Ready to Play A Game? | “Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire” Music Video by The Chillionaires

NYC Hip Hop Trio, The Chillionaires, Releases New Visual for “Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire”

Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire Music Vid - BRASH! Magazine Blog

New York Hip Hop trio, The Chillionaires is back with more dope rhymes and a new visual for the single, “Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire”. The music video was shot by Starr Mazi in Brooklyn, New York.

Members, Ruciano, Gucci Gray, and Sky Scraper adds their own style and segment throughout the track adding to the new wave of REAL rap!


Watch Music Video for “Who Wants to Be A Chillionaire”

About The Chillionaires
New York based rap group, The Chillionaires consist of members Ruciano, King Gray, & Sky Scaper. This trio’s debut release “The Formula” gained much recognition from rap music lovers and media outlets for this group out of Brooklyn, NY. Currently they are working on releasing new music and visuals showcasing their brand and creative rap styles.
Twitter: @_Chillionaires
Instagram: the_chillionaires


Psychedelic Success | “Toulouse” by Neon Cities

Denver electronic duo Neon Cities releases their first music video for single “Toulouse” following the success of their last EP In Waves

Toulouse by Neon Ctities - BRASH! Magazine BlogDenver duo Neon Cities self-releases a first music video for their new single “Toulouse” following the success of their In Waves EP, which has to date accumulated over a half million streams on Spotify since July. Toulouse is a instrumental chillwave composition in the vein of Com Truise, Sun Glitters, or Washed Out for all those folks reaching for warm memories of summer, conjuring up the south of France. The title comes from Neon Cities’ Chase, who developed the original song concept on a day off in the city of Toulouse while touring with downtempo and ambient artist Tycho.

“Toulouse” is Available Now on Spotify!

The video for “Toulouse” is a psychedelic and sensual composition developed by Neon Cities own Chase Dobson. It features time lapse botanical and nature footage moving in time and emphasizing audible cues in the title track to accentuate visually the beautiful nature of Toulouse.

Watch Official Music Video for “Toulouse”

Denver electronic duo Neon CitiesIf “Toulouse” is a sun bleached visit to the South of France, the B Side, Storm on the Isle is it’s dark side, a sprawling, moody, ambient excursion in a rain soaked isle off of Scotland in mid-October. Those familiar with Neon Cities’ prior releases will recognize the 80’s soundtrack aesthetic from Arcade Dreamer, the closing track from their debut Tessier-Ashpool EP. Storm on the Isle is marked by its vintage analog synths pulses and drones, creating a longing atmosphere that would not be out of place in the soundtrack for Netflix’s Stranger Things.
Twitter: @NeonCitiesMusic
IG: Neon_Cities

Next Up! | “W’s to M’s” by Clayt

VA Artist, Clayt, Gives us a Glimpse of What’s to Come

Ws To Ms by Clayt - BRASH! Magazine BlogWhat’s Next?
After releasing his “Things I Gotta Say” single this summer, Clayt continues his streak of gem-worthy singles with “W’s to M’s” (produced by All Angles) as he gears up for an EP release early 2019. It’s clear that Clayt is coming into his own with a fresh sound that fails to stir comparisons.

The song is really all about leveling up. Taking advantage of your situation no matter what. I talk about that when I mention how I had to sleep on the floor when I first moved to Atlanta. It’s motivation. – Clayt

“W’s to M’s” is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

Watch Official Music Video for “Things I Gotta Say”

About Clayt
Clayt hails from Newport News, Virginia, a town known for being home to legendary sports stars such as Allen Iverson and Michael Vick. Just like them, Clayt grew up through adversity in its notorious downtown area, becoming what he’s called “a product of the hood, just a weird example”. Though his surroundings may not have been the most inspiring, Clayt still managed to develop a passion for music, and strengthen an imagination that can be witnessed in his vision for success. After putting years into making a name for himself in the local area and throughout his home-state, 2014 was when he would make the most important decision of his life and career. Clayt decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start, and ever since he’s grown both as an artist and as a community figure. Realizing the lack of constructive influences during his youth, Clayt has now made it his mission to implement themes of artistry into his content. He is committed to the belief that if we are able to make people more comfortable with their gifts and ideas, we can not only save dreams, but lives as well. Representing the Mutant World collective, Clayt seems to be well on his way to becoming the next Hometown Hero.

