Bringing It Back | “Calling Your Name” by Steve Ray Ladson

R&B/pop artist Steve Ray Ladson shares emotive, smooth hip-hop single “Calling Your Name”

Calling Your Name by Steve Ray LadonNew York, NY – Steve Ray Ladson shares an emotive new single today titled “Calling Your Name“. Blending R&B, pop and smooth hip hop, he reflects on the universal search for love, and how life as a touring musician can make relationships a struggle. It’s a warm, authentic embrace, that speaks directly to the heart, as a moving and honest reflection. VENTS Magazine premiered the track, saying, “a wonderfully catchy song that captures the 90s, especially the R&B sound of the decade while maintaining it a bit modern.”

Ladson shared how the song came to be. “This song was inspired and created down in Muscle Shoals, Alabama one evening after a recording session at a friend’s home around the table where writing sessions are a norm. I picked up the guitar and began to play and sing, “I’ve had my share of loves ups and downs, I once was lost but now I’m found.” I played the song and sang the lyrics then a good friend of mine, Noah Shell, added to the selection with his touching second verse quoting, “I used to lay awake and wonder, if I’d ever find another.” Realizing that love is universal and is hard to find, especially when you’re a touring musician who spends most of the time on the road traveling.” A multi-instrumentalist and full-time musician, Ladson works as a touring member of the five-time Grammy award-winning Blind Boys Of Alabama, as well as the bassist of Robert Randolph And The Family Band, among projects of his own.

“Calling Your Name” comes as the second single off Ladson’s upcoming album, due out on June 19th. His first single, Do You Know was released last month, along with an accompanying music video. The soulful pop single build an authentic and irresistible feel-good hook, displaying Ladson’s masterful vocal performance and musicianship. “I want people to hear my music and say, it’s authentic and that’s the way music should be,” reflected Ladson. “Remind them of how it used to be and the way it used to sound. Bring back what could feel and when love and music was real. That’s my goal to bring back the real feel.” With COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt, it’s a time more than ever where the world needs feel-good music, and Ladson’s tunes deliver.

Playing over six instruments, and always striving to expand his talents, Ladson continues to dream big. He has previously been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and has worked/toured with numerous artists including Alan ParsonsVince GillZZ Top, Icelandic band Kaleo, and Mavis Staples. Well-rounded in a variety of genres, and always humble to his roots, Ladson continues to connect listeners across the world with his music.

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An accompanying music video will be released in the coming weeks, with his full-length album due out June 19, 2020.

R&B/pop artist Steve Ray LadsonAbout Steve Ray Ladson
Steve Ray Ladson was born and raised in Hopkins, SC on October 9, 1989. Steve Ray is a producer, songwriter, arranger, and musician. His musical talents include the piano, Hammond organ, lead guitar, bass guitar, and recently began playing the harmonica. He has traveled the world and is currently touring with 5-time Grammy award winners and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners The Blind Boys Of Alabama. He also plays bass guitar with Grammy nominee Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Steve Ray received a position with the Blind Boys through their musical director Joey Williams. Since then, he has made appearances on the Don Imus TV show, CTV, BET Canadian TV, AudioTree TV, and many more.
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Music Monday | “Hands Down” by M.O. Littles

Acclaimed Hip Hop Artist, M.O. Littles, New Single “Hands Down”

Hands Down by M.O. Littles

Toronto, ON – M.O Littles, award-winning Hip-Hop artist recently released his new single “Hands Down” feat. Merkules & Tek Luciano. Littles is known for is authenticity, edge, and respect for the Hip Hop genre’. The passionate artist brings his all to award-winning music videos, US & European concerts and collaborations with artists, including Dru and Rich Kidd. Having sold thousands of albums, the multi-talented artist continues to up his game, writing the theme song for the reality TV show, Fashion Hero and the team anthem for the Canadian National Basketball team, Sudbury 5. Littles is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with his journey and that a seat at the Hip Hop table is never given but earned. Critics and fans agree, M.O. Littles deserves a seat. Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette writes, “His music is gritty and infectious, M.O is definitely hungry for success.”

