New Release! | “Headcase” by Kyan Palmer & nicopop.

Kyan Palmer & nicopop. Deliver Pop Perfection With New Single “Headcase”

Headcase by Kyan Palmer and nicopop. - BRASH! Magazine BlogPowerhouse pop duo Kyan Palmer & nicopop. are back with the release of their third collaborative single, “Headcase.” Kyan Palmer’s sleek soulful vocals and irresistible pop hooks perfectly compliment nicopop.’s futuristic pop production, resulting in an irresistible summer-ready anthem.

As many music love stories go, Palmer and nicopop. first connected when their managers set them up for a songwriting session. nicopop. explains that when the duo met, it was an instant match made in musical heaven: “We have a similar work ethic and taste pallets that compliment each other really nicely in the studio.” He continues, “I truly feel that when Kyan and I work together, we make the music we’ve always wanted to be making.”

“Headcase” comes hot on the heels of the duo’s first two releases, the R&B tinged “Unofficial Lover” and the effervescent “Antisocial Socialites.” The response to the first two songs has been prodigious, with early support from Billboard, Atwood Magazine, and Hilly Dilly, as well as nearly 1M+ cumulative streams and 20+ official Spotify playlists, no small feat for any unsigned act. The duo plan to release more singles over the course of the summer, culminating in a full-length project later this year.

“Headcase” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

Kyan Palmer and nicopop.

About Kyan Palmer
Persian-American pop artist Kyan Palmer kicked off his career behind the scenes of the music industry working in marketing at Republic Records and RocNation. He uploaded his debut single “Burn Mona Lisa” on a whim and much to Palmer’s surprise, the track skyrocketed up the Spotify viral charts. To date the single has amassed over 3.5M streams, leading Palmer to quit his job and relocate to Los Angeles to focus on songwriting full time. In September 2018 he revealed his debut EP also titled Burn Mona Lisa.

Known for his buoyant melodies, poignant lyricism, and silky R&B vocals, Palmer has also become an in demand songwriter. He’s attended writing camps for stars such as PRETTYMUCH, Bhad Bhabie and Little Mix, and has recently been in the studio with Timeflies, MOONZz, Kira Kosarin, Aiden Alexander, and Emily Zeck. As of late Palmer has also penned original tracks for this season’s Vanderpump Rules (Bravo).
Twitter: @kyanpalmer
IG: kyanpalmer

About nicopop
Drawing inspiration from the visual overstimulation of the early 2000s, electronic artist, animator, and producer nicopop. is the answer to two decades of pop culture obsession. nicopop.’s effervescent pop sound is fun, danceable, addictive, and flawlessly produced. It’s old meets new; it’s y2k meets Gen Z.

Since the unveiling of the nicopop. project this past summer, the praise has already been flying in from key tastemakers such as Buzzfeed and Billboard, as well as a multitude of HypeM blogs. With more original music on the way and writing credits on songs with Naomi Wild, Kyan Palmer and Evalyn, there is no doubt that nicopop. will soon be the quintessential sound of pop.
Twitter: @iamnicopop
IG: iamnicopop

Musical Journal Entries | Resist EP by Rachel Norman

Soulful Pop Singer Rachel Norman Sparkles on Impressive Debut EP, Resist

Resist EP by Rachel NormanSinger-songwriter Rachel Norman recently released her debut EP Resist, taking listeners on a soaring journey of tightly bound jazz-pop harmonies, synthy string compositions, and layered melodies, all led with soaring vocals. Drawing on a variety of influences, such as Ariana Grande and Overcoats, Norman shines on her debut release with a dynamic, powerful, and irresistible delivery.

Celebrating her college graduation this spring, Norman’s lyrics reflect on her personal life and transition to adulthood, revolving around themes of family, relationships, and the female experience. Self-described as “musical poetic journal entries”, she provides an intimate and personal reflection of emotion and truth. Finding her bearings as a young adult, as well as a musician, Norman hopes others will take inspiration and self-actualization from her work, towards their own creative and artistic pursuits.

