Young & Wise | Hopeless Romantics EP by Emmrose

Alt-pop artist Emmrose soars on EP Hopeless Romantics

Debut EP from NYC singer-songwriter reflects on love, heartbreak & overcoming

Hopeless Romantics EP by EmmroseAlt-pop teen artist Emmrose shares her debut EP Hopeless Romantics with the world today. A deeply personal collection of songs reflect on love, heartbreak, and finding your own happiness. Emmrose delivers intense, poetic lyrics and catchy pop melodies, immersing listeners into a deeply emotive world of her own.

Stageright Secrets premiered the release, noting how Emmrose “captures your entire attention and takes you on a warm and mellow ride through life and love, lulling you with a melancholy that one doesn’t expect to hear from an artist this young.” Only sixteen years old, Emmrose opens her heart, embracing intense emotions with honest introspection.

“Don’t let bad people stay in your life,” reflected Emmrose, speaking both on the content of the EP and her own experiences. “It is possible to move on and find happiness. Don’t let the pain of life overcome you and take away your spirit. It’s possible to overcome it. It’s okay to be sad, but just know that this sadness isn’t really ‘you’, and your attachment to people isn’t happy and you can move on.” While much of the material reflects on heartache and heartbreak, the ultimate message is one of hope, and learning how to find a way to move on.

Hopeless Romantics embraces the idea of interwoven emotions, memories, and experiences, acknowledging how they can continue to impact an individual as they try to move forward in finding their own happiness. “The song ‘Takes Me Back’ was written a while after I wrote ‘Five Months’ even though it is heard as an intro to the song,” shared Emmrose. “I thought it fit well since it is the memory of what had taken place in the lyrics of ‘Five Months’. It was a pretty dark time for me, and the audio effects highlight the lyrics so well. I’m really proud of that track.”

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Much of her lyrical and musical inspiration comes while writing alone at home. “I’ll either play chords that come to me, or a melody that’s been ringing in my head. Sometimes I write down lyrics and then set it to music,” said Emmrose. Over the course of the past year, she recorded Hopeless Romantics, and a surge of new material with producer/engineer Michael Abiuso (Behind the Curtains Media). “I’ve been working with Michael a lot more, and it’s been really exciting,” said Emmrose, reflecting on her growth. “While experimenting with sounds in the studio, we often find ourselves working on individual creations until ready to share, we then combine ideas to make something really great. Mike will often suggest some crazy ideas, like having me pick up and play an accordion, or belt lyrics into the bell of a tuba as a vocal effect. We always find ourselves doing something kooky and fun in the studio.” Their collaborative efforts showcases itself with intricate details on every track, further accenting her soaring vocals.

A junior at LaGuardia High School in New York City, Emmrose admits her mind isn’t always on music – with the pressures of school and college admissions looming over her heard, and the daily interpersonal and social pressures of her age. Her single “Don’t Go” was written as a response to her observance of peers’ mental health struggles including anxiety, depression and suicide. A planned benefit concert for The Imogen Foundation was unfortunately cancelled last week due to COVID-19 concerns, but the message remains the same, of providing a lifeline of communication and positivity for teens. She hopes to re-book a future benefit show in support, and regularly performs throughout NYC.

About Emmrose
With soaring vocals and intricate melodies, you might be surprised to find that singer-songwriter Emmrose is a sixteen year old living in New York City, attending La Guardia High School as a junior. Blending a wide range of pop, indie rock and alternative influences, her sound defies a singular genre, drawing listeners in with poetic lyrics and interwoven harmonies.

Emmrose - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics was released March 20th, 2020. The title track was released as a single in late 2019, delivering a “stirring sense of destiny” as MP3 Hugger described, making Emmrose an “illustration of a prodigious talent”. As Come Here Floyd commented, “her bold methods of arrangement is indie, modern, nostalgic, and nuanced” making her “captivatingly bright” and a promise of what’s to come.

