Music Mondays | “Strife” by Cool Nutz

Cool Nutz Releases New Single “Strife” From Upcoming Album

Strife by Cool Nutz

Portland Rapper and Veteran West Coast MC Cool Nutz drops the dope new single “Strife” from his upcoming project Father Of Max due out December 20th via Jus Family Records. Pushing the boundaries and setting the standard for NW Hip Hop since the 90’s, Cool Nutz continues to reinvent himself time after time delivering classic music with every release. Not only a founding father of Hip Hop in Portland, Cool Nutz has gone on to assist other artists in their quest for greatness through his radio programming on The Northwest Breakout Show to managing careers of Trap Kitchen LA and much more. Back to the music, Nutz delivers lyrics to evoke raw emotion and tell stories of pain and victory at the same time over soulful production provided by Jeb 206!

Stream “Strife” Now on Spotify & Apple Music!

Stay tuned for some huge surprises from Cool Nutz new album, Father Of Max
Twitter: @coolnutz
IG: coolnutz

Week 72 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Where Will You Run by Hannah CliveArtist: Hannah Clive
Track: “Where Will You Run?”

In great cinematic tones and with compelling musicality, independent artist Hannah Clive delivers a heartfelt call-to-arms in defense of our planet, with new single, “Where Will You Run?”

Shifting from side to side with great weight and ancient grace, vast layers of production and instrumentation surge forward in deep pulses of sub and low frequency. The ambient fizzes left/right with reverse, glitch, and shimmer. Pads grind in the low mid, strings rise in desperate flight, and choirs resonate from a middle distance.

Chorused arpeggio and darken piano note add depth, drama, and foreboding. Cymbals explode in metallic shards and scatter, as beats snap dry and bit-crushed. Loop, repeat, echo, and delay cast odd texture, unnatural act, and sonic contrivement across the massive landscape.

Hannah Clive’s vocals stalk the mighty expanse with tightly coiled anger, her words spat and stabbed in exasperation; apocalyptic visions of a nightmare future, approaching ever more rapidly due to our collective indifference and inaction.

Songs of protest are notoriously difficult, more often than not coming off as preachy, naive, or simply disingenuous. Where so many, including the great and good, have failed, Hannah Clive has not only succeeded, she has excelled. “Where Will You Run?” is a staggering, epic track of great musical depth and even greater importance. It is further testament to the unique and inspired talent of Hannah Clive; but moreover, and so much more than that, it is a rallying call of the utmost imperative and severity. And, in doing so, it asks the most simple, straight forward, and vital of questions to each and every one of us.

“Where Will You Run?”
Twitter: @hannahclive
IG: hannahclive


real talk by I M ArtistArtist: I.M the Artist
Track: “Real Talk” (Self-Made EP)

London-based singer-songwriter I.M the Artist delivers a darkly soulful dose of understated poetry and quiet musicality, with new song “Real Talk”.

Presented in a compelling sparse musical expanse of sweeping ambients, shimmering reverses, and stark sonic elements; ‘Real Talk’ grows quietly in brittle and distant piano progressions, deep subs that bleed down to the noise floor, and bit-crushed beats that snip, stutter, and snap.

I.M the Artist walks the beat with a series of tightly woven lyrical phrases, rich in imagery and thought. The talented vocalist carefully gauging her vocal pace to match the ebb and flow of the instrumentation around her. Voice and production shifting as one living, breathing listening experience.

Fiercely contemporary, “Real Talk” blurs the line between musical composition and sound design to such an extent that one becomes the other; and in doing so, questions the very need to even make a distinction. In very much the same way, so success is I.M the Artist in blending the seemingly opposing genres of ambient, beat, and singer-songwriter, that they cease to be separate; and instead, become something new, singular, and unique.
Twitter: @IMtheartistt
IG: i.mtheartist


 super bullshit by lauren ruth wardArtist: Lauren Ruth Ward
Track: “Super Bullshit”

LA-based Independent Artist Lauren Ruth Ward drops a raucous dose of no nonsense old time rock ‘n’ soul with new single “Super Bullshit”.

