheat with delicacies and champagne, but is your wardrobe ready yet? Well, it’s high time that you start planning your holiday outfits for all the parties you’ve been invited to. And it would be smarter to have a few extra ones decided, just in case you get an unexpected invite! There would be family gatherings, work parties and New Year’s Eve and you would want to a unique look every time you step out. So let me help you with some of the best outfit tips that I’ve shortlisted for this festive season. Get the Looks!

fashionforroyals blog, party looks for the holiday,

About Archana Dhankar
Archana is the Founder and Chief Editor of Blog – Fashion is so much more than the latest trend or the must-have item of the season. It is one of the strongest personal statements that you can make.

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Festive Favs from FashionForRoyals Blog

FashionforRoyals Blogger, Archana Dhankar, Gives the Best of Festive Fashion 2018

Best of Festive Fashion 18 - FashionforRoyals

With the festive season just around the corner, you’d probably be thinking about making an impression with some outstanding sartorial choices. This festive season, it is going to be all about innovation as contemporary trends blend effortlessly with ethnic vibes. From fabric to cuts, embellishments, and patterns, everything is just going to be about being experimental. Perhaps, you could go creative and try to mix and match some pieces that you already have in your wardrobe and create something that is extraordinary. Before you decide the look that you would want to flaunt this festive season, here are some fashion trends that you should know about… READ MORE.

About Archana Dhankar
Archana is the Founder and Chief Editor of Blog – Fashion is so much more than the latest trend or the must-have item of the season. It is one of the strongest personal statements that you can make.

For more beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog, visit
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