Hip Hop Visual for the Culture | “Yea Yea” by 86Joon


Cali-based Rapper/Model (Karmaloop), 86Joon Releases Music Video for “Yea Yea”

Pomona, California-based rapper, skateboarder and Karmaloop model 86Joon presents the Ezio Auditore-directed music video for “Yea Yea”, the new single from 86Joon’s new album Til It’s Gone, featuring production from GStheGenius and Maine. “Yea Yea” is produced by French producer Tilka. Joon’s previous work includes the Nighttide EP. A sponsored skateboarder, Joon fought a heart arrhythmia which held him back from skating for some time, driving him to focus on music fully.

Watch the Official Video for “Yea Yea”

86Joon says “Yea Yea” is the result of “always having to say yea yea to the people in life that take and never give back. When you’re the one who wants everyone to win, you’re taken advantage of and start playing their way. You somehow become the villain like yea yea, I already know your type.”

Til It’s Gone by 86Joon is Available Now on Spotify & iTunes!

Twitter: @sk86joon
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BRASH! Magazine Sept/Oct ’17 Cover Reveal | TERAJ

MEET TERAJ! The Latest Cover Artist for BRASH! Magazine

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Cover Photo Credit: Natalie Poette

New season new BRASH! Kicking off our Fall Season, R&B/Pop singer Teraj and ushering us in with his inspiring story of taking chances and keeping his passion in music alive! Along with being an artist, this talent has spent time in front of the camera modeling for major brands and using his social media influence to take everyone on his journey in music and entertainment.

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue also features music releases, exclusive interviews, and highlighting moguls within the Indie Scene. Check out what these brands are doing for independent artists and MAKING NOISE in their own way!

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine will hit your digital waves on September 16, 2017! Stay tuned…