Fiercely percussive throughout, “Super Bullshit” shifts and shimmies, swaggers and struts, moving like a Travolta-Cat. Six-string acoustics spank and rasp, with slap and rattle, while electrics spit fuse and funky fuzz in riff and lick. The bass line walking like you’re talking in tightly delivered dabs of low frequency; playing off and against, the snap and crack of drumsticks working the pocket with skill and finesse.

Lauren Ruth Ward mouths the lyrics with compelling nonchalance and glorious lazy soul. Her voice, rich in low mid texture and deep tone, draws the listener’s voice into the production. A great disarray of willfully, and wonderfully, untidy backing vocal providing fantastic depth of harmony and vocal variation.

Raw, uncontrived, and very much in the room, “Super Bullshit” is a refreshingly honest and uncomplicated production; trading on sheer talent, inspired musicianship, and standout performance. ‘Old School’ is a tired and overused expression within the music industry; but with so many artists relying on FX, technology, and novelty, kids, it’s time to knock off the bullshit and go back to school.
Twitter: @laurenruthward
IG: laurenruthward


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Passionate Flames | “Fire And Fever” by Keith Cullen

Alt-Pop Artist Keith Cullen Announces Release of New Single, “Fire And Fever,” Out 11/14

Fire and Fever by Keith Cullen

Billboard charting Irish singer Keith Cullen delivers his edgy and smooth new single “Fire And Fever.” A recent cancer survivor, newly inspired by his experiences Cullen has re-emerged to follow his dreams. Reflecting on a past meaningful relationship, Cullen created the song while collaborating with songwriter JJ Daly and talented producers, Connor Musarra and Devin Kennedy. “Fire And Fever” provides a powerful visual and sonic representation of what is to come from him on his forthcoming album release slated for 2020. Showcasing his creative ingenuity and buoyant personality, his emotional lyrics overflow with passion and fervor. To support “Fire And Fever,” Cullen will perform at the Roosevelt Theater in Hollywood, CA on the same day as its release, November 14th.

About Keith Cullen
Keith Cullen is a Dublin born Singer/Songwriter who has immersed himself in a multitude of music genres throughout his entire life. His musicality shines through in his bold and dynamic songs. His honest and authentic songwriting Carrying a three-octave range, Keith’s career has taken him to around the globe to places such as Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand, Cairo, Paris, and Berlin. Keith recently reemerged from a hiatus after spending most of 2018 recovering from cancer. Right when his music career couldn’t seem to get any better, Keith was diagnosed with cancer. His visits to the music studio soon turned into chemotherapy visits and his life as he knew it dramatically shifted. His empowering story was featured in major publications such as Billboard, Forbes, and Authority Magazine.

Recording artist, Keith Cullen

Now in remission, life post-cancer has brought Keith newfound inspiration, hope, and opportunity. Keith was recently hand-picked to work with Grammy award-winning producer Robert Cutarella, best known for his hit releases with the likes of Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Air Supply, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, The Police, Elton John, and Celine Dion. Currently splitting his time between LA and Dublin, Keith also recently signed a management deal with the legendary Phil Quartararo, former CEO at Virgin Records, Warner Bros, and EMI. Phil is credited with household names like Madonna, Smashing Pumpkins, Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and U2. Keith is currently hard at work on his forthcoming album release slated for 2020.
Twitter: @keithcullen
IG: keithcullen

BRASH! Magazine Fall ’19 Issue

BRASH! Magazine is BACK and ready for MORE NOISE in the Indie Music Scene!

Fall 19 BRASH! Magazine ft. Antonio Ramsey

Cover Photo Credit: Kayla Burt

Exclusive interview with Mr. FunkTrap, Antonio Ramsey. He talks to BRASH! about his short break from music, how he’s approaching his upcoming project, & other venture in the entertainment industry. Learn more about this pioneer of R&B music in the making in the Fall ’19 Issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

Get 2 Know Kolette Easy.
This songstress made her mark with a dynamic stage presence and unique style of music.

