Book News: Cover Reveal “Devastation or Destiny???” by The Blakk Dahlia | the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series

Choose the Love of Your Life, or the Life You Love?

Romance/Suspense Author, The Blakk Dahlia Reveals Book Cover for Third Release, “Devastation or Destiny???”


(New York, NY | February 28, 2019) – With previous releases, “Rushing to Distraction”, and “Wrong Vengeance”, The Blakk Dahlia tapped into the Foolish and Toxic Hearts (respectively). The Heartbreak Diaries Book Series revolves around the types of “hearts” characters display in finding and dealing with love. Keeping the momentum of the Heartbreak Diaries, and the spirit of describing the logic behind these hearts, The Blakk Dahlia reveals the book cover to the upcoming release, “Devastation or Destiny???”.

Devastation or Destiny??? Book by The Blakk Dahlia

On her recent radio interview with The Author’s Corner, The Blakk Dahlia spoke on the inspiration of the book series, “I just wanted to open up a different type of dialog between men and women about how we enter relationships. Its something different, vulnerable, and was very therapeutic [during the writing process]…”

The third diary entry “Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart), will hit major book retailers this Spring. The book cover displays a beautiful marriage awaiting for the next chapter of life, however in opening the pages, the characters are faced with the question, “Is this what I really want?”.

This book describes a fear I’ve had for years. ‘What if my lifestyle and love life doesn’t agree? Which do I choose?’ In this story, I answer my own fears by facing them and showing others who have had the same thoughts, that life ALWAYS works out to your benefit. – The Blakk Dahlia.

“Devastation or Destiny???” is a romantic love story gone wrong. The novella goes into detail of the choices made to live a desired life, versus what life gives throughout the journey. When the romance and lifestyle doesn’t align, what should one choose? Love or the destiny that is craved? And when a choice isn’t made, does the universe step in and decide?

About “Devastation or Destiny???”
The Settled Heart…Choose the love of your life, OR the life that your love?
Tanya found her happy ending, but it wasn’t the one she wrote. A lover of adventure and exploration found the heart of a hard-working traditional man. Kenneth is unwilling to take on her dreams, however he gives the greatest love with no reservations.  As their wedding day approaches, she finds herself thinking of what could have been. Did I give up on what I REALLY wanted too soon? 

Fearing that she’ll miss out on a chance of true love, Tanya gives in.  But, the deep yearnings never end. The universe hears the inner cries of the life she wanted, as she prepares to take on a new life with Kenneth. Life eventually gives her want she truly wants but with a cost…Devastation!

Thrown into dismay, Tanya finds herself starting over. Will the devastation be worth it? Or should she have been grateful for the “once in a lifetime love”?

About the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series
Heartbreak Diaries is a book series stories of various hearts we love, like, or lust with when approaching dating, relationships, marriage, and even situationships. What’s unique about this series is that it dives into these heart types from a real and vulnerable place. Each book has a “dear diary” moment from an integral character, displaying their true intentions within the story.

To learn more about the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series and author, The Blakk Dahlia, visit:

Current Books
“Rushing to Distraction” (The Foolish Heart) | “Wrong Vengeance” (The Toxic Heart)
Both releases are available now on AmazonKindle, iBooks, NookBook (Barnes and Noble), Kobo, and more.

E. Alexcina Brown, The Blakk Dahlia

Photo Credit: Joe Toggy

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), is an Author/Model/Blogger/Editor-In-Chief. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.

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Book News: He Wanted to Love Her…She Wanted Revenge!

NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia’s Second Release, Wrong Vengeance Available Now for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle

Wrong Vengeance by The Blakk Dahlia(New York, NY) – The story of Wrong Vengeance taps into the results of unhealed pain. Main character, Brandy Sullivan appears to be a woman who has it all together, however readers will quickly learn that she’s living in a world in which she despises. Dealing with abuse in many forms within her own home, she escapes however carries the weight of the post trauma as she tries to move on with her life. While the world continues to turn, Brandy is stuck wondering if love will give her more than what she received. Wrong Vengeance displays how a good/warm heart can turn cold. The Blakk Dahlia took a personal experience and created a tale of romance, chaos, pain and self-discovery.

