BRASHION! Exclusive | No Pay No Runway®

BRASH! Magazine Interviews No Pay No Runway®‘s CEO/Founder, Carnell Jones. A Model Movement Giving Voices and Raising Awareness for the Beauties of the Catwalk

No Pay No Runway Interview - BRASH! Magazine Blog

No Pay No Runway® was formed to bring awareness to all models who may have found themselves being treated unfairly or manipulated into working for Free.

Did you know that every time a model hits the runway during your favorite fashion event, she walks away with experience, minimum exposure, and weeks of countless emails/inquiries for pictures to add to the portfolio. Many are unaware of the time investments given in the industry from models who are looking to make their own mark. Unfortunately, those opportunities to start and thrive as a working model are very few.

No Pay No Runway® is standing up to be that voice. Giving models a platform to advise and speak out against designers, fashion production companies, and other brands utilizing their talents for events to boost their company’s profiles, and leaving the models with nothing.

BRASH! Magazine reached out to the founder of No Pay No Runway®, Carnell Jones, for more details on the movement and how models can get involved!

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

BRASH! What is the overall mission for the movement? Our mission is to give every model a voice to speak out against free labor in the fashion industry, and to eventually get them the wages they deserve.

BRASH! Why do you feel that models accepted the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in order to hit the runway? Many models accept the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in the beginning because most of the producers and designers are selling them false hope and dreams. For a young model to hear “If you walk for free, you will get great exposure and you will eventually become the next modeling star” is a rather soft spot for most models. The average model is between 15 & 25 years of age, so when they hear “You will become famous one day”, they tend to put their guards down and accept anything.

Read the full exclusive interview in the Spring ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine.

For more information, follow No Pay No Runway® on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a model who would like to reach out to the movement regarding mistreatment in the fashion industry, email
IG: NoPayNoRunway


BRASHION! | Tales from the Runway with Jason C Peters

 Fashion designer Jason C Peters uses a unique theme and designs to tell a VERY real story of models within the fashion world

jason c peters, fashion show, atlanta, fashion, celebrity fashion designer, brash magazine blog, runwayOn June 10, 2017, celebrity fashion designer and model, Jason C. Peters held an extravagant fashion show event displaying his creativity on the inside fashion world.  The event was held at Iridium Clothing in Atlanta, GA, guests were able to patronize vendors along with enjoying drinks provided by Given Spirits.

Using his gift, Peters displayed a subject matter that is touched on but not heavily publicized by fashion industry leaders. The theme involved the topic of how the industry can be fake and utilizes hopeful models looking to rise in their dream, only to mold and shape them into unrealistic beings. This in turn, contributes to their self-esteem issues and unfortunately some’s demise.

The theme of the show personified childhood toys, paper dolls, to showcase another perspective inside the world of fashion along with placing slogans that described the message within every piece. With each look, a transition took place before our eyes showing the stages of what models are constantly being forced to look like and the lifestyle changes throughout their careers.

With his platform, Jason C. Peters touched on:

atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, fashion designer
The clichéd “Malibu Barbie”
. Molding models into unrealistic body type and lifestyles inspired by a popular childhood doll.

Being High on Fashion. When the fashion world becomes an addiction creating this fabricated high as one would feel from a “puff puff pass”.





atlanta fashion show, jason c peters, celebrity designer, models, runway show


The Loss of Identify. “Pull Tightly” forcing models to become thinner and thinner to fit industry standards.

Pill Poppin’. This stigma of perfection then dwindles down to using vices to mask the pressure and the pains of wanting to be perfect. This desire of perfection is encouraged by industry insiders and critics.





jason c peters, atlanta fashion show, model

Stripped Down. The showcase also displayed models being stripped down to where they lose themselves in that world and losing their soul.







jason c peters, kids fashion model, atlanta fashion show, fashion designer


The Next Generation. The pressures are then passed on to younger generations where they fight to understand the balance of “being themselves” in which they are taught, however being influenced to “go with the flow” of what is demanded from them to keep their place in the modeling world.




Jason C Peters | Atlanta Fashion Show

Standards of Beauty for Female Models:
Male models were plain, no makeup. While female models were dazzled up in glitter, heavy makeup showing the markings of what the industry wants: perfect lips, perfect eyes, perfect hair, and perfect face.






So many memos were given in this story told through a runway showcase. It is important that industry insiders, the public, and critics’ alike take heed to them and understand that the industry can destroy from inside out. These stigmas not only hurt people who are looking from the outside dying to be the man/woman in the magazines, it also takes a toll on the models.

Great show and we look forward to see more from Jason C Peters, on the runway!!

You can see more about this show in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

jason c peters, atlanta fashion show, models, celebrity designer, fashion
IG: JasonCPeters

BRASHION! Recap | Sunday Funday in Fashion – Walk Fashion Show ATL Edition

Walk Fashion Show Tour Hits the ATL

walk fashion show, walk fashion show atl edition, host, dwight eubanksOn June 4, 2017 BRASH! had the pleasure of attending the Independent Designer Show from Walk Fashion Show ATL Edition. This showcase featured talented indie fashion designers from all over displaying their latest styles on the catwalk. With the event hosted by Dwight Eubanks (Real Housewives of Atlanta), guests were in for a great runway evening in showing what the capital of the Dirty South has to offer in welcoming different styles in the ATL Fashion Scene.

Walk Fashion Show also gave us a special treat with International Designer Stevie Boi’s “Noir Collection” following a special appearance on the ATL runway.