Twitter: @ClaytWorld
IG: ClaytWorld

Week20 |Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
New Music Monster

Music Reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Sugar & Spice Single ArtworkArtist: vverevvorlf
Track: “Sugar & Spice”
Passion pop, home brewed anthemic noisemakers vverevvolf deliver an high speed slice of synthpop and vocal hook, saturated up, with a dash of garage on the lofi, new single, “Sugar & Spice”. The Bay Area based duo hit 2017 running, with stand out debut release, bit crush/gated drum and synth-wave-80’s power pop ballad, “Cruel Games” earning them a premier with ‘top tier publication’ Nylon. Their debut EP, Electric Blue followed earlier this year, attracting the attention of in-store playlists, H&M, Hollister and Bloomingdales, and landing sync licensing spots on MTV, the CW and Viceland. Singer/writer Kelsey LaRae’s and singer/writer/producer Dylan Gallagher’s infectious brand of seemingly paradoxical anti-pop pop music, returns with new song, “Sugar & Spice”. The very playlist friendly, 2 minute twenty six second track, sprints along in a series of builds and augmenting instrumental layers, that accelerate in leaps and surges; each one left, intentionally on the glorious side of untidy. The production alternates and juxtaposes from chart pop tight to DIY loose; snares hit in the slot, only to be flanged up; deftly processed synth pads, give way to heavy saturated sequencers ; ear catching, singalong vocals are drop on the money, yet drenched in saturation. vverevvwolf stubbornly pushing the emotion, the experience, taste and texture over the slick, easy or generic. The result is an intoxicating cocktail of perfectly blended imperfection; as two opposing artistic approaches, the intimate and the crowd-pleasing, are set off against and in support of each other, to create a single intention; held together in a state of perpetual contradiction. vverevvolf are part of a larger wave of new Independent pop acts, determined to throw off the limitations of sterile mainstream pop, and instead create their own brand of honest, emotion-led, raw pop.
Twitter: @vverevvolfmusic
IG: vverevvolfmusic

Karmic PressureArtist: Karmic
Track: “Pressure”
Self described, ‘Co female fronted’ Electronic pop four piece Karmic take time out of their busy ‘genre melding’ schedule to release funky bit beat, vocal hook & harmony masterclass, new single “Pressure”. Dating back to 2016 debut release, stripped down, 3 minute 44 second slice of pop delight, “Higher Self”, Karmic have been gradually grinding out a hard earned and well deserved reputation, as a stand out pop act. With five more singles in 2017, and latest release “Pressure” making it three singles for this year, the talented quartet have so far opted out of the traditional approach of EPs/LPs, and very much opted into the modern, search engine friendly, practice of prioritizing regular and frequent single releases. Refreshingly for a contemporary, up and coming pop act, karmic are not just relying on playlists to build their fan base ; having already completed a European tour, they are working the live scene hard, earning them 1,299 followers on Spotify (with many of their listeners hailing from European cities). Latest drop ‘Pressure’ arrives laden with well crafted pop hook and vocal arrangement. Lead singers Laura Baruch and Kylee Katch playing off and supporting each other with great success; their voices both contrasting and complimenting; a stream of instantly singalong vocal riffs runs throughout the 3 minute 14 second track; the patois of the lyrics switching from driven percussive, to stop and drop, in smartly worked vocal phrases. Intelligent use of sonic space within the production, further enhances the vocal structure; the track built in a sequence of stop/start beats and electronic elements. A dry and restrained use of reverb, keeps the track feeling open and clean; leaving space for the various ingredients of the arrangement to resonate and breathe. Clever use of panning in combination with EQ, creating a wide, spacious mix, with an ever varying stereo balance; engaging and entertaining the ear. Coming complete with fair whack of uber cool attitude, accomplished songwriting & production, a solid touring ethic, plus the stand out vocal pairing of Baruch and Katch, Karmic are rising to meet the pressures of the Music Industry head on and, in doing so, reaching a higher self.
Twitter: @thisiskarmic
IG: thisiskarmic

