Summer R&B Stories | Hennessy & Rose Petals Album by Wyen Solo

UK Recording Artist, Wyen Solo, Releases Summer Love Stories with New Album, Hennessy & Rose Petals

Hennessy & Rose petals by Wyen Solo, UK singer/songwriter

The 11 track album, Hennessy & Rose petals outlines smooth R&B sounds just in time for Summer. Wyen Solo’s debut release consists of stories of  love lost, and reflections penned from her own experiences. Throughout the album, we are re-introduced to Solo’s vocal range and skills in songwriting. From reminiscing to making declarations of not being a pushover, Hennessy & Rose petals, takes us on a soulful journey of REAL R&B adding to the surge of indie recording artists keeping the genre going strong! Listeners will gain a variety of styles from this album as Solo delivers heavy beats, soft ballads, jazz melodies, and even a taste of trap-style to enjoy.

Hennessy & Rose petals album by Wyen solo

Shontay Broadway | Mello Beatz | J. Casso | Daj Jordan | Shawty Chris Beats | XVR Black

Hennessy & Rose petals is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!
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Chess Moves | “Girl You’re So Money” by Tyson Kelly

LA Artist, Tyson Kelly, Presents 60’s Psych Rock Single, “Girl You’re So Money”

la artists, girl you're so money by tyson kelly, no signal ep“Girl You’re So Money”, the single fuses gritty 60’s psych rock with tripped-out modern pop soundscapes, reminiscent of Tame Impala meets Neil Young. Draped in modern electronics and oozing synthesisers, the track evokes summery vibes with its minimalistic yet compelling melodies. “Girl You’re So Money” thematically focuses on wanting something so bad but trying to play your cards right. Kelly’s laid-back, sultry vocals softly ride atop the quirky instrumentation, emitting an almost hypnotic effect.

The single is from Kelly’s first solo EP No Signal  coming this summer! The new five-track EP is a collection of songs which focuses on reflection and contemplation. The release is filled with heavy and heartfelt lyricism narrating the feelings of love lost. “I named the EP No Signal because there is a bit of that theme throughout. There’s five songs and each one touches on the feeling of friction and pain of rejection in one way or another” reveals Kelly.

“Girl You’re So Money” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

Tyson KellyAbout Tyson Kelly
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Tyson Kelly creates music which fuses gritty 60’s psych rock with tripped-out modern pop soundscapes. As a New York Film Academy graduate, Kelly’s artistic flair runs deep throughout his music and visuals. Having taught himself both classical piano and guitar from a young age, his music reaps musical maturity, with his highly anticipated debut EP featuring an eclectic mix of both old and new.

You may have seen Kelly in his previous band King Washington who shared the stage with such notable acts as Arctic Monkeys, Ambrosia and Collective Soul. Or perhaps you’ve seen him disguised as John Lennon, where he has spent the past nine years touring the world far and wide, even making his debut on Broadway and ultimately being labeled one of the most sought after John Lennon impersonators. Kelly has now taken it upon himself to truly embrace the music he writes through a new avenue, taking the leap as a solo artist and pursuing his vision.

As the son of renown Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Tom Kelly, who wrote multiple hits such as Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’, Whitney Houston’s ‘So Emotional’ and The Pretenders ‘I’ll Stand By You’ to name a few, Kelly is no stranger to the world of hit making. Following his fathers footsteps, he is on the path to writing his first hit, who at a young age wrote Madonna’s breakthrough hit ‘Like A Virgin’. Influenced by the likes of David Byrne, Thom Yorke and David Bowie and other artists who maintained true to themselves throughout their careers, Kelly is embracing who he is and going with it.

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Jammin’ for the Summer | “Everyday Sun” by The Aztext

Vermont Hip-Hop Duo, The Aztext, Drops New Single “Everyday Sun”

vermont, hip hop duo, the aztext, everyday sun

Produced by Rico James, “Everyday Sun” features singer/songwriter Xenia Dunford. The duo of Pro and Learic has several albums under their belt including their 2007 album The Sacred Document featuring Mac Lethal and One Be Lo. The Aztext has collaborated with !llmind & Shuko, Craig G, Wordsworth and Romanian emcee Skilltester Stabbone, (“Break It Down” music video). Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP. “This song is meant to make people feel good,” Pro explains. “A summer jam meant to warm the soul.”

