Paper Doll Collection Meets New York | Jason C Peters Fashion Show

Paper Doll Collection by Jason C Peters Made Its Way to Showcase in New York

jason c peters, model thin, cotton model flakes, fashion show, new york fashion show, paper doll collection by jason christopher peters, NY Fashion, fashion show tour, jason Christopher petersFashion designer, Jason C Peters is keeping the Paper Doll Collection on the move with his recent New York showcase introducing newer pieces to fashion lovers in the Big Apple. With the continuation of his fashion tour, he’s spreading the message of the industry that is making others think as well as utilize these message to affect change. Although the fashion world is an influential place, the hidden messages about looks and standards can take a toll on society as a whole. Guests were treated with vendors and drinks sponsored by Given Spirits.

In doing his part as a celebrity designer, Peters is taking his own creativity and shining a light on the issue that are often ignored.

With the New York show, the Paper Doll Collection touched on the issues of size, age, and even self-respect. Continuing the theme of models being made up as cliched dolls, they hit the runway with a purpose!

The paper doll collection is forcing people to be intellectuals and use their minds to grasp the true meanings and concepts of what I’m trying to convey about the fashion world and world in general. Accept and love one another for who each of us are.

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The message of drug abuse, staying thin, and the constant reminder that models are more that just walking billboards for merchandise, were all highlighted within this showing. These individuals are used as tools to increase sales but rarely they are looked upon as human beings. With the constant demands from the industry, it throws them into a cycle of pain, lack of confidence, and mental/physical issues.

The Delicate Flower – From the Desk of Jason C Peters


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The delicate flower piece has a strong meaning. The model is the beautiful Arlene Love who is 82 years old. Arlene became a fan of my work some years back then a true supporter. I chose to work with her again because of her beautiful spirit. She is someone who I can call a friend and is an amazing individual.

Delicate symbolizes a type of innocence to me. I feel as though delicate can take on different forms which most see as weak. On the contrary my belief is that delicate people have hearts and are loving people who have beautiful souls. A flower is something beautiful. Arlene wearing the piece symbolized that after all the scrutiny the pulling plucking demands on being thin, to look like a barbie to be the perfect “model.” She still is a delicate flower which wants to be treated respected and loved for who she is, not what the fashion world wants to transform her into.

Another win for Jason C Peters and the Paper Doll Collection. The tour will continue to New Jersey and DC in Sept and another showcase in NYC. Peters promises us that as the tour goes on, the shows will get more profound. And WE CANNOT WAIT!!

Photo Credits: Jpquant Studio

BRASHION! NEWS | Jason C Peters NYC Fashion Show [Aug. 12th]

Celebrity Designer Jason C Peters is Giving The Big Apple the Paper Doll Collection Experience

jascon c peters, fashion designer, celebrity designer, fashion model, jason christopher peters, new york events, networking event, fashion industry, fashion show, ny fashionCurrently on his fashion tour, designer Jason C Peters is showcasing “The Paper Doll Fashion Show” in New York this Saturday, August, 12, 2017. Fashion industry lovers are in store for this amazing collection and the stories told behind each piece.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to patronize vendors from up and coming brands, hand-picked by Peters, to enjoy exclusive shopping and an exclusive look at the collection!



Tickets can be purchased at

Anyone in the New York and surrounding areas should NOT miss this event as you will have the opportunity to meet the designer along with other movers and shakers in the fashion and entertainment industry. Come dressed to impressed and ready to see a fashion show like none other.

Event starts at 6pm located at 131 West 24th St. New York, NY (Private penthouse).

Event Details:
This event is for ALL AGES!
General Admission Tickets are $15
VIP Tickets are $25 (Includes exclusive gift bag & signature cocktails by Given Spirits)
**Once ticket is purchased your name automatically goes on list at the door**

RED CARPET: 6:30-7:15PM
DESIGNER Q&A: 8:15pm – 8:25pm

Purchase your tickets now!

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BRASHION! | Tales from the Runway with Jason C Peters

 Fashion designer Jason C Peters uses a unique theme and designs to tell a VERY real story of models within the fashion world

jason c peters, fashion show, atlanta, fashion, celebrity fashion designer, brash magazine blog, runwayOn June 10, 2017, celebrity fashion designer and model, Jason C. Peters held an extravagant fashion show event displaying his creativity on the inside fashion world.  The event was held at Iridium Clothing in Atlanta, GA, guests were able to patronize vendors along with enjoying drinks provided by Given Spirits.

Using his gift, Peters displayed a subject matter that is touched on but not heavily publicized by fashion industry leaders. The theme involved the topic of how the industry can be fake and utilizes hopeful models looking to rise in their dream, only to mold and shape them into unrealistic beings. This in turn, contributes to their self-esteem issues and unfortunately some’s demise.

The theme of the show personified childhood toys, paper dolls, to showcase another perspective inside the world of fashion along with placing slogans that described the message within every piece. With each look, a transition took place before our eyes showing the stages of what models are constantly being forced to look like and the lifestyle changes throughout their careers.

With his platform, Jason C. Peters touched on:

atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, fashion designer
The clichéd “Malibu Barbie”
. Molding models into unrealistic body type and lifestyles inspired by a popular childhood doll.

Being High on Fashion. When the fashion world becomes an addiction creating this fabricated high as one would feel from a “puff puff pass”.





atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, models, runway show


The Loss of Identify. “Pull Tightly” forcing models to become thinner and thinner to fit industry standards.

Pill Poppin’. This stigma of perfection then dwindles down to using vices to mask the pressure and the pains of wanting to be perfect. This desire of perfection is encouraged by industry insiders and critics.





jason c peters, atlanta fashion show, model

Stripped Down. The showcase also displayed models being stripped down to where they lose themselves in that world and losing their soul.







jason c peters, kids fashion model, atlanta fashion show, fashion designer


The Next Generation. The pressures are then passed on to younger generations where they fight to understand the balance of “being themselves” in which they are taught, however being influenced to “go with the flow” of what is demanded from them to keep their place in the modeling world.




Jason C Peters | Atlanta Fashion Show

Standards of Beauty for Female Models:
Male models were plain, no makeup. While female models were dazzled up in glitter, heavy makeup showing the markings of what the industry wants: perfect lips, perfect eyes, perfect hair, and perfect face.






So many memos were given in this story told through a runway showcase. It is important that industry insiders, the public, and critics’ alike take heed to them and understand that the industry can destroy from inside out. These stigmas not only hurt people who are looking from the outside dying to be the man/woman in the magazines, it also takes a toll on the models.

Great show and we look forward to see more from Jason C Peters, on the runway!!

You can see more about this show in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

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