Emmrose is a Secret Road artist for sync licensing.
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Band News | Marquee Grand’s Self-Titled EP

Emerging Alt-Rock Band Marquee Grand Recently Released Debut Self-Titled EP 

Marquee Grand EP - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Buffalo, NY – Teasing fans with the recent release of their single “Maybe”, Marquee Grand is eager to share their new music with the world – a tantalizing taste of their high energy, infectious music that has led them to perform in conjunction with major bands like The 1975, Dashboard Confessional, and Blink-182.

Our debut EP means a lot to us. It shows the progression of songwriting and is a true demonstration of the genre barriers that we can break. Each track on the EP has meaning to us and the EP as a whole represents feelings that most adolescents and young adults encounter in their lives. Our goal is to take the experiences and feelings we’ve had and channel it through music to connect with others. This EP is just the tip of the iceberg, as we will be very busy delivering new music to our fanbase in a quick manner in 2020.

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Since the release of their debut single in 2018, Marquee Grand has brought a refreshingly modern style to Buffalo, New York’s music scene. Comprised of members John Richter, TJ Luckman, Matt Lawniczak, and Josh Owczarzak, these Buffalo natives stand out above the rest with alt-rock influences spanning the past few decades. Their single release “Not Finished Yet” resonated with fans and reached over 27,000 streams on Spotify signifying a strong representation of the band’s cohesive musicality and burgeoning talent. High energy performances make their live shows memorable as they radiate infectious melodies, unforgettable lyrics, and an anthemic attitude throughout each of their original tracks. Their portfolio is comprised of carefully-crafted singles leading up to their highly-anticipated debut EP in early 2020. Their message is simple: Be Grand.
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Debut from Dallas | Away from the City EP by Jboz

Dallas Hip Hop/Pop/R&B Artist Jboz Releases Debut Studio EP

Away from the City EP by JBoz

Dallas, TX – Dallas, TX hip hop/pop/r&b artist Jboz will be releasing his first studio-arranged EP titled, Away from the City. Through this body of work, Jboz shows what it feels like to be heartbroken and to long for someone you love so much. Jboz is pouring his heart out to a girl that he is feeling detached from. It often leads him to question everything…and through these times he becomes more sure that the time is now to get this off his chest. Everyone needs someone or something to rely on throughout life’s journey. It is important to express your needs and be vulnerable enough to let the world know.

Music has been the outlet for Jboz to create material that are reflections of his life. It has been the main source of communicating, how he gets through hardships. Jboz talks through all of his feelings for his significant other, and every way that he expresses that to her. He combines the symmetry of good and bad, to show the duality of himself.

Away from the city
Away from all his problems
Away from all the pain
Away from all his worry

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Reggae-Pop Fusion! | “Billionaires” by Betti Mac

NYC’s reggae-pop fusion artist Betti Mac shares upbeat single “Billionaires”

Jamaican native blends upbeat pop, with dance-remix style and reggae inspiration off her upcoming debut EP

Billionaires by Betti Mac - BRASH! Magazine BlogNew York City – NYC-based and Jamaican native Betti Mac shares her new single “Billionaires”. An upbeat pop track provides a dance-fusion mix to groove to in the coming summer months. It comes off her upcoming debut EP titled Beth MacFarlane, due out later this month.

Leading with a dance, pop-remix style, Betti Mac also pulls notes of reggae, RnB and modern pop influences into the track. The single pushes the powerful message to live your life, and aim high, letting music and happiness lead the way, regardless of what others think.

Billionaires is a positive up-beat song that everyone can relate to. In these times, it’s easier now than ever to be a millionaire so why not go higher and thrive to be a billionaire.  – Betti Mac

The lyrics of “Live your life / and be free” open to a pulsing track, pushing a much-needed message in an over-saturated and busy world. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day worries of life – especially in the hustle and bustle of NYC – and Betti Mac reminds listeners to be themselves, follow their dreams, and enjoy the ride. Hailing from Jamaica, Betti Mac fuses together a unique sound from a diverse range of influences including reggae-greats such as JC Lodge and Pam Hall, to pop legends including Whitney Houston. “Being from Jamaica W.I. and growing up there is everything ‘BettiMac’ music where Reggae is concerned, but the pop part of my music is a mixture of American & European music as I’m influenced by both cultures.”

