Book News: “Devastation or Destiny???” Release Date by The Blakk Dahlia

Save the Date: July 4, 2019 | You Are Cordially Invited to the Heartbreak!

Devastation or Destiny??? by the blakk dahlia

Heartbreak Diaries Author, The Blakk Dahlia, Announces Release Date for New Book, Devastation or Destiny???, Coming Independence Day

New York, NY – The fiction book series, Heartbreak Diaries is challenging readers to dissect the types of hearts individuals tend to like or fall in love with. The third “diary entry” is a romantic and adventurous novella entitled “Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart). Author, The Blakk Dahlia will release new installment on July 4, 2019. Along with annual fireworks, Devastation or Destiny??? sparks its own flame of love with a big question, “Am I making the right choice?”

The upcoming book sets the scene of a perfect love, leading up to what is supposed to be the perfect wedding day. Tanya’s love for her man, Kenneth is unmeasurable. However, a great love can come at a cost. For Tanya, it’s the life of adventure she dreamt of. Kenneth, on the other hand, stands firm in his traditional beliefs in a rural town; close to his loved ones. She tries to suppress the wandering thoughts of what could have been if she gave up the love of her life for the life she loves.

Devastation or Destiny??? Book by The Blakk DahliaChoosing love, the universe conspires to eventually give Tanya what she desires, but it comes with DEVASTATION. Readers will soon find out if Tanya and Kenneth will survive the crushing blow. This book speaks to the old message: The best thing can be getting what you want. The worst thing, can be getting what you want. Will Tanya learn the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side?

“This book describes a fear I’ve had for years. ‘What if my lifestyle and love life doesn’t agree? Which do I choose?’ In this story, I answer my own fears by facing them and showing others who have had the same thoughts, that life ALWAYS works out to your benefit.” The Blakk Dahlia says of the novella.

The Heartbreak Diaries book series is a gripping new collection of must reads that will ask many questions that goes unspoken in dating/relationship conversations. Previous releases, “Rushing to Distraction” and “Wrong Vengeance” taps into the foolish and toxic hearts, respectively. What’s unique about this series is that it dives into these heart types from a real and vulnerable place. Each book has a “dear diary” moment from an integral character, displaying their true intentions within the story. For more information on the Devastation or Destiny??? and the Heartbreak Diaries book series, visit

Author, The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown)

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About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), is an Author/Model/Actress/Editor-In-Chief. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.

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BRASH! Magazine – May/June ’17 Letter from the Editor


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BRASH! is embarking on a new journey in digital media and the media industry as a whole. We want to shed a positive light in a world full of negativity and gaining on tearing others down. We are BRASH! making NOISE in this independent world that gives indie artists the freedom to make music on THEIR terms. Wonder why the artists we grew up loving so much are releasing on indie? Because they are catching on to this freedom.

Read more in the May/June’17 issue of BRASH! Available Now!

BRASH! Magazine May/June '17 Issue featuring Joie Kathos | Indie Music News

2012…The Year of BRASH!

“Thank You” letter from Editor E. Alexcina Brown

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BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog started as a small advice blog for me to express my ideas and marketing creativity within the music industry. Now it has turned into a music advice blog for upcoming and established artists, press release platform for Paina B Music Marketing, along with a platform for indie artist to gain exposure and build their brand. Im so happy and humbled by the responses received from the BRASH! readers. Not only did this blog catch the attention of loyal readers and indie artists but it caught the attention of a wonderful online entertainment magazine (Niji Magazine). So much so that they wanted to feature some of the blog’s content on their site! This is a great step in the right direction and proves that BRASH! is more that just your average blog voicing the opinion of a “Self-Made Marketer”. Im excited and anxious to see what BRASH! will do next! Here are some people that I would like to thank for their support and their part in making BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog what it is today:


Stay tuned because there are greater things in store for BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog 2013!!!!!

September Artist Spotlight – Nico Llory

“Nico Llory’s music gives a great blend of sound to carry this music genre into mainstream and beyond. All listeners will be reminded of a great time along with enjoying the intricate sounds within each song.”

– E. Alexcina Brown, Editor BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog
Nico LloryIn his early childhood, Nico looked at his father’s vinyl deck while it turned and said his first word: “disque“ (record). Ever since, notes and rhythms collide in his mind in an explosion of creative energy. Nico is influenced by the rhythms that have guided his life, electro, hip-hop, rock and pop. “Evolution” is a condensed energetic mixture of cutting-edge music which pays tribute to artists including Daft Punk, Justice, Dirtyloud, Jamiroquaï and the emotional vibrations of Radiohead and U2, always with a creative touch that makes each song distinctly the Nico’s sound. Nico is dedicated to collaborating with artists around the world. On the current project, artists from New York, London, Montreal and Paris have contributed to making the Nico’s sound an infectious, energetic movement ready to connect with fans worldwide.

Nico Llory’s 1st EP “Sophisticated stranger” is now available on  iTunes, Beatport,  and Amazon. Check out his latest music video “Rock the Nation” Ft. Bad News Brown