These indie fashion designers really showed how BRASH! they could be in making noise on the catwalk in the fashion scene. We’d like to thank Walk Fashion Show once again for welcoming the BRASH! Brand in the media pit along with putting on a fabulous event. No wonder this fashion show production company is going on tour, you can’t contain all of this greatness to just one city.

Miss the Atlanta Edition? Don’t worry because the Walk Fashion Tour 2017 is still going on! Click here for upcoming tour dates in a city near you!

Check out some of our BRASH! favs from the show! And you can see MORE looks in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!

merocki, walk fashion show, independent fashion designer, atlanta

Kimfy Apparel

walk fashion show, kimfy, independent designer, atl fashion show

kimfy apparel, walk fashion show, independent fashion showcase

FarrierBell Fashions

FarrierBell Fashions, walk fashin show, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, atlanta, farrierbell fashions, indie fashion

farrierbell fashions, walk fashion show, atl, indie fashion


farrierbell fashions, walk fashion show, fashion showcase, independent designer showcase, runway

Myke Sims Collection

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

myke sims collection, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show

walk fashion show, atl edition, myke sims collection, independent designer showcase

myke sims collection, walk fashion show, atlanta edition, independent fashion designers

The House of Avid

walk fashion show, the house of avid, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, the house of avid, independent designer showcase

walk fashion show, indie fashion, the house of avid

the house of avid, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show, fashion 2017

Ashley Gold Jewelry

ashley gold jewelry, walk fashion show, independent designer showcase, walk fashion show tour 2017

ashley gold jewelry, walk fashion show, atl, fashion, jewelry

Jenee Dionne
jenee dionne, walk fashion show, independent designers, fashion show, ATL

walk fashion show, atlanta fashion, jenee dionne, independent fashion designers

Stevie Boi “NOIR Collection”

stevie boi, noir collection, walk fashion show, atlanta fashion show, atl

walk fashion show, atl, stevie boi, noir collection

walk fashion show, stevie boi, noir collection, international designer, walk fashion show

stevie boi, noir collection, walk fashion show, international designer

BRASHION! News | Walk Fashion Show Tour 2017

walkfashionshowFashion Show production company, Walk Fashion Show, is taking a tour hitting cities in the US AND going INTERNATIONAL. This showcase consists of a series of fashion showcases providing a platform for indie and established models and designers. In its growth, Walk Fashion Show, has spread this platform providing opportunities for models and fashion designers to display their work for buyers, press, and all around fashionistas.

Check out their upcoming shows and cities:

Walk Fashion Show Detroit Edition
Sunday, May 28, 2017
Eastern Market Shed #5
2934 Russell St. Detroit, MI

Show Schedule:
2:00pm – Walk University Children’s Showcase
5:00pm – Emerging Designer Showcase
8:00pm – Independent Designer Showcase

Tickets available now CLICK HERE

Walk Fashion Show Atlanta Edition
Sunday June 4, 2017
The Ballroom at the Carlos 2500 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329

Show Schedule:
2:00pm – Walk University Children’s Showcase
4:00pm – Emerging Designer Showcase
7:00pm – Independent Designer Showcase

Tickets available now CLICK HERE

Walk Fashion Show New York Fashion Week
Sunday, September 10, 2017 @The Skytop
New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania
401 Seventh Avenue|New York, NY 10001

Show Schedule: 
12:00pm – Walk University Children’s Showcase
3:00pm – Emerging Designer Showcase
7:00pm – Independent Designer Showcase

Walk Fashion Show Paris Fashion Week
Sunday, October 1, 2017@Pan Piper2-4 Impasse
Lamier, 75011 Paris, France

Walk Fashion Show Atlanta Edition
Walk Fashion Show Atlanta Edition will take place at the all new Mercedes Benz Stadium home of the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, November 11, 2017. For more information email Designer Registration now open email

You can get a sneak peek of Walk Fashion Show’s Independent Designer Showcase during NYFW ’16 here and in the Sept/Oct ’16 issue of BRASH! Magazine.

About Walk Fashion Show
Founded in 2009 by Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey, WALK was created to add to the emerging fashion industry in their hometown of Detroit. WALK averages over 500 women to each casting call and over 2,000 fashion forward show attendees from the metro Detroit area and around the country each year. For more information visit,
Twitter: @WalkFashionShow
IG: WalkFashionShow

Style Fashion Week New York Recap

Style Fashion Week Produces Groundbreaking Event at
Madison Square Garden


Style Fashion Week, the producer of globally recognized fashion events, broke boundaries with an unforgettable day of immersive runway shows, elaborate catwalks and memorable performances. Undeterred by the effects of Thursday’s intense winter snowstorm, crowds of fashion industry and consumers gathered at The Theater at Madison Square Garden to see fifteen designers showing their latest collections, while chart-topping musicians performed.

SFW2.jpgSpecial performances by Sky Ferreira, hip-hop artist Layzie Bone (Bone Thugs & Harmony), Pop Singer Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees), Miri Ben-Ari and Meredith O’Connor as well as music stylings by Mims, Missals, JP Vance, Squidnice and Smooky MarGielaa and DJ JES entertained a packed crowd of consumers, fashion industry insiders, VIPs and celebrities including Jessica Pimentel, Nicole Arbour, Miss J Alexander, Michael Raven, Caila Quinn and Madeline Stuart, amongst others.

Style Fashion Week also collaborated with Russell Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation on an exclusive art installation for the Style Marketplace. Located in the lobby at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, the Style Marketplace immersed guests in fashion, art and commerce.

For more information, visit