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good problems Artist: Good Problems
Track: “Cadaver” 
Indie Grunge 4 piece, Good Problems serve up a 3 minute 2 second slice of home-brewed DIY Delight, with new single, “Cadaver” . Very much the noisy new kids on the block, the Liverpool based band dropped their first single, “Curio” just last year; a swaggering, trashy six-string distortion fest with thumpy bass-line and intoxicating roomy vocals. They followed up with the strikingly different, ‘Heavy Head’; driven by punchy drums and dry upfront vocals. Jen, Liam, George, and Nat hit the New Year running, releasing latest single, “Cadaver”  on January 1st. The track moves in glorious waves of warm, fuzzy saturation, framed deep in smartly judged and generous use of reverb; the instrumentation benefiting from the size and depth of the ambient treatment. The production feels physical and chunky, making for a tremendously satisfying listening experience. And although in achieving all this, the mix sacrifices a little definition down the center, the overall emotional impact of the presentation, more than justifies this slight compromise. Creative use of vocal delay and pitch FX add engaging and entertaining ear candy; Jen Baranick’s vocals complementing and contrasting the arrangement; her indie-pop voice, rich in soul and tinged with just the right amount of anger. The confidence of Good Problems third release, speaks of a band quickly coming into their own. With the video for “Cadaver” (‘rustic and DIY af’ – their words), live shows and new singles (‘on a different level of awesome’ – again, their words), all coming up, Good Problems are a band to watch in 2019.

Why? Because it’s gonna be on a different level of awesome; rustic and DIY, as f**k.

You can catch Good Problems live on Sunday 20th January, where they’ll be supporting Redwood at the Sound Basement.

Twitter: @goodproblemo
IG: goodproblemo


broke & gifted by dmstry - brash! magazine blogArtist: Dmstry
Track: “Broke and Gifted”
Workaholic music production robot Dmstry drops a tasty slice of beat, rhyme, and electro-sonics, with single, “Broke and Gifted”. The Zambian born Choolwe Siamubotu aka Dmstry, began crafted beats and tracks in 2010. While his work producing other artists draws upon a wide range of genres and influences, his solo work is, by his eclectic standards, more focused. His first solo release arrived last year, with dance floor pumping, wave synth assault, ‘The Mystery’. Second single, ‘Roar’ continued in the aggressively EDM theme, with heavily pitch FX-ed vocal hooks and smack/strobe saws and risers; only a slow drone in the subs and lows, suggesting any possible Hip Hop influence. The slow drone returned for follow-up Double A-Side release, ‘Savage’; electro ear candy fizzing from left to right, across the stereo field; bit crushed snares and kicks, snapping and punching the track along; Dmstry spitting words throughout. With the Hip Hop influence standing tall, “Broke and Gifted” delivers a brooding, dread, and determination on the lo-fi and the downbeat; smart use of contrasting synths and well-judged arrangement, creating a compelling soundscape. Dmstry’s flow delivered in tight runs/fits/starts, and change ups; creative use of expression, articulation, and language, adding flavor and character. The tidy mix presenting the track in a well-balanced frame; making light work of taming and handling the various low-frequency elements while maintaining width and depth. With music being used on both Zambian and UK radio, and a steadily increasing catalog of quality productions, Dmstry is steadily establishing himself as a music maker of weight and integrity.

Every busy, check out Dmstry’s latest single, “Praise Riddem”