We will ALWAYS Love the 90s
Coming off MC Hammer’s House Party Tour, The Funky Bunch is delivering new music and more goodies to keep the Good Vibrations going!

Rapper Young Deuces gives BRASH! an exclusive look into his upcoming album, Son of a Soldier. Honoring his father, the hip hop artist uses his father’s influence to create a new body of work.

The Business of Betty Moon
Learn how this multi-talented artist used her star power indie to make it to the majors!

All of this and MORE in the Fall ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

Fall Debut! | Hija De Chavez Album by Jackie Cruz

Orange is the New Black Star, Jackie Cruz, Releases Debut Album

Hija De Chavez Album by Jackie CruzJackie Cruz’s debut album, Hija De Chavez, was released in October. The stunning nine-track releases feature fusions of Latin pop, electro and soul. Thematically the album is an ode and dedication to the powerful women in Cruz’s life who helped raise her.

Actor, entrepreneur, vocalist and New Yorker of Dominican descent, Jackie Cruz, became a household name from her portrayal of “Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales” on Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, The original series created by Jenji Kohan became an award-winning magnet and released its 7th and final season in 2019.

Orange Is the New Black was a launching pad for Cruz’s career. She is a three-time SAG Award winner and was named one of the “Top Latino Powerhouses under 40” by The Hollywood Reporter in 2013. Cruz was also included in Latina Magazine’s 30 Under 30 List in 2015.

An accomplished singer/songwriter best known for her fan-favorite role on Netflix’s hugely popular series, Orange Is The New Black, Cruz’ other on-screen credits include starring in the upcoming feature films A Nice Girl Like You opposite Lucy Hale, Faraway Eyes opposite Christina Ricci, and All the World is Sleeping. Cruz also recently landed a recurring role on the upcoming third season of NBC’s Good Girls, which has been a digital success for NBC and sibling Universal TV, which produce the series.

Cruz created a new diverse era in Hollywood with the release of her own production company, Unspoken Film. The company’s objective is to advocate for more representation of Latina women and create more diverse opportunities in film. Jackie believes that everyone deserves representation in media, and was inspired by the misrepresentation of the scope of her people. With her production company, it was time for everyone to see more colorful Latinx on screen, and Orange couldn’t be the only show. As an independent and accomplished music artist and songwriter, Jackie has also created her own record label, Dulce Records.

With a large social media following as well as a dedicated fan base, Jackie’s career continues to evolve.

She hopes her music and film production work will create better pathways within the entertainment industry for people of Hispanic background.

Stream Hija de Chavez Album Now on Spotify!
Twitter: @MsJackieCruz
IG: jackiecruz

Music News: New Compilation Album from GoGo Tuners Family

Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and CEO of GoGo Tuners Mike Mostert Releases All-Genre Compilation Album

Multi-Talented Entrepreneur and CEO of GoGo Tuners Mike Mostert Releases All-Genre Compilation Album

Nashville, TN – Multi-talented musician, songwriter and the CEO of leading tuner company GoGo Tuners, Mike Mostert, has enlisted an all-star lineup of musicians and artists for the compilation album, Mike Mostert & The GoGo Tuner Family, available everywhere you download or stream music TODAY.

The record is a one-year adventure of the coming together of the GoGo Tuner family artists as one encompassing a body of work which spans all genres. The result is a cohesive collection of songs that are full of heart and passion that take the listener through a musical journey showcasing unique collaborations of genres not typically heard by their fans. The 9-track album collectively features artists and musicians who have won multiple Grammy and Dove Awards, sold millions of records, have been profiled by the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone, toured with superstars including Madonna, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, Bruno Mars, Brittney Spears, Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

VENTS MAGAZINE gave listeners an exclusive first listen to the album (CLICK HERE).

Mike Mostert shared with VENTS MAGAZINE: “It’s been an honor to collaborate over the last year With our Gogo Tuner Family artists who are truly family to help create this quite unique eclectic collection of music. Each artist put their hearts, passion and time in to make this album bigger than just the music.”

