Don’t Keep Me Waiting | “Tonight” by The Jacks

Southern California Rock Band, The Jacks, Releases New Single, “Tonight”

Tonight by The Jacks

New gritty indie rock new single from Southern California four piece The Jacks,“Tonight”, features gritty guitar, energetic percussion and influences of early Brit rock. The single premiered earlier this week exclusively with Atwood Magazine.

The band have been selling out high profile venues including The Troubadour and The Roxy and have been featured in such publications as Live Nation’s One’s To Watch and Earmilk. This Fall, The Jacks will start their nationwide tour!

“Tonight” is Available Now on all digital streaming outlets!

We are not a rock band, we are a rock n’ roll band.
The Jacks

With a heavy influence from the British Invasion of the 1960s and 70s, The Jacks have developed a rare sound that is unruly, bold, and hard to be ignored – they won’t settle for blending into the scene.

From their live shows to their recording techniques, they keep integrity to who they are and how they believe their music should sound. The 4-piece doesn’t hide behind auto-tune, click tracks, or backing tracks, what you hear is what you get.

With their latest release, The Jacks are “holstering loads of promise, so it’s time you gave them a listen, have the advantage of being able to shout ‘I heard ’em before they got famous’ when they crack the big time, and indulge in some great music” (One Stop Record Shop).

The Jacks - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Jonny Stanback (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) |Tom Hunter (Lead Guitar)
Scott Stone (Bass Guitar) |Josh Roossin (Drums & Percussion)


07 Sep / The Peppermint Club / Los Angeles, CA
08 Sep / Pub Rock / Scottsdale, AZ
09 Sep / Congress Theatre / Tucson, AZ
11 Sep / The Blue Note / Oklahoma City, OK
12 Sep / Deep Ellum Art Co / Dallas, TX
18 Sep / The End / Nashville, TN
29 Sep / Louder Than Life / Louisville, KY
05 Oct / The Rathskeller / Indianapolis, IN
06 Oct / The Rathskeller / Indianapolis, IN
14 Oct / Aftershock / Sacramento, CA
19 Oct / The Resident / Los Angeles
09 Nov / The Wayfarer / Costa Mesa, CA
Twitter: @__TheJacks
IG: TheJacks.Band

Music News: The End of the World as We Know it – Animated Music Video

Second December releases its first music video for the track Dear E

The fully animated video is a visual interpretation by artist Gemma Pauwels of the words to ‘Dear E’. The song explores the idea of an apology letter addressed to planet Earth for a relation gone sour.

While the song takes the listener into a dark mood with an explosive ending the animation follows the travels of a human being through time.


About Second December
Second December is an indie rock band from the Netherlands (hometown Leiden). The Dear E EP is Second December’s first release. At this point in time the band focuses on live gigs and are in the process of writing new material for their first full album.

dear e EP, second december, EP, new music, music industry news, entertainment industry, indie music news, brash magazine blog, dear e by second decemberThe 3 track Dear E EP is available on all major streaming services such as AmazonSpotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp and Soundclound. Links to these streaming services (or full EP download) are available on Second December’s website.

The animated clip can be found on Youtube or Second December’s website:
Twitter: @_SecondDecember
Instagram: 2econdDecember

About Gemma Pauwels
Gemma Pauwels from Utrecht (NL) works as a full time illustrator for several major Dutch newspapers such as Trouw, De Standaard and Dutch magazines such as Opzij, VPRO tv-guide, and many others. Travel is a recurring theme in her personal projects (drawings and paintings). From her office she travels to mysterious and remote destinations.

Since about a year Gemma Pauwels also makes short animations. The animated video clip for Second December’s “Dear E” is her first step into the world of music videos. Learn more at
Instagram: GemmaJo

Music Video of the Week | “Face To Face” by Beachwood Coyotes

Music Video of the Week
“Face To Face” by Beachwood Coyotes

Jason is tripping in Hollywood at 2AM. Having just taken acid for the first time, he navigates through a vortex of geometric displays comprising the essence of life before deciding he simply must go on a night hike up the Beachwood Canyon trail to the iconic Hollywood sign. The band Jason has played guitar in since age 16 has just broken up after years of cross-country tours, and he suddenly faces an uncertain future.

Unfortunately for Jason, as he approaches the trailhead he spots a group of coyotes heading down towards him.  Have you ever seen coyotes on acid? They’re scary as hell. Jason retreats back to his apartment, wallowing in disappointment at another lost opportunity.

He discovers the next morning that three decapitated bodies were discovered on that very same trail, victims of an apparent gang hit. Time of death? The exact same time he was scared away. Did those beachwood coyotes save his life? You bet they did.

Suddenly songs start pouring out of Jason, years and years of relentless touring providing fertile subject matter for songs about the loneliness of life on the road and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. After bringing the hard-hitting rhythm section of bassist Drew Smith and drummer Bryan King on board along with Canadian guitar phenom Yan Clermont, Beachwood Coyotes is born.

The band retreats to a dark practice space and writes loud powerful songs with catchy beats and reckless melodic pop abandon. They design a DIY light show and pour every ounce of their energy into their live shows. The packed gigs feature frequent stage diving and impromptu in-crowd performances, that quickly gain the attention of Los Angeles tastemaker station KROQ.

“Face to Face” highlights the band’s use of infectious melodies, driving rhythm section and strong harmonic vocals, creating the ultimate indie rock anthem. Rolling My Eyes showcases the versatility of the band, with a more funky electronic/hip-hop sound and socially conscious lyrics critiquing race relations in America. “We believe the best bands are like a melting pot of each person’s styles, which together achieves something unique that you’d never be able to sit down and describe in advance”, confides King.
Twitter: @BeachwoodCoyote
Instagram: BeachwoodCoyotes

New Alternative Rock for the Weekend ! | “Tel Aviv” by Ocean Flaws

Until I’m Right…Until That Day….

Essex-based (UK) alternative rock band, Ocean Flaws, recently hit the rock airwaves with their new single “Tel Aviv”. This track gives a psychedelic feel to an open letter. Tel Aviv takes you on a journey where you’re reminiscing of past times and wondering when did it all change? Getting swept up into someone and trying to break free.

ocean flaws, alternative rock, indie rock band, essex, UK, music industry news, tel aviv by ocean flaws

This single came highly recommended by British Prime Minister, Theresa May. “I love a strong baseline…I would encourage all music journalists to feature this song.”

Listen to Tel Aviv Now!

If it’s stamped by the British Prime Minister, BRASH! HAD to take a listen. Tel Aviv can give so much meaning to another style of love, friendship, and the effects of the ones around when chasing a lifestyle.

Tel Aviv by Ocean Flaws is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify.

Band Members
Vocals / Bass: Callum Quirk
Guitars: Hamish Monk & Sean Heaney
Percussion: Alex Pattle
Twitter: @OceanFlawsUK
Instagram: OceanFlawsUK