Resist is an incredibly personal album that documents moments of tragedies as well as revelation and self-affirmation,” shared Norman. “I wrote the Intro when I was sixteen years old in the wake of my parents divorce. I wanted to include this on the album because it provides context for the duality between abandonment and consolation expressed in later songs, especially ‘Sadness’. Despite life’s hardships, there are many different kinds of love that are eternal! Romantic love is not the only kind that is capable of fulfillment, and we must resist the temptation to place our self worth in the hands of other people. It is engrained in our society for women to define themselves within the context of men, and I hope to subvert that pressure and resist it.”

Ensuring that her writing, production, and release process wouldn’t be rushed, Norman planned the release to coincide with her graduation from Muhlenberg College. Balancing devotion to both her studies and music, she gave time for musical growth, pursuing opportunities and networking through her college community and beyond. “Recording this EP has been a whirlwind, as I’ve traveled far and wide to utilize my resources across the country! Between my New York, Boston, and Washington collaborators, I’ve recorded vocals all over the place.” In a unique and non-traditional process, Norman worked with Executive Producer and Engineer Lukas Selig remotely, using technology and constant communication to share recordings, demos, and notes for development. She also worked with composer/jazz pianist Jason Leonhard, guitarist Kris Wong of the Canvas Collective, producer/engineer Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media, and producer/DJ CLOCKWORKDJ for input and collaboration across the release. “It’s been interesting to incorporate the perspectives of all of my collaborators, while also staying true to my original views and instincts,” shared Norman. “All of them have different styles and areas of expertise, so I’ve learned so much just by experimentation and stepping out of my comfort zone.” Norman performs on a regular basis at venues throughout NYC, Boston, and PA, and looks forward to expanding her reach this summer.

Resist EP is Available Now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music!

At the start of her musical and acting career, Rachel Norman delivers a strong debut, with the exciting promise of more to come. A music video for her single “Sadness” will be released in coming weeks, and summer shows will be announced soon.

Singer/songwriter, Rachel Norman

Photo Credit: Mia Shmariahu

About Rachel Norman
Rachel Norman is a soulful pop songstress and trained actress from NYC. She is currently finishing up her last semester at Muhlenberg College to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a double minor in Women’s & Gender Studies and Italian Studies. Over the past four years, Rachel has been performing at local venues throughout NYC, Boston, and PA in promotion of her upcoming freshman EP Resist. Most recently, she made her Rockwood Music Hall debut and headlined WMUH 91.7 FM Allentown, PA’s Red Door Concert Series, Boston Summer Music Series, and the Eastchester/Tuckahoe Summer Fest. To be released April 26th, Resist will feature collaborations with a multitude of artists, including: master producer/engineer Lukas Selig, composer/jazz pianist Jason Leonhard, guitarist Kris Wong of the Canvas Collective, producer/engineer Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media, and producer/DJ CLOCKWORKDJ.
Twitter: @RachelNormannn
IG: RachelNormanMusic

Music Camping with Ali Stone, Audient iD44 & Mary J. Blige

Ali Stone brings her Audient iD44 to camp with Mary J. Blige

Ali Stone - Audient iD44 - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Los Angeles “I take my iD44 everywhere,” says multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, singer/songwriter and rising star Ali Stone. This 26-year-old native of Colombia is based in LA and describes herself as “super passionate about music” with numerous achievements to her name already, including a remix on Disney’s Monsters University, a CDA award, being the youngest film composer for her original soundtrack for Dementalhorror movie and the opening act for Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour.

Named by Billboard as one of the new acts to watch – rightly so as her debut album Sexto Sentido(Sixth Sense) reached the top spot on the US Electronic Chart last year – her audio interface from Audient is never far away. “I also have theiD4, but I really love everything that the iD44 brings to the table. Even though it is bigger than my iD4, it’s still very portable.”

Ali Stone and Mary J. Blige with Audient iD44

Ali Stone continues to live up to Billboard’s expectations, as nowadays she’s rubbing shoulders with industry royalty. Last year she took her iD44 along to the She Is The Musicsong camp in Nashville, a three-day song writing event for female-identifying songwriters, artists, engineers and producers including Mary J. Blige. “I’d say this is one of the most special experiences I had this year. It was such an honour to make music for Mary J. Blige and to create with so many talented women.”