The man behind it all, Mike Mostert, produced, co-wrote and played guitar on every track on the record that was mixed at East Avalon Recorders in the city famous for producing some of music’s greatest hits, Muscle Shoals, AL. This genre-defying compilation features two Hard Rock songs, two instrumental tracks, one Pop, R&B, Metal and Blues song and one track with a live orchestra, truly appealing to all fans of music. Mastering was done by Don Srygley, Chief Engineer from FAME studios.

Stream Now on Spotify!

Complete track listing and artists below:

1 ) “Can’t Find My Way”
(written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino, David Bedell, Joe Sax, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Hard Rock
Artist – In Theory
Vocals- Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Joe Sax
Drums – David Bedell
Keyboards – Latavius Mulzac

2 ) “Not Giving Up”
(written by Mike Mostert, Morgan Myles, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Blues
Artist- Morgan Myles
Rhythm, Slide, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin-The band” Mana”
Rhythm, Slide, Lead Guitars- Johnny Hiland
BGV’s- Lanesha Latimer ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Drums- Andy Sanesi (Missing Persons, Franki Valli, Sebastion Bach, etc)
Percussion- Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)

3 ) “Gogo Shred”
(Written by Mike Mostert)
Genre- Instrumental Metal
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Oskar Cartaya (SpyroGyra, Tito Puente, Herb Alpert, etc)
Lead Guitars- Ernie C (Co-Founder w Ice T’s Body Count)
Lead Guitars- Jordan Ziff (Ratt / Marty Freidman)
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Johnny Blade (Nightsword)
Lead Guitars- Johnny Hiland

4 ) “Changing”
(Written by Mike Mostert & Paul Childers)
Genre- Pop Rock
Lead Vocals- Phil Hughley
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Rhythm, Lead Guitars, Keyboards- Paul Childers
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin-The band” Mana”
BGV’s- Bradley Brassfield
BGV’s- Chadley Brassfield
Percussion – Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Drums – David Bedell

5 ) “Windy Shoals”
(Written by Mike Mostert & Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Mood Instrumental
Rhythm, Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac

6 ) “She’s Gone”
(written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino, David Bedell, Joe Sax, Latavius Mulzac)
Genre – Hard Rock
Artist – In Theory
Vocal- Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Bass- Joe Sachs
Drums- David Bedell
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac
7) “Taking my Heart”
(Written by Mike Mostert, Lanesha Latimer and Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- R&B /Pop/ Jazz
Lead Vocals- Lanesha Latimer ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Bass- Andrew Gouche
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Additional Lead Guitars- Jake Morelli ( Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran)
Drums- Andy Sanesi (Missing Persons, Franki Valli, Sebastion Bach, etc)
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac

8) “Life’s a Bitch”
(written by Mike Mostert & Tony Covino)
Genre- Metal
Artist – Bigg Mouth
Vocals – Tony Covino
Guitars- Mike Mostert
Lead Guitars Diego ” Ashes” Ibarra – ( Devil Driver, Static X )
Drums- Joe Franco ( Twisted Sister, Mariah Carey, WidowMaker)
Bass- Suzanne Stern

9) “I Want You to Know”
(Acoustic version) (written by Mike Mostert, Tony Covino + Latavius Mulzac)
Genre- Acoustic Pop Ballad with live Orchestra
Lead Vocals Chorus- Tony Covino
Lead Vocals Verse- Kaylee Loneker
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Mike Mostert
Rhythm and Lead Guitars- Marco Silva
Percussion – Fausto Cuevas ( Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Lopez)
Bass- Fernando ” Psycho” Vallin
Keyboards- Latavius Mulzac
Cello- Thomas Maternik-Piret
Choir- Lanesha Latimer, Chadley Brassfield, Bradley Brassfield
Twitter: @gogotuner
IG: gogo_tuners

Debut! | “Rearview” by Shannon Quinn

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Quinn Recently Released her Debut Single “Rearview”

Rearview by Shannon Quinn - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Nashville, TN – With relatable lyrics like I remember everything, from the coffee shops to midnight talks, but words are just words, I guess I’m not quite her, “Rearview” is sure to resonate with anyone who has gone through a breakup.

