Summer Jams! | “Saucy” by Keith Jacobs

R&B New-Comer, Keith Jacobs, Releases New Single, “Saucy”

Hip-Hop may still dominate the current Billboard Charts, but every now and again we are introduced to a R&B artist who has the perfect tone, style, and groove that becomes the promise of stardom. Keith Jacobs is that artist. His current single, “Saucy” from his forthcoming still untitled disc, due October 18th is already creating national attention with becoming “that song” at your favorite radio station. KEITH offers a throwback style of music which has been missing from the airwaves as of late.

Saucy by Keith Jacobs“The ladies have found them a new summer jam,” says Keisha Nicole at KBXX in Houston. “Keith’s new single “Saucy”, is sensual yet catchy,” she adds. Built on the energy of a simple guitar line, the melodies evolve to present an entrancing layered landscape where you can swim in a simple moment. At this moment you sink into the depths and all the elaborate iterations that can come when you are in search of all the flavors and depths of life and it’s passions. The Sauce of Life.

“Saucy” is Available Now on Apple Music, Spotify, & GooglePlay!

Keith Jacobs, a Houston, Texas native and a graduate of famed HBCU institution, Southern University in Baton Rouge LA. His love of music would later afford him to cross paths with another Texas native, famed music producer Jean-Robert Redwine (Chris Brown, G-Easy, Mario, Ludacris, Zendaya, Tinashe). Together through Redwine’s custom imprint, Redwine Music, the creation of “Saucy” came to fruition.

Keith is an artist that truly and genuinely embodies the energy of an era where R&B reigned supreme, says mega producer and label head Jean-Robert. “Keith is a modern evolution of the best feelings we grew up listening to and all the musicality it took to capture those classic feeling in our lives.”

“Saucy” continues to thrive at national radio and streaming platforms and has placed Keith in the path of success in the ever-growing business of music.

Saucy is a vibe and just the tip of the iceberg. I am excited about this release mostly because I can feel a shift of music and I want to be at the forefront of this change. – Keith Jacobs

Keith Jacobs brings his “SAUCY” talents to his hometown of Houston, TX with a performance at The House of Blues on June 26th and he makes his Essence Music Festival debut on Saturday, July 6th at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

About Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs’ music has a style and vibe that pierces through our feelings with subtle sonic influences from Houston’s iconic music culture. He sings with sensuality, appreciating every aspect of a woman. He’s loyal to his artistry, and the music holds the key to his soul. He’s intriguing; forcing you to want to know more about the man and the artist.RnB Artist, Keith Jacobs

No stranger to love, Keith Jacobs often finds himself as the muse in which his lyrics flow, embodying the good and bad experiences of his life. He’s transparently honest and true to his music. It doesn’t come as a surprise that by sharing his art with the world, he wants us to not be afraid of being transparent in our relationships.

With the release of his debut EP, Still Tippin’, Keith Jacobs shares his emotions and wants us to trust him with ours. Musically inspired by Diddy, Ryan Leslie and The Dream, Still Tippin’ takes us on an impulsive and melodic ride.

Keith Jacobs’ ambition and artistry will not allow you to forget who he is, nor will it allow him to fail. You’ll find that passion to succeed evident in his lyrics, as well as what’s most important to him: family, loyalty and constant progression.
Twitter: @ThisIsKeithJacobs
IG: ThisIsKeithJacobs

Music Vids | “Within” by Godz Chyld

Within EP by Godz Chyld

Bronx, New York emcee G.C. a.k.a. Godz Chyld presents the Joshua Cruz-directed music video for the D’artizt-produced title track of his new EP “Within”. GC’s last album was End Game, and he has collaborated with producer Jordan River Banks over several releases (watch the video for “Blue Flame” featuring Killah Priest and Loaded Lux).

GC says his new track is about “reconnecting with our true authentic selves. In this day and time it’s easy to get caught up in distractions because there’s so many of them like social media & the internet. I think it’s important for us to come back to ourselves and grow from our pure desires, not the programmed ones.”

Watch Music Video for “Within”

Godz Chyld - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Twitter: @G0dzChyld
IG: godzchyld7

Fear of Letting Go | “Heavy Waters” by Yianna

Yianna Releases Alt-R&B Sophomore Single,
“Heavy Waters”

New York-based songstress Yianna is back today with the release of her second single, “Heavy Waters,” the follow up to her stunning late 2018 debut, “Ordinary Love.” Drawing influences from alt-rock, pop, R&B and soul, Yianna creates music that is completely unrestricted by traditional genre boundaries.

Heavy Waters by Yianna - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Heavy Waters is about knowing that the relationship you’re in isn’t working and you’re not going anywhere with this person. You know you should leave, but you can’t or you’re afraid for one reason or another. – Yianna

“Heavy Waters” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

About Yianna
There is a raw vulnerability to Yianna’s music that is wise beyond her years; she taps into a soulful energy that is often absent from today’s mainstream hits. Marked by sultry vocals, laidback R&B stylings, and catchy melodies, Yianna’s music takes the listener on a uniquely picturesque journey with each and every track.

