Real Still Reigns | “SYS” Music Video by F.Y.I.

Los Angeles-Based Emcee, F.Y.I., Presents the HighTop Bully-Directed Music Video for “SYS”

SYS by F.Y.I. - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Produced by Sir Jon Lee, “SYS” single appears on Herecember 20NOW. F.Y.I.’s new album which also features “Boom” produced by J Cole collaborator !LLMind. F.Y.I.’s previous album ameriBLACKKK spawned visuals for “These The Times (Don’t Judge)”, while his previous album F.Y.I. Invented Green generated videos for singles “Legend of G.O.A.T.” and “Trust Me”. F.Y.I. first gained notoriety in 2010 as part of trio Those Chosen and their collaborations with Grammy-Award winning producer, IZ Avila, earning them a slot on URB’s 25 Artists To Watch. In 2012 F.Y.I. collaborated with Ab-Soul on “Dopamine”. In 2014 he dropped his first solo mixtape Yo! The Places You’ll Go which hit #1 on CMJ’s Hip Hop Charts . He dropped an exclusive freestyle for HipHopDX and has also appeared in the European reality show Holland in Da Hood.

“SYS” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Outlets!

“I want to take a sound that’s so prevalent in rap and show that you can be creative, come with lyrics and still bounce all at the same time,” F.Y.I. says. “These Soundcloud trap rappers had they shot and its time for the real to reign supreme again.”

Watch Official Music Video for “SYS”
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Music Vids | “Over It” by Ke Turner

Atlanta-based Virginia Beach native Ke Turner presents the music video for “Over It”

Emcee, Ke Turner

“Over It” is the new single from the album Twist A Pen, Open A Lock. Ke Turner’s latest album features guest appearances from J. Nolan, Adela, Unkle Chee and Pluto as well as production from Doom Got Beats, Tommy Karate, Sehratonin, Code Red, Kellz Cacique and Turner herself.

Twist a Pen, Open a Lock album by Ke Turner

“Over It” is produced by Owdareech, and features DJ Redhanded, who also assisted Turner in directing the video, as well as contributing production to the album. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Turner’s previous videos include “Trivial Pursuit” and “The High”. “Over It” received praise on social media from Greg Nice of Nice and Smooth, who took it to be aired at Sirius XM by DJ Eclipse Rap Is Outta Control Show. Female old school pioneer Sha-Rock and Sugar Hill Records female rap trio The Sequence shared video clips of the track on their social media as well.

“This song is a soundtrack for your life!” Turner says about the newtrack.

Watch Official Music Video for “Over It”
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ALERT!! | “Sound Di Alarm” Music Video by Jackson Turner ft. Bugle

New York City emcee Jackson Turner presents the music video for “Sound Di Alarm”, his new single featuring Jamaican vocalist Bugle

Jackson Turner - BRASH! Magazine Blog

“Sound Di Alarm” will appear on Turner’s forthcoming album Bare Knuckle Soul, also set to feature Luney Tunez, Fantan Mojah, Nkese P, Niki Darling and Ikeyia. Visuals for Bare Knuckle Soul single “Let Me Clear My Throat” have already been released. Turner’s 2015 EP Foundation hit the CMJ and !Earshot charts and was followed by Long Time Coming in 2017. Turner appeared on Donny Arcade’s “No Surrender” single, which charted on four Billboard charts. Bare Knuckle Soul will be released via Taihe Music Group, a label based in China, Where Turner, who speaks fluent Mandarin (watch the music video for Turner’s Mandarin rap song “One Love”), has lived sporadically for over ten years. He was judge on the show China HipHop Live twice, and appeared on the second season of Rap Of China. Turner has collaborated with N.B.S., Donny Arcade, Apex Zero and Chinese MC Webber (watch the music video for “Music Souljahs”) and performed in the US, UK, South Africa, China, Malaysia and Japan.

Watch Official Music Video for “Sound Di Alarm”
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EP HEAT | “Sharptongue” by Al-One The Remedy

After teasing us with Good God Bad Business, the Portland/Sandpeople emcee, Al-One The Remedy, recently dropped his latest EP Sharptongue

hip hop, emcee, Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, brash blog

This new project features music production from !llmind and also features the talents of Illmaculate, HalfmanHalf, Theory Hazit and more! On the 7-track EP, Al-One shows his versatility in lyrical flows delivering true Hip-Hop. He also tackles different subject matters from heart break to the affects of abuse and dealings of drugs. Sharptongue is a one of a kind hip hop album taking us into the 2nd half of 2017 with hot beats and smooth flows.

Listen Now on SoundCloud!

