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A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
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Tobi's new music monster

In the Dark by Vok Artist: Vök
Track: “In the Dark”
Icelandic dream pop trio Vök deliver a three-minute twenty-two-second dose of shimmering melody and pulsating electro beat, with new single, “In the Dark”. Formed on the fly in 2013 for Iceland’s annual ‘Músíktilraunir’ competition, by singer Margrét Rán and saxophonist Andri Már, Vök has begun 2019 in similar prolific form, with “In the Dark” their second release of the year and follow up to ‘Erase you’.

An intoxicating, easy groove shifts the track forward in open, unfolding stanzas of tastefully layered instrumentation, carefully placed across the stereo field in a spacious arrangement that is equally pleasing and compelling to the ear. A smartly worked combination of tight dance kick and assorted electro percussion give the track both a driving center and engaging width. The on/off bassline is used to successful effect to create an ever-varying sense of dynamic and weight within the core of the track. Musical element is used sparingly. The band opting for contrast in absence as much, if not more than by addition. Guitar and synth are blended together to create an uplifting pop hook. Acoustic guitar adds extra texture and sonic interest.

Lead singer Margrét Rán vocals are given comfortable breathing space at the heart of the mix; lyrics delivered in well-judged phrases of short, punchy line and counter. Clever use of reverb and delay add emphasis and additional rhythm and ear candy. The choruses arriving in gloriously hushed harmonies that glide and resonate.

“In the Dark” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Twitter: @vokmusic
IG: vokmusic

From Here by someone

Artist: Someone
Track: “From Here”
Willfully anonymous multi-discipline Artist Someone drops dreamy electro sonics, lyrics in whispers and waves of fuzzy synth awesome, with her new single, “From Here”. Preferring to create, rather than be limited by brand/image, Independent Artist Someone expresses herself across a broad canvas of medium, from music to painting to film/video art. Her latest musical offering, “From Here” is her second of the year and follow up to “Say Something”.

A sweetly syncopated rhythm shuffles and snaps the track along in engaging swings and sways. Quirky melodic lines arrive and pass by, with apparent haphazard ease. The three-minute fifty-second song unfolding and folding back up in expanding/contracting layers of funky lo-fi synthesizer, modulated and filtered in sugary bites of electro bits.

The vocals are delivered in hushed harmonies of scarcely uttered phonetic. The vocal lines acting every bit as much as a melodic element, as a lyrical device.

The tracks breaths a wonderfully nostalgic air, creating a compelling and encompassing emotional experience for the listener.

IG: someonespictures

My Love by Linney Artist: Linney
Track: “My Love”
Stand out singer-songwriter and electro-pop artist Linney drops a quietly compelling moment of tenderness, regret, and hope on the slow burn and the lo-fi, with her new single, “My Love”. With electro-pop singles ‘FamØus’ and ‘Substance’ earning 95K and 41K streams in short number of months, respectively, and the breathtakingly graceful piano ballad, ‘Gave it All’ winning the hearts of fans and named Brash Song of 2018, Linney is an artist unafraid of taking chances and undaunted by the challenge of taking a creatively rewarding, but nevertheless challenging, path to Artistic and professional recognition.

The LA-based Artist begins 2019 with yet another twist of musical presentation. Her latest release, “My Love arrives in cascading and untidy flicks and strums of percussive acoustics, panned left and right. A tumble-down drum beat smacks and snaps in syncopated shuffles from the back. Piano keys set deep and dark, punctuate the track in heavy resonance. A Doppler effect whizzes and whines from side to side, in an odd, willfully random act of ear candy.

Linney vocals and lyrics remain the one constant through her recent eclectic turns. Her voice soars with hard-earned ease, riding light across the delightfully haphazard track. Linney’s striking talent for honesty through songwriting is in great and successful evidence here. Her vocal performance providing an emotional center to the impressively original alt-pop composition.

And perhaps that is the true and abiding value of all Linney’s work. Throughout her ongoing conversation between herself and her art, through the electro-pop, the piano, and the tumble-down, her singular gift for honesty acts as a constant star. No matter how ugly, painful, or problematic, her songs remain true to her heart and, in doing so, resonate with and earn a special place in the hearts of her fans.

Twitter: @linneyofficial
IG: linneyofficial

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Business News | Longarrow Publicity

Young Entrepreneur, Trevor Perkins, Announces the Launch of Longarrow Publicity

Longarrow PublicityNashville, TN – Trevor Perkins, a well-respected young member of the music industry, has worked with many breakthrough artists throughout the country. After consideration, a decision to pursue his own path was formed. The new firm Longarrow Publicity offers a wide range of publicity services that enable him to push for a successful future for his clients.