Her upcoming EP, Beth McFarlane, due out May 31, provides seven tracks ranging from emotive and moving slow-burners, to energizing, upbeat tracks like “Billionaires”. Betti Mac offers originals as well as some covers on the release, with a notable tribute of Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”.

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About Betty Mac
Beth McFarlane aka ‘BettiMac’ is a solo singer-songwriter and recording artist who hails from Stony Hill / St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I. She is the youngest of ten children, ‘De Wash Belly’ as they would say, she had her singing television debut at age eight on a popular children’s show hosted by the late Louise Bennett, ‘Ms. Lou’. BettiMac continued singing wherever she could at her school and around town, knowing it was what she wanted to do as a career, but her parents did not see it that way. At seventeen, after singing at her high school graduation and seeing how her parents and the audience were moved and congratulating her, she knew it was time to make a move on her singing career.

A few years later, BettiMac debuted her single and music video “Brown Eyes Blue” on her own record label Prosperity, which was only released in Jamaica W.I. Shortly thereafter, BettiMac started a family and a business which led her to be out of the music industry for ten years.

Fast forward to 2000 R.I.P. Daddy! BettiMac was back in the studio, singing her heart out to the tunes of Britney Spears “Lucky” and Shania Twain “You’ve Got Away” reimagined in reggae style. The latter of the two songs led her to her second journey in music, recording and releasing her debut album Icy Spicy Girl (2008) and a slough of singles and mix CD’s followed. Now, she presents her debut EP self-titled Beth McFarlane in 2019. A blend of influences across seven tracks, merges old and new inspirations for fans to get excited about!
Twitter: @betti_mac


Like Mother Like Daughter | My Mother’s Daughter EP by Dakota Danielle

Illinois native and country singer-songwriter Dakota Danielle reveals her most impactful moments in life with her debut EP My Mother’s Daughter

My Mothers Daughter EP by Dakota Danielle

Nashville, TN —  The entirely self-penned project is a reflection of Danielle’s past and touches on her healing and growing process following the loss of her mother last year.

My Mother’s Daughter features the upbeat “City” premiered by Nashville Noise, the relatable “Small Town Talk” premiered by Roughstock, the nudge toward self-acceptance “Maria” premiered by Vents Magazine, and the deeply emotional “Growing Old,” Danielle’s sole source of expression as she emerged from her devastating loss. Produced by Robbie Artress (Chris Stapleton, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, For King & Country) and John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance).

Danielle is staged to perform “Growing Old” on WSMV’s Today in Nashville on May 13.

My Mother’s Daughter Track Listing
“City” | Written by: Dakota Danielle
“Small Town Talk” | Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd
“Maria” | Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd
“Growing Old” | Written by: Dakota Danielle

My Mother’s Daughter EP is Available Now on Spotify & iTunes!

The small town sensation broke into the country scene with the release of her debut single “One Church” last year, which quickly and independently garnered over 56k streams on Spotify. After the video premiered on The Country Network, Dakota followed with her sophomore single “Forever,” which led to a series of school speaking engagements, inspiring and encouraging students to boldly pursue their dreams.

A drive to share her lyrics and passion for music lands the 26-year-old on stage weekly, including a recent performance with Easton Corbin.