New York Recording Artist, Yianna

Photo Credit: Rachel Golden

When she was just 18, Yianna dropped out of college to pursue music. She knew little of the music industry, songwriting or production, but she had the drive to become an artist. After trying her hand at it and extensively gigging around the tristate area in various coffee shops and subway stations (all under fake names since she didn’t want anybody to know her identity), Yianna believed maybe it was time to move on and started applying to a military program. Before committing to her new career bath she was urged by those close to her to give music one last try. Feeling more encouraged than ever she dove head-first into writing her own songs… and now here she is today with two glittery singles under her belt and plenty more music on the way.
Twitter: @yiannamusic
IG: yianna

Electronic Design | “Design” by Reptile Room

Electro-Pop Trio, Reptile Room, Premieres Latest Single, “Design”, with Atwood Magazine and Announces New Album Jade Out August 9 on Om Records

Design by Reptile Room

Atlanta electro-pop trio Reptile Room just released a colorfully captivating new video for “Design,” the latest single from their newly announced album Jade, out August 9 on Om Records. Atwood Magazine premiered the enchanting track about feeling overwhelmed with the urge to speak but not able to find the right words.

Stream “Design” Now on Major Digital Music Platforms!

Reptile Room’s latest album explores lost relationships, addictions and internal battles, but also finding peace through it all. A band AudioFemme championed for their “thrilling, psychedelic visuals, intoxicating music, and powerful performances,” the trio is also planning tour dates following the album release.

Watch Music Video for “Design”

The band’s music has been heard everywhere from the likes of MTV, E!, Red Bull and beyond. Formed in 2017, Bill Zimmerman teamed up with brother and sister Sean & Sami Michelsen to release a self-titled EP listed as one of Creative Loafing’s “25 Atlanta Summer Jams” and went on to be nominated for an Atlanta Culture Award (presented by Live Nation). The three members do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, videos and designing art. Reptile Room aims to add wild & adventurous elements into the box of pop music – everything from the art to the production is a twist on the ordinary.

Electro-Pop Group, Reptile Room

Photo Credit: Mike Colletta
Twitter: @reptileroomatl
IG: reptileroomofficial

Week 50 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music review written by Tobi Davis


For The Night by Owain FelsteadArtist: Owain Felstead
Track: “For the Night”
UK-Based Independent Artist and rising star Owain Felstead drops a soulful slice of tight pop ‘n’ rhyme on down ‘n’ dirty bass ‘n’ grind with his new single, “For the Night”.

Acoustic six strings creep in rusty, grubby tones of ember-ed lows and smoldering mids. Kick punching deep into the dirt with a rasping, nasty, gloriously bit-crushed snare shuddering the beat in thick, stunted rattles. Boxy clap cranks flat and suffocated dry down the left-hand side. Dub infused fill adding variation and burst to the beat in darkly delayed quickfire ricochet.

Felstead’s voice struts softly in the hushed lows of understated delivery through the verses; teasing and rising a touch in the pre-chorus, and swaggered, soaring, lush tones of wanton melody. The lyric growing in the listener’s ear; building a compelling familiarity.

With 2018 release, ‘Clover’ earning 1 million plays on Spotify, 17-year-old Felstead is a young Artist with a bright future; one that he is approaching at a gathering rate of knots. “For the Night” further cements his credibility as both accomplished songwriter and gifted vocalist, with the quality of production required to land punches in the big league of mainstream charts. One to keep an eye on.
Twitter: @owainfelstead
IG: owainfelsteadmusic


Party of One by HolanderArtist: Holander
Track: “Party of One”
LA-Based self-described ‘glitter grunge’ Artist Holander delivers an intoxicating dose of sardonic self-love, served up with inspired pop-sonics with her new single, “Party of One”.

Carefully crafted understated arcade-game beats dab blunt-tonal in a compelling series of loops; glitched and stuttered, in odd break and oblique burst; 808 kick lo-fi with depth and saturated texture. Snippet and shard of instrumentation drops in snatches of string and piano; bass shifting in low-key curves and turns of dense sound pressure.

Holander works the rhythm in engaging stanzas of percussive melody; her voice bitter-sweet with a singular blend of sarcasm without pretention; lyrics cast in a similar mold, succeeding to be both ego-centric and confrontational; yet, at the same time, inclusive with disarming honesty.

In the packed-to-bursting market of dance/EDM/electro-pop (delete as needed), where so many of her contemporaries of lost to the en-masse upload din of their collective unrelenting release-rate, Holander’s unique voice, lyric, and musical world, not only stand her apart; Holander stands out; original enough to earn the respect and credibility of a legitimate independent artist, with the song-craft and voice to appeal to the larger market.
Twitter: @holandermusic
IG: holandermusic


Fear by SeakerArtist: Seaker
Track: “Fear”
Uk-Based Independent Artist Seaker crafts a sublime moment in time and music of haunting depth and heart-stopping beauty, with new single, “Fear”.