Trevor Perkins founded the Nashville based online publication, Music Update Central with industry veteran, Jill Pavel back in 2014. Since the launch of the publication, Trevor has shared conversations with some of the country’s biggest stars in music including Walker Hayes, Jordan Davis, Phill Vassar, Kalie Shorr, and many other artists across the genres. Recently, Trevor teamed up with Cassie Lynn Wells, founder of Cassie’s Kick-Ass Country, to create an all-genre, all-female community, Music Like A Lady. Since launch in early 2018, they’ve released interviews with Stella Parton, Jenna Paulette, Lena Stone, plus many other talented artists.

Twitter: @Longarrow_PR

Week8 | Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

Tobi's new music monster

Kids in America by ofVerona - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: of Verona
Track: “Kids in America”
Kim Wilde’s 1981 debut single, “Kids in America” entertains the conjecture of a darker time, with alt pop/electro soul, three piece of Verona. The seminal 80s hit recast a wide sonic vessel of creeping ambients and melody in murmur; lead singer Mandi Perkins’ poring rendition, struts and frets her 3 minutes 36 seconds upon the band’s expertly crafted stage. Full of percussive sound and distant fury, much of Dillion Pace’s instrumentation deftly shrouded by EQ and set deep in layers of reverb. The pride, pomp and circumstance of Jeff Sojka’s glorious drum work, adds drama and depth to the mini pop odyssey. With many an pop act keeping it on the down low, the sheer cinematic scale and epic overtones of the LA based trio’s music, makes for an inspiring, if at times almost overwhelming listening experience. Set speakers Olympus high! Cry havoc and press play! “We’re the kids in America! We’re the kids in America! Everybody live for the music-go-round!”. Our revels now are ended.

Twitter: @ofVerona
IG: ofVerona


Tanners EP -BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Tanners
Track: “This Crazy”
New York based artist/songwriter Tanners drops a 3 minute 58 second slice of alt pop/psychedelic dream pop and cautionary snapshot, with new single “This Crazy”. Short percussive bass riffs partner a drum kit, set roomy; the rhythmic pair driving the song in a shuffled series of darting stabs and rolls. Synthpopped electro hooks and shifting synthsonics, modulated ambient envelop the track, providing width and depth. Tanners vocals are clear and bright, with a soulful hush, emphasized by well worked reverb. The young Artist’s lyrics, ideas and memories flow in an intuitive rush of singalong melodies and percussive turns; engaging in their haste, as Tanners relives and reveals the great waste of indulgent/destructive youth. Part confessional, part conversational, part art rock, part chartpop, “This Crazy” is an accomplished blend of contrasting musical influences, that strikes a compelling balance between art and entertainment; and places its author at the heart of a growing movement of young women, intent on bringing intelligent, challenging, socially and artistically relevant pop back to our much devalued charts. Tanners is very much an artist on the up…whoever she might be.

Twitter: @WhoisTanners
IG: WhoisTanners


Kaua E Mate Wheke by soccerpractise - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: SoccerPractise
Track: “Kaua E Mate Wheke”
Skip hop, trip electro, alt pop, four piece, SoccerPractise concoct a b*tches brew of simmering grooves, spiraled phrasing, and blue note inflections, with new single, “Kaua E Mate Wheke”. The heady mix of contrasting musical influences, shift like liquid, in layered depths, upon the stuttered and snapped, syncopated beat. Loop, sample and instrument, twist, turn and tiptoe in the sonic melting pot. Metallic shards sound percussive left/right; evocative of the experimental film soundtracks, belonging to 70s B-Movies, such as Tobe Hooper’s infamous flawed masterpiece, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (1974). The willfully unsettling instrumentation is grounded and given soul, by talented lead singer Geneva Alexander-Marsters’ quietly compelling, conversational vocal style and her use of te reo; the warm, open phonetics of the Maori language, bringing a rich, earthy weight to the hazy glissé of the quartet’s expansive musical expression. Ill-formed awesome, imperfect splendid, “Kaua E Mate Wheke” is an inspiring 3 minute 42 second slice of explorative art pop, extraordinary. Newly signed to Kartel Music Group, the New Zealand based group promise an ongoing musical journey, rich in possibility and improbability.

Twitter: @SoccerPractise
IG: SoccerPractise

Week8 Music Monster Picks


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MTS Management Group Artists Receive 22 Nominations in 5TH IMEA Awards

MTS Management Group artists have received 22 nominations in the upcoming 5th Annual International Music and Entertainment Association Awards (IMEA). The ceremony will be held June 16, 2018 at the Paramount Theater in Ashland, KY

imea awards, nominees, mts management group, award nominations, indie artists, indie music, music news, entertainment industry news

MTS Management Group is proud to announce their artists have received 22 nominations in the 5th Annual International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards.  The 5th Annual IMEA Awards will be held on June 16, 2018 at the Paramount Theater in Ashland, KY.  The IMEA Awards recognize outstanding artists in music and theater.  Nominees announced include artists from around the world, making it, truly, an international event.  For a full list of nominees, visit www.IMEAAwards.com/nominees/2018-nominees.