Sharptongue by Al-One The Remedy is available now on iTunes and Spotify!

Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, hip hop, new album, brash blog

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Music Video of the Week | “Watch Me Rise” by Godz Chyld

Music Video of the Week | “Watch Me Rise” by Godz Chyld

Bronx, New York emcee G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld presents the music video for his single “Watch Me Rise” from Reborn, his collaboration EP with producer Jordan River Banks, featuring Killah Priest and Loaded Lux. He also recently released a video for his single “Crazy” (watch the video for “Crazy”). Reborn is the followup to their first collaboration Forever (listen on Bandcamp). GC’s last release was Re-Member (listen). “The whole concept of Reborn is leaving behind negativity & the rebirth from killing that influence it has,” says GC. “‘Watch Me Rise’ is the last song on the EP and captures the concept of the rebirth this whole EP is centered around & this video is a representation of that rebirth.”

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Gaming News | Hip Hop Meets Mobile Wars

Milwaukee emcee Young Deuces partnered with Mobile War game Crime Coast and launches a brand new playable character.  

Young-Deuces-avatarNow available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Play store on Android Devices and Windows 10 devices. Crime Coast is a combat strategy game that puts you in control of your own private Mafia, as well as your own criminally crooked city to build from the ground up. Think of Sim City meets Game of War and you’ll get the idea. The premise is pretty simple, you steadily build up a crooked Empire, jump into nearby towns in either Single or Multiplayer and then destroy these towns and collect your loot. Featuring Game Center and Facebook social connectivity, players will be able to battle with others around the world—either cooperatively or competitively.

Young Deuces character “The Deuce” is a featured Henchman that comes equipped with Toucan Airplanes to attack.  The character also come equipped with a new Avatar for characters to use sporting the SNYD logo hat.


Crime Coast has already surpassed the million user mark as of early March 2016 and their success has led to a featured spot in the Windows App Store, promotion in the Apple Store’s Best New Games category, and its short-listing as a finalist at the 2015 TIGA Games Industry Awards.

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The Knowledge Drop | Give It Up by Knowledge Nick

Memphis emcee Knowledge Nick presents the music video for “Give It Up”

Tennessee rap artist Knowledge Nick recently dropped the official music video for his new single “Give It Up”.  Produced by Memphis beatsmith DJ Hush, the track will appear on Nick’s forthcoming mixtape Slaughter Season, a collaboration with Hush featuring beats from Empee and MaxPtah. Give It Up music video was directed by Prophecy of Liberated Filmz.

Nick has opened up for artists like Ghostface KIllah, Raekwon and Gift of Gab. Nick calls his new song as “just a lyrical onslaught – point blank period. I needed the production to be hard yet have that classic hip hop feel with a new jack swing. The inspiration came from how some of these ‘viral’ emcees put on facades and are culture vultures. In my opinion hip hop is not about how many blogs you are on, how many YouTube views you have, etc. It’s literally a way of life. I definitely felt I made my point across with the joint while speaking straight from the heart.”

Slaughter Season drops late summer on Artist Tree Entertainment! Check out the video below:

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June Artist Spotlight – Yahzilla

Yaya also known as Yahzilla is an emcee/producer from South Jersey, a suburb right outside Philadelphia.  Born in Detroit to Somali father Mohamoud + African American mother Haitaima, they migrated to New Jersey shortly after he was born.  Yaya and older brother Yasin who later becomes Violator Allstar Dj Supa, became interested in hip hop at an early age against the wishes of their strict upbringing.  Yah began freestyling at the age of 14 and would eventually begin writing at the age of 15 becoming completely obsessed with always writing throughout highshcool.  At the age of 17 he began entering rap battles, which is the place he decided that he was actually good at rap music because of the crowds reactions when he won a competition one night.  Not being the one to ask for favors and handouts from producers, Yah decided to save up for his own production equipment and begin making beats for himself.  Through failed attempts at college and search for success he never stopped making music, and through his struggle came the creation of his two albums “This is…for you” and “Yahzilla…the Movie”.  With a non mainstream approach to music and a carefree attitude toward what music is “supposed to sound like” Yah developed a style of music that he is comfortable with that you hear today.  Being influenced by Jdilla, Madlib, Common, and Mf Doom he aspires to make feel good music that reaches an audience that doesn’t have a voice in the mainstream similar to the ones he looks up to.

“Whatever comes to me is what the outcome is, i don’t think too hard and stress over creating music, i just do it” – YaYa/Yahzilla

Check out Yahzilla and Aquil-Yahzilla meets Metatron, produced by E.  Jones