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Hot Visuals! | “In here” by Ruciano x Killah H20 Da Don Music Video

Brooklyn Rapper Ruciano Teams Up with Killah H20 Da Don in New Music Video for, “In here”

Ruciano x Killah H20 Da Don deliverers new visuals for a track titled “In here”. The single is from Ruciano’s forthcoming project, Atlantis The Compilation.

About Ruciano
Ruciano is a Brooklyn native recording artist and 1/3 of the hip hop group, The Chillionaires.

At an early age, he discovered his passion for making rap music. He started to develop his skills by practicing verses over instrumental beats. He cites his influences being Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, AZ, Nas, Big L, DMX, Styles P, Eminem, and Lil Wayne.

By creating his own thought process, he was able to master his very own formula in his rap artistry. Today, Ruciano brings sporadic bouncy flows, multi-syllable rhyming, metaphors, and catchy hooks. Ruciano’s goal is to have the Hip Hop world to recognize his lyrical ability while building his brand.

Atlantis The Compilation by Ruciano

Stay tuned for more about the upcoming project, Atlantis The Compilation.

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Music Mondays | Exclusive Interview w/ F.Y.I. Bounze Houze Album

Exclusive Interview with, LA Hip-Hop Artist, F.Y.I. for the New Album Bounze Houze and Short Film

F.Y.I., LA hip-hop artist, self-described “hueman”, lyrics and content that’ll make you think while giving a memorable jam session wherever you are. 

After the Fall ‘18 album release, Herecember 20NOW, F.Y.I. continues his run in dope lyricism with the new project, Bounze Houze, released on Jan  25th. The new album consists of upbeat tracks, motivating movement. This time around, F.Y.I. used his creativity to describe a viewpoint of relationships. Focusing more on a subject matter that was lightly touched in previous projects, F.Y.I. delivers a short film to complement the latest release. The film takes you through the dynamics of how men and women connect and interact taking us on a “sometimes bumpy” ride.

Bounze Houze Album by F.Y.I.

BRASH! was given the opportunity to get exclusive looks and listens to both the new album and short film, which is available with every album or merchandise purchase. 

Check out the interview below with F.Y.I. for more details on Bounze Houze and how the deliverance of the short film: 

As an artist, as long as you live life there is always something to write about and be inspired by. 

hip hop artist F.Y.I

Photo Credit: Jessica Magana of Red Heart Media

BRASH! How would you describe the new album in just three words?
F.Y.I. Eclectic.Hip-Hop.Vibes.

BRASH! What inspired the name Bounze Houze for the new album?
F.Y.I. It’s a nod to the overall sonics of the record.  I wanted only up-tempo tracks to create to. Nothing too slow or laid back.  Only music that cut through and compels people to move, to bounze.

I was inspired to write about that man-woman dynamic and the dramatized fun that ensues when the opposite sexes meet.  It was an opportunity for me to make a record that my female fans and women in general could rock with on a deeper level but still make it hard enough lyric wise where guys could vibe with.

BRASH! What experiences led you to writing and creating the lyrics for the new album?
F.Y.I. The scenarios on the record are inspired by different relationships that I had in the past and some of them are based on true stories from other people close to me.  As an artist, as long as you live life there is always something to write about and be inspired by.

I’m a lyricist; that’s the fun part of making music especially hip-hop. No matter what people say or the narrative that certain artists try to create nowadays; it’s still what it is – hip-hop.

BRASH! You maintain your lyricism along with a different take on the subject matters on this album, was there a challenge in finding balance?
F.Y.I. The challenge comes from creating something that you’re happy with and confident in to display to the world.  That’s always the challenge. Once you conquer that, then everything else falls into place. For Bounze Houze, I was able to dedicate an entire project to subjects that I usually touch on only once on my other projects; that’s the major difference.  I’m a lyricist; that’s the fun part of making music especially hip-hop. No matter what people say or the narrative that certain artists try to create nowadays; it’s still what it is – hip-hop. The difference between me and Chris Brown (just using an example; no shade) is that I rap; he sings.  What makes rap music, rap music – is lyrics, words, poetry, rhyme. Melody can be in there, “vibe” is always a part of making any song, but at the end of the day it’s about lyrics! Saying something. So I wanted to show people on this record that we can talk about women, we can talk about relationships and the music can still be hip-hop at its core; nothing watered down or compromised.

