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Atlanta To Host It’s First Prom for Entrepreneurs!

The R.J. Pierce Law Group presents The First Trademark Soirée

Atlanta, GA – On Aug. 30, 2019, Attorney Rosezena J. Pierce, and her company R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C. will be hosting the First Trademark Soiree. The Objective for the Trademark Soirée is to allow attendees a chance to celebrate their victories as Entrepreneurs in business in a formal setting. This event will be an Entrepreneur’s Prom for small business owners with a Classic Red Carpet, Black Tie Affair, Cocktail Reception, fine dining and a fireside chat with established CEOs. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the Soirée begins at 7 pm.

Event flyer for Trademark Soiree

CEO, Monique Rodriquez, and COO, Melvin Rodriquez of Mielle Organics will be our special Keynote Speakers. They have built a multi-million dollar brand and have a story to share with every entrepreneur of humble beginnings and how they are still prospering through the Grace of God.

R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C. has hit 500 (Now over 600) trademarks and is celebrating with other Bizpreneurs. We will also crown a Trademark King & Queen in our award ceremony and dance the night away. Grab your tickets now because this one of a kind Black Tie Affair will sell out.

Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE!

For Sponsorship Opportunities and Media request please contact Publicist, Milan Mobley at info@umanagementpr.com.

About R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C.
R.J. Pierce Law Group, P.C. is a Trademark Law Boutique founded by Rosezena J. Pierce who is an Attorney providing trademark legal services helping businesses in small businesses and entertainment Secure Their Brands. Some of her clients consist of hip hop recording artists, stylists, salon owners, restaurant owners, fashion designers, artist managers, music producers, photographers, videographers and many ATTORNEY more. For more information visit: www.rjpiercelaw.com.

BRASHION! EXCLUSIVE | Jason C. Peters Fashion Voice for Change

Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Fashion Designer Jason C. Peters on His Latest Atlanta Fashion Presentation for the PaperDoll Collection

PaperDoll Collection by Jason C Peters

We’ve been following fashion designer, Jason C Peters, on his fashion tour for the PaperDoll Collection. Making BOLD fashion statements with unique designs, Peters is showing the industry and society as a whole, that he’s not stopping until the message are loud and clear. Creating a movement of change through his work is a priority with the PaperDoll Collection. With his most recent stop in Atlanta, GA, Peters shined a huge light on issues, views, and matters that are dear to his heart.

The event was held at Iridium ATL. Attendees enjoyed cocktails, gift bags for VIP guests and the exclusive look at Peters’ collection. Vendors/sponsors for the event included: Zen Paradise Spa, Champs Charms, Iridium ATL, U.G.L.Y (U GOTTA LOVE YOURSELF), and The Hair Palace.

The messages delivered in the recent show included, adoption, equality in sports leagues, identity, as well as the heinous task of keeping immigrant children in cages; separated from their families. Continuing to be the VOICE through fashion is Peters’ way of putting the voice into action for change!


Check out his exclusive interview with BRASH!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll CollectionB!: This time around, you touched on how adoption saves lives. What inspired this message?
The subject of adoption is very important to me being an adopted child. My grandparents adopted myself as well as my 2 older brothers. There are “invisible children” which inspired me to create the “adopt kids save lives” piece. Invisible children are those who have been in the foster care system their entire lives and are never adopted; once they turn 18 years old they are generally removed from the foster care system and left to fend for themselves which is extremely heart breaking. My brothers, as well as myself, were extremely lucky to have been adopted and raised by such amazing grandparents; John Manuel Peters & Dolores Mae Peters.

