Coming Soon… | Trajectory Album by Steve Lewin

Toronto-based recording artist Steve Lewin transforms passion into a new album, Trajectory 

steve lewin, trajectory by steve lewin, indie artist, indie music releaseTrajectory is an album that feels both independently pure and meticulously refined. With subtle and obvious inspirations of grunge, Britpop, and alternative music, Trajectory recalls the music of the 90s while striding confidently forward.

Watch the captivating lyric video for the title track “Built to Collapse” premiered exclusively on Indie88.

Trajectory is Steve Lewin’s fourth EP. His music has achieved domestic and international recognition through licensing in television and film, airplay on Sirius XM and CBC radio, and two tours performing across Europe and throughout the UK.

As a multi-instrumentalist who holds musicianship in high regard, Steve writes and performs every instrument on the album and focuses his craft with a natural approach. The results are standout tracks like “Built to Collapse”, engaging ballads like “Standing Still”, and the tumultuous track “I Won’t Break”. Steve’s emotions are executed with large and expressive dynamic range, capturing a perspective that is honest, refreshing, and inspiring. This perspective produces tracks like “The Rest of Us”, celestial in its core and inspired by life in a universe that miniaturizes ourselves.

Trajectory will be released independently July 27 2018,
available worldwide! Pre-Order Today!

About Steve Lewin
Toronto-based recording artist Steve Lewin has achieved domestic and international recognition through licensing in television and film, broadcast on Sirius XM and CBC radio, and two tours performing dozens of shows across Europe and the UK.

Steve Lewin
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IG: SteveLewinMusic
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Cali Vibes in Your Radio | Too Fast Debut EP

California Based Trio, Too Fast, Makes an Impressive Debut with their New Self-titled EP

Too Fast EP, new music release, cali artists

Starring the works of producer Cyran, vocalist Dave L, and rapper K-Lien, the music group comes from three different musical backgrounds. Too Fast blends these artists individual style into one amazingly unique sound. 5 songs deep the self-titled EP is cinematic and big production-wise from the opening track “Just Like You.” Within a few listens you might get the sense that Too Fast’s sound might be where urban music is heading the next few years – mixing Hip Hop, with EDM and high tempo rhythms. This trio might just be on to something.

Too Fast EP is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon Music!

Check out the music video for Too Fast’s lead single “Just Like You”

Too FastAbout Too Fast
Too Fast is the breakthrough collaboration of three seasoned artists– electronic music producer Cyran, singers K-Lien and Dave L– introducing a tantalizing new sound to the music world. At its core a bracing blend of EDM and Hip-Hop, their music is infused with bold topical themes to move even the most jaded, weaving a powerful spell that touches heart and head. The trio’s first self-titled EP “Too Fast” debuted June 2018 in Santa Ana, California.

The group’s name is a reflection on all things that go “too fast”– from life itself to the frenetic pace of change in the world/technology– and the challenge of dealing with it all. This theme is at its most poignant in their first music video, “Just Like You,” based on Cyran’s earlier EDM dance hit and now transformed into a heart-wrenching, mesmerizing tale of love lost in a flash. The video was filmed by producer and MTV/VMA 2015 winner Satien Mehta.
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Jammin’ for the Summer | “Everyday Sun” by The Aztext

Vermont Hip-Hop Duo, The Aztext, Drops New Single “Everyday Sun”

vermont, hip hop duo, the aztext, everyday sun

Produced by Rico James, “Everyday Sun” features singer/songwriter Xenia Dunford. The duo of Pro and Learic has several albums under their belt including their 2007 album The Sacred Document featuring Mac Lethal and One Be Lo. The Aztext has collaborated with !llmind & Shuko, Craig G, Wordsworth and Romanian emcee Skilltester Stabbone, (“Break It Down” music video). Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP. “This song is meant to make people feel good,” Pro explains. “A summer jam meant to warm the soul.”

“Everyday Sun” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

The Aztext hip hop duoAbout The Aztext
Since 2005, Vermont based duo The Aztext have been a dependable go-to for classic, head-nodding boombap. With influences like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, their up-tempo energy, lyrical word play and storytelling have made them a favorite in underground hip hop communities globally.

All four of The Aztext full length EPs have earned them top spots on ‘best of’ lists both locally and beyond, with 2007’s The Sacred Document maintain cult status still receiving 100s of streams and downloads every month.

The Aztext have collaborated on tracks with platinum producers !llmind & Shuko, as well as underground legends One Be Lo, Mac Lethal, Craig G, Wordsworth and others.

Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP.
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Freestyle Thursdays w/ T Barz | “Hip Hop”

Female Rap Artist, T Barz, Gives Treat of Freestyles Leading up to New EP Release, Genesis

Hip hop by T barz“Hip-Hop”, the latest freestyle from chart-topping female hip-hop recording artist, T BARZ. The track was produced by The Real SPK and BSE Recordings, “Hip-Hop” is the kick-off to T BARZ’s BARZ ON THURSDAYS freestyle series, releasing a new freestyle leading up to the upcoming release of her debut EP, Genesis. Genesis is set be released this August.

Hip-Hop was inspired by the old school boom bap style beat that you hear. I wanted to give a freestyle that paid homage to the old school, early 90’s-flow, while still keeping it me all while telling a bit more about my journey. – T Barz

The visuals were directed by video director, Trill.

Check out “Hip Hop” below and look out for the next freestyle!

Recently, T BARZ released her latest single, “Two Way” to rave reviews. “Two Way” is available on all download and streaming platforms now. “The moment I heard the track, I fell in love with the beat and immediately, I knew that I wanted to tell a story….a story that’s easy to follow,” says T Barz. “I was on Facebook one day and saw a post of a guy that mentioned, “women always crying when a guy does them wrong or cheat on them, just do it back!” & I was like hmmm, ok that’s my story line….a woman playing the game right back instead of curling into a ball and crying,” she mentions. “It’s a boss move that women rarely make or have the strength to do, so I made it happen in a song,” adds T Barz.

This past fall, T BARZ generated national buzz as her single, “Flexin'” became the #1 Hip-hop/Rap single on and Apple Music for (3) consecutive weeks. On Sunday, July 1st, T Barz will take New York City by storm as she rips the SOB’s stage as the opening act for The Money In The Bank North American Tour featuring Smoke DZA and Bodega Bamz.
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Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

tobis monster pick

milck.jpgArtist: MILCK
Track: “Oh My My (What a Life)”
A clap n stamp along beat, heralds a very welcome return for the multi talent, multi genre inspired MILCK, with the uncharacteristically upbeat, ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’, and nobody more surprised by this optimistic turn, than the Artist herself. The gifted vocalist ‘chat sings’ her way through the verses with a deftly timed conversational style, making friends of her fans, just gossiping the day away, ‘ hotel lobbies. Sshh!’. The singalong friendly choruses and pleasingly simple piano hook, once again demonstrates the classically trained, multi-instrumentalist MILCK’s integrity and good sense, by putting her fans enjoyment above any misguided, self indulgent need to ‘show off her musical chops’. ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’ is an impressively well crafted and tastely restrained crowd pleaser, perfectly pitched to own the summer. MILCK is , deservable, very much a star on the rise. stand up, put your arms around your friends and sing it loud, ‘Oh! My! My! I could cry! Cry! Cry! I’ve never been this happy in my life!’.

Twitter: @milckmusic
IG: milckmusic

his human conditionArtist: This Human Condition
Track: “Living for the Summertime”
Bristol based ‘electronic pick n mix outfit’, This Human Condition are ‘Living for the Summertime’ with their Neo-Synth-Dance-Pop mélange, latest release. Cloud light, floating synth pads are contrasted and driven well by flanged up Linndrum style beat, evocative of iconic 80s tracks, like Prince’s mini epic, ‘When Doves Cry’. Erasure laid back vocals, carry lyrics rich in idea, social observation and satirical reference. This Human Condition takes the familiar, and successfully blends it together with tasteful sleight of hand, and a ‘middle finger pinch of irreverence’. ‘Living for the Summertime’ is a gentle grower that will quietly work its way into your head and your heart.

Twitter: @ConditionThis
IG: Humancontitionsf

la thuneArtist: Angèle
Track: “La Thune”
Outspoken, French speaking, Belgium eccentric pop artist, Angèle, ‘easy swaggers’ her way into the summer with dubtronic popsonic, ‘La Thune’ (en Anglais, ‘The Cash / Dosh / Wonga’). Angèle’s lazy sweet vocal breezes above the reggae inspired, stutter-swing beat. Curious melodic oddities stop and start, left to right, playing sonic space against stylishly reserved instrumentation, which successfully opens up the stereo field. The Clever and timely use of vocal harmonies add width, depth and warmth to the Francophone pop jaunt, which is further enhanced with skillful and imaginative use of reverbs. The result is a surprisingly chart friendly, well pitched, eclectic mix of musical inspirations. ‘La Thune’ inspires favorable comparisons with Blondie’s, ‘The Tide is High’, and is arguably more musically accomplished and certainly more successful in tone and spirit. Angèle proving, she is very much one to watch and deserving of a much higher profile on the international stage.

