BRASHION! Exclusive | No Pay No Runway®

BRASH! Magazine Interviews No Pay No Runway®‘s CEO/Founder, Carnell Jones. A Model Movement Giving Voices and Raising Awareness for the Beauties of the Catwalk

No Pay No Runway Interview - BRASH! Magazine Blog

No Pay No Runway® was formed to bring awareness to all models who may have found themselves being treated unfairly or manipulated into working for Free.

Did you know that every time a model hits the runway during your favorite fashion event, she walks away with experience, minimum exposure, and weeks of countless emails/inquiries for pictures to add to the portfolio. Many are unaware of the time investments given in the industry from models who are looking to make their own mark. Unfortunately, those opportunities to start and thrive as a working model are very few.

No Pay No Runway® is standing up to be that voice. Giving models a platform to advise and speak out against designers, fashion production companies, and other brands utilizing their talents for events to boost their company’s profiles, and leaving the models with nothing.

BRASH! Magazine reached out to the founder of No Pay No Runway®, Carnell Jones, for more details on the movement and how models can get involved!

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

BRASH! What is the overall mission for the movement? Our mission is to give every model a voice to speak out against free labor in the fashion industry, and to eventually get them the wages they deserve.

BRASH! Why do you feel that models accepted the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in order to hit the runway? Many models accept the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in the beginning because most of the producers and designers are selling them false hope and dreams. For a young model to hear “If you walk for free, you will get great exposure and you will eventually become the next modeling star” is a rather soft spot for most models. The average model is between 15 & 25 years of age, so when they hear “You will become famous one day”, they tend to put their guards down and accept anything.

Read the full exclusive interview in the Spring ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine.

For more information, follow No Pay No Runway® on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a model who would like to reach out to the movement regarding mistreatment in the fashion industry, email
IG: NoPayNoRunway


BRASH! Magazine Spring ’19 Cover Reveal ft. Berry Boo

Singer-songwriter, Berry Boo, Covers the Spring ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine

Spring is in the air, and so is the NOISE! Another round of dope indies and stories of inspiration from BRASH! Magazine. In this issue we are focusing on bringing in the “new”.

Spring 19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine ft. Berry Boo


Cover Artist: Berry Boo
Meet this Singer/Rapper/Swagstress from Brooklyn, NY. Berry Boo, no stranger to the stage, is also known as a re-known background vocalist for some of today’s hottest artists. Her latest EP Clutch features the explosive single, “Gunz N Black Roses” & “Uncertainty” ft. Smith Street.

This artist has created her own route, using persistence, unique approach in delivering music, and a lot of SWAG!

Also in this issue:

  • BRASH! Inspirations Artist, KadyRoxz, takes you beyond music, helping others reach their fullest potential in the business.
  • Indie Rock Band, Death Saddle Syndicate has full CONTROL in the entertainment industry.
  • BRASH! talks with Luxury Streetwear designer, Richmond Kingsford of VAGUE Streetwear about his beginnings of fashion and the concept of VAGUE.

Spring into action with indie talents, its BLOOMING season for BRASH! Magazine

Spring ’19 Issue is OUT NOW!


Official Website
Twitter: @BRASH_Magazine
IG: BRASHMagazine


BRASHION! | “PINK” by Stevie Boi Sets the Bar with NYFW Show

Stevie Boi Brings out the Stars on and off the runway with his NYFW showcasing his latest collection, PINK

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Have you ever been to an event where magic was happening all around you? Well that’s what BRASH! Magazine experienced at Stevie Boi‘s NYFW show this season. We got an exclusive look at his F/W ’18 Collection, PINK, which included signature Stevie Boi styles with a variety of exquisite garments coming down the runway.

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As soon as you walk into the venue, you already knew it was going to be a SHOW! I mean c’mon its Stevie Boi. Known for staying true to himself with his designs, this PINK collection fashion show raised the bar when it comes to displaying your designs on the runway. Painting NYC pink, with its classic runway, to guests showing up in pink showing support, along with the décor letting you know what you came for.


stevie boi, pink by stevie boi, nyfw, sbshades, new york fashion week, fm 18 collection, pink by stevie boi, pink, fashion show, exclusive events, nyc events, fashion events, love and hip hop miami, love and hip hop, whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg

Before the show began, guests were treated to good music, a peek at the guest stars, and a photo booth for keepsakes. Attendees were Bianca Bonnie (Love and Hip Hop NY), Steph Lecor (Love and Hip Hop Miami), and THE ICONIC/LEGEND/EXTRAORDINAIRE Whoopi Goldberg. (So thanks to Stevie Boi BRASH! was in the same room as a legend!).


Once the designs took to the runway, more treats to the eyes came into play.

Recording artists, Veronica Vega and Bobby Lytes, spiced up the runway representing for Love and Hip Hop Miami with their signature walks, personality, and high fashion looks!


Surprise plot twists for the fashions at the end of the runway showing that you cannot put style into a box. Stevie Boi’s PINK collection was just what this season’s Fashion Week needed to push the envelope on haute couture designs in the NYC.




This exclusive event spoiled BRASH! as we’re going to be looking for this level of fashion showcases! Thank you Stevie Boi for an amazing show! Congrats to you and your team!

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Designer, Stevie Boi

About Stevie Boi
Stevie Boi is an American fashion designer, actor and founder of the luxury eye-wear line & Brand SBShades. Boi designs and sells unisex eye-wear and accessories on his website and in select luxury boutique stores across the globe. Stevie has designed eye-wear for stars such as Kesha ,Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry + many more. Stevie Boi was born in Augusta, Georgia but raised overseas.