“Confusion, lies, love, memories – these are just some of the images that kept popping up in my mind as I wrote Rearview,” Shannon explains. “I always write to speak the truth – my truth. Rearview is a story of reflection and that’s what I hope listeners take away from this song.”

“Rearview” is Available Now on All Major Music Streaming Outlets!


Singer/Songwriter, Shannon Quinn

About Shannon Quinn

Shannon Quinn is a classically trained singer/songwriter from Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania. As a child, her passion for music was sparked by Taylor Swift. She began taking piano lessons and taught herself to play guitar, all while competing in local talent shows. Fast forward to 2019, Shannon obtained her degree in Vocal Performance and moved to Nashville, TN.
Twitter: @squinn_13
IG: squinnmusic

Drops Mic | “Up in the Air” by Curt Chambers

Rising Country Star Curt Chambers Releases New Single “Up in the Air”

Country Music Artist, Curt Chambers Nashville, TN – Curt Chambers is a GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter and producer who has gained notoriety for his unique fusions of rock, soul, country and hip hop. Curt released his third country music single “Up in the Air”. Curt co-wrote the song with Ashley Bowers (country singer who charted through Stony Creek Records/BBR) and co-produced and co-wrote several tracks on Jimmie Allen’s 2018 smashing debut album) and songwriter Allison Cruz (Big Deal Music Nashville). The Song was produced at Chris Young’s Losing Sleep Studios. The Tongue in Cheek love song was inspired one night when Curt ran into a young lady he was pursuing and he asked her why she was not responding to his calls. She said I am “Up in the Air”. His buddy turned around and said, “There is a song there Curt.” Chambers said the songwriting experience with Bowers and Cruz “was flawless, we wrote it in one day. I sat on this song for almost two years. I kept getting great feedback performing it out live and felt it was the right time because my fans were asking for it. I really want them to appreciate the song, which was stripped down with a purpose to showcase my country vocal styling and the lyrical content of the song.”

“Up in the Air” is Available Now on Apple Music, Amazon, & Google Play!

About Curt Chambers
Curt Chamber’s immense talent, partnered with his wildly diverse blues, country, and hip hop power-packed performances humbly provided him opportunities to share stages with a wide array of musical legends such as BB King, and Jerry Douglas as well as rock and hip hop icons like the legendary Dr Dre, Travis Barker, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and many more. He is pursuing his dream of becoming a Country Music Artist, and has made the move to Nashville where he has recently signed to WME. He has been invited to perform in different capacities at CMA Fest, Musicians Hall of Fame, Exit/In, Whiskey Jam, and Boots on Stage Shindig at Sea. He has also taken the stage in various venues in SoCal such as The Hotel Cafe, The Ranch Saloon, Stagecoach, and Coachella. Curt has toured with Country Artists, Tyler Rich, Dustin Lynch, Georgia Florida Line, Chris Young, and Jake Owen.

Often described as refreshing and innovative, the Philadelphia native’s gift as a musician were cultivated at home and in the church, where he was raised to appreciate diverse musical genres and was influenced heavily by gospel, soul, blues and country music. He was taught to play several instruments including piano, drums and guitar. It is on the guitar where the essence of Curt Chambers comes to life, captivating all who are fortunate enough to witness. Curt has turned legendary Honky Tonks into mosh pits of country music loving fans who celebrate his high energy vocal and music skills. He is a Rising Star in the Country Music Scene.
Twitter: @curtdarockboy
IG: curtchambers

Dynamic Duo | “Don’t Look Away” by Kylie Hughes & Luke Underhill

Rising Pop Songstress Kylie Hughes Enlists Piano Driven Singer/Songwriter Luke Underhill for “Don’t Look Away” Duet

Dont Look Away by Kylie Hughes and Luke Underhill - BRASH! Magazine BlogRising pop songstress Kylie Hughes has enlisted fellow songwriter and piano-driven talent Luke Underhill to partner for a powerful duet, “Don’t Look Away.” Written by Hughes and Underhill and a ‘super relatable track’ (Celeb Secrets).