Ali describes her LA studio setup: “iD44 is my main interface, so there’s not a single time I don’t use it. My four monitors are all connected directly to the output sources of the iD44, and since it has a monitor management function, I can easily change between each pair or mix in mono, all from my interface. I also have my mics connected directly into the iD44 preamps, and I usually use the Direct Inputs that are in the front of the interface.”

Ali Stone's LA studio setup - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Ali cites some of the many reasons why she enjoys her iD44, which was Integral to the writing, mixing, production and mastering of her latest single, “The Sweetest Death Is Loving You” released last month. “I looove the preamps! Everything that I track with the iD44 sounds so clear and pristine. That’s one of my favourite things,” she says. “The talkback function is also a plus when I’m tracking with other people, it makes communication so much easier. The double headphone output is great for this as well!”
Twitter: @itsAliStone
IG: itsAliStone

Pro Sound Effects’ Library Gives Sound Design Students in Silicon Valley A Competitive Edge

The PSE Library helps students in the music technology program at Foothill College develop their editing skills, their efficiency, and their ear for quality sound effects.

Los Altos, CA – The music technology program at Foothill College in Silicon Valley has recently started to offer the Pro Sound Effects library to students. Pro Sound Effects helps the students achieve professional quality sound design on their projects, including video games, TV commercials, and short form videos. Program co-director Eric Kuehnl introduces the concept of sound design and teaches how to create a dynamic audio soundtrack that fully brings their world to life.

PSE’s cloud-based delivery gives Foothill a distinct advantage over other schools in the area. These days, the majority of community college students take their classes online at all hours of the day. Their customized library, which includes PSE’s Hybrid Library, gives these students access to over 90,000 professional sound effects with a user-friendly, keyword-rich, web-based search tool.

The ability to shortlist the best possible sounds enables students to do better work, faster, with less frustration. The quality of the recordings allows novice editors to quickly calibrate their ears to discern the difference between the professional standard and the type of sound effects students can make on their own or sample from unlicensed sources online. Both the quality of the projects submitted and satisfaction from the students about their time in the class has risen dramatically since Foothill started working with their Pro Sound Effects library.

“Post-production offers a very realistic career path, one where companies of all types are seeking highly skilled candidates. It still takes a lot of hustle to be successful, but having solid, real-world sound design and editing skills is a great start,” says Eric Kuehnl, Co-Director of the Foothill music technology program.

Pro Sound Effects Library

Eric Kuehnl (engineer chair) with some of his music tech students, making magic in the studio at Foothill College

“A lot of kids grow up with a dream of becoming TV stars, pop stars, or film directors, but that’s not a sustainable long-term career option for most adults. Success takes a lot of luck and a lot of connections,” Kuehnl had to say about the perception vs. reality for students with aspirations in creative fields. “Post-production offers a very realistic career path, one where companies of all types are seeking highly skilled candidates. It still takes a lot of hustle to be successful, but having solid, real-world sound design and editing skills is a great start.”

Most students enroll in Eric’s class to earn their credit and move closer to their Associates Degree. In some cases, the experience of learning a new skill in a fun, creative and fast-paced environment opens their mind to a new, potentially lucrative career in the media and technology industries.

Graduates leave Eric’s class well-prepared to either pursue a 4-year degree or to look for entry-level work in the field. Not only can they access job opportunities in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago that offer the greatest variety of film and TV post-production careers, graduates with solid sound design skills can find plenty of opportunities in the Bay Area especially with the Silicon Valley technology companies that surround Foothill’s campus in Los Altos Hills.

Educators interested in world-class quality sounds that can be accessed anywhere can contact PSE to discuss solutions for their institution:


Pro Sound Effects® develops highly curated sound effects libraries for sound artists, editors, designers, audio engineers, media companies, schools and nonprofits. Award-winning creators and companies in film and television, video games, virtual reality, and advertising rely on PSE libraries every day to fuel creativity, finish projects faster, and deliver their best sound always. Based in Brooklyn since 2004, PSE continues to push the industry forward with their comprehensive General Libraries, storied Specialty Libraries, progressive Freelancer Program, flexible multi-user licensing, and client-driven library development.