Wrong Vengeance is the second “entry” from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. Heartbreak Diaries is a new collection developed and self-published by New York, Author, The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown). The first entry, Rushing to Distraction (a story of the foolish heart), was released this past Summer to great reviews! Wrong Vengeance is set to be released on November 25, 2018; and is Available Now for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle.

Wrong Vengeance by The Blakk Dahlia - Banner


This book is close to me as it begins with a based on a true story approach in my own dealings with violence in a relationship. It then dives into a non-fiction story that is relatable and entertaining ,I hope those who read this gains knowledge of how to help a friend or themselves to get out of a bad situation along with working towards healing the broken parts within. – The Blakk Dahlia

Pre-Orders are Available Now on Amazon Kindle!

About Wrong Vengeance
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy deals with the type of man she’s grown to despise. It’s hard for her not to turn into what destroyed her emotionally. She knew better. Knew she deserved better but love…It ends in a nearly fatal disaster. Brandy was lucky to have fled the grasp of the pain attempting to draw her back in. Moving on, life deals her a good hand in the game of love. However, the pain of what she escaped lingers; slowly releasing the monster within. Will she allow past hurt to eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

The Blakk Dahlia

Photo Credit: Julius July Photography

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown) is an all-around creative from Macon, GA. Now residing in New York City. The Savannah State University (Savannah, GA) graduate continues her journey in entertainment (Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine), fashion, acting, and now as a lifestyle blogger/author. Wearing many hats, this entrepreneur works to inspire women of color to take new avenues, build their own lane, and tell their stories through creativity. Learn more at

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Meet the Hearts | NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia

Learn more about the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series by The Blakk Dahlia

the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series by The Blakk Dahlia

Heartbreak Diaries is a collection of stories highlighting different levels of pain in Loveland. Sometimes their heart is broken, sometimes they break hearts of others, and sometimes they break their own hearts. It’s up to you to decide. Heartbreak Diaries is filled with love, lust mistaken for love, love lost, and love regained. The self-reflections of where one goes wrong when deciding who to love and how to prevent it from ending. Holding on to what is meant for you and letting go of what is not. Dive into these stories of the hopeless romantics who are strong, naïve, selfish, toxic, and sometimes, just plain pathetic.


Rushing to Distraction Book by The Blakk Dahlia
“Rushing to Distraction” (1st entry – OUT NOW!)

The Foolish Heart…How do you know when to give up?
Farrah is focused and knows her worth until she runs into Jamie. She wasn’t asking for the romantic feelings but when the possibilities showed up, it was hard to let go. Her goals fell by the wayside, her personal relationships faltered; all because she’s distracted by a possibility. Jamie knows she’s wrapped around his finger; slowly drawing her in with the potential for a great love.  For Farrah, he isn’t moving fast enough.
Order your copy here!


“Great story…Relationships are difficult and women’s emotional needs are…interesting. This book paints a wonderful portrait of those emotions. Very descriptive and enjoyable.”

“This book is so good!…This book was very entertaining and a quick read! I’m in love with this author!”


Wrong Vengeance Book by The Blakk Dahlia

“Wrong Vengeance” (2nd entry – AVAILABLE NOW!)
The Toxic Heart…She hurt the wrong one.
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy deals with the type of man she’s grown to despise. It’s hard for her not to turn into what destroyed her emotionally. She knew better. Knew she deserved better but love…It ends in a nearly fatal disaster. Brandy was lucky to have fled the grasp of the pain attempting to draw her back in. Moving on, life deals her a good hand in the game of love. However, the pain of what she escaped lingers; slowly releasing the monster within. Will she allow past hurt eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak. Order your copy here!

In every story from this series, readers will get a personal reflection moment from an essential character in each book. Starting with a Dear Diary, venturing into a straight from the source details from the heart. This is a signature offering that will be seen in each diary entry from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series.