unspoken album artworkArtist: Elyss Daya
Track: “Unspoken”
London based artist Elyss Daya drops a 3 minute 5 second slice of dulcet tone, scattered beat and sublime vocal with new single, “Unspoken”. ‘My bedroom songs are now yours’, reads the description of Elyss Daya’s autobiographical playlist, ‘Complete: Elyss Daya’. Working from her own home and producing her own material, the term ‘bedroom songs’ may well be apt; but moreover, it speaks to the confessional nature of Elyss Daya’s music; each song an act of confiding in her listener, each song a quiet act of intimacy. So early in the young artist’s career, the ‘Complete: Elyss Daya’ consists of just two tracks, new release“Unspoken” and debut single, dusty pop gem and subdued riser on the down beat, “Ignition” (released in 2017); thus speaking to ambition of Elyss Daya, as if debut single’s title ‘Ignition’ wasn’t clue enough, the two tracks are merely the beginning for the talented singer songwriter. This ambition is evident in the hard worked, quality of production, brought to new release, “Unspoken”. The stereo field breathes in out with deftly crafted reverb, backing vocal and synth pad, creating an ever shifting sense of width and depth. Well chosen instrumental element modulate, pulsate and oscillate in smartly contrasting rhythms; while well judged variety of musical range, further enhances the multi-layered arrangement. Beats tick and stutter, bit crushed and in the background; the track softly driven, by gentle bass drops and pushes. Elyss Daya vocals walk light footed down the center of the track; her voice edged on a whisper, with a underlying echo of the melancholic. Delicate use of harmony serves to lift the vocal, in airy stanzas; complimenting and defining in relief, the sadness of the lyric and tone. “Unspoken” is both an ambitiously well crafted alt electro-pop track, and an intimate act of songwriting. Elyss Daya successfully reconciling those two apparently conflicting values; and in doing so, making herself someone to watch, with something to say.

Look out for Elyss Daya’s next single, “Nothing New” (to be released this Friday, November 9th).
Twitter: @elyssdaya
IG: elyssdaya

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Fanning the Flames | “Heart on Fire” by Morrison

Electro-Rock Artist, Morrison, Releases New Single “Heart on Fire”

Heart on Fire by Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog(New York, NY) – Miami-based rock/pop artist Megan Morrison (aka MORRISON) bursts onto the indie music scene with her incendiary new single, “Heart on Fire.” The song is the first release from Morrison’s debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Spring 2019.

Listen to “Heart on Fire”!

Morrison’s music career began at a very young age while growing up in Massachusetts. After singing in high school choirs and musicals and ranking at the top of her high school All-State competitions, she pursued a music degree from University of MA Amherst. Studying opera, she discovered she excelled at musical theatre having nabbed the lead in the musical, Cinderella. For her senior year, she moved to New York City to attend Hunter College and audition for Broadway musicals. Eventually, she began singing in rock/punk bands throughout the City where she found “her calling.” She moved to Miami in 2009 where she formed her first official band, Dorothy’s Surrender, for which she wrote all the songs influenced by her biggest inspirations: Hole, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails and Audioslave. Her second band, Revlover, formed in 2016, and had more of a folk, inspirational rock sound.

She Makes Music called Morrison’s vocals “full of rebellious attitude and a tone to back it up.” Miami New Times named Morrison one of the “Five Miami Women Artists to Watch on International Women’s Day” in March 2018, noting her five areas of expertise–a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, model, and fire dancer. Her last skill led her to guest appearances in music videos by Pitbull and Elvis Crespo and onstage with pop singer Jessie J.