Current and recent MTS clients, Cherish Lee, Ed Roman, Eddy Mann, Hicks, Jim Levatte, JJ McGuigan, Matt Westin, Phillip Broussard, Rahn Anthoni, Richard Lynch, Sam Rochford and Wayne Warner have all been recognized with nominations:

Cherish Lee – Best Country Female, Best Country Song “Tequila Cowgirl”
Ed Roman – Best Adult Contemporary Artist, Best Adult Contemporary Song
“The Way She Goes”
Eddy Mann – Best Christian Artist, Best Christian Song “The Consequence”,
Best Christian Album “The Consequence”
Hicks – Best Country Male
Jim Levatte – Best Country Male
JJ McGuigan – Best Alternative Artist, Best Alternative Song “Home”
Matt Westin – Best Country Male
Phillip Broussard – Best Blues Artist, Best Blues Song “Just Wanna Believe”
Rahn Anthoni – Best R&B/Soul Artist, Best R&B Soul Song “I’ll Trust You”
Richard Lynch – Best Country Male, Best Country Album “Mending Fences”
Sam Rochford – Best Americana Artist, Best Americana Song “So Easy”
Wayne Warner – Best Americana Artist, Best Americana Song “God For a Minute”

Entertainer of the Year nominees, as well as nominees in industry categories Manager of the Year and Record Label of the Year have not been announced yet. Nominees were selected, from nominee submissions, by an anonymous Nominating Committee, comprised of industry pros. Winners in each category will be determined by the Voting Committee and a weighted fan vote.

“Wow…amazing!” said Michael Stover, President of MTS Management Group.  “I have been truly blessed to be working with some incredible artists.  This year has been one of the very best, and to earn the respect and recognition from our peers, with 22 nominations, is really astounding and humbling.  Thank you everyone, and good luck to all of the tremendous talents that are nominated.  See you all in Kentucky!”

The IMEA Awards are presented annually by the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA). IMEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and serving as an advocate to individuals and organizations within the performing arts and entertainment industries. The IMEA Awards were developed to honor and recognize the best in independent music and entertainment, internationally.  For more information, visit www.IMEAOnline.com.

Founded in 2010 by Award-winning songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Stover.  A music industry veteran of over 30 years, Michael is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with a degree specializing in the Music and Video business.  Michael has used that education to gain a wealth of experience within the industry: from retail music manager and DJ, to two-time Billboard Magazine Contest winning songwriter, performer and chart-topping producer, and finally, award-winning artist manager, publicist, promoter and label president.  In just 8 years, MTS Records has released 32 Top 40 New Music Weekly country chart singles, including TWELVE #1s and 8 Top 85 Music Row chart singles.

Twitter: @MTSManagement

International Award & New Music | Luke Underhill

Emerging Pop Artist Luke Underhill Celebrates International Acoustic Music Award

luke underhill, new music release, international Acoustic Music Awards Alternative, alternative music, acoustic version, ill be waiting by luke underhill, pop artist, musician, indie music news, male vocalist, indie music, indie artists, independent artists, music industry news, entertainment pressChicago, IL – Multi-faceted singer-songwriter Luke Underhill recently took home the runner-up award for his debut single “I’ll Be Waiting” in the International Acoustic Music Awards Alternative category. In celebration, Underhill has released the acoustic version of the track directly to Spotify.

“I’ll Be Waiting” was the first track released from Underhill’s debut studio EP, The Left Side. Shortly after the release of the fully produced version of the track, AXS.com premiered an acoustic video for the upbeat, guitar-driven song that has accumulated more than 22K views on YouTube.

“A catchy acoustic guitar drives the infectious track that gets stuck in one’s head almost instantly.”Melobee

“This track spills his heart to someone special giving them the choice to say the word I Love You. But how can one deny this guy giving his heart through music with his unique voice and melodies throughout the song giving more feelings that the words couldn’t express.”
BRASH! Magazine

“Up and comer Luke Underhill frames his gravelly voice, unapologetically, with his first single “I’ll Be Waiting,” an amalgamation of Bryan Adams, John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw.”B-Sides & Badlands

For more information, visit www.lukeunderhill.com.

Twitter: @LukeUnderhill_
Instagram: LukeUnderhillOfficial

Who’s Up Next, According to Ray Sang

UK Industry Blogger, Ray Sang, Highlights Who will be Making Waves in 2018

There are a number of artists, across a wide range of genres who really put in the ground work last year; leaving a last impression on the music sphere.

Brent Faiyz
Brent Faiyaz, rnb music, singer, Crew', grammy nominated, sonder son, indie music, entertainment industry newsEntering the New year with a Grammy nomination for the song “Crew” with GoldLink and Shy Glizzy, can only foreshadow the greatness to come for Brent Faiyaz.