Twitter: @DMSTRYmusic
IG: dmstrymusic


souls on fire by alice in videoland Artist: Alice in Videoland
Track: “Souls on Fire” / “Shocker”
Swedish Electropunk four piece Alice in Videoland delivers a double dose of EBM beat, synth-assault, and attitude, with new drops, “Souls on Fire” and “Shocker”. Formed in 2002 by lead singer Toril Lindqvist, Alice in Videoland spent the next eight years writing, recording and touring their way to a worldwide fanbase of devoted listeners and the reputation as one of Europe’s stand out Alt Electro bands. The nonstop grind, however, had taken its toll, and despite world domination beckoning, the band found themselves disinterested and indifferent. In Deciding to take a break, the individual members took time out to concentrate on their own projects. In 2015 the self-described, ‘world’s greatest electropunk band’ returned with a new single, ‘Let Go’; a contrasting production of shimmering, bubble pop electro-synths and slapped EBM beat. Latest double drop, “Souls on Fire” delivers a snarling, driving sequencer bass and accompanying synths, fizzing and biting in aggressive (dis)harmony; drums land flat and packed. Lead singer Lindqvist’s vocals soaring above the track in modulating reverb and delay; her delivery at once, triumphant/aggressive/defiant/confrontational. The track hauls at speed, thick with musical idea and layer; pausing only to dive deep into subs, before breaking open, fiercer and tighter. In contrast, alternate drop “Shocker” lands tight beats, stabs of sonic and riff; vocals percussive and carefully worked layer. Whereas ‘Souls on Fire’ arrives in great walls of incredible electronic sound, “Shocker” is relatively sparse, built upon sonic space and works the stereo field with dab and jab. The combined listening experience, an inspiring demonstration of the sublime talent of Alice in Videoland; refreshed, revitalized and ready to claim their rightful title as the world’s
greatest electropunk band. Stay tuned. Don’t touch that dial.

Twitter: @aivtweets
IG: aliceinvideoland


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Fire in the Visual | “Heart on Fire” Music Video by MORRISON

Electro-Rock Artist, Megan Morrison Releases Official Music Video for “Heart on Fire”

Miami-based rock/pop artist Megan Morrison (aka MORRISON) releases the music video to her incendiary new single, “Heart on Fire,” exclusively on Live In Limbo!

electro rock artist, morrison

I really wanted to portray this in the video by showing both the dark and light sides of myself. You have the fire and dark mood vs. the beautiful green landscape. In the bridge section of the song, you hear two sets of lyrics overlapping. One side reflects the heartbreak and pain and the other, freedom and rebirth. At the very end of the video, you see me smile and lift my arms to the sky in celebration of a new life. – MORRISON

Watch Music Video for “Heart on Fire”

The single is the first release from Morrison’s debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to fire off in Spring 2019.

Heart on Fire by Morrison

Be sure to check out her exclusive interview with BRASH! in our Winter ’18 Issue Coming Dec 21st!

Twitter: @MMorrisonMusic
IG: MeganMorrisonMusic

Fanning the Flames | “Heart on Fire” by Morrison

Electro-Rock Artist, Morrison, Releases New Single “Heart on Fire”

Heart on Fire by Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog(New York, NY) – Miami-based rock/pop artist Megan Morrison (aka MORRISON) bursts onto the indie music scene with her incendiary new single, “Heart on Fire.” The song is the first release from Morrison’s debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Spring 2019.

Listen to “Heart on Fire”!

Morrison’s music career began at a very young age while growing up in Massachusetts. After singing in high school choirs and musicals and ranking at the top of her high school All-State competitions, she pursued a music degree from University of MA Amherst. Studying opera, she discovered she excelled at musical theatre having nabbed the lead in the musical, Cinderella. For her senior year, she moved to New York City to attend Hunter College and audition for Broadway musicals. Eventually, she began singing in rock/punk bands throughout the City where she found “her calling.” She moved to Miami in 2009 where she formed her first official band, Dorothy’s Surrender, for which she wrote all the songs influenced by her biggest inspirations: Hole, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails and Audioslave. Her second band, Revlover, formed in 2016, and had more of a folk, inspirational rock sound.

She Makes Music called Morrison’s vocals “full of rebellious attitude and a tone to back it up.” Miami New Times named Morrison one of the “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day” in March 2018, noting her five areas of expertise–a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, model, and fire dancer. Her last skill led her to guest appearances in music videos by Pitbull and Elvis Crespo and onstage with pop singer Jessie J.

Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Today, Morrison has a new band for her solo project that has more of an electronic rock sound that she attributes to her favorite band, Muse. (She considers herself the female Matt Bellamy!) Be sure to look out for her new music video for the “Heart on Fire”, featuring the artist dancing with fire!

Twitter: @MMorrisonMusic
IG: MeganMorrisonMusic