Morrison - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Today, Morrison has a new band for her solo project that has more of an electronic rock sound that she attributes to her favorite band, Muse. (She considers herself the female Matt Bellamy!) Be sure to look out for her new music video for the “Heart on Fire”, featuring the artist dancing with fire!
Twitter: @MMorrisonMusic
IG: MeganMorrisonMusic

A Message to Watch | Music Video for “Watch Us” by Young Deuces ft. Beverly Anne

Young Deuces Releases 1st Official Music Video, “Watch Us” (ft. Beverly Anne), from Album My Unapologetic Black Thoughts

My Unapologetic Black Thoughts by Young Deuces - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Young Deuces, of rap duo SNYD, recently released the music visual for “Watch Us” (ft. Beverly Anne) from his first solo project My Unapologetic Black Thoughts. The song speaks on the struggles of men & women of color but also uplifts and provokes the change in thought and demeanor. “Watch Us” encourages to never play the victim and remain in a positive mindset. The video captures black excellence, a good time and displays the positive light of all.

Watch Official Music Video for “Watch Us”


My Unapologetic Black Thoughts Album by Young Deuces is Available Now on Spotify!
Twitter: @Young_Deuces
IG: Young_Deuces

Top 5 iTunes Rock Band Scheduled For Indie Week Showcase In Toronto

Across The Board will perform at The Hideout in Toronto on Wednesday, November 7th as a First Round Pick for Indie Week Canada 2018

Across the Board Performs at Indie Week 2018TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — 2018 has been a banner year for Toronto-based pop rock band, Across The Board. They completed a successful Canadian tour, in support of their latest album, Sonic Boom. The title track from that album reached #4 on the iTunes rock chart. They have received multiple awards and critical praise, including an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Indie Music Hall of Fame and 2 Global Music Awards. The band also traveled to Dollywood in September for the renowned Josie Music Awards. Earlier this month, Across The Board re-released their catalogue with AWAL-distributed, MTS Records, including their recent 3-song live set, “Live In Studio.”

Now, Across The Board is focusing their attention on their upcoming Indie Week Canada 2018 Showcase. The band will perform at The Hideout in Toronto on Wednesday, November 7th. This is the band’s second Indie Week Canada appearance, having debuted at Indie Week in 2017.

Across The Board is currently working on their fourth album, while they continue touring in 2018-2019.

About Across The Board
Across The Board is Jacqueline Auguste (lead vocals/lead guitar/strings//keys/percussion) and Andy Ramjattan (electric guitar/bass guitar/percussion) with supporting musicians, Martin Heller (keyboards); Ryan Souza (drums); Ben Healey (lead guitar); and Tasha Henry & Shezelle Weekes (backing vocals).

Across The Board has over 500 music videos on Youtube and Facebook, and produces daily content including a musical vlog, their popular cover series “Pick Up & Play” now in its fifth season, a musical cooking show, acoustic jam show and a “Caravan Karaoke” series—collaborating with artists from across Canada locally and nationally as active producers and performers of independent musical content. They have taken the role of “rockers & vloggers” to new heights, with a both rapidly growing global fan base, and an increasingly diverse discography and videography for viewers, listeners and fans of this band of multi-instrumental diversely talented Canadian musicians.
Twitter: @atbmusiccanada
IG: acrosstheboardmusic

About Indie Week Canada
Indie Week Canada has become one of Canada’s premiere indie music festivals showcasing 300+ acts from all over the world in front of music industry professionals. Indie Week offers 6 nights of showcases, late last call after parties serving until 4am, 25+ venues, music industry panels, industry mixers, demo listening sessions, mentorships, sponsored stages and more. The project is funded in part by FACTOR Canada, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters.
Twitter: @indieweek
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