Snippet from “Rushing to Distraction”

…But I would have made loving me so easy for him. No games, no questions, no worries. Free love, free compassion, free support, free everything. He didn’t even have to work at it. I wanted to give it to him freely…

Author, The Blakk Dahlia - BRASH! Magazine BlogABOUT THE BLAKK DAHLIA
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown) is an all-around creative from Macon, GA. Now residing in New York City. She continues her journey in entertainment (Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine), fashionacting, and now as a lifestyle blogger/author. Her first release “Rushing to Distraction”, is the first installment of the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. Learn more at
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites

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Business News | Longarrow Publicity

Young Entrepreneur, Trevor Perkins, Announces the Launch of Longarrow Publicity

Longarrow PublicityNashville, TN – Trevor Perkins, a well-respected young member of the music industry, has worked with many breakthrough artists throughout the country. After consideration, a decision to pursue his own path was formed. The new firm Longarrow Publicity offers a wide range of publicity services that enable him to push for a successful future for his clients.

Trevor Perkins founded the Nashville based online publication, Music Update Central with industry veteran, Jill Pavel back in 2014. Since the launch of the publication, Trevor has shared conversations with some of the country’s biggest stars in music including Walker Hayes, Jordan Davis, Phill Vassar, Kalie Shorr, and many other artists across the genres. Recently, Trevor teamed up with Cassie Lynn Wells, founder of Cassie’s Kick-Ass Country, to create an all-genre, all-female community, Music Like A Lady. Since launch in early 2018, they’ve released interviews with Stella Parton, Jenna Paulette, Lena Stone, plus many other talented artists.
Twitter: @Longarrow_PR

BRASHION! EXCLUSIVE | Jason C. Peters Fashion Voice for Change

Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason C. Peters on His Latest Atlanta Fashion Presentation for the PaperDoll Collection

PaperDoll Collection by Jason C Peters

We’ve been following fashion designer, Jason C Peters, on his fashion tour for the PaperDoll Collection. Making BOLD fashion statements with unique designs, Peters is showing the industry and society as a whole, that he’s not stopping until the message are loud and clear. Creating a movement of change through his work is a priority with the PaperDoll Collection. With his most recent stop in Atlanta, GA, Peters shined a huge light on issues, views, and matters that are dear to his heart.

The event was held at Iridium ATL. Attendees enjoyed cocktails, gift bags for VIP guests and the exclusive look at Peters’ collection. Vendors/sponsors for the event included: Zen Paradise Spa, Champs Charms, Iridium ATL, U.G.L.Y (U GOTTA LOVE YOURSELF), and The Hair Palace.

The messages delivered in the recent show included, adoption, equality in sports leagues, identity, as well as the heinous task of keeping immigrant children in cages; separated from their families. Continuing to be the VOICE through fashion is Peters’ way of putting the voice into action for change!


Check out his exclusive interview with BRASH!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll CollectionB!: This time around, you touched on how adoption saves lives. What inspired this message?
The subject of adoption is very important to me being an adopted child. My grandparents adopted myself as well as my 2 older brothers. There are “invisible children” which inspired me to create the “adopt kids save lives” piece. Invisible children are those who have been in the foster care system their entire lives and are never adopted; once they turn 18 years old they are generally removed from the foster care system and left to fend for themselves which is extremely heart breaking. My brothers, as well as myself, were extremely lucky to have been adopted and raised by such amazing grandparents; John Manuel Peters & Dolores Mae Peters.

B!: The message of Equality was highly present, even in sports. What is your take on what needs to be done to show equality within these professional sports leagues?
JCP: In terms of sports leagues, I feel that equality is pretty far fetched. All athletes no matter which sport they play are human beings and individuals with the ability to display their own expressions of personal opinions in whatever capacity they choose to. They have the god given right to express themselves. Isn’t this America? Land of the free? 5th Amendment freed of speech? OR AmeriKKKa land of Koruption, Killing and Kruelity? Athletes are very important in this multi-billion dollar sports franchise. I was raised playing just about every sport imaginable. Athletes work hard are put on strict diets hours and hours of training intense practices etc, all so YOU can get enjoyment. So if you are wanting them to WIN FOR YOU, then they should be able to take a knee, speak their mind and not be put into a bubble like caged animals. Trump administration needs to stop trying to control a person’s rights and everyone should receive equality no matter what!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

B!: Not only are the designs compelling, your twist on the models hair/make up brings these looks to life. What inspired this creative twist?
JCP: I always come up with each hair and makeup look for every show! The looks for this show were inspired by being different and not trying to fit into a “mold” of what’s “normal.” Rainbows have a hugely impactful meaning in the world and that is where I also got inspired from.