Learn more about Pro Sound Effects.

Signature Digital | Bass Attack Album by Manudigital

Beatmaker, Manudigital Releases Explosive Digital Reggae Sophomore Album, Bass Attack

Bass Attack Album by Manudigital

Manudigital is back with a purely triumphant second album Bass Attack, out now! Always making Reggae digital his signature, here he delivers on Bass Attack an album cut for the live experience in which he does not hesitate to explore new styles through dub and bass music. There are explosive collaborations with veteran MCs such as General Degree, Red Fox and Junior Cat, plus the inevitable Skarra Mucci, Solo Banton, Soom T and Cali P, the French Taiwan MC and Panda Dub and English drum & bass pioneer, Ed Solo.

Bass Attack is Available Now on Digital Streaming Outlets!


About Manudigital
Manudigital is a beatmaker, bassist and producer who specializes in digital reggae. Bringing soundsystem, bass and dancehall back around to young future and tech obsessed new generations seems to be his ever-expanding conquest. Being involved in music for more than 15 years now also as a widely respected composer, he participates in the recording of many international albums and singles, all thanks to his incredible talent. Manudigital has collaborated with legendary artists like Alborosie, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and many more.


Manudigital has created many concepts such as the ‘Digital Session’, where he is surrounded by French and international artists such as Pupajim, Elephant Man or Queen Omega. His various web series are shared on social networks around the world and meet an evangelically-widening audience. His You Tube channel has had more than 20 million views and he has more than 172,000 dedicated Facebook followers. In 2016, Manudigital released his first solo album Digital Pixel and toured more than 150 shows across 27 countries in 2016 and 2017.
Twitter: @Manudigital
IG: Manudigital

Reweet + Pre save Twitter Competition Review Winner: Soulful Fox

Music Review for “Break You” by Soulful Fox ft. John Brindle

Music review written by Tobi Davis

Break You by Soulful Fox ft. John Brindle
Bit crushed nasty beats, neon strip strobe synths and throated menace stalker vocals, herald a distinctly darker turn for hitherto uplifting EDM electro-sunshine producer, Soulful Fox with new single “Break You”. Described in the press release as, ‘Nine Inch Nails inspired’, the track draws immediate and inevitable comparisons with Trent Reznor’s dy-synth-topian, seminal / classic/quintessential (pick any word) Industrial track, “Closer” (taken from the 1994 released The Downward Spiral); the forever-cast-into-cinematic-awesome, title music for David Fincher’s dy-cine-topian, seminal/classic/quintessential (pick any word) neo noir thriller, “Seven”, a bold choice of inspiration for any Producer. “Break You” holds up throughout as a smart piece of production, aided and abetted by an accomplished vocal performance by featured artist, John Brindle. The Liverpool (UK) based Singer/Guitarist/Producer bringing a measured maturity and well judge level of aggression; creating a tightening sense of malice and latent hostility to both lead, and backing vocal alike, that builds nicely/nastily throughout. Bitey synth waves, phat moogish leads and blunted hollow, delay FXs, tightly arranged make an engaging ride on the intended side of disturbia.

Unsurprisingly “Break You” falls short of its ambitious inspiration and will, no doubt, be labeled by many Nine Inch Nails fans as little more than a simplistic imitation. Few producers would even dare to dream of emulating “Closer”; deftly nuanced, crippled yet funky sequencers, gut wrenching risers, sweat splattered beats and xxx-pansive fuse-burnt pads, form a tour-de-force in dynamics, stereo design and frequency craft (the soundscape, a mixer’s worse nightmare of ear splitting frequencies); the instrumentation branded right / wrong down the centre, by Reznor’s lyrics and performance; intelligent, self aware and honest.

Whether you find it courageous or foolish, one cannot deny the audacity of “Break You”. Our charts and playlists are overflowing with lazed, willfully average musical nothings; that smack of lack of effort, and play to a tired gallery of increasingly disinterested punters. We need artists, bands and producers who are willing to take a risk, willing to fail. In a world where so many music makers are practicing safe bets, Soulful Fox just tried to ‘f**k you like an animal’.

“Break