Music News | Upcoming EP Midnight in EG¥PT, by EG¥PT

Self-Taught Singer/Songwriter Discusses Emotional Abuse On Her First EP, Midnight in EG¥PT, To Be Released Spring 2019

midnight in egypt ep by egypt - brash! magazine blogATLANTA, GA – Self-taught, singer/songwriter and independent recording artist, EG¥PT, recently announced her first project of her career Midnight in EG¥PT. This eight track EP is scheduled to release on all streaming platforms early as Spring 2019. After her latest single “DRUGZ” broke 40,000 plays in under 24 hours; fans are raving for the EP to be released.

Midnight in EG¥PT was developed around a series of life events as Egypt went through a long- term emotionally abusive relationship. The eight tracks are strategically placed in order to carry you through the journey and healing process EG¥PT faced.

This project was my peace and serenity to move on and to re-realize I AM the crème de la crème and no one could tell me otherwise. – EG¥PT

Midnight in EG¥PT will show the evolution of a woman coming out of her darkest hour also referred to as “midnight” to the light and finding self-love and happiness within herself. From track 1 “X” where we enter darkness an experience a break-up to make-up relationship to track 8 “Lux” when the sunrises in EG¥PT and freedom, self-worth and love is now recognized.

About EG¥PT
As a former actress and starting her singing and music career just a year and a half ago, EG¥PT is moving fast through the industry. She infuses her own style and edge with the modern trap-soul genre to give a refreshing sound to the Hip- Hop industry. She continues to grow and evolve her musical ability, brand, and following, to maximize her career and become a power player within the industry.

Twitter: @iamegyptmusic
IG: iamegyptmusic


Loving Up the Charts | “Sunrise Sunset” by J. Brown

R&B Singer-Songwriter, J. Brown’s Latest Single, “Sunrise Sunset” Reaches #20 on Billboard Magazine’s Urban AC Chart

“Sunrise Sunset” is a mid-tempo make-you-feel-good-song was written by C. Farrar, J. Brown and M. Harley and produced by Quad and Ibiza.

sunrise sunset by j. brown - brash! magazine blog

I wanted to sing about making women feel good about themselves and how they should be treated by their partner in the relationship and Sunrise Sunset does just that. – J. Brown.

“Sunrise Sunset” currently is the #20 R&B Urban AC song in the country according to Mediabase and Billboard Magazine. Later this month, J. Brown embarks on the Sunrise national promotional tour and stops will include; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, Indianapolis, Atlanta, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

“Sunrise Sunset” is Available Now on iTunes, Google Play, & TIDAL!

RnB artist, J. BrownAbout J. Brown
Detroit’s own J. Brown wants to make you scream…or cry, or laugh – any kind of emotion will do, so long as you feel something when you hear his music. “Good music is about passion,” says the R&B singer/songwriter. “When I write or sing a song, I put my all into it. And I want people to feel that.”

Brown knows a thing or two about passion and good music. Born and raised in the Motor City, Brown, the youngest of five, was a preacher’s kid who sang in his father’s church every Sunday from the age of eight. His mom- who at the age of 17 had her own deal with Motown Records- would play hours of classical music in the house, “basically to calm us down,” Brown recalls.

Now, faced with high expectations and aggressive goals, Brown is in the studio working on his album. A subtle mix of R&B with a hint of Hip Hop and Rock influences, the album is designed to uniquely showcase Brown’s distinct voice.

“I don’t focus on any one genre,” he maintains. “I can sing classical, rock, pop-pretty much anything… I don’t have to use Auto-Tune on a record. I’m a real singer. I can sing on the spot without any technology, just like the old school cats did.”

And he certainly wants to continue making this feel-good music for years to come, just as his icons Tank, Usher, Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, Sting, Jay-Z, and Nas have done before him. Brown acknowledges that the secret to their success is focus and perseverance, qualities he’s incorporated into his own journey.
Twitter: @JBrownMusicOnly
IG: JBrownMusicOnly

Bringing You the FIRE! | Katchafire Tour News

Katchafire’s USA Tour Around One Love and Arizona Roots Festivals with Jordan T & Swells

Reggae Band, Katchafire

New Zealand pacific roots reggae ambassadors Katchafire kicks off their first 2019 USA tour late this month, around their festival slots on One Love in California and Arizona Roots Festival. All club shows also feature special guests Maui’s irrepressible singer/guitarist Jordan T who has shared many stages with Katchafire, along with the smooth soulful tones & feel good vibes of Swells from Orange County who has just released a new EP.

