Book News: Romance-Suspense Teaser, The Perfect Sin by The Blakk Dahlia

First Encounters Leading to Sin

NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia Releases Book Teaser for New Release, The Perfect Sin


The Perfect Sin book, by The Blakk Dahlia

Adding to the new book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, author The Blakk Dahlia shares a sneak peek into her new release, The Perfect Sin. This new romantic-suspense novel explores a story of the selfish heart. Along with the previous releases, this author explores a forbidden romance from the “heart’s” perspective. The Perfect Sin is a first-hand account of a young woman (Jennifer Steele) falling for a lover who belongs to another woman. In this tale, The Blakk Dahlia explores an unpopular concept of infidelity, forbidden love, and the destruction that may come.

Within the book teaser, the main character details her thoughts and emotions while setting her eyes on a potential love interest. This preview is a sample of The Blakk Dahlia’s writing style and the descriptive innocence finding someone who sparks your interest.

The Perfect Sin by The Blakk Dahlia

Book Teaser: “When Jennifer Saw Darren”
During the first day of work, Kelly introduced me to almost everyone in the office. Administrative staff members, the team, managers from nearby teams, random people on the floor. However, she didn’t introduce me to him. I guess since he worked on a different floor, he wasn’t included in the new girl tour stop.

While heading home for the day, I found him in the downstairs lobby. I didn’t just see him; my eyes experienced his face. Distance sat between us, but through the crowd of people rushing to leave, I knew I wanted him. Brown skin, with a height no less than six feet, fit, low haircut, with a thin mustache leading to a short goatee. Deep dimples on each side of a spellbinding smile exposed with his laughter. He regularly checked a cell phone while listening to random jokes told by Michael and another guy. I was heavily curious to know what made him glow infectiously. If I knew, maybe one day that smile would appear just for me.

My eyes locked on him until he was about to look towards my direction. I lowered my head for a moment to hide the eye-stalking, then once I looked up, he was gone. Jolting my head from left to right, I searched for signs of his whereabouts. No luck.

The Perfect Sin is the fourth release from the Heartbreak Diaries book series. The collection of novellas dive into the stories from love and love lost due to the styles of hearts many may walk (or rush) into choosing a significant other. Rushing to Distraction (The Foolish Heart); Wrong Vengeance (The Toxic Heart); and Devastation or Destiny??? (The Settled Heart) are all stories derived from accounts of The Blakk Dahlia’s own dealings in dating and relationships.

“Although feathers may be ruffled with this story. I wanted to create a book within the series that is real from all angles. Falling for sin can cost you, but what if that sin gives you great hope to love again. And when we choose our feelings over the feelings of a stranger, how do we handle that guilt?” says, The Blakk Dahlia. This story consists of love, chaos, guilt, and realistic stories of what we all have faced going through the ebbs and flows of adulthood.

The Perfect Sin, book by The Blakk Dahlia

The Perfect Sin is Available Now!

About The Perfect Sin
Jennifer helps Darren to realize what he’s been missing. And that’s simply living life. They have no intention of hurting anyone, but it feels too good to let go. Going back and forth about right and wrong, Jennifer soon falls into self-centered ways rationalizing Darren’s affection and love (the sin) as deserving. Pursuing it causes them to break the heart of an innocent bystander, Darren’s wife. The sin comes with a high cost as a result of the broken pieces. Is Jennifer willing to pay? Learn more about this book and the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series at

NYC Author, The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown)

Photo Credit: Joe Miles

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), best describes herself as a Creator. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that creatives can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: blakkdahliawrites

Updated: March 2, 2020

Paying Respect with Soul | “You Know What It Do” by José James

José James Shares Playful Single “You Know What It Do”, No Beginning No End 2 Album Out March 6
World Tour Begins This Month!

You Know What It Do by Jose James

Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

With a beguiling mix of jazz, R&B, pop and soul, singer-songwriter and producer José James shares a playful new single today, “You Know What It Do.” His homage to Prince and the Minneapolis Funk sound he grew up with in the 80s, the track is from his newly announced future soul album, No Beginning No End 2. Coming out March 6 on his own label Rainbow Blonde Records, the record also features the talents of Aloe Blacc (from previous single “Turn Me Up”), Ledisi & Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (from first single “I Need Your Love”), Laura Mvula, Lizz Wright, Erik Truffaz, Hindi Zahra, Taali and more. James is celebrating the release with an international tour this year, as well – tour dates below.

