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hogan injury, me too movement, harassment, workplace, work ethics, sexual harassmentSexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and is punishable by law, but did you know that it is also a type of discrimination? Sexual harassment is considered to be a type of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and there is a branch of the government that deals explicitly with discrimination called U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

How do you know if you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace? As per the definition of the EEOC, if an individual’s rejection of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical sexual conduct affects their employment status, their work performance, or creates a hostile or offensive work environment for the employee, then it is considered as sexual harassment.

Two types of sexual harassment occur in the workplace:

1. Quid Pro Quo – This type of harassment is more easily seen and is what people think about when they hear the term sexual harassment in the workplace. Quid pro quo means that a person of higher authority than the victim requests sexual favors or wants to start a sexual relationship in exchange for the victim not getting fired or punished. Sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or a raise also fall under this type of sexual harassment.

2. Hostile Work Environment – This type of harassment has more to do with subtler behavior which does not directly ask someone for sexual favors. Photographs, jokes, and threats that are sexual in nature and other inappropriate sexual conduct are considered to be of this type of harassment. These behaviors should be prevalent enough that it creates a hostile workplace for the victim, hence the name.

Some of the most common misconceptions about sexual harassment are false, and you should take some time to know these. The widespread belief that only women can suffer from sexual harassment is wrong, both men and women can be suffering from sexual harassment. It is also untrue that sexual harassment only happens between people of the opposite sex; the law has recognized that illegal sexual harassment can occur between people of the same sex. Lastly, sexual harassment is not exclusive to someone with a higher authority; it can also be from your coworkers.

Now that you’ve identified that you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, here are the next steps that you should take:

1. Check your employee handbook. – Employers usually have an employee handbook which tells you the appropriate actions inside the workplace. Most of these handbooks have specific instructions on what to do when you experience sexual harassment in the office; you should follow these procedures when filing a complaint.

2. Document your experience. – Make sure to take note of as much detail as possible; write down the time, place, and date where the incident of sexual harassment happened, what was said and done, and take note if there are any witnesses to what happened.

3. Speak up. – Talk to your supervisor. Tell them about the situation and the steps you’ve already taken to address it. Talk to the company’s HR department or the people responsible for workplace investigations.

4. Talk to your support system. – Suffering from sexual harassment can be very traumatic. If you feel comfortable opening up about the situation, talk to your family or friends about it.

5. Take your complaint to the government. – This step only needs to be done when your employer doesn’t take action on your claim. You can contact your state’s human rights or civil rights enforcement agency or the EEOC to file a complaint. They will investigate your claim and negotiate with your employer. If the government agency cannot resolve your complaint but determines that it is valid, they will issue a “right to sue” letter which means that you can bring your case to court.

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Are You Ready for the Heartbreak?

The Blakk Dahlia Announces eBook Release Date for “Rushing to Distraction”, Lead-off from upcoming book series the “Heartbreak Diaries”

rushing to distraction, heartbreak diaries, the blakk diaries, african american books, romance novels, authors(New York, NY)  – They shared a passion. He changed some of his ways for her, gave her the possibilities. So why did she end up alone?

The first “diary entry” Rushing to Distraction is a story of losing focus when the possibility of love arises. The book dives deep into the emotions of a career-oriented women who risks losing it all over trying to make love work. The expectations of what it’s supposed to feel like overshadows what is. She wasn’t looking for it, but once it was in reach, she refused to let it go.

Rushing to Distraction serves as the lead off for the Heartbreak Diaries Series. The eBook will be available NOW!

Within the Heartbreak Diaries book series, readers will get the chance to decide who breaks the heart and how.  Heartbreak Diaries will invoke thought, relate, and be transparent about the need for companionship.

Check out the desk note from The Blakk Dahlia, 
“Seat Filler”, Welcoming you to the Heartbreak!

Heartbreak Diaries is a project that has been long in the making for The Blakk Dahlia, E. Alexcina Brown. She describes the process as therapeutic moments of taking snippets from her own personal experiences as she was living them. “I started this project in 2014. With some stories, I was writing them as I was going through these situations. This is my own personal diary of my way of thinking when it came to dating. Sometimes we’re afraid to say what all we’ve done to hold on to love or the ideas of love. Heartbreak Diaries are my way to being transparent with a touch of suspense for avid book lovers.”

The Blakk Dahlia also serves as a lifestyle blog channeling the journey of taking a major risk of leaving everything she’s known to going after a major challenge in taking on a new city, new lifestyle heading full force in pursuing dreams as a writer, model, and entrepreneur in NYC.

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FashionForRoyals Giving New Year Food Tips


2018 is here and it’s time to make sure our resolutions are followed through. There might be a long list to consider, but one thing that everyone wants to make sure is to be healthier and happier in the year to come. When it comes to being healthier, a lot depends on the kind of food you eat and the lifestyle you follow. So if you are looking to revamp your food habits in the next year, here are a few tried and tested tips…Click here for more!

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