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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation and Custom Highlighting Drops

Being an avid makeup enthusiast, I love experimenting with the latest beauty products. Recently, I come across Lancome and it’s amazing collection. Let’s check out a few of the items from their brilliant series.

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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

Foundation is the key to a flawless look. I always choose a foundation that has got longevity because without a solid foundation, it’s hard to create a look that can last the long hours we endure in life these days from jobs to events or evening dates. And, Lancome has got a perfect solution to such problems. Read More.

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PRESS RELEASE: A BRASH! Blog Birthday Celebration

BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog celebrates its fourth birthday by giving a major gift to its readers

ATLANTA, GA – August 18, 2015 – BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog began in August of 2011 with the notion of providing new/independent artists with music marketing knowledge to help advance their careers..  Since its beginnings, BRASH! has made a grand name for itself by sticking to its original notion along with giving independent artists exposure and displaying how the music industry is gaining innovation. Now celebrating its fourth year, BRASH! is looking to gain more ground to reach a broader audience, provide more content, and fulfill the vision of music marketing in the Indie music industry. “I remember sitting in an office cubicle writing blogs for this corporate company that I had no interest in. Then, I got the idea of writing my own, I wanted it to be helpful, I wanted it to be about music & entertainment, and I wanted it to be BRASH!” says founder/editor-in-chief E. Alexcina Brown. “My goal was to provide an outlet for great artists who were not fortunate enough to have that mainstream exposure.”

During its four years in the blogging world, BRASH! has gained various milestones which includes being featured regularly in Niji Magazine (UK Entertainment Magazine), getting recognized by Musicians Empowered as being named one of the Top 100 Music Industry Blogs, and BRASH! is now reaching readers in over 85 countries. Along this journey, BRASH! has been introduced to many artists within the Independent music sector from various genres. Pop, Gospel, RnB, Hip-Hop, & Alternative artists have all benefited from reading, engaging, and gaining features in BRASH!. This platform wants to use this exposure to show the positive sides of the music industry and the inspirational journeys of these artists on the road to success.

Earlier this year, founder and Editor-In-Chief, E. Alexcina Brown decided to expand BRASH! Blog to the magazine sector, launching the BRASH! Mag 2016 Project. This will help fulfill the original mission of BRASH! to provide music marketing “know-how” and give a media platform for Independent Artists and Independent Labels. This brand wants to highlight the great things that are being produced in the underground music scene. The expansion is not only aiding artists in the music industry, BRASH! is also reaching back to help others who would love to work behind the scenes in music/entertainment media by providing an opportunity for young, passionate learners to build their resume in media, music & entertainment.  For more information on working with the BRASH! Mag 2016 project email

Readers of BRASH! Magazine are to expect the same foundation of providing music marketing content along with adding elements of highlighting more independent artists, independent labels, and professionals in the fashion market. BRASH! Magazine is set to launch in the spring of 2016. The BRASH! team is currently working tirelessly to make a grand entrance in the online publication world.

About BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog
BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is designed to provide artists with knowledge of music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the Music Industry. The goal of BRASH! is to provide a different point of view on specific topics along with providing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors. This blog also give Indie Artists a chance to gain press by highlighting/featuring them with an exclusive interview in the “BRASH! Artist Spotlight” segment. Readers will have the ability to provide feedback as well as subscribe to interact and stay informed. For more information, visit


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Indie Music = REAL Music???

Where can we find quality music today?


It’s a no-brainer that the music industry has DRASTICALLY changed since some of our favorite mainstream artists began. These changes have created a domino effect on how music is made, distributed, marketed, and handled business wise. A lot of our beloved artists who were once signed to major labels have now started their own or joined independent labels. On the other hand, technology changes have had a grand effect on new indie artists who have hopes on getting picked up/signed by major labels OR continue their growth on the independent route. Here at BRASH! we’ve found an enormous amount of talent within the independent pool who deserves their chance in the main spotlight (We’ve interviewed a lot of them)

Many complaints have been made by consumers, music lovers, media, etc. speaking on the lack of substance, quality, and heart of music that gets radio play, high sales, and media exposure. Its seems that artists are now focused on creating a smash hit versus putting the necessary time, effort, and funding in creating an entire album of great music. Is it their fault? Are the consumers part of the blame? Oh how we long for the days of the full album creation, and popping in a CD and playing it from beginning to end. These days it’s one or two singles, mediocre albums, and the artist disappears into doing club tours, party appearances, reality shows etc. There is a very small circle of mainstream artists that are able to remain successful within the ever-changing trends within the music industry.

So where can the quality music lovers go to get the full REAL music album fix?

Within the Independent market, we’ve found that a lot of artists are HUNGRY; they take their time to develop their craft, music, mixtapes & EPs. However, there are some that choose to follow the latest trends and put out less than quality music within the indie music market. There are massive amounts of indie artists who have that quality, soul, and true art in their music who will never see the light of day due to their genre confusion, funding, lack of marketing, & the inability to capture the attention of major labels and media outlets.