Stream “You Know What It Do” HERE!

José James spent a decade reshaping jazz with the genre-blurring verve of a crate-digging beat guru, before becoming a solo R&B star. In the last couple of years he lived in Bill Withers’ shoes — recording and touring his legendary songbook for the Lean On Me project. Now, the satin-voiced songwriter’s latest is No Beginning No End 2, a sequel to his 2013 album that resurrects the bold eclecticism audiences first fell in love with. After the Bill Withers tour, James recalls:

I wrote a thing on Instagram saying I was thinking about No Beginning No End 2 and people went insane. They wrote thousands of comments about how the first one changed their life. I don’t sit around and think ‘my work is so important’ so that was kinda nice.

Things are a little different this time around. For one, while the prequel was James’ Blue Note debut, this is his first set of new music for his own label/collective Rainbow Blonde Records. Secondly, the album is full of collaborators who are auteurs in their own right: Laura Mvula, Aloe Blacc, Ledisi, Lizz Wright, Erik Truffaz, and Hindi Zahra, to name a few. Thirdly, with the backing of a wildly talented band held down by rhythm sections in Los Angeles and Brooklyn (befitting Rainbow Blonde’s bicoastal status), the songs are warmer and more defined than ever.

Singer-songwriter, producer, Jose James

Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

For James, all of these pieces are related, and speak to a constellation of small but vibrant artist communities in constant communication. “We’re trying to connect the dots on a global level and that’s sort of the whole concept: no beginning, no end, no boundaries,” he said. This extends to his partner in business, songwriting and life, Rainbow Blonde co-founder/artist Taali. James explains: “With Taali, I feel really seen for the first time and that’s powerful. I think that’s what we’re all striving for on an individual and cultural level.”

James goes on to say, “I read an interview with Billie Eilish where she was talking about, ‘I can’t believe people used to think genres existed,'” he laughs. “It’s like, oh man, that’s just so nice. It was such a struggle for my generation, and others before, to kick these doors down of this genre and that, and it’s so beautiful to know there are kids who can’t even think that way.”

Naturally, NBNE2’s players are of a similar philosophical mindset, including: Brett Williams, Kris Bowers, and Takeshi Ohbayashi on keys; Marcus Machado, Alan Hampton, and LP co-producer Brian Bender on guitar; Ben Williams on bass; and Justin Brown and Jamire Williams on drums. James also enlisted Alberto Lopez (of Quetzal) for the sort of Afro-Latin percussion common to so much black music of that era, from Marvin Gaye to Gloria Gaynor — which befits James’ own Angolan-Panamanian roots.

2020 Tour Dates
2/12: Tokyo, JP @ Billboard Live
2/14: Osaka, JP @ Billboard Live
3/21: Denver, CO @ Dazzle Jazz
3/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room
3/25: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
3/27: Washington, DC @ The Hamilton Live
5/7: Evanston, IL @ SPACE
5/8-9: Minneapolis, MN @ Dakota

About Rainbow Blonde
LA-based Rainbow Blonde is an independent record label, multidisciplinary collective, and open-spirited community founded by Talia Billig, Brian Bender and José James on a few simple principles: it’s run by artists for artists, it’s a one-stop shop with a superstar in-house crew, music is culture – not product, and none of this works if you aren’t having fun doing it. Inspired by Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Arts Society, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, and Solange’s Saint Heron, Rainbow Blonde is a space allowing artists to be fully creative without feeling inundated by the confines of big business. With an art department including former Blue Note designer Hayden Miller and legendary photographer Janette Beckman, plus in-house producer/engineer Brian Bender, whose credits span both music (Bing & Ruth, KT Tunstall) and film (Lemon, The Mars Generation), the label is doing just that, releasing projects from José James, Ben Williams, Taali, Bright & Guilty and beyond.
Twitter: @josejamesmusic
IG: josejamesmusic

Soul Sessions| Sis. EP Release by KIRBY

KIRBY Unveils Highly Anticipated Debut EP Sis.

