Fire in the Visual | “Heart on Fire” Music Video by MORRISON

Electro-Rock Artist, Megan Morrison Releases Official Music Video for “Heart on Fire”

Miami-based rock/pop artist Megan Morrison (aka MORRISON) releases the music video to her incendiary new single, “Heart on Fire,” exclusively on Live In Limbo!

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I really wanted to portray this in the video by showing both the dark and light sides of myself. You have the fire and dark mood vs. the beautiful green landscape. In the bridge section of the song, you hear two sets of lyrics overlapping. One side reflects the heartbreak and pain and the other, freedom and rebirth. At the very end of the video, you see me smile and lift my arms to the sky in celebration of a new life. – MORRISON

Watch Music Video for “Heart on Fire”

The single is the first release from Morrison’s debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to fire off in Spring 2019.

Heart on Fire by Morrison

Be sure to check out her exclusive interview with BRASH! in our Winter ’18 Issue Coming Dec 21st!
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A Moment with Graham The Empire

Alternative Rock Band Share What Makes Their Band So Unique in the Music Industry

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Graham The Empire, Alternative Rock Band, is a fantastical roadtrip, rife with invigorating riffs evoking a furious sound, twisting classic rock rhythms and infusing them with a mind-melting edge, dabbed with pop and EDM. Their music is a light of hope held out against long-forgotten woes, an exploration of body and mind, layering upbeat danceable vibes to a piercing, raw intensity.

Graham The Empire’s debut EP Rise is Available Now on iTunes and Spotify!

B! What makes your music stand out from other alternative rock bands in today’s music industry?
GtE: We think the sound we’ve come up with is unique with the combination of rock, pop, dance, and electronica. Where we’re from, in our scene there hasn’t been too many bands that have attempted to make this kind of rock music.

It does something interesting: the music brings in a whole bunch of different aspects of rock but also puts it into a different category of its own. You’ll hear some classic rock, 80s, punk, and even some funk (from “Save Me”)–it’s cool to hear them brought together and become its own animal so to speak.

The music again comes from a place of pure feeling. It isn’t contrived in order a run a silly subject matter through a proven formula. The bands that we love the most bare their souls in the music they write and perform. We hope to take that to another level.

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Learn more about Graham The Empire and their debut EP Rise in the Sept/Oct ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!
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When Past Pain Allows You to Inspire Others | Joy Black (Musician)

Sept/Oct ’17 BRASH! Inspirations Artist | Joy Black (Violinist/Music Producer)

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Photo Credit: James Burke (Youngest Son Productions)

Joy Black takes her story of dealing with bullying at a young age to inspire. Dealing with life, growing up, and worst of all, the harsh words from peers. Some take a dark road while others find ways to cope, realizing their talents and using them to help individuals who are dealing with the same. Our BRASH! Inspirations artist, Joy Black (violinist) chose the latter. Her efforts in music and her works as an anti-bullying advocate is aiding in inspiring kids and teens to find their inner passion to break free from the adverse effects of what bullying can do to their self-esteem.

BRASH! Magazine featured her exclusive interview in the Sept/Oct ’17 Issue OUT NOW!



My main goal through my music and activism is to spread knowledge and give confidence to those in need, so then they can help others as well.
Twitter: @JoyBlack_
Instagram: BlacksWorld