Capitalizing on her momentum from 2018, Danielle dove into writing and recording as a means to move forward and follow the dream her mother strongly supported. This spring, Danielle launched her Bandtwango campaign and was able to fund My Mother’s Daughter through the support of her fans. The collection of songs are from her first chapter in life — the small hometown, an adolescent journey to self-acceptance, a move to the big city and one of life’s hardest tragedies. This journey to self-discovery offers fans a transparent opportunity to learn exactly who Danielle is — her mother’s daughter.
Twitter: @DDanielleMusic
IG: dakotadaniellemusic

Time for the Spotlight | What’s Hard To Say EP by Shae Jacobs

R&B-Pop Singer Shae Jacobs Releases Debut EP,
What’s Hard To Say

What's Hard To Say EP by Shae Jacobs

Shae Jacobs has gained notable recognition for his songwriting and producing credits, with upcoming collaborations with Cheat Codes, Sigrid, The Chainsmokers, Ty$, Plan B, Shift K3Y, Snoop Dogg, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul, and Charlotte Lawrence.

Now, it’s Shae’s turn to be in the spotlight and is breaking the typical male stereotypes, especially within the music industry, that advocates men must keep their emotions to themselves. However, the artist is flipping the script and giving the common man one comprehensive personal diary.

What’s Hard To Say EP is Available NOW on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

With his previous releases, Shae established himself as a multitalented artist known for exploring relationships, heartbreak, and healing with soulfulness beyond his years. In 2018, Shae unveiled three, independently released singles including “Fxck Me Up,” “Space,” and “Jealous”, which have earned placements on Spotify’s US NMF and the Top of Breaking Pop playlists, along with Apple’s Best of Week.

Singer, songwriter, produer, Shae Jacobs

Now signed to Prescription Songs in LA, he has worked with some on the biggest names in music. Shae also previously featured on the Juno award-winning single “Off The Ground” alongside BitFunk.

Twitter: @iamshaejacobs
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Drinks & Reflections | “Shots” by Swill

Atlanta Rising Artist, Swill, Emerges with New Single, “Shots”, and Debut EP Release

Shots by Swill - BRASH! Magazine BlogStanding out in a generation immensely consumed with fitting in proves to be an arduous task for most but not for the lyrically gifted songwriter and artist Swill. The Cairo, GA born and Atlanta based rising star releases her hit new single “Shots.” This record marvels at her versatility, melodic genius and penned savvy. More than the average amalgamation of RnB and hip-hop but a body-swaying, head-bob inducing jam doused in modern appeal with a nostalgic vibe. The classic visual brings her written imagery around full circle amid an emotive performance from Swill.

Love, the most ageless of music topics, shows it’s perilous side of deception, infidelity and lies in “Shots.” Of the records inspiration Swill states, “What started out as a seemingly beautiful thing quickly became revolting as I learned that she was involved with someone else while attempting to build something with me. As one would imagine, things were over from there. Occasionally she would call or text me, attempting to repair our friendship, but I still held distrust and lacked confidence in her intentions.

While having a conversation with a close friend about the situation, I jokingly made the statement, ‘She wanted me to write a song about her, I will, but it’s not going to be the type of song she had in mind.’ This stuck with me as I started the penning of “Shots” later that day. The entire song was a reflection of exact text conversations we had back and forth.”

Watch Official Music Video for “Shots”

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Some artists make songs and then some artists make music. Swill composes records with lyrical depth and relatable qualities.

You don’t just hear this record – you feel it.

Her musical journey began at the tender age of 11 and has clearly evolved into a promising career having already blessed venues like the Oceans Ballroom at The Georgia Aquarium, The Main stage at One Spark Festival, The Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown Atlanta and more amid blog features from AMillion Magazine and Brash Magazine. This marks the dawn of inevitable notoriety. However, Swill on the humble tip states, “It’s not about what number you are in the race, what matters is that you finish! I’m not aiming to be the greatest; I just want to be heard,” and humility travels far.

Frank EP by Swill

Swill recently released her Debut EP Frank, Available Now (iTunes | Spotify)!