Memphis-born, Mississippi-raised songstress KIRBY doesn’t want you to hear her music, she wants you to taste it. Like a plate at Sunday dinner, KIRBY’s debut EP Sis. is undeniably satisfactory.

Sis EP by Kirby

Following the release of her lead single “We Don’t Funk”, the EP offers a healthy dose of 70s nostalgia blended seamlessly with the bold female empowerment themes of the new century that especially speak to women of color.

As much as I want all women to love this music, I need women of color to hear it and know certain narratives about us are simply not true… It’s what soul music sounds like when a woman falls in love and doesn’t give up her power. – KIRBY 

The refreshing 7-track Neo-soul project uplifts its listeners with buttery vocals, hypnotizing guitar rhythms, and pulsating basslines. ‘Sis.’ firmly cements KIRBY as an artist in her own right, after years of crafting songs for the other stars of today.

Stream Sis. EP HERE

The decision to focus on her solo music wasn’t an easy one, and it didn’t work out overnight. “I left the mountain top of one career and went to the valley of another,” she explains. “But believe me, I see the mountain ahead. And it’s beautiful.”

Singer/songwriter Kirby

Photo Credit: Courtney Loo & David Karp

KIRBY is the incredibly talented writer behind “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney, “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato, “Die With You” by Beyoncé, “Only One” by Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and “Break Your Heart Right Back” by Ariana Grande.
Twitter: @singkirbysing
IG: singkirbysing

Making a Mark in Gospel | HOSANNA EP by Darnell Moore

Singer and Songwriter Darnell Moore Releases HOSANNA EP

Darnell Moore’s HOSANNA EP Features Earnest Pugh and James Murphy

Washington DC – Rising singer and songwriter Darnell Moore is making his imprint on Gospel music. He is a young astute musician who has an easy-going spirit and worships with an authentic heart. Over the years, Darnell has toured internationally in a supporting role to other artists as a musician, music director, or vocal director. He recently returned from his first solo international tour of Italy in December to pre-promote his HOSANNA EP. HOSANNA marks the singer’s first album/EP release.

Hosanna EP by Darnell Moore

“This is a new step for my music career,” Darnell shares. “This is the first time I have placed a body of work on digital platforms for distribution. Also, this EP is being released on my 35th birthday. Even though birthdays are a time to receive love and appreciation, I decided to share with the world, music from my heart, hoping that the messages of praise and hope will help at least one person.”

The first single from Moore’s new EP is the title track “Hosanna”. Fans can watch a live performance of “Hosanna” on YouTube.

“Like the word Hallelujah, Hosanna is a common word we use in music and church. The difference is Hallelujah is a shout of praise, whereas, Hosanna is a cry of praise,” Darnell explains. “Over the past two years, crying has become a part of my new normal, mainly because of the birth of my first son, who is now a part of the ‘terrific two-year-old crew’. I have learned that shouting happens through excitement, but a cry comes from pain or pressure. In spite of some of the unpleasantries of life’s lessons, I decided to stay committed to my assignment as a worshiper and to write songs of praise during seasons of pain.”

HOSANNA is a 5-song EP produced by Moore, Chris Leach, FIO, Darryl Woodson, and Carlton Hicks. Gospel’s leading man Earnest Pugh is featured on the worship ballad “Thank You” which is produced by Leach. Moore crafted a super-groove track called “Everything To Me” with producer Woodson. HOSANNA also features vocalist James Murphy on “Hallelujah” produced by Hicks.

Stream HOSANNA EP Now!
Twitter: @DarnellMalachi
IG: Darnellmalachi

Music Mondays | “Strife” by Cool Nutz

Cool Nutz Releases New Single “Strife” From Upcoming Album

Strife by Cool Nutz

Portland Rapper and Veteran West Coast MC Cool Nutz drops the dope new single “Strife” from his upcoming project Father Of Max due out December 20th via Jus Family Records. Pushing the boundaries and setting the standard for NW Hip Hop since the 90’s, Cool Nutz continues to reinvent himself time after time delivering classic music with every release. Not only a founding father of Hip Hop in Portland, Cool Nutz has gone on to assist other artists in their quest for greatness through his radio programming on The Northwest Breakout Show to managing careers of Trap Kitchen LA and much more. Back to the music, Nutz delivers lyrics to evoke raw emotion and tell stories of pain and victory at the same time over soulful production provided by Jeb 206!

