Psychedelic Success | “Toulouse” by Neon Cities

Denver electronic duo Neon Cities releases their first music video for single “Toulouse” following the success of their last EP In Waves

Toulouse by Neon Ctities - BRASH! Magazine BlogDenver duo Neon Cities self-releases a first music video for their new single “Toulouse” following the success of their In Waves EP, which has to date accumulated over a half million streams on Spotify since July. Toulouse is a instrumental chillwave composition in the vein of Com Truise, Sun Glitters, or Washed Out for all those folks reaching for warm memories of summer, conjuring up the south of France. The title comes from Neon Cities’ Chase, who developed the original song concept on a day off in the city of Toulouse while touring with downtempo and ambient artist Tycho.

“Toulouse” is Available Now on Spotify!

The video for “Toulouse” is a psychedelic and sensual composition developed by Neon Cities own Chase Dobson. It features time lapse botanical and nature footage moving in time and emphasizing audible cues in the title track to accentuate visually the beautiful nature of Toulouse.

Watch Official Music Video for “Toulouse”

Denver electronic duo Neon CitiesIf “Toulouse” is a sun bleached visit to the South of France, the B Side, Storm on the Isle is it’s dark side, a sprawling, moody, ambient excursion in a rain soaked isle off of Scotland in mid-October. Those familiar with Neon Cities’ prior releases will recognize the 80’s soundtrack aesthetic from Arcade Dreamer, the closing track from their debut Tessier-Ashpool EP. Storm on the Isle is marked by its vintage analog synths pulses and drones, creating a longing atmosphere that would not be out of place in the soundtrack for Netflix’s Stranger Things.
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Fanning the Flames | “Heart on Fire” by Morrison

Electro-Rock Artist, Morrison, Releases New Single “Heart on Fire”

Heart on Fire by Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog(New York, NY) – Miami-based rock/pop artist Megan Morrison (aka MORRISON) bursts onto the indie music scene with her incendiary new single, “Heart on Fire.” The song is the first release from Morrison’s debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Spring 2019.

Listen to “Heart on Fire”!

Morrison’s music career began at a very young age while growing up in Massachusetts. After singing in high school choirs and musicals and ranking at the top of her high school All-State competitions, she pursued a music degree from University of MA Amherst. Studying opera, she discovered she excelled at musical theatre having nabbed the lead in the musical, Cinderella. For her senior year, she moved to New York City to attend Hunter College and audition for Broadway musicals. Eventually, she began singing in rock/punk bands throughout the City where she found “her calling.” She moved to Miami in 2009 where she formed her first official band, Dorothy’s Surrender, for which she wrote all the songs influenced by her biggest inspirations: Hole, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails and Audioslave. Her second band, Revlover, formed in 2016, and had more of a folk, inspirational rock sound.

She Makes Music called Morrison’s vocals “full of rebellious attitude and a tone to back it up.” Miami New Times named Morrison one of the “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day” in March 2018, noting her five areas of expertise–a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, model, and fire dancer. Her last skill led her to guest appearances in music videos by Pitbull and Elvis Crespo and onstage with pop singer Jessie J.

Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Today, Morrison has a new band for her solo project that has more of an electronic rock sound that she attributes to her favorite band, Muse. (She considers herself the female Matt Bellamy!) Be sure to look out for her new music video for the “Heart on Fire”, featuring the artist dancing with fire!
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Diary of Feelings | “Its Not Easy” by Chan Gibbons

Singer, songwriter, producer, Chan Gibbons is back
with new single “Its Not Easy…”

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‘It’s Not Easy’ is a powerful, reflective, vulnerable and heart-felt ballad.

The infused atmospheric and cinematic style with an 80’s retro-synth influence and powerful heartfelt vocals share the experience of a delicate time when things took a shocking turn for the worst. The lyrics expose the artists’ thoughts and feelings at a time of rejection and hardship in her personal life.
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4 The Dancefloor | “The Rise” by DJ Skyscream

Debut album release “The Rise” by DJ Skyscream


This is just the beginning…

Canadian DJ/Producer, DJ Skyscream is giving electro music lovers something different with a trap style infusion in an electronic atmosphere. The Rise also includes heavy trap kicks, snares, and amazing leads. The new album is guaranteed to keep anyone on the dance floor in any club or party. The Rise is available now on iTunes!

Listen to “The Rise” now on SoundCloud!

About DJ Skyscream
David Singh AKA DJ Skyscream is a Electronic Dance Music, Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae DJ and producer. David was born on April, 1st, 1998 he grew up in Markham, Ontario and eventually found the love for music at the age of 12. Starting out dj-ing & producing in his bedroom, Skyscream has been dj-ing around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) at wedding halls, parties, dances, corporate events and has even landed himself at Nathan Phillips Square Toronto and one of Toronto’s biggest hotspot, Cabana Pool Bar Toronto when he was 17. Skyscream is also a aspiring music artist as well, his music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more as “Skyscream”
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Courage During A Heartbreak | Leave by Charlotte Bash

“Leave” by Charlotte Bash

It all starts with a melodic pluck on a guitar string, adding in the upbeat synth production works. Charlotte enters this electro-pop track explaining her side of the story being vulnerable giving an account of a good heart being taken advantage of. As the song builds you feel the strength of a woman taking back her power and her heart. When the chorus kicks, in you feel the magnitude of a woman standing her ground demanding the negative treatment to leave mentally, physically, and emotionally. “Leave” is a message of confidence and loving yourself more than loving another who refuses to do right by you. Choosing yourself over being unhappy in love.

“Leave” is a strong lead track from Charlotte Bash’s upcoming album “Princess Game” releasing on June 30th. This song gives a taste of what’s to come from this artist on the rise!

Listen to “Leave” on SoundCloud now! And stay tuned for her upcoming debut album “Princess Game”.

Read the exclusive with Charlotte Bash in the May/June ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

About Charlotte Bash
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bash spent much of her youth exploring the music scene, eventually graduating from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music where she trained as an opera singer. Her undeniable talents have given her the chance to grace the stage alongside artists like Sara Bareilles and Aaron Carter — in both national and international venues.
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The Sound of Ghosts | Ghost EP by N-Gine

DJ & Music Producer N-Gine’s latest work, Ghost EP

n-gine-ghostepGhost EP focuses on multiple genres of Electronic Dance Music with hard hitting bass and deep rhythms influenced by diversified sound and hip-house influenced beats. Coming from the heart of Chicago, N-Gine is only starting to begin a journey into developing his sound. His next upcoming EP will focus mainly on the production of Hip Hop and will work with many other artists and not only be in the mindset of thinking outside the box but with the mentality of removing the box completely when it comes to fulfilling his sound.

Check out Ghost EP on SoundCloud!

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Deep House….Discrete

In My Room LP by Discrete


A room of one’s own is a curious place. Despite the inhabitant’s designs surrounding architecture, ornamentation and housekeeping — or lack thereof — an inexorable and curious sense of the dweller always floats throughout. The same is true for Discrete’s LP ‘In My Room’, his second album and follow up to his 2016 Juno Award nominated ‘The Midas Touch’. Discrete’s sophomoric offering returns to familiar sonic ground; a lush and sensual pastiche is born from an ambivalence to genre.

Multimedia artist Kyle Yip also known as Discrete, is a Toronto based DJ, producer and label owner of Savvy Records. He is known not only for his Juno Award Nominated full-length album (The Midas Touch), but also his remixes for international artists such as Brabe, Society of Silence and many more.

In My Room Available Now on iTunes!
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