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An Incredible Debut | Crisis EP by Phé

Singer-Songwriter, Phé Leads Debut EP, Crisis, with Sensual Love Track, “Incredible”

Crisis ep by Phe'

Phé’s debut EP, CRISIS is the result of this musical exploration and a first look into her mind and world – as she details first experiences with falling in and out of love in this eight track EP. Touching on themes of love, heartbreak, female sexuality and sexual exploration, healing, mental health and self-empowerment, the stunning release takes an in-depth look at how Phé handled each new space she entered as she attempted to heal. CRISIS is an honest and open exploration of myself and sound at a time where I had to decide if I wanted to be a victim of heartbreak or use that discomfort as inspiration for growth”, reveals Phé.

Leading single “Incredible” highlights Phé’s signature sound of feel-good, ambient neo-soul, featuring ethereal synthscapes, smokey vocals and seductive melodies. With a distinct coolness the songstress narrates the moment of falling in love for the very first time, despite believing that love was a fickle and fleeting thing. “About Us” speaks to that moment when you can look back at a toxic relationship and see it for what it really was. “It is my anthem of self-worth, self-realization and was my way of giving myself what I truly deserved — which was the freedom to move on and own the power of loving myself ”, confides Phé. Showcasing a sassy 90’s R&B vibe, “About Us” is a declaration of self-empowerment, casting away the relationships that no longer serve us in an act of self-love.

Stream CRISIS EP Now on Spotify!

Singer-songwriter, Phe - BRASH! Magazine BlogAbout Phe’
Contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Phé offers up a dose of soulful prowess, as her commanding vocals, combined with raw and honest lyrics, expose a realness that truly sets her apart from the crowd. Born and raised in East Vancouver, Phé fell in love with the arts at an early age, taking to the stage as a dancer, actress, and singer. Throughout high school, she attended the Sarah McLachlan School of Music where she took her first official voice lessons — exploring her voice and honing in on her skills as a performer. It wasn’t until Phé graduated from high school that she made the decision to officially pursue her career and post-secondary education in music. She attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied vocal performance, music business, and songwriting, developing her unique style and refining her songwriting skills.

Throughout her time in college Phé sang as a background vocalist on projects including the Marianas Trench song, ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’, and Aloe Blacc’s hit single ‘The Man’, but before long she found herself yearning to tell her own stories. Inspired by the strength of her childhood idols, and female powerhouses Erykah Badu, Sade, and Lauryn Hill, Phé began exploring her own artistry.

Phé hopes that her music will allow others to feel connected and give them a mirror through which they can see and understand themselves and their experiences. The singer declares, “It’s really important for young people to be able to see themselves reflected back in the media and popular culture. It makes them feel understood and shows them that they are part of something greater than themselves. I think everyone deserves to be seen and heard”.
Twitter: @phemusic
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Beginnings of a Hollywood Rock Saga | “She Don’t Know” by Zach Callison

Zach Callison brings listeners on a chaotic journey into despair and addiction with his new track, “She Don’t Know”

She dont know by Zach CallisonWith a smattering of different genre influences and captivating storytelling, Zach Callison taps into the darker side of fame and heartbreak in a way that inspires both sympathy and frustration. Harrowing instrumentation, soaring vocals, and a no-holds-barred attitude create a track of self-loathing and vulnerability that feels undeniably real. A raging rhythm collides with a mix of electric and acoustic guitars as well as Callison’s piano, building an arrangement that lends itself to the desperation at the center of the character’s journey.

“She Don’t Know” is Available now on Spotify and iTunes!

“She Don’t Know” is from Callison’s debut EP, A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak.

A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak is an epic rock saga and AVAILABLE NOW!

The actor/musician, most known as the voice of “Steven” on Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe, spent the past year expertly crafting the dynamic one-act alternative rock musical that comprises his debut EP. Running just under 30 minutes long, Zach pulled inspiration from real life experiences and personal struggles to create a stunningly energetic and grandiose* musical journey in the form of one cohesive story.