Stream “Strife” Now on Spotify & Apple Music!

Stay tuned for some huge surprises from Cool Nutz new album, Father Of Max
Twitter: @coolnutz
IG: coolnutz

Music News: New Compilation Album from GoGo Tuners Family

Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and CEO of GoGo Tuners Mike Mostert Releases All-Genre Compilation Album

Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and CEO of GoGo Tuners Mike Mostert Releases All-Genre Compilation Album

Nashville, TN – Multi-talented musician, songwriter and the CEO of leading tuner company GoGo Tuners, Mike Mostert, has enlisted an all-star lineup of musicians and artists for the compilation album, Mike Mostert & The GoGo Tuner Family, available everywhere you download or stream music TODAY.

The record is a one-year adventure of the coming together of the GoGo Tuner family artists as one encompassing a body of work which spans all genres. The result is a cohesive collection of songs that are full of heart and passion that take the listener through a musical journey showcasing unique collaborations of genres not typically heard by their fans. The 9-track album collectively features artists and musicians who have won multiple Grammy and Dove Awards, sold millions of records, have been profiled by the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone, toured with superstars including Madonna, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Brittney Spears, Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

VENTS MAGAZINE gave listeners an exclusive first listen to the album (CLICK HERE).

Mike Mostert shared with VENTS MAGAZINE: “It’s been an honor to collaborate over the last year With our Gogo Tuner Family artists who are truly family to help create this quite unique eclectic collection of music. Each artist put their hearts, passion and time in to make this album bigger than just the music.”

The man behind it all, Mike Mostert, produced, co-wrote and played guitar on every track on the record that was mixed at East Avalon Recorders in the city famous for producing some of music’s greatest hits, Muscle Shoals, AL. This genre-defying compilation features two Hard Rock songs, two instrumental tracks, one Pop, R&B, Metal and Blues song and one track with a live orchestra, truly appealing to all fans of music. Mastering was done by Don Srygley, Chief Engineer from FAME studios.

Stream Now on Spotify!

Complete track listing and artists below:

1 ) “Can’t Find My Way”
(written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino, David Bedell, Joe Sax, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Hard Rock
Artist – In Theory
Vocals- Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Joe Sax
Drums – David Bedell
Keyboards – Latavius Mulzac

2 ) “Not Giving Up”
(written by Mike Mostert, Morgan Myles, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Blues
Artist- Morgan Myles
Rhythm, Slide, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin-The band” Mana”
Rhythm, Slide, Lead Guitars- Johnny Hiland
BGV’s- Lanesha Latimer ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Drums- Andy Sanesi (Missing Persons, Franki Valli, Sebastion Bach, etc)
Percussion- Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)

3 ) “Gogo Shred”
(Written by Mike Mostert)
Genre- Instrumental Metal
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Oskar Cartaya (SpyroGyra, Tito Puente, Herb Alpert, etc)
Lead Guitars- Ernie C (Co-Founder w Ice T’s Body Count)
Lead Guitars- Jordan Ziff (Ratt / Marty Freidman)
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Johnny Blade (Nightsword)
Lead Guitars- Johnny Hiland

4 ) “Changing”
(Written by Mike Mostert & Paul Childers)
Genre- Pop Rock
Lead Vocals- Phil Hughley
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Rhythm, Lead Guitars, Keyboards- Paul Childers
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin-The band” Mana”
BGV’s- Bradley Brassfield
BGV’s- Chadley Brassfield
Percussion – Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Drums – David Bedell

5 ) “Windy Shoals”
(Written by Mike Mostert & Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Mood Instrumental
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac

6 ) “She’s Gone”
(written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino, David Bedell, Joe Sax, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre – Hard Rock
Artist – In Theory
Vocal- Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Joe Sachs
Drums- David Bedell
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac
7) “Taking my Heart”
(Written by Mike Mostert, Lanesha Latimer and Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- R&B /Pop/ Jazz
Lead Vocals- Lanesha Latimer ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Bass- Andrew Gouche
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Additional Lead Guitars- Jake Morelli ( Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran)
Drums- Andy Sanesi (Missing Persons, Franki Valli, Sebastion Bach, etc)
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac

8) “Life’s a Bitch”
(written by Mike Mostert & Tony Covino)
Genre- Metal
Artist – Bigg Mouth
Vocals – Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Lead Guitars Diego ” Ashes” Ibarra – ( Devil Driver, Static X )
Drums- Joe Franco ( Twisted Sister, Mariah Carey, WidowMaker)
Bass- Suzanne Stern

9) “I Want You to Know”
(Acoustic version) (written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino + Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Acoustic Pop Ballad with live Orchestra
Lead Vocals Chorus- Tony Covino
Lead Vocals Verse- Kaylee Loneker
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Marco Silva
Percussion – Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac
Cello- Thomas Maternik-Piret
Choir- Lanesha Latimer, Chadley Brassfield, Bradley Brassfield
Twitter: @gogotuner
IG: gogo_tuners

Week 66 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Funani by Toya Delazy Artist: Toya Delazy
Track: “Funani”
London-based South African Independent Artist Toya Delazy delivers a percussive tour-de-force of rich in musical integrity and storming vocals, with the new single “Funani”.

Percussive shards of sharp frequency burst in rapid stabs of brassy sonic awesome; texture shifts in the middle distance, breathy and raspy. Electro-kick pops deep and flat, dry, basic and willfully unrefined; a snare sneezes, smacked tight, playing off hi-hat tickle and tick. An odd, phonic drops right and wide; grabbing and grunting in defiance. Metal rattles and riffs in a syncopated series of fast impacts.

Delazy mouths and swallows lyrics, physical; shifting through a rhythmic structure, break, and form in an inspired run, rebound, and scatter; her words dancing about, around, and between the scattered arrangement; music and voice, one and the same. A living, breathing experience of music; a creation in its own right.

“Funani” exists in a perpetual state of movement; working in tight clusters of a percussive idea, expressed in an engaging array of instrumental timbre and tone. Sounds are often set at odds with each other. The 2-minute 28-second track refusing to sit down and be pinned to one theme or idea. Fiercely original throughout and delivered with accomplished production, “Funani” represents a standout and unique composition. Tonya Delazy is an Artist on the rise.
Twitter: @toyadelazy
IG: toyadelazy


Bored to Death by WalrusArtist: Walrus
Track: “Bored to Death”
Indie-rock four-piece Walrus drop an uber-cool dose of funky, grungy surf-rock with new single “Bored to Death”.

Drums tumble into beat, snare snapping and smacking the 3-minute 12-second track into life in double-quick time. A bassline grooves busy and cool at the back; shifting through deft dabs of low frequency. Hi-Hat and cymbal ticking and teasing, rasping and crashing, in glorious roomy real-world space. SIx-strings stab, buck, and riff in lush, reverb and shimmering delay; modulated B-movie cool, with Tarantino Tremolo. Grinding and grunting through gruff distortion and fuzz.

The vocals walk the centerline with an understated, lazy strut; lyrics working rhymes in circles, twisting ideas in concentric stanzas. The voice drawing your ear deep into the depth of the track; allowing the guitars to fold in around you. Dazy, hazy, indie-singalong hooks are delivered with perfectly poised nonchalance.

“Bored to Death” moves like a Travolta look-alike at a neon-drenched diner dive, but hewn of the animalistic noise of a hard-touring live circuit. It is restless and without rest. Smacked with the hard-earned integrity of a band that grinds it out the old school way, from gig to gig and town to town. Walrus is the real deal. And pretty soon, they’ll be coming to a town near you.
Twitter: @walrustheband
IG: walrustheband


Beyond by Kirsten LudwigArtist: Kirsten Ludwig
Track: “Beyond” (Wasted Time EP)
Stand-out singer-songwriter Kirsten Ludwig crafts a singular composition of quiet grace and inspired musicality with the new song “Beyond”.

Arpeggio six-strings tumble, rattle, and fall in partnership; adrift and restless, suspended in time. Ambients glimmer in the distance, ethereal; seldom physical; shifting in slow-burn modulation. Stings swell in rich, low-mid tones and ancient timbre; a sudden surge of musical weight, thickening the composition for a moment; only to fall back into the silence. A kick pounds deep and set back; punctuating the track. Layers of instrumentation grow out of the darkness; embered tones of the guitar, cast odd and shift-tonal by a chorus, delay, and reverb.