“Everyday Sun” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

The Aztext hip hop duoAbout The Aztext
Since 2005, Vermont based duo The Aztext have been a dependable go-to for classic, head-nodding boombap. With influences like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, their up-tempo energy, lyrical word play and storytelling have made them a favorite in underground hip hop communities globally.

All four of The Aztext full length EPs have earned them top spots on ‘best of’ lists both locally and beyond, with 2007’s The Sacred Document maintain cult status still receiving 100s of streams and downloads every month.

The Aztext have collaborated on tracks with platinum producers !llmind & Shuko, as well as underground legends One Be Lo, Mac Lethal, Craig G, Wordsworth and others.

Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP.
Twitter: @TheAztext
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NATION | Something Happened EP

MUSIC EXCLUSIVE w/ NATION About Something Happened EP in the Latest Issue of BRASH!

something happened - NATIONNATION, headed by the musicianship of Guillaume Destot (Vim le Commodore), is a blend of futuristic soul influences. This band was formed in 2016 with Destot, Swanny E, Mael C, Edison K, and Cleo B. Hailing from Paris, France, NATION creates music for the people with a true love of the craft. They give a sense of hope within a world of chaos which is prevalent in their first EP release, Something Happened.

To develop the latest project, Destot found the musical inspiration through a wide variety of artists such as Prince, Jamie Liddel, Raphael Saadiq. Throughout Destot’s life, Stevie Wonder played a major role in getting inspiriting as well as other soul music artists. Currently, he is looking more at the future bass sound.

Read more in the SUMMER ’18 Issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!


NATION | Something Happened EP - BRASH! Magazine

Summer Sounds | “Whip Me” by Lost Stars

Nashville Pop Band, Lost Stars, Release New Single “Whip Me” and Head Out for Summer Tour

Nashville band, Lost Stars, whip me by lost stars, pop band, pop music, indie music news, entertainment source, summer tour

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Alternative pop band, Lost Stars release 80’s influenced single, “Whip Me” on all digital platforms.

The glam pop grandeur and infectious dance grooves of the 80s were a big influence on this release,” expresses the band. “The music of the 80s has a profound influence on us as musicians, and we wanted to blend sounds from that decade with modern influences from our generation.

This year, the band just wrapped up a 20 date, independent spring tour across the east coast and midwest. This new single showcases a new progression and growth for our sound from their debut EP, Dreaming in the Dark.

“Whip Me” is Available Now on all Music Streaming Outlets!


Nashville band, Lost Stars, whip me by lost stars, pop band, pop music, indie music news, entertainment source, summer tour

Shortly after in the spring of 2017, Damian Malnar (vocals/keys), Charley Holden (guitar), and Trey Warner (guitar) went on tour for the first time, hitting places like Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta. During this time they opened up for heavy hitting indie bands like Coin and ARIZONA, gaining thousands of new fans along the way.

Check out the dates for Lost Stars’ upcoming tour this Summer!

Lost Stars - Tour
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Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

tobis monster pick

milck.jpgArtist: MILCK
Track: “Oh My My (What a Life)”
A clap n stamp along beat, heralds a very welcome return for the multi talent, multi genre inspired MILCK, with the uncharacteristically upbeat, ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’, and nobody more surprised by this optimistic turn, than the Artist herself. The gifted vocalist ‘chat sings’ her way through the verses with a deftly timed conversational style, making friends of her fans, just gossiping the day away, ‘ hotel lobbies. Sshh!’. The singalong friendly choruses and pleasingly simple piano hook, once again demonstrates the classically trained, multi-instrumentalist MILCK’s integrity and good sense, by putting her fans enjoyment above any misguided, self indulgent need to ‘show off her musical chops’. ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’ is an impressively well crafted and tastely restrained crowd pleaser, perfectly pitched to own the summer. MILCK is , deservable, very much a star on the rise. stand up, put your arms around your friends and sing it loud, ‘Oh! My! My! I could cry! Cry! Cry! I’ve never been this happy in my life!’.