Mainstream music today keeps us partying, forgetting about troubles, and overall not sending a message. Not that it’s a bad thing because music is supposed to take us away from troubles or help us to identify ourselves with the artist. However, radio play is not giving us much substance as it once did before . But consumers gravitate towards these feel-good songs in which advertisers take notice and invest money into these stations by buying ad spaces to get these listeners to patronize their products. So once again, Are consumers to blame? Are we running towards mainstream music to party/feel good and using indie music in secret to get the true art of the craft?

There can be many explanations to these questions. The Independent market needs it own outlet to allow these artists to display their full album of quality music. Although various media platforms (Like BRASH!) cater to them, are we doing enough? Will the consumer demand shift back into pouring its money and attention to artists dedicated to making REAL music? Is that even possible in this day in age?

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one!!!

May BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt I – Semaj The Poet

BRASH! is kicking off the month of May with singer, songwriter and much more!….Semaj The Poet. This artist took time to give us an exclusive on his inspirations, humble beginnings, as well as great advice to all up & coming artists! Check out the interview below:

semaj 1

B!: How long have you been pursuing music?
Semaj:  I have been pursuing music my entire life. By the time I was 8, my father started teaching me piano and since then I was hooked.

B!: What inspires you to write music/poetry?
Semaj:  What inspires me to write is a better life for my family and seeing the crazy things around me. There are so many things underneath the veil that I want to know about. There are entire worlds that only a select few gets to witness and I want to dig so deep that I end up at that door.

B!: What artist(s) have you written songs for?
Semaj:  I have written music for myself, Dominic, and Rossi from HBK. I also write and shop around everything from pop to RnB songs.

B!: Tell us a little bit about your latest project, “The Weather Underground”
Semaj:  My latest album, “The Weather Underground”, finally feels like I found my sound and who I am as an artist. It took time to focus and hone in on what I was really trying to say and what type of feelings I wanted to portray. I wanted it to sound like the devil’s heartbeat; not in an evil aspect, but something different, something dark, something that intrigues but we perceive as dangerous. I want to be able to turn a song into something you can touch; something that wraps around your mind and forces you to listen to it. Whether it’s a deep song or a club song, I want it to feel like a stranger but somehow familiar.

B!: What avenues to you use to reach your fans?
Semaj:  I use every way I can to reach my fans through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud. I do tons of shows, including performing at fashion events. I always have free demos and albums for sale.

B!: Which performance thus far has been your favorite?
Semaj:  My favorite show so far was my Raw SF show where I took the time out to have choreographed dancers as well as models walking to my music. I can’t wait until I have a bigger budget to really explore what types of productions I can put together. And to create something that people will leave but always remember. It truly is an art form and a privilege that we artists get to impress our view of the world onto others.

B!: Through your music and poetry, what message do you want to send to listeners?
Semaj:  The message I send to my listeners is reach for something bigger. There is more to life than fashion and money, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you don’t care about your appearance, just be yourself, whether you’re black, white, purple, green, or brown.

semaj 4

B!: How do you prepare for a performance?
Semaj:  The way I prepare for a performance is zone out and listen to different artists such as Lana Del Ray, Yanni who is a greek composer, Disney songs, I also meditate and pray that this show will be the show that changes it all. 9 times out of 10 it isn’t but by the law of math my chance gets higher with every show that it will be. If you shoot from half court 5000 times, though you will miss a lot it’s only a matter of time until you hear that heavenly sound you have been waiting for: “swish” all net baby!!

B!: What’s next for you?
What’s next for me is my Generation U radio interview in LA, another radio interview at Damadhouse in SF and another radio interview with DJ Jemstein in SF. I am also working on being the face of the “Farrel” clothing line which is funded by a few heavy hitters. I just want to make a living doing what I love. I am hoping down the line to get sponsored by Nike, Reebok, Champion, Monster, Vitamin Water or Herbalife since I’m really into fitness and want to break into acting eventually.

B!: What advice would you give to new artists fighting for a chance?
Semaj:  The advice I have for new artists is be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different. I have spent my entire career being out the box and it’s just starting to pay off. Be persistent, this is not for the faint of heart. Handle criticism well and don’t take anything personal. Rome was not built in a day and heroes don’t become Gods without sacrifice.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Semaj:  You can listen to my music on my soundcloud: semajthepoet, iTunes: Semajthepoet, or Amazon: SemajThePoet.

semaj 3

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Let’s Start Over

Getting back to the drawing board

BRASHofficial_logoMany successful artists have been faced with the dreadful decision in to start over from scratch or as many say “getting back to the drawing board”. In most cases, this is a great thing because they end up in a better position than before. It takes much time off, pep talks, meeting with the right people, and hard work to pick yourself back up again and keep moving. In our last blog “Now What?!?!” we highlighted on what you can do after you’ve had an unsuccessful break in your career. Now, its time to speak on what to do when you’ve hit rock bottom, your team has decreased, the money is slim, and/or you’re stuck between giving up or trying at it again.