Dull tones and shadow hues linger and fall; brittle and distant piano keys submerged, almost forgotten in oblique cascade. Shards of resonance echo in the ambient; phantom sonics, shimmered ghost notes. The composition shifting in graceful expanses of quiet swell and hollow surge; only to dissipate, in shuddering absence; breathless and exhausted.

Seaker’s voice drifts infinite in somber melodic phrases; cast afar and timeless by reverb and filter effect; overlapping layer of harmony, double, and counterpoint evoking both mournfulness and hope. The soulful vocal arrangement set in delicate and deftly crafted contrast to the dislocated and disquietening instrumentation.

A singular musical experience for the listener, “Fear” is an independent release in the truest sense. While many independent artists are set to simply ‘pass through’ the Independent scene on, what they hope to be, their way to the mainstream, others embrace the creative freedom only afforded to that of an independent artist (and very much denied to mainstream artists). Seaker continues to compose musical inventions of extraordinary originality, imagination, and integrity; and in doing so, she is crafting a musical world that will mean so much to the select few disposed to truly love her work.
Twitter: @seakermusic
IG: seakermusic


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About Tobi
Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.
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Summer Anthem | “Feels Like Summer” by Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack is Spreading Good Summer Vibes with New Single, “Feels Like Summer”

Feels Like Summer by Samuel JackLeading single “Feels Like Summer”, by Samuel Jack, emits a summery and feel good vibe through its use of stomping percussion, anthemic melodies and bright brass. Highlighting Jack’s powerful gravelly vocals and passionate lyricism, the single bursts with vibrancy, all consumed by shimmering soundscapes. Lyrically, “Feels Like Summer” centres around celebrating the good times and how something can make you feel alive and ultimately wishing you could live in that moment forever.

There’s definitely a sense of nostalgia about the whole song. I wrote it at a time when I needed those good times to see me through some stuff. Music can totally transcend time and space and take you to all sorts of places when you’re not exactly where you want to be. That’s what this song is for me. It takes me back, it takes me forward, it takes me through. – Samuel Jack

Listen to “Feels Like Summer” Now on iTunes, Amazon, & Spotify!

Samuel Jack - BRASH! Magazine Blog
About Samuel Jack

Samuel Jack is a unique and emotive storyteller whose rugged soulful vocals command the room. Raised on Blues, Motown, soul and roots music, the London born singer spent his formative years in Johannesburg with his Father, a film director. The rich fabric of his childhood informs and oozes into the music he creates today which has been resonating with audiences across the globe.

Jack proceeds to showcase his own brand of contemporary soul and authentic songwriting, covering themes from love and pain, to occasionally even politics. Everything he sings is from the heart, about that moment in his life and the journey he is on, allowing audiences to connect to the musician on deeper levels. Jack confesses how writing for him is a form of therapy and that honesty plays a key role throughout his songwriting.

His broad musical palette and undeniable talent is evident in his highly anticipated album which is due later this year. The album narrates the struggles with inner demons, the turbulence of family and relationships, the desire and want for something or someone and how music helps to build bridges and establish new relationships. There’s anthems, there’s ballads and there’s some heavy hitters. Jack expresses, “I listen to all sorts of music, but there is something about Rhythm’n’Blues, about Soul, about Gospel that just gets into my veins. The history of it all, the hurt, the pain, the joy, the sex. And when those emotions are delivered by a voice that really means it, i just feel like there can’t be a better way to express yourself”.

Jack has garnered widespread recognition having played a plethora of international stages including Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Larmer Tree Festival, as well as sharing stages with the likes of Passenger, Jack Savoretti and Jake Isaac. His music has also received numerous TV placements on shows such as Shameless and Nashville,and landed features from prestigious outlets including Clash, Music Week and BBC Introducing. With fire in his belly, Samuel Jack is ready to continue the next chapter of his journey with his much anticipated debut album slated for release autumn 2019.
Twitter: @samueljackmusic
IG: samueljackofficial

Music Vids | “Time Zone” by B3hree ft Fredo Algebra

Bay Area Rapper B3hree is back on the grind with the Official Music Video for “Time Zone” 

Bay area rapper, B3hree

“Time Zone” appears on the new album Death Of A Salesman available now on all digital streaming outlets. Once again connecting with Fredo Algebra on the chorus, B3hree keeps things smooth on “Time Zone” from the feel-good production to his laid back, cool flow. Hitting San Francisco International Airport for the backdrop, B3hree keeps it player like only a Bay Area native can, while letting us know exactly what it took to get where he’s at today. Fredo and B3hree show true chemistry on the “Time Zone” by flawlessly transitioning from verse to hook and back while keeping the energy high the whole song.

Watch Music Video for “Time Zone”

Mainly known for his work behind the music scene, 2019 has been a breakout year from B3hree as an artist with the release of his debut project “Death Of A Salesman” and love from outlets including All Hip HopThizzlerThe RapfestThe Hype Magazine, and more!

Death of a Salesman Album by b3hree - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Death Of A Salesman Album is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Tidal!

Twitter: @b3hree454
IG: b3hree