Stream Katchafire Music on Spotify!

Katchafire’s Fyah In The Trenches tour will celebrate the release of their new video/single scheduled to premiere with a Watch Party/Live chat with the band on their Official YouTube Channel (date dependent on country) – UTC 24 January 2019 at 21:00

katchafire trenches tour poster

Thu Jan. 31, 2019 – Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn WA with Jordan T & Swells
Fri Feb. 1, 2019 – Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn WA with Jordan T & Swells
Sat Feb. 2, 2019 – Armory, Ashland OR with Jordan T, Swells & The Current
Wed Feb. 6, 2019 – Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz CA with Jordan T & Swells
Thu Feb. 7, 2019 – Longboard Margarita Bar, Pacifica CA with Jordan T & Swells
Fri Feb. 8, 2019 – Music Box, San Diego CA with Jordan T & Swells
Sat Feb. 9, 2019 – Arizona Roots Festival, Chandler AZ
Sun Feb. 10, 2019 – One Love Festival, Long Beach CA
Mon Feb. 11, 2019 – Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas NV with Jordan T, Swells & Mystic Roots

Tickets for all shows are available now – Links & details available at Katchafire website & social pages.

Click here to watch Katchafire’s documentary created by Mike Abela/Abela Films

“Fyah In The Trenches” will be the 5th video/single from Katchafire’s acclaimed 5th studio album (released June 2018).

**Watch Party Dates & Times – UTC 21:00 24 Jan 2019**
US HONOLULU – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 11am
US LOS ANGELES – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 1pm
US NEW YORK – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 4pm
JA KINGSTON – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 4pm
UK LONDON – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 9pm
EU BERLIN – Thursday, Jan 24th @ 10pm
JP TOKYO – Friday, Jan 25th @ 6am
AU SYDNEY – Friday, Jan 25th @ 8am
NZ AUCKLAND – Friday, Jan 25th @ 10am

Katchafire will then head to Hawaii for several shows with reggae legends UB40.
Twitter: @Katchafire
IG: KatchafireOfficial

Like No Time Has Passed| “All My Friends” by Matt Koelsch ft Georgia Feroce

New highly anticipated single from Matt Koelsch ft Georgia Feroce, “All My Friends”

all my friends by Matt Koeslch ft Georgia Feroce - brash! magazine blog“All My Friends” is about the heart warming spirit of friendship after a prolonged absence. Reminiscing around a piano, basking in nostalgia and embracing the night.

Georgia Feroce and Matt Koelsch made an instant connection amidst the dynamic music scene surrounding the Eastside of Los Angeles California in early 2016. Both natives of the harsh New England winters, each set out to the west coast with the intentions of expanding their musical horizons and in pursuit of eternal sunshine.

Together through their collaborations, performances and travels, a single was born, All My Friends. A song about the heart warming spirit of friendship after a prolonged absence. Reminiscing around a piano, basking in nostalgia and embracing the night. A timeless feeling and moment we all look forward to year after year while tapping glasses and breaking bread.

“When writing this song we connected through our own struggles of being apart from the people we grew up with and saw on a regular basis. The distance has made us realize how special it is when we do get to spend time with family and friends, and it makes every reunion that much sweeter.

True friendships do not suffer from time spent apart. With my best friends, we pick up right where we left off, as if no time has passed.”

The pair sought out acclaimed engineer Pierre De Reeder (She & Him, St. Vincent, Sia) to help capture the magic that exists in All My Friends.

Upbeat-jangly-rag piano, light acoustic guitar textures, three-part female-male pop-harmonies with a crowd of 15 background singers merge together to form this modern spin on a folk-sing-along. The track you are hearing is an unedited raw live performance amongst the entire group in the recording studio.

Georgia Geroce and Matt Koelsch performed at acclaimed venues throughout the United States including a variety of festivals. Both musical artists share common ground in philanthropy, Georgia often donating blood to the Red Cross and fostering animals. Matt is a 1% for the Planet member (environmental) and both have performed for a variety of fundraisers for cancer research, homelessness and green initiatives.

“All My Friends” is Available Now on Spotify!
Twitter: @MattKoelsch
IG: MattKoelsch
Twitter: @georgiaferoce
IG: GeorgiaFeroce

An Incredible Debut | Crisis EP by Phé

Singer-Songwriter, Phé Leads Debut EP, Crisis, with Sensual Love Track, “Incredible”

Crisis ep by Phe'

Phé’s debut EP, CRISIS is the result of this musical exploration and a first look into her mind and world – as she details first experiences with falling in and out of love in this eight track EP. Touching on themes of love, heartbreak, female sexuality and sexual exploration, healing, mental health and self-empowerment, the stunning release takes an in-depth look at how Phé handled each new space she entered as she attempted to heal. CRISIS is an honest and open exploration of myself and sound at a time where I had to decide if I wanted to be a victim of heartbreak or use that discomfort as inspiration for growth”, reveals Phé.

Leading single “Incredible” highlights Phé’s signature sound of feel-good, ambient neo-soul, featuring ethereal synthscapes, smokey vocals and seductive melodies. With a distinct coolness the songstress narrates the moment of falling in love for the very first time, despite believing that love was a fickle and fleeting thing. “About Us” speaks to that moment when you can look back at a toxic relationship and see it for what it really was. “It is my anthem of self-worth, self-realization and was my way of giving myself what I truly deserved — which was the freedom to move on and own the power of loving myself ”, confides Phé. Showcasing a sassy 90’s R&B vibe, “About Us” is a declaration of self-empowerment, casting away the relationships that no longer serve us in an act of self-love.

Stream CRISIS EP Now on Spotify!

Singer-songwriter, Phe - BRASH! Magazine BlogAbout Phe’
Contemporary R&B singer-songwriter Phé offers up a dose of soulful prowess, as her commanding vocals, combined with raw and honest lyrics, expose a realness that truly sets her apart from the crowd. Born and raised in East Vancouver, Phé fell in love with the arts at an early age, taking to the stage as a dancer, actress, and singer. Throughout high school, she attended the Sarah McLachlan School of Music where she took her first official voice lessons — exploring her voice and honing in on her skills as a performer. It wasn’t until Phé graduated from high school that she made the decision to officially pursue her career and post-secondary education in music. She attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she studied vocal performance, music business, and songwriting, developing her unique style and refining her songwriting skills.

Throughout her time in college Phé sang as a background vocalist on projects including the Marianas Trench song, ‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’, and Aloe Blacc’s hit single ‘The Man’, but before long she found herself yearning to tell her own stories. Inspired by the strength of her childhood idols, and female powerhouses Erykah Badu, Sade, and Lauryn Hill, Phé began exploring her own artistry.

Phé hopes that her music will allow others to feel connected and give them a mirror through which they can see and understand themselves and their experiences. The singer declares, “It’s really important for young people to be able to see themselves reflected back in the media and popular culture. It makes them feel understood and shows them that they are part of something greater than themselves. I think everyone deserves to be seen and heard”.
Twitter: @phemusic
IG: phemusic

Week28 |Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
New Music Monster

Music Reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

talk talk ep by miss gritArtist: Miss Grit
Track: Talk Talk (EP)
Brooklyn-based Indie rock outfit Miss Grit delivers a debut EP of striking musical contrasts, emotional depths, and awesome noise.  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student, Margaret Sohn formed the band on the back of a winter break spent knee deep in stompbox distortion and feedback delay; the Michigan born frontwoman running her vocals through guitar FX and amp. The resulting four-track EP, Talk Talk feels almost like a sprawling mass of attenuators and pots, switches and dials, soldered and resoldered again across a haphazard terrain of circuit boards. Saturations, loops, stutters, and pitch shifts modulate, oscillate, fadeout and feedback, in great waves of pulsating sound pressure. The experience of listening, every bit as much one of texture and tone, as melody and lyric. Sohn’s vocals wash above, beneath and within the tracks in overlapping layers, often partly submerged; the singer mixing her own voice with that of FX with inspired finesse. Talk Talk takes the form of an odd duet of sorts between Sohn’s own voice and the voice of her guitar. The ever-changing personality of her six-string steel vocal cords, counterpointing and challenging her human voice in call back, shout out and shout down. Sohn’s guitar working through a vast and various repertoire of wail, wah, shriek, fuzz, drive, and crunch. The great quality of Miss Grit’s debut offering will no doubt turn off many mainstream listeners, who will struggle to ‘hear’ through the apparent mess of cluttered sonics. It will, however, delight and enthrall fans of alternative music; many of whom feel bored by the current ultra-conservative, hyper risk adverse, super-slick productions that dominate chart and so-called independent playlist alike. Miss Grit join a rising tide of Independent Artists and Bands who are bringing the noise, the risk and the wonder back to alternative music.
IG: miss_grit


ghost 2 u by jinkaArtist: Jinka
Track: “Ghost 2 U”
The willfully indefinable genre contrarian Jinka drops 3 minutes 41 seconds of inspired alt art pop/experiment in sonic space, new single, “Ghost 2 U”. The Transylvanian, Berlin-based Independent artist, and producer, released her first single, electro-kaleidoscope and melody in deconstruction, ‘Trash from the Past’ in 2017. The intervening years have been spent in her, self-described, ‘laboratory’ shrouded in the structure of sound. The subsequent five releases as much installation art pieces realized in audio, as they were singles. Jinka’s latest track, “Ghost 2 U” continues in her characteristic theme of defying thematic analysis or consistent artistic identity. The production rests uneasy upon a scattered beat, arriving in fits and starts; tight pockets of bit crushed hit and sample burst, erupt and die back in obliquely timed patterns. Trap infused bass drops and heavy drone provide sudden stab and shift/core and weight; one juxtaposing the other, in an intentional act of musical defiance. Jinka’s vocals land in fragmented phrases and vocal hook, cut to shard. Her voice engaging and disarmingly pop, edged with pitch and synth FX. Deliberate and accomplished production works the depth and width of the stereo field, with stylish use of frequency in arrangement and brazen use of pan; ear candy flung violently from left to right/right to left. A chart popstar exploded and reduced to atomic element, Jinka’s self-imposed perpetual state of self-reimagining has yielded that rarest of phenomenon, original pop music with integrity. We can only hope, Jinka’s experiments in the fundamentals and structures of sound keep her working long into the night.
Twitter: @jinkamusic
IG: jinkamusic


preacher_learner by blossomerArtist: Blossomer
Track: “Preacher_Learner”
Risen from the dead, prodical Independent cine-scape, sonic alchemists Blossmer return with five-track collection ‘HLLW’ and opening track, “Preacher_Learner”. Having scattered to the four winds on the brink of blowing up, the Sheffield born and breed three-piece return from their self imposed four years in exile, to make good on the considerable promise of the debut self-titled album. Protracted breaks between releases have not always been conducive to continued quality, Manchester based The Stone Roses famously falling short of their debut release, with much hyped/much delayed follow-up,’ The Second Coming’ (unfortunately, in name only). With expectations high and every to lose, “Preacher_Learner” strikes a deep vein of quality with the opening arpeggio of blunted synthesizer tone and accompanying brooding ambiance. The three minutes thirty two second track unfolds majestically as if hewn from an ancient ore of melody, rhythm, harmony, and bass; a great expanding soundscape of pulsating, modulating sonic terrain. A bit crushed beat snips, snaps and smacks the accomplished instrumentation forward; a stutter/skip train line of fragmented iron shards, pixelated, fused digital and modern. The sheer range of musical element and encompassing design is hard to take in all at once and seems to increase with every listen. Vocals walk quiet in deliberate, hushed footsteps across the vast territory; doubles, delays and reverbs add ghosting textures, afterthoughts, and shadows; the lyrics mournful and almost at prayer. In contrast to the all too often shallow and superficial chatter of throw away, pop productions, the music of Blossmer is set deep with weight. “Preacher_Learner” plays heavy, rich in the resonance of musical integrity. Independent Music is littered with the unrealized potential of countless rising stars, Blossomer have returned with a confident statement of intention. They intend to make good on their promise.
Twitter: @Blossomerband
IG: Blossomerband


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Power of Collaborations | kiNection Album by #lamonte & Tony Monterry

kinection album by #lamonte & Tony Monterry

Hip Hop artist, Steven Lamont aka #lamonte joined forces with his godbrother, Tony Monterry to release their joint album, kiNection. The project shows how both artists compliment each other’s skills utilizing “Rock-N-Sock Connection” references, coming together on 8 out of the 14 album cuts.

kiNection was released on Dec 21st, a day of history since the Mayan’s 2012 prediction. The album features guests, Pazij and DayDay Duhh; #lamonte, under the music production alias, Fisherman Cap, executive produced the album.

kiNection is Available Now on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, & BandCamp!
Twitter: @StvnLmnt
Twitter: @KingToneo
IG: StvnLmnt