Ludwig floats in absent mind, thoughts and feelings flowing in cascade and run; her voice pacing with the arrangement, rising in soulful wail; only to slip back into the depths of the graceful composition. Ludwig’s vocal trading in lingering and melancholy; great expanses of imagining, desperate yearning, and solitary cry.

Electric riff and lick erupt in grungy fizz and crunch, turning in awkward movements and abrupt fingering; expressive and potent. The production swaying in heavy swagger; odd, breathtaking stanzas of a staggering musical idea; a great emotional tempest of revels new ended, but not, nor never, reconciled.

Kirsten Ludwig quietly delivers composition after composition of striking integrity and singular musical identity. A songwriter of unique aptitude and singular vocal identity. And an Artist who, to the collective shame of the Independent Music Scene, is all too often overlooked and deserving of far greater recognition. A bold and stand out music-maker who continues to take an inspired risk with her compositions; and in doing so, serves as great inspiration for her fellow artists.
Twitter: @kirstenludwig
IG: kirstenlud

Share your music via Thursday’s #Musichouruk 8 pm – 9 pm (UK Time) for considering on our New Music Monster Playlist and review as one of our New Music Picks!

About Tobi
Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.

Tobisonic Mastering
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Debut! | “Rearview” by Shannon Quinn

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Quinn Recently Released her Debut Single “Rearview”

Rearview by Shannon Quinn - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Nashville, TN – With relatable lyrics like I remember everything, from the coffee shops to midnight talks, but words are just words, I guess I’m not quite her, “Rearview” is sure to resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup.

“Confusion, lies, love, memories – these are just some of the images that kept popping up in my mind as I wrote Rearview,” Shannon explains. “I always write to speak the truth – my truth. Rearview is a story of reflection and that’s what I hope listeners take away from this song.”

“Rearview” is Available Now on All Major Music Streaming Outlets!


Singer/Songwriter, Shannon Quinn

About Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania. As a child, her passion for music was sparked by Taylor Swift. She began taking piano lessons and taught herself to play guitar, all while competing in local talent shows. Fast forward to 2019, Shannon obtained her degree in Vocal Performance and moved to Nashville, TN.
Twitter: @squinn_13
IG: squinnmusic

Week 63 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monsterLoving is the Way by Alex McArtorArtist: Alex Mcartor
Track: “Loving is the Way”
Texas-born singer-songwriter Alex Mcartor makes a welcome return with an inspired blend of soulful instrumentation and synthpop sonics to delight and enthrall the listener, with new single, “Loving is the Way”.

Mcartor’s voice strikes up, soulful and compelling with rasping edge and warmth; her words strung melodic in long, towering, stanzas of rich low and resonating mids. ‘Loving is the way to touch you, feeling just to be in your heart’, the words delivered mantra-like, staggering and massive. Electric keys push outwards in graceful undertones and modulated overtones. A beat cranks, bit-crushed and sat deep into the center of the mix; quietly keeping the count.

Synth pads fizz and pulse, as the track begins to build. Electric arpeggio rattle and flex left/right; the production breathing width and depth into the stereo field, as the kick drives down the middle in rapid dabs of low frequency. Mcartor’s voice begins to shift, delivering words in quickening twists and turns. A snare smacks hard, flat-packed; reverb gated short, the beat-design evolving in gathering complexity.

Synthpop sonics erupt in shards of shimmering chimes, while electro-bass rumbles in metronic shudders and waves. Electric six-strings wail and contort in ambient and delay. Hi hat snaps and cymbal bursts, pop and sneeze across the width of the arrangement, adding fizz, height and energy. The 4-minute 5-second composition pushing onwards and upwards in a perfect judged blend of instrumentation, while drawing upon an inspired and eclectic range of genres.

“Loving is the Way” further cements Alex Mcartor’s reputation as an Independent Artist of striking creative integrity and originality, capable of delivering songcraft and production of the highest order; made all the more impressive, given her young age. And, in turn, further demonstrates that Alex Mcartor has every chance of becoming a highly successful Artist with little or no apparent limit to the heights she might reach musically and artistically.
Twitter: @alexmcartor
IG: alexmcartor_


Freckles by Pip Blom Artist: Pip Blom
Track: “Freckles”
Hard touring Independent Artist Pip Blom delivers a noisy dose of lo-fi indie-rock goodness with new single “Freckles”.