BRASH! How did you develop the concept of having a short film to go along with the album?
F.Y.I. I’ve always wanted to do a short film with my albums since 2014 but this project was the perfect subject matter to execute that vision and bring it to fruition. Praise God.   


Photo Credit: Jessica Magana of Red Heart Media

I look at the film as a thank you to those [that are] truly engaged with my artistry at a higher more connected level

BRASH! Throughout the film, it takes you on a journey of a relationship while correlating the songs within the short. Describe the process of developing the film that connects with the album.
F.Y.I. The short film was inspired by the songs on the project, so it was not created until after the entire record was completed.  From the songs, themselves, the script of the film was developed. I always said that a lot of my music is audio literature so the film had a conceptual foundation to go from.  The director, Marlon “Hightop Bully” Womack, came up with the script/treatment for the film and then I came and sprinkled in some flavor based on knowing the overall message and theme of the music to make the story more cohesive.

BRASH! What lessons can be learned through the film and the album?
F.Y.I. That God is faithful and He will see me through a creative process.  That I’m not boxed into one zone, one style or approach to making records or being creative.  This was the most ambitious creative endeavor I had to date. The record constituted a lot of collaboration with other artists and musicians to bring the ideas to life and then the short film was a new adventure for me because it was sharing my ideas through a new creative medium, film.  I also had the idea in mind of exclusivity in the sense that the audience would engage in the process of being proud to pay for exclusive merchandise or purchase the music in order to see this short film. I look at the film as a thank you to those [that are] truly engaged with my artistry at a higher more connected level and want to experience it in more than a snippet of a song on social media or streaming songs. 

BRASH! You tapped into your acting skills in this short film, is this a sign of venturing into the acting world in the near future?
F.Y.I. Thanks! It was fun tapping into a new creative side of me.  And why not, Marvel call me ASAP!

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Debut from Dallas | Away from the City EP by Jboz

Dallas Hip Hop/Pop/R&B Artist Jboz Releases Debut Studio EP

Away from the City EP by JBoz

Dallas, TX – Dallas, TX hip hop/pop/r&b artist Jboz will be releasing his first studio-arranged EP titled, Away from the City. Through this body of work, Jboz shows what it feels like to be heartbroken and to long for someone you love so much. Jboz is pouring his heart out to a girl that he is feeling detached from. It often leads him to question everything…and through these times he becomes more sure that the time is now to get this off his chest. Everyone needs someone or something to rely on throughout life’s journey. It is important to express your needs and be vulnerable enough to let the world know.

Music has been the outlet for Jboz to create material that are reflections of his life. It has been the main source of communicating, how he gets through hardships. Jboz talks through all of his feelings for his significant other, and every way that he expresses that to her. He combines the symmetry of good and bad, to show the duality of himself.

Away from the city
Away from all his problems
Away from all the pain
Away from all his worry

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Music Mondays | “Strife” by Cool Nutz

Cool Nutz Releases New Single “Strife” From Upcoming Album

Strife by Cool Nutz

Portland Rapper and Veteran West Coast MC Cool Nutz drops the dope new single “Strife” from his upcoming project Father Of Max due out December 20th via Jus Family Records. Pushing the boundaries and setting the standard for NW Hip Hop since the 90’s, Cool Nutz continues to reinvent himself time after time delivering classic music with every release. Not only a founding father of Hip Hop in Portland, Cool Nutz has gone on to assist other artists in their quest for greatness through his radio programming on The Northwest Breakout Show to managing careers of Trap Kitchen LA and much more. Back to the music, Nutz delivers lyrics to evoke raw emotion and tell stories of pain and victory at the same time over soulful production provided by Jeb 206!