Just when your music career train gets going life throws in a curve ball and the train derails. You cant run away from it, it’s inevitable. As an indie artist with minimal resources, at the moment, may need to resort back to other ways to gain funding for music and personal expenses. Its hard to stay focus working a job that you have no passion for in order to live. BUT you MUST do what you have to do.

Go back to work. There is nothing with working on a job that you’re not passionate about to help you to finance your career. In the end, this is just another inspiration piece of your musical journey.

Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether its money, advice, or resources. You’ll never know how many people are out there who strongly believe in you are willing to help you.

Keep working. Stay writing and thinking of ways to improve your music and your brand. Make a jot list of ideas that you want to work on as soon as your resources are back to where you need them to be. This way, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Keep your previous work in rotation. Keep reminding your fans, the media , and even yourself, of what you have accomplished and let them know that you’re working hard to put out new things soon. Stay fresh on their minds and remind them of why you’re in the music business in the first place.

Focus sometime on helping others. Its very possible to get inspiration from others by helping others. You never know the type of connections, good vibes, and opportunities that may come your way by lending a hand in helping someone else’s dreams come true. Don’t get too bogged down with another project to where you don’t have time to focus on your own. Find a good balance. This will also help take away the stress of your own current situation.

There’s nothing wrong with starting over. Many success stories have this in their chapters in some form or another. Taking a step back can get you to greater places than you could ever imagine.


Team work makes the dream work

Pairing your musical talents with other indie artists

Do you believe in the power of a group effort in music? When I listen to some of my favorite songs I find that many of them are collaborations. Also, some of the best collaborations are from artists who are from two different genres. The power of music can bring together various music lovers from all different races, backgrounds, etc. Have you thought about collaborating on your next hit? If so, who would it be?

With any music project you want it to be the next big hit that will get your career to the next level. Start thinking about some of your favorite artists within your music genre and even in others. A lot of hip hop/pop collaborations have been major hits in the music industry and has changed the way fans receive music; uniting them. Collaborations can open you up to new connections, fans, and opportunities to be heard. Many artists have had a great jump start to their career just by collaborating with the right artist, on the right song.

Get started!

Make sure you’re realistic when looking to collaborate with another artist. Many indie artists who aren’t mainstream and do not have the right connections will find it hard to pair up with popular mainstream artists. However, DO work your connections. See if anyone on your team, “knows someone that knows someone” who could help you out. Ensure that they are following up properly without badgering the other artist and their team. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a response back right away. Reach out to various artists to increase your chances of getting a valid response.

Take the initiative

Start on a song and send out the word that you’re looking for someone to work with on that song. A lot of artists hear songs and are quick to “jump on the beat”. Take the chance.

Give it your all

When you finally get the “OK”, don’t get comfortable. Make sure that you’re giving 100% to the project. You don’t want the other artist to overshadow you because you didn’t deliver. You want it to be an equal effort in making the song a great hit!

Musical collaborations are a delight to fans. They live for it. Give them what they want. Make great music with other artists. There is enough beefing in the music industry, so be that artist that steps out and work with another artist. Music is supposed to bring people together, fill souls, and speak to the audience. Don’t be afraid to crossover and step out of your norm to increase your brand.


Music & Fashion: I now pronounce you husband and wife

The joys of enjoying music and fashion all at once

We’ve seen it on the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and BET Rip the Runway specials. Today, fashion plays a MAJOR role in the music industry. We are always watching what our favorite artists are wearing, buying, endorsing, and rapping/singing about. Music and fashion seems to have a co-dependent relationship when it comes to advertisements, entertainment, and brand awareness. Any new clothing line looks for the hottest music star to put in their clothes to promote and increase sales. In return, the major stars look for the hottest apparel to stay relevant, become trendsetters, and stay on fans HOT list when it comes to fashion. This marriage has done wonders for both industries and there are no signs of divorce anytime soon. (THANK GOD!)

Fashion industry professionals are no longer looking for mainly super models to wear their garments and accessories. Since music has a big influence on today’s culture, these moguls are using that to their advantage and capitalizing off of music industry professionals. This is a grand idea! Whether we want to admit it or not, music industry shows us what new, what’s hot or not, and how we can look like that too. Hearing these big labels in songs and watching them strut back in forth on our TV screens gives us ideas to upgrade our wardrobe choices.

The music industry is constantly looking for ways to reach us. The fashion route has allowed artists to gain more money, brand attention, and opportunities to expand their talents. Various artists are now going into “clothing line development” route, although some are more popular than others. Wearing the best and biggest label on red carpets, tours, and various appearances give them positive press, more fans, and exposure to big businesses that may want to use them in their next major fashion campaign. These artists are taking advantage of where the fashion world can take them.

Fashion and music in the same room equals pure pleasure. You get to see what’s new in the fashion industry along with what’s new in the music industry. Your favorite artists performing while your favorite clothing brand is showing off down the runway, there’s nothing like it. This marriage is a match made in heaven. Let’s hope that this continues on and grows in the mainstream world!

Tell us about your favorite fashion and music collaboration.

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