He grew up with parents who were in the Army and traveled a lot during his childhood. He started designing in 2007 and quit his job with the military to start his business selling eye-wear. Boi’s big break was landing his eye-wear on the cover of Vogue magazine in 2012. Since then Boi’s products/designs have been featured in over 900+ Publications/Media Sources. He now is preparing to move into TV and film by acting and pursuing costume design.
Twitter: @StevieB0i
Instagram: SBShades

Style Artist Lounge Art Basel, Miami Recap

Dre, Mark Ronson, Fat Joe, Angela Simmons and Many Others Attend Style Artist Lounge During Art Basel, Miami

style fashion week, art basel miami, miami events, style artist lounge, art events, musicians, star studded events, celebrity sightings, miami parties, art, art culture, MiaBea House, Char Loves SwimwearFrom December 7-10th, the Style Artist Lounge was home to a series of immersive and exciting events that enveloped attendees in art, music and fashion.

Throughout the four day event series, which took place at the newly renovated MiaBea House, attendees could view exclusive art installations by some of Miami’s top upcoming artists including: Adam Thompson, abibi.k, Robert Young, Mike Habs, Stephen Gamson, UncuttArt, JohnBorn and Marlyn Sasson in addition to work from Los Angeles-based Moncho1929, Laurent Proneur, Mr. Clever Art, Suzanne Currie, NulSMS and others. The Style Artist Lounge was additionally home to a brunch in support of the Rush Arts Foundation, hosted by Merrill Lynch—Angela Simmons, amongst others were noted in the influential crowd. Notorious Pink Rosè could be found in the glasses of artists, designers, socialites and guests throughout the weekend.

Vezt Music App filled the Style Artist Lounge with incredible recording artists, DJ’s, celebrity entourages and fans—The music app took over Style Artist Lounge’s opening night, hosting Dre, of Cool & Dre’s private birthday celebration. Notable persons in attendance included Fat Joe, Derrick Adams, Hank Willis Thomas, Shawn “Pecas” Costner and more. Throughout the weekend, performances by DJ’s Mark Ronson, Clark Kent, Tony Touch and Rich Medina drew a high-profile crowd.

style fashion week, art basel miami, miami events, style artist lounge, art events, musicians, star studded events, celebrity sightings, miami parties, art, art culture, MiaBea House, Char Loves SwimwearThe Style Artist Lounge was also home to incredible debut fashion presentations by Char Loves Swimwear, Poseidon Society and Andre Emery. Chelsea Pereira’s Poseidon Society is the first jewelry collection for you and your dog. All of the jewelry is crafted with fine metals, diamonds and Swarovski crystals. The launch brought out an star-studded crowd, Tyson Bedford amongst others were noted in attendance. Celebrity designer, Andre Emery debuted his Scarface-themed collection on Saturday night. The presentation was styled by international model, Slick Woods.

The Style Artist Lounge Art Basel events saw an incredible turn out of musicians, designers, artists and entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for upcoming events at and learn more about Vezt here:

Photo Credit: Eva-Maria Guggenberger | EMG Photography

Recap Written by Carley Schumann

Dance x Fashion Visuals | “RENEGADES” Music Video by Dawn Richard

Two Visuals = Dope Entertainment

Singer/Songwriter, Dawn Richard, released the visual for “RENEGADES | A Dance Story”. This music video Directed by Q Burdette, Dawn Richard, and Oththan Burnside comes on the heels of A Fashion Story Visual release for RENEGADES. Along with this smash hit from the Redemption Album, music, dance, and fashion lovers can set their sights on innovative creativity. Richard is definitely delivering something for everyone.



Dancers: Niedra Lemon and Kiana Wood
Make up: Nimai Marsden
Hair: Nina J
Styling: Joey Thao


Director: Randy D. Rosario
Creative Director / Stylist: Joey Thao
Post Production: Bright Yellow House
Hair: Nina J
Make-up: Alexx Mayo
Location: The Artery LA

redemtion album by dawn richard, dawn richard, electronic music artist, edm, indie music news, independent music, entertainment industry, music videos, renegades a dance story, renegades a fashion story

Redemption Album is Available Now on iTunes!
Twitter: @DawnRichard
Instagram: DawnRichard

BRASH! Magazine Sept/Oct ’17 Cover Reveal | TERAJ

MEET TERAJ! The Latest Cover Artist for BRASH! Magazine

teraj, brash magazine, magazine cover, indie music magazine, rnb singer, pop singer, new york artist, model, social influencer, music industry news, music magazine, entertainment industry, indie music news

Cover Photo Credit: Natalie Poette

New season new BRASH! Kicking off our Fall Season, R&B/Pop singer Teraj and ushering us in with his inspiring story of taking chances and keeping his passion in music alive! Along with being an artist, this talent has spent time in front of the camera modeling for major brands and using his social media influence to take everyone on his journey in music and entertainment.

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue also features music releases, exclusive interviews, and highlighting moguls within the Indie Scene. Check out what these brands are doing for independent artists and MAKING NOISE in their own way!

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine will hit your digital waves on September 16, 2017! Stay tuned…

BRASH! Magazine | May/June ’17 Issue

New Issue of BRASH! Magazine AVAILABLE NOW!


Cover Photo Credit: Yams Yamagotchi
Stylist & MUA: Tomarra Buckner
T Shirt: Joie Kathos Apparel

The new issue of BRASH! Magazine is here! Summer ’17 is HEATING up with new music and independent artists continuing the grind! The entertainment industry is on fire with these artists from different genres, different backgrounds with one thing in common, MAKING NOISE!

Joie Kathos, hip hop artist and dancer, from Philly is leading the pack of our featured indie talents giving BRASH! the details on how she’s maintaining in wearing many hats in the music industry.

BRASHION! continues to MAKE NOISE in the fashion industry with our features of designers displaying art with style.

Don’t wait to hear about it, click the link below to check out our latest issue.