A A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach CallisonThis unique experiment in sounds is a genre-bending tale of protagonist Zach, and his lost love, Juanita. The twists and turns are as surprising as the special guests, including Callison’s co-star from Steven Universe, Grace Rolek, on some of the interludes, as well as singers Merges and Jesaiah. The EP cements Callison’s place as a creative rock-pop powerhouse in a world of trend-following pop songs. The project itself is an all encompassing artistic vision, going beyond the music with cover art that displays little hints and tidbits about the story itself, rounding out a full artistic experience for fans and critics. But, the intensely emotional tale, interwoven with purely compelling rock arrangements, makes for an all together introspective and incomparable experience.

On the opening track, “Phantom Love,” Callison’s voice serves as an introduction, haunting and emotional from the very start. It’s a reflective track about the end of Zach’s relationship with the mysterious Juanita. It grows in power and intensity with its burgeoning arrangement of guitars, harmonies and an unequivocally addictive rhythm. However, the true surprise comes in the unforgettable rap that hits just before the chaotic final note. Things get darker, but no less addictive, on the effervescent pop rock track “She Don’t Know.” A grieving Zach is taunted by the world, leading him into the dark side of Hollywood where he begins to lose himself in a spiral of drug use and self-sabotage. Between the jaunty piano and bright synths, the track brings listeners on a topsy-turvy carnival ride through the thoughts and methods of an unstable mind. On “Nightmare,” listeners experience the softer side of Callison’s gritty, rock-infused disposition. It features another impressive rap immersed in heartfelt rhythmic poetry— words that are impactful at their very core. Stunning piano melds with atmospheric synths for a truly subjective view of how loneliness can slowly allow someone to lose themselves completely.

“Curtain Call” is a turning point in the dramatic battle between two versions of one man. The explosive track is the beginning of the end, full of dark eulogies and uncertainty, between wild electric guitar riffs and pounding drums. Wrought with all the pain a broken heart can possess, Callison’s howling vocals encompass those dark emotions effortlessly. The ruthless finale, “War!”, features an all-out smear campaign. As Zach’s hurt turns to anger, he goes after Juanita with everything he has on this no-holds-barred revenge track. One of the most genre-forward tracks on the EP, it melds blues, rock, and jazz into one cohesive moment. From the swinging notes of the brass section that pepper the arrangement, to the raging electric guitar, it’s a song that captures the intensity of finally giving into your demons. As the finale track, “War!” taps into all the highlights of an EP full of powerful moments, bringing them together in one explosive sendoff.

Alternative Rock artist, Zach Callison

Be on the look out for A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach Callison OUT NOW!
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Cali Vibes in Your Radio | Too Fast Debut EP

California Based Trio, Too Fast, Makes an Impressive Debut with their New Self-titled EP

Too Fast EP, new music release, cali artists

Starring the works of producer Cyran, vocalist Dave L, and rapper K-Lien, the music group comes from three different musical backgrounds. Too Fast blends these artists individual style into one amazingly unique sound. 5 songs deep the self-titled EP is cinematic and big production-wise from the opening track “Just Like You.” Within a few listens you might get the sense that Too Fast’s sound might be where urban music is heading the next few years – mixing Hip Hop, with EDM and high tempo rhythms. This trio might just be on to something.

Too Fast EP is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon Music!

Check out the music video for Too Fast’s lead single “Just Like You”

Too FastAbout Too Fast
Too Fast is the breakthrough collaboration of three seasoned artists– electronic music producer Cyran, singers K-Lien and Dave L– introducing a tantalizing new sound to the music world. At its core a bracing blend of EDM and Hip-Hop, their music is infused with bold topical themes to move even the most jaded, weaving a powerful spell that touches heart and head. The trio’s first self-titled EP “Too Fast” debuted June 2018 in Santa Ana, California.

The group’s name is a reflection on all things that go “too fast”– from life itself to the frenetic pace of change in the world/technology– and the challenge of dealing with it all. This theme is at its most poignant in their first music video, “Just Like You,” based on Cyran’s earlier EDM dance hit and now transformed into a heart-wrenching, mesmerizing tale of love lost in a flash. The video was filmed by producer and MTV/VMA 2015 winner Satien Mehta.
Twitter: @TooFast_Music
IG: TooFastMusic