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Stay tuned for some huge surprises from Cool Nutz new album, Father Of Max
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The Independence Grind | “4th of July” Music Video by Sour Deez

Portland Rapper Sour Deez Drops “4th Of July” Music Video

4th of July Music Video by Sour Deez

Up and coming artist Sour Deez is back with Official Music Video for his new single “4th Of July.” Filmed in Portland, Oregon by Sound Lapse Media, Sour Deez gives us the black and white treatment for his new visuals, filled with plenty of scenic views from his hometown. Slowing things down and getting personal on “4th Of July,” SDZ calls on Buckmouth Beatz for the soothing and introspective production. Keeping it solid through the ups and downs, Sour Deez lets listeners know the pain and struggle he’s been through to get where he’s at today as an artist and adult. Flexing his vocal ability, “4th Of July” gives us another look at this rising star’s come up – the long nights, the grind, and eventually the payoff. Recently linking up with Harlem’s Smoke DZA and getting love from the legendary Source Magazine for “Black Bidness”, Sour Deez is emerging as one of the top artists to look out for in his city and beyond.

Watch Music Video for “4th of July”


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4th of July by Sour Deez
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Summer Vids | “Run It” Music Video by PHZ-Sicks

VA Rap Artist, PHZ-Sicks, Releases New Music Video for the Single “Run It”

Run It  Music Video by PHZ-Sicks - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Virginia rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the “Run It” music video, which is off his upcoming album, Good Day, Greater Tomorrow. Directed by Zack David with music produced by Ashton McCreight, “Run It” comes on the heels of his previous music video “Hurts”.

Watch Music Video for “Run It”


Every MC sometimes hears a beat and just want to rhyme. Test how dope you can be on the mic, how you can change rhyme patterns, or just be plain dope. This is pretty much that. This is just a heads up that when it comes to rap, I do this and I do it proudly. -PHZ-Sicks

Run It by PHZ-Sicks - BRASH! Magazine Blog

“Run It” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

VA Rapper, PHZ-sicksAbout PHZ-Sicks
Visually, the loose narrative gives insight on PHZ-Sicks as an artist. From his love of film with homage to a certain movie, wrestling references throughout the song, using the humor of 80s glamour shots, and the visual reference of Michelangelo’s Pieta to give thanks and show the importance of Black women in the black community. These various images come together in this kinetic music video to visually look inside the mind of PHZ-Sicks.

BRASH! Throwback, read PHZ-Sicks’ exclusive interview with BRASH! from the SPRING ’18 Issue!
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Music Vids | “Within” by Godz Chyld

Within EP by Godz Chyld

Bronx, New York emcee G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld presents the Joshua Cruz-directed music video for the D’artizt-produced title track of his new EP “Within”. GC’s last album was End Game, and he has collaborated with producer Jordan River Banks over several releases (watch the video for “Blue Flame” featuring Killah Priest and Loaded Lux).

GC says his new track is about “reconnecting with our true authentic selves. In this day and time it’s easy to get caught up in distractions because there’s so many of them like social media & the internet. I think it’s important for us to come back to ourselves and grow from our pure desires, not the programmed ones.”

Watch Music Video for “Within”

Godz Chyld - BRASH! Magazine Blog

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Music Vids | “Time Zone” by B3hree ft Fredo Algebra

Bay Area Rapper B3hree is back on the grind with the Official Music Video for “Time Zone” 

Bay area rapper, B3hree

“Time Zone” appears on the new album Death Of A Salesman available now on all digital streaming outlets. Once again connecting with Fredo Algebra on the chorus, B3hree keeps things smooth on “Time Zone” from the feel-good production to his laid back, cool flow. Hitting San Francisco International Airport for the backdrop, B3hree keeps it player like only a Bay Area native can, while letting us know exactly what it took to get where he’s at today. Fredo and B3hree show true chemistry on the “Time Zone” by flawlessly transitioning from verse to hook and back while keeping the energy high the whole song.

Watch Music Video for “Time Zone”

Mainly known for his work behind the music scene, 2019 has been a breakout year from B3hree as an artist with the release of his debut project “Death Of A Salesman” and love from outlets including All Hip HopThizzlerThe RapfestThe Hype Magazine, and more!

Death of a Salesman Album by b3hree - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Death Of A Salesman Album is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Tidal!

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