Celeb Secrets exclusively premiered the track yesterday stating, “The moody duet covers the insecure feeling of loving someone that could suddenly leave you.” View the exclusive HERE.

Hughes explains, “When Luke and I sat down to write this song, we talked about both knowing the insecure feeling of loving someone that could suddenly leave you. It was sparked by our love of film and the movie HER. Joaquin Phoenix’s last monologue is so emotionally complicated and truthful that it inspired a poem that we worked into a duet. Fear of loss of love is something we both very much related to.”

Underhill continues, “Kylie and I wanted to paint a very real picture with these lyrics. She showed me a poem she had written and I mentioned it reminded me of the closing monologue from Spike Jonze’s movie HER. The feeling of longing for someone who’s right next to you. You don’t want them to turn a shoulder because you don’t know if they’ll turn back. We ran through other directions we could possibly go for this song, but that lost feeling is something we connected on.”

Underhill and Hughes began writing together about a year ago and quickly found an artistic synergy. Both artists split time between Nashville and LA writing and recording.

Hughes is a multi-talented artist, born and raised in Southern California who began writing and recording at the young age of 12. Her most recent self-titled album landed her features by likes of The Huffington Post, Examiner, and Music Connection’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists, to name a few. The budding talent has shared the stage with The Beach Boys, Jewel, Newsboys, MercyMe, and even performed a duet in 2013 at Carnegie Hall with Michael W. Smith.

Underhill, who is celebrating the release of his sophomore studio EP, Illuminations, has received more than 75,000 Spotify streams and has racked up more than 1 million YouTube views as an independent artist while garnering praise from the likes of and Elmore Magazine. The Chicago native has performed several times on the city’s beloved morning show, WGN and recently brought his energetic live show to Nashville for his second performance at the music industry’s most popular weekly hang, Whiskey Jam.

Recording artist, Kylie HughesAbout Kylie Hughes
Kylie Hughes is a multi-talented artist, born and raised in Southern California. Her songwriting offers a glimpse of her passion for spontaneous adventure, sassy personality, and a healthy dose of heartbreak to all of the music she makes. Her songwriting is a blend of pop and country rooted in her experiences through life. Her musical journey started at the impressive age of 12. Her first release was a collection of Christmas songs and shortly thereafter; a self-produced project featuring five covers and one original. Hughes’ Freshman year of High School is when she released her first original EP, Unsaid, produced by Emmy winning songwriter/producer Bobby Harty followed by another full-length collection of original songs called Still and 2010 single “Audience of One“.
IG: misskyliehughes

Recording artist, Luke Underhill About Luke Underhill
With diverse influences ranging from Gavin DeGraw and Bruce Springsteen to Ed Sheeran and Ben Folds, the multi-talented 23-year-old singer/songwriter, Luke Underhill, is making his mark in the format. Earning a reputation as the contemporary ‘piano man,’ the Chicago native’s emotional renditions of his songs have already earned him comparisons to a young John Mayer – while some more upbeat arrangements inspire exciting flashes of early Bryan Adams. Since the release of his debut studio EP The Left Side in 2017, Underhill has worked diligently to hone his skills as a songwriter, musician, and artist.
Twitter: @LukeUnderhill_
Instagram: LukeUnderhillOfficial

Week 61 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Robot by Beach Riot - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Beach Riot
Track: “Robot”
Brighton-Based self-described fuzz-pop outfit Beach Riot drop a rapid dose of alt-rock indie guitar grind with new single, “Robot”.

Six-strings kick-off left then right, fuzzed and blunt funky, tasty; bassline drops on the grunt, heavy hulk, overdriven obnoxious and awesome. Kick and snare punch the beat, double impact; metal fizz, rasp, and shimmer. The 3-minute 19-second track lurching at a glitch, percussive robotic.