B!: The message of Equality was highly present, even in sports. What is your take on what needs to be done to show equality within these professional sports leagues?
JCP: In terms of sports leagues, I feel that equality is pretty far fetched. All athletes no matter which sport they play are human beings and individuals with the ability to display their own expressions of personal opinions in whatever capacity they choose to. They have the god given right to express themselves. Isn’t this America? Land of the free? 5th Amendment freed of speech? OR AmeriKKKa land of Koruption, Killing and Kruelity? Athletes are very important in this multi-billion dollar sports franchise. I was raised playing just about every sport imaginable. Athletes work hard are put on strict diets hours and hours of training intense practices etc, all so YOU can get enjoyment. So if you are wanting them to WIN FOR YOU, then they should be able to take a knee, speak their mind and not be put into a bubble like caged animals. Trump administration needs to stop trying to control a person’s rights and everyone should receive equality no matter what!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

B!: Not only are the designs compelling, your twist on the models hair/make up brings these looks to life. What inspired this creative twist?
JCP: I always come up with each hair and makeup look for every show! The looks for this show were inspired by being different and not trying to fit into a “mold” of what’s “normal.” Rainbows have a hugely impactful meaning in the world and that is where I also got inspired from.

B!: The identity design stood out, not only with the message but with the design. What is your take on shedding light on this issue?
JCP: The dress symbolized a “broken identity” theme; hearts and flowers on one side with lightning and rain on the other with the word “identity” broken down and overlapped in the middle. In today’s society having an identity is looked down upon because so many things we are exposed to try and make us conform. Conforming is LAME and having your own identity is COOL.

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

B!: With each show, how do you ensure that you’re staying consistent as well as creating a new experience for each showcase?
JCP: When I first launched the tour April 29th 2018, I didn’t realize the huge impact that it would have! I am dedicated to bringing so many real issues to life and will continue to that with every show that I do. I have soooo much more in store! Just buckle up because the ride is about to get intense!!!!

Jason C Peters PaperDoll Collection

Jenae U. FarrellHairapy StudioHair by Mz Kim

Journey Rene’

Photo Credit
Jimmy Norfleet


Twitter: @JasonCPeters
Instagram: JasonCPeters

BRASHION! | Tales from the Runway with Jason C Peters

 Fashion designer Jason C Peters uses a unique theme and designs to tell a VERY real story of models within the fashion world

jason c peters, fashion show, atlanta, fashion, celebrity fashion designer, brash magazine blog, runwayOn June 10, 2017, celebrity fashion designer and model, Jason C. Peters held an extravagant fashion show event displaying his creativity on the inside fashion world.  The event was held at Iridium Clothing in Atlanta, GA, guests were able to patronize vendors along with enjoying drinks provided by Given Spirits.

Using his gift, Peters displayed a subject matter that is touched on but not heavily publicized by fashion industry leaders. The theme involved the topic of how the industry can be fake and utilizes hopeful models looking to rise in their dream, only to mold and shape them into unrealistic beings. This in turn, contributes to their self-esteem issues and unfortunately some’s demise.

The theme of the show personified childhood toys, paper dolls, to showcase another perspective inside the world of fashion along with placing slogans that described the message within every piece. With each look, a transition took place before our eyes showing the stages of what models are constantly being forced to look like and the lifestyle changes throughout their careers.

With his platform, Jason C. Peters touched on:

atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, fashion designer
The clichéd “Malibu Barbie”
. Molding models into unrealistic body type and lifestyles inspired by a popular childhood doll.

Being High on Fashion. When the fashion world becomes an addiction creating this fabricated high as one would feel from a “puff puff pass”.





atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, models, runway show


The Loss of Identify. “Pull Tightly” forcing models to become thinner and thinner to fit industry standards.

Pill Poppin’. This stigma of perfection then dwindles down to using vices to mask the pressure and the pains of wanting to be perfect. This desire of perfection is encouraged by industry insiders and critics.





jason c peters, atlanta fashion show, model

Stripped Down. The showcase also displayed models being stripped down to where they lose themselves in that world and losing their soul.







jason c peters, kids fashion model, atlanta fashion show, fashion designer


The Next Generation. The pressures are then passed on to younger generations where they fight to understand the balance of “being themselves” in which they are taught, however being influenced to “go with the flow” of what is demanded from them to keep their place in the modeling world.




Jason C Peters | Atlanta Fashion Show

Standards of Beauty for Female Models:
Male models were plain, no makeup. While female models were dazzled up in glitter, heavy makeup showing the markings of what the industry wants: perfect lips, perfect eyes, perfect hair, and perfect face.






So many memos were given in this story told through a runway showcase. It is important that industry insiders, the public, and critics’ alike take heed to them and understand that the industry can destroy from inside out. These stigmas not only hurt people who are looking from the outside dying to be the man/woman in the magazines, it also takes a toll on the models.