Known as one of the premier rising acts within the rejuvenated R&B scene, Faiyaz is not one to shy away from the realities of hardship. It is this openness that strikes a chord with his audience, developing him into the relatable artist we see today.

His Debut album Sonder Son, praised for its honesty, details the ability to find joy and peace amidst difficulty.

This however was only the tip of the iceberg. Faiyaz heads out on tour January 30th and had hinted that 2018 will be one for the History books.

We wait in anticipation. Whatever he has up his sleeve is bound to be spectacular.

Alicai Harley 

Pink hair, great style and killer dance moves. In 2017 Alicai ‘Hot Shot’ Harley made it a point of duty to make her presence known on the UK music scene.

She has hit the ground running and shows no signs of slowing down.

Following the release, and subsequent success, of her single “Gold” the singer/rapper now redirects her energy to performing.

There is no doubt that we will be seeing her lighting up stages all around the country. Who knows we may even get an album this year or at the very least an EP.

Arlissa, nas, music artist, uk artist, singer-songwriter, Hard to Love Somebody’, Sticks and StonesArlissa released her first single, “Hard to Love Somebody”, with rapper Nas in 2012, followed by “Sticks & Stones” in 2013 and has worked with P Money, Schiller, Tough Love and Netsky. She spent the vast majority of 2017 sharing her music on YouTube and Facebook capturing our hearts with poignant, heartfelt lyrics.

The singer-songwriter is kicking off the new year with a new single and a headline show at the London Omeara.

Whatever her plans for the coming year if January is anything to go by it is sure to be a busy one.


We will be forever indebted to YouTube auto play for the discovery of this artist.

Etham spent 2017 gracing stages up and down the country and connecting with his fans.

His single “Better Now” released late last year has already reached over 3 million views and his audience continues to grow.

It is hard to believe that this singer-songwriter is still a teenager. The lyrical depth and emotion-fuelled passion of his music is simply Astonishing.

Undoubtedly, 2018 will house a plethora of shows for this budding artist and maybe even a top 10 single.

One thing is for certain. Regardless of country or genre, 2018 will be an exciting year of growth and artistic development for many within the music sphere.

music industry, blogger, industry me, london blogger, uk blog, industry blog, entertainment media, writer, ray sangAbout Ray Sang
Rachel Sanguinetti, better known as Ray Sang, is London Based Creative Industry blogger dedicated to providing a platform for upcoming musicians and creatives. ‪With her usp being inclusivity, she is all about celebrating originality and has written and interviewed creatives from a number of sectors including music, food and interior design.‬ For more, visit www.IndustryMe.co.uk.

Twitter: @IndustryMee
Instagram: IndustryMeOfficial

Just One Last Time | “Back On You” by Hannah May Allison

Country Singer/Songwriter, Hannah May Allison, Releases New Single”Back On You”

back on you by hannay may allison, country music artist, singer songwriter, hannah may allison, back on you lyric video, new music release, indie artistCalifornia native Hannah May Allison presents a pop/country powerhouse single, “Back On You”. This track explains backtracking to an old flame while trying to get them out of your head. Relating to this tune in the lyrical sense, the music production keeps the melodies flowing smoothly as Allison showcases her vocal talents in executing the song. “Back On You” is a great song to play as a “just because” song or to help anyone going through the same scenario.

“Back On You” represents her new catalog of songs she has been working on with other top-flight Nashville writers since her last release that showcase the songwriter’s unsentimental, but achingly truthful, take on the world around her.  Hannah May will be releasing more of her new songs soon, and she invites everyone to follow her journey.

Allison also released the official lyrics video available now on YouTube!

“Back On You” by Hannah May Allison is Available Now on all digital music outlets!

country music artist, country music singer, new music release, back on you, brash magazine blog, hannah may allisonAbout Hannah May Allison

Country singer/songwriter, Hannah May Allison grew up in Palo Alto, California, a town thirty miles south of San Francisco. In an area known more for the Grateful Dead than for country artists, Hannah developed a love and appreciation for traditional country music through her parents, who hail from Oklahoma, and especially from her mother, who was a professional country singer in an earlier life. Hannah May’s laid back West Coast personality mixed with her southern roots makes her the definition of California country.

Now living in Nashville, Hannah recently graduated from the songwriting program at Belmont Uni-versity and is pursuing a full-time career in music. She plays at the top singer-songwriter venues in town such as The Bluebird Cafe, The Listening Room, The Basement, The Country, and Belcourt Taps. She is also a part of an up-and-coming songwriting group called SMASH:30—a company made up of five new artist/writers who play and write together and have been stirring a buzz around town.

Twitter: @HannahMayVocals
Instagram: Hannah_May_Allison