Vocals ride on the rush, running the lyrics with ease, but at pace. Backing vocals adding width and depth. Additional flanging FXs bleeds hyperspace-texture left/right through the chorus. The light-glide of the vocal line contrasting the draggy groove and grind of the guitars.

Soaring, rocket-propelled, saturation-sonics lift, twist, and contort out of the track; glorious cacophonous distortion noise, swell and surge. Heavy-hit toms tumble in the flick, scatter, and landslide.

Cast raucous in the close sweat, the heave, and the rush of a packed pub gig, “Robot” delivers crowd-pleasing Independent goodness in thick, noisy portions. Never once missing a beat, the track drives throughout; a cover to cover barn-stormer. Come and grab some noise!
Twitter: @wearebeachriot
IG: wearebeachriot

Trouble Everyday by She Drew a Gun - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist:
She Drew The Gun
Track: “Trouble Every Day”
Singer-guitarist Louisa Roach aka She Drew The Gun lights the fuse on a rallying call to arms with new single, “Trouble Every Day”.

‘Well, I’m about to get upset from watching my TV. Checking out the news until my eyeballs fail to see.’ And with those words, Roach lights the fuse on her latest release, “Trouble Every Day”. A lone acoustic builds in protracted rake, and percussive stroke; beats snap and cough in tight, dry stabs; the six-string opens up in rhythmic rattles, hi-hat snips and nips at the track, hustling it onward.

Roach’s vocals gather pace, chasing the beat; words crammed with increasing punch and drive, a streaming-lyric of outrage; manifesto in frustration.

Bass riff crunches and shifts, cranking down the center with low force and push. Tremolo electrics drop in a shimmered lick, Morricone overtones. Sonics burst in shards left and right, distant gun and cannon fire.

The 3-minute 22-second track rises up off-balanced and intentionally unhinged, a wild animal likely to snap. Roach delivers a shuddering, unrelenting tirade, a call to arms; a rallying cry to stand up, denounce, and fight the shocking inequality and injustice of our social/political system; a wake-up call to all of us who have been sedated, comfortably numb to the normalization of exploitation en masse.

In a world where freedom has been exchanged for convenience, where freedom to consume has replaced freedom of speech, where the people are dosed dormant and cast serf by a ruling class, whose privilege and wealth are equaled only by their insane greed.

If you’re not angry, you’re simply not paying attention.
Twitter: @shedrewthegun
IG: shedrewthegun

beyond the grave by notelle
Track: “Beyond the Grave”
Nashville-Based independent artist Notelle delivers a haunting, heady dose of her trademark ‘heavy, messy pop’ with new single, “Beyond the Grave”.

Beginning in breathy atonal pulsating chants, more akin to speaking in tongues than conventional vocal, sub and bass shudder and grind out of the shimmering ambient. Claps, stacked and distant, burst and smack. Melodic hook whistles, unreal, yet not unnatural; dark sonics modulating with fizz and shifting tone. Piano keys count down in deliberate steps, as a riser lifts ethereal.

The 3-minute 22-second track erupts in great saturated waves of blunt, odd, phonics; the beat skipping and snipping at speed, a percussive rush of high-frequency energy. A massive soundscape of deep, low pressure, pushing at the gut and swallowing the body.

Notelle’s vocal drifts rise and falls. A ghost melodic, caught in perpetual contradiction; soaring to die back. Well-judged vocal FX add glitch and stutter, textures EDM set against the strange cinematic sound design. The production shadows Notelle’s voice throughout; massive tides of sound are driven skyward, only to plummet into darkness or ebb abandoned into the dirt of the noise floor.

Set willfully at odds with itself; dance-pop trading blows the alternative, experimental, and macabre, “Beyond the Grave” is a darkly inspired composition of intriguing and unsettling depth; an oddity of genre, an intentional exploration and act of self-expression in confusion; and yet, with undeniable strength of purpose and method of intent. Pop as it was meant to be and of the highest quality.
Twitter: @notellemusic
IG: notellemusic

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