Twitter: @angele_vl
IG: angele_vl

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Love for One Another Anthem | “Love Somebody Today” by Genessis & Nikki

Latin Contemporary Christian/Pop Duo GENESSIS & NIKKI Release Single and Official Music Video “Love Somebody Today”

Los Angeles, California  – Sister duo Genessis & Nikki combine Latin, gospel and soul musical influences as a bridge to connect different genres in their new single “Love Somebody Today”.

christian pop music, music duo. genessis and nikkie, love somebody today, music videos, sister singers“Love Somebody Today” is from their debut self titled album GENESSIS & NIKKI.   Their anthem presents a subject that is profound in its simplicity – to love others and how different the world would be if we would see how much we need each other.  This is an important part of Genessis & Nikki’s ministry and the focus of  their new album. Genessis & Nikki strive to create a community where we can understand and love each other just as Jesus loves us. 

“Love Somebody Today” was written by Riley Clemmons, Gabe Patillo, and their producer Phil Sillas who showed the song to Genessis & Nikki and they immediately knew they would record their own version of the track. “We immediately fell in love with the lyrics,” the duo shares. “We saw the potential in making this an anthem for everyone, no matter what their background, belief or past. We loved recording it and making the visual which also involves lots of different faces and spaces.”

Watch Official Music Video for “Love Somebody Today”

The process of production for Genessis & Nikki has been two years in the making where they have searched and discovered their original sound – a combination of English and Spanish with a heavy emphasis on bilingual worship. “A lot of times people have an idea of what you should sound like. We had a solid idea of what we wanted to say even before we knew what it was going to sound like or look like,” said Genessis & Nikki, who also confess that, initially, they did not intend to record an LP. However, they say that it certainly was an organic and fun process.

Alongside composers and producers Gannin Arnold (Colton Dixon), Mike Wofford, Aaron Barbosa, Matt Barbosa, Andy DeLos Santos and Sillas, the duo started creating music with the lyrics in a collaborative process that just flowed. Their album is authentic and showcases Genessis & Nikki as creatives.

Genessis & Nikki

Genessis & Nikki desire for their music to inspire and unify people that look and sound different. “We truly believe God created us to live in fellowship where we can love, grow and learn from each other and embrace the things that make us different,” they share. “So, go ahead…love somebody today.”

“Genessis & Nikki”  is Available Now on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, & Spotify!
Instagram: GenessisandNikki

BRASH! VISUALS | “Tomorrow’s Sorrow” by no:carrier and Scilla


music videos, pop, trip hop, scilla, no carrier, chasing tears ep, tomorrow's sorrow music videoLos Angeles, CA – Critically-acclaimed electro-pop band no:carrier and award-winning singer/songwriter Scilla recently released the music video to the single “Tommorow’s Sorrow” from their first collaborative EP, Chasing Tears.

The ultra-moody video visually captures the emotional weight of the song. Evoking Portishead, Massive Attack and Morcheeba, “Tomorrow’s Sorrow” (like all the tracks on Chasing Tears) is dark, somber, and emotive. The creative partnership doesn’t shy away from writing about deep fears of regret and failure and telling stories of breakups and emancipation. They also share a fondness for connecting heavy lyrics with the beat-forward vibe of trip hop.

Since hearing Portishead’s Dummy for the first time, I always wanted to produce some trip hop songs. In Scilla, I’ve found the perfect partner for that, and her background in jazz and pop brings the melodic base to the songs while I can throw in some electronic production. – no:carrier’s Chris Wirsig

Check out the official music video for “Tomorrow’s Sorrow”:

no:carrier was founded by composer and producer Chris Wirsig in Germany in 1995. The band has released more than fifteen albums and EPs, often featuring unique singers from all over the world. It is a music project in constant evolution, finding its unique sound through inspiration from dark wave, synthpop, acoustic, and electro genres.

Scilla is an award-winning singer and songwriter from Switzerland. Now based in Los Angeles, her music features pop, jazz, cabaret, and burlesque influences. As a songwriter, she won several international awards for her songs “Sometimes” and “Champagne and Sugar,” which can be heard in the award-winning movie “Muffin Top” (available on Netflix). As an artist she was a finalist in the Swiss final of the Eurovision Song Contest and Switzerland’s Got Talent.

Chasing Tears was written by Scilla Siekmann and Chris Wirsig. Wirsig produced the video and the EP at Counter Communications studio in Los Angeles.

Chasing Tears EP is Available Now!
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