Great show and we look forward to see more from Jason C Peters, on the runway!!

You can see more about this show in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

jason c peters, atlanta fashion show, models, celebrity designer, fashion

IG: JasonCPeters

BRASHION! Recap | Sunday Funday in Fashion – Walk Fashion Show ATL Edition

Walk Fashion Show Tour Hits the ATL

walk fashion show, walk fashion show atl edition, host, dwight eubanksOn June 4, 2017 BRASH! had the pleasure of attending the Independent Designer Show from Walk Fashion Show ATL Edition. This showcase featured talented indie fashion designers from all over displaying their latest styles on the catwalk. With the event hosted by Dwight Eubanks (Real Housewives of Atlanta), guests were in for a great runway evening in showing what the capital of the Dirty South has to offer in welcoming different styles in the ATL Fashion Scene.

Walk Fashion Show also gave us a special treat with International Designer Stevie Boi’s “Noir Collection” following a special appearance on the ATL runway.

These indie fashion designers really showed how BRASH! they could be in making noise on the catwalk in the fashion scene. We’d like to thank Walk Fashion Show once again for welcoming the BRASH! Brand in the media pit along with putting on a fabulous event. No wonder this fashion show production company is going on tour, you can’t contain all of this greatness to just one city.

Miss the Atlanta Edition? Don’t worry because the Walk Fashion Tour 2017 is still going on! Click here for upcoming tour dates in a city near you!

Check out some of our BRASH! favs from the show! And you can see MORE looks in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

merocki, walk fashion show, independent fashion designer, atlanta

Kimfy Apparel

walk fashion show, kimfy, independent designer, atl fashion show

kimfy apparel, walk fashion show, independent fashion showcase

FarrierBell Fashions

FarrierBell Fashions, walk fashin show, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, atlanta, farrierbell fashions, indie fashion

farrierbell fashions, walk fashion show, atl, indie fashion


farrierbell fashions, walk fashion show, fashion showcase, independent designer showcase, runway

Myke Sims Collection

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

myke sims collection, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

myke sims collection, walk fashion show, atlanta edition, independent fashion designers

The House of Avid

walk fashion show, the house of avid, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, the house of avid, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, indie fashion, the house of avid

the house of avid, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show, fashion 2017

Ashley Gold Jewelry

ashley gold jewelry, walk fashion show, independent designer showcase, walk fashion show tour 2017

ashley gold jewelry, walk fashion show, atl, fashion, jewelry

Jenee Dionne
jenee dionne, walk fashion show, independent designers, fashion show, ATL

walk fashion show, atlanta fashion, jenee dionne, independent fashion designers

Stevie Boi “NOIR Collection”

stevie boi, noir collection, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show, atl

walk fashion show, atl, stevie boi, noir collection

walk fashion show, stevie boi, noir collection, international designer, walk fashion show

stevie boi, noir collection, walk fashion show, international designer

ATL Event News: The Perfect Pitch | A Capella Competition & Showcase

Developmental Disabilities Ministries (DDM) hosts “The Perfect Pitch,” an A Capella Competition & Showcase for Georgia Collegiate A Capella groups

DDM will host its 1st “The Perfect Pitch” A Capella competition & showcase for Georgia collegiate A Capella groups on Friday, March 24th at 7pm, at The Historic Earl Smith Strand Theatre in Marietta, Georgia, with proceeds benefiting DDM. Tickets are $20 prior to event and $25 the night of the show.

A capella groups will showcase their talents for judges in an 8 minute competition round, then provide an entertainment piece in 2nd round for guests. “This is a great way to entertain and engage the greater Atlanta community, while educating on DDM and how the organization assists adults with special needs throughout Georgia,” says DDM Director of Public Relations & Development, Lettie Ongie.

For more information on event, please contact Lettie Ongie at longie@ddmga.org or 770-623-4899 For tickets, please visit: www.earlsmithstrand.org/calendar/tickets. For more information on Developmental Disabilities Ministries, please visit www.ddmga.org

DDM The Perfect Pitch Poster-page-001

Twitter: @DDMofGeorgia