Twitter: @milckmusic
IG: milckmusic

his human conditionArtist: This Human Condition
Track: “Living for the Summertime”
Bristol based ‘electronic pick n mix outfit’, This Human Condition are ‘Living for the Summertime’ with their Neo-Synth-Dance-Pop mélange, latest release. Cloud light, floating synth pads are contrasted and driven well by flanged up Linndrum style beat, evocative of iconic 80s tracks, like Prince’s mini epic, ‘When Doves Cry’. Erasure laid back vocals, carry lyrics rich in idea, social observation and satirical reference. This Human Condition takes the familiar, and successfully blends it together with tasteful sleight of hand, and a ‘middle finger pinch of irreverence’. ‘Living for the Summertime’ is a gentle grower that will quietly work its way into your head and your heart.

Twitter: @ConditionThis
IG: Humancontitionsf

la thuneArtist: Angèle
Track: “La Thune”
Outspoken, French speaking, Belgium eccentric pop artist, Angèle, ‘easy swaggers’ her way into the summer with dubtronic popsonic, ‘La Thune’ (en Anglais, ‘The Cash / Dosh / Wonga’). Angèle’s lazy sweet vocal breezes above the reggae inspired, stutter-swing beat. Curious melodic oddities stop and start, left to right, playing sonic space against stylishly reserved instrumentation, which successfully opens up the stereo field. The Clever and timely use of vocal harmonies add width, depth and warmth to the Francophone pop jaunt, which is further enhanced with skillful and imaginative use of reverbs. The result is a surprisingly chart friendly, well pitched, eclectic mix of musical inspirations. ‘La Thune’ inspires favorable comparisons with Blondie’s, ‘The Tide is High’, and is arguably more musically accomplished and certainly more successful in tone and spirit. Angèle proving, she is very much one to watch and deserving of a much higher profile on the international stage.

Twitter: @angele_vl
IG: angele_vl

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She Doesn’t Cry in the Corner | “Two Way” by T BARZ

New Single from Hip Hop Artist, T BARZ, “Two Way”, From Upcoming Debut EP, GENESIS

Two Way by T BARZ, female hip hop, new release, genesis ep, t barz“Two Way” was written and produced by T Barz, Lou Humphrey and Jasmon Joyner is AVAILABLE NOW on all download and streaming outlets, via the BSE Recordings imprint. T BARZ’ debut EP, Genesis will be released later this summer.

“The moment I heard the track, I fell in love with the beat and immediately, I knew that I wanted to tell a story….a story that’s easy to follow,” says T Barz. “I was on Facebook one day and saw a post of a guy that mentioned, “women always crying when a guy does them wrong or cheat on them, just do it back!” & I was like hmmm, ok that’s my story line….a woman playing the game right back instead of curling into a ball and crying,” she mentions. “It’s a boss move that women rarely make or have the strength to do, so I made it happen in a song,” she adds.

This past fall, T BARZ generated national buzz as her single, “Flexin'” became the #1 Hip-hop/Rap single on and Apple Music for (3) consecutive weeks. On Sunday, July 1st, T Barz will take New York City by storm as she rips the SOB’s stage as the opening act for The Money In The Bank North American Tour featuring Smoke DZA and Bodega Bamz.

Two Way by T BARZ, female hip hop, new release, genesis ep, t barzAbout T BARZ
Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Felecia Nichole Tunstall musically known as T Barz realized her gift of writing in 2009 when she started writing poems which turned into spoken word that she performed at local functions. Within the past 5 years Barz has gotten more in tuned with turning her spoken words into musical pieces. She is overall multi-talented with paid skills in acting and dancing with styles in Hip Hop and Lyrical. T Barz is a triple threat with a strong work ethic. Her lyrics speak on her life experiences in music, hip-hop, love, personal struggles and victories. Her message is both powerful and positive. This past fall, T Barz released her debut single, “Flexin” to great success topping the Rap/Hip-hop charts at #1 for (3) consecutive weeks.
Get ready for a queen to claim her throne in the hip hop world!
Twitter: @TBarzzzz
Instagram: @TBarzzzz