B!: The identity design stood out, not only with the message but with the design. What is your take on shedding light on this issue?
JCP: The dress symbolized a “broken identity” theme; hearts and flowers on one side with lightning and rain on the other with the word “identity” broken down and overlapped in the middle. In today’s society having an identity is looked down upon because so many things we are exposed to try and make us conform. Conforming is LAME and having your own identity is COOL.

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

B!: With each show, how do you ensure that you’re staying consistent as well as creating a new experience for each showcase?
JCP: When I first launched the tour April 29th 2018, I didn’t realize the huge impact that it would have! I am dedicated to bringing so many real issues to life and will continue to that with every show that I do. I have soooo much more in store! Just buckle up because the ride is about to get intense!!!!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

Jenae U. FarrellHairapy StudioHair by Mz Kim

Journey Rene’

Photo Credit
Jimmy Norfleet
Twitter: @JasonCPeters
Instagram: JasonCPeters

ATL EVENTS | Mungi Media, LLC Presents “Millennial Mindstate” Talk Show Launch Party

Millennial Mindstate: “Seeing the World Through Millennial Eyes”

Millennial Mindstate Launch Party Event - ATL

TV Show hosts LC and Dr. Share, invites you to come out to the Millennial Mindstate Talk Show Launch Party. The first show premiered on Tuesday August 15, 2018. During this exclusive event guests will be able to view a groundbreaking Millennial Mindstate episode.

Millennial Mindstate Hosts, hosts LC and Dr. Share

Millennial Mindstate Hosts, hosts LC and Dr. Share

LC and Dr. Share are the hosts of Millennial Mindstate, The Production Manager is Famous Feez of 106 Live Radio. The Atlanta community is welcome to attend, along with family and friends of the hosts, Bloggers, Vloggers, Public Influencers, and Media. The hosts LC and DR. Share will be available for questions and interviews.

The event will take place on Sunday, Aug 26, 2018 from 6P.M.-9 P.M.
This event is FREE and open to the public.
Cirque Daiquiri Bar, 2160 Monroe Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324


The focus of Millennial Mindstate is to engage and understand the issues and challenges the Millennial generation faces. For more information please visit:

Tune into Millennial Mindstate Every Tuesday at 7pm!

Watch the Latest Episode of Millennial Mindstate

Millennial Mindstate: "Seeing the World Through Millennial Eyes"
Twitter: @millennialmindstate
IG: millennialmindstate

One of a Kind Platform, The Husk, Provides Innovative Tools for Music Industry

The Husk platform provides an effective advertising platform for musicians on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube

The Husk, music industry news, advertising platform, musicians, entertainment newsThe Husk is one of the fastest, most effective and direct advertising platform for musicians on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. It’s a one of its kind platform that provides innovative tools for artists, blogs, curators, labels and other music personnel to grow and promote their work. What makes it different from other music promotion platforms is that it is simple, comparatively cheaper and drives guaranteed traffic directly to the user’s Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube account.

The Husk is the brainchild of ‘The Drunken Coconut’, a Canada based music marketing and consulting company owned by Ariel Carter & Ryan Thompson. They both started the company in 2016 following their passion for music and to provide a variety of services for artists, labels, agencies, and others in the music industry. To take further their experience in PR campaigns, Press kits, social media marketing, Advertising, Blog Coverage, Distribution and more, they developed the world’s highest monetized platform in the music industry called The Husk. Inspired by the response received for this platform, they created another platform called ‘Grow With Us’, the first and only direct advertising tool for Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube that guarantees results.

Ariel and Ryan have worked with hundreds of artists of all genres across the world and hold immense experience and insight into the marketing aspects of the music world. The platform that they have created can bring thousands of listeners per month to the user’s channel or playlist. The users don’t require any knowledge or experience in advertising and they can simply sign up to get their campaign running in a few minutes. They also have the freedom to choose their budget and the amount they’re willing to pay per conversion.

Unlike the other music promotion platforms, Grow With Us promises guaranteed results for the money the customer will be spending. They are charged per new follower they gain. To sign up, the user can choose which account or playlist they want to grow and mention how much they are willing to spend for it. After which they can start garnering active and verified followers to their account and playlist. More information about the services can be found at

Company: The Husk