Overdriven six-string bark down the center, in dry percussive stabs and bolts. Hi-Hat rasp ticks in shifting snippets of metallic fizz and chink, while kick lands deep with a touch of hollow; the snare, a sneezed smack of super-short rattle and mid-frequency impact. A second driving guitar joins, distorted blunt and fuzzy. The bass moving in jinks and jags, deep and at the back of the track.

Pip Blom’s vocals arrive in lo-fi telephone tones, prickly and rusted; the filter effect setting them off mic and a touch distanced. Blom’s voice idles and meanders through hazy image and trail of thought in compelling understated, lazy stanzas. Willfully off-set backing vocal adds weight to the chorus, as cymbals splash and shimmer around electric rocketship, saturation, burst, explosion, and grind.

“Freckles” moves through its 3-minute 2-second run time with engaging simplicity and disarmingly straight-forward approach to songcraft and production. Everything is done extremely well and with deliberate intent. There is an impressive economy and sense of creative-discipline in the methodology of the instrumentation and arrangement. Each element serves a clear purpose, without the inclusion of anything frivolous or superfluous. The result is an immensely enjoyable and effortless listening experience. The music of Pip Blom stands as an undeniable testament that lo-fi and noisy can also be carefully crafted and adapt in its execution.

Pip Blom are playing live across Europe and the UK throughout September, October and into November.
Twitter: @pipblom
IG: pipblom


Out on the Old Highway by Li'l Andy Artist: Li’l Andy
Track: “Out on the Old Highway”
Montreal-based singer-songwriter Li’l Andy crafts a landscape of forgotten lives and broken dreams in musical tones forlorn, wistful, and poetic with new single, “Out on the Old Highway”.

Slide guitar haunts from out the vista haze, slinking and shimmering like quicksilver rattlesnakes. Six-strings grind, arpeggio, metallic and heavy; rusted tones, creaking and cracking under the weight of flesh white finger ends. A bass guitar moves dimly in the distance, shadowing the guitar in low-frequency drones and drags. A kick drum lands seldom and deep, punctuating the track like a stopped clock.

Li’l Andy’s voice stalks in vast, tired, syllables; great casts of low mid resonance, set in occasional contrast, by lifts of light phonetics allowed to drift without direction or intention. Images flow in vivid phrase and graceful passage; depicting scenes of the destitute and the downtrodden, the maligned and the conveniently forgotten.

Moving in protracted, yet graceful shudders and shakes, the 4-minute 37-second track grows quietly in instrumentation; a lone fiddle, strung out somber and beautiful; a single bowed serenade to the cast-aside, and in turn, a sad echo of Li’l Andy’s own lament. The country singer-songwriter crafting a constant, if allusive, an undercurrent of myth most ancient and born of the land into the, otherwise, stark and grounded lyric.

Despite its sobering subject matter, Li’l Andy manages to inbune “Out on the Old Highway” with a lingering sense of wonder at the persistence of hope and the great human capacity for perseverance. An inspired and accomplished act of songcraft and production. Music-making of the highest quality.

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Music Vids | “Hi” by SamuelThe1st

How high does life get you? Because we all know what the comedown feels like.

Hi by SamuelThe1st Music Video

Up and coming Portland rapper SamuelThe1st drops his cinematic new visuals for “Hi” from his recent album Self. Teaming up with buzzing director Corey Frey, SamuelThe1st takes us on a trip throughout his hometown showing fans the work it took to get where he’s at today. With arena-like production from Dead Brainz, Samuel rides the beat to perfection, mixing his laid back flow with melodic tones. From ripping shows to dropping quality releases it’s easy to see why this young artist has truly been grinding to make a name for himself in the rap game. The 26-year-old Portland grown artist gains a new vantage point now that he’s learned to paint his thoughts with a different perspective, taking you to places only artists see when they put their thoughts on canvas on his latest release.

“Hi” is Available Now on All Major Music Streaming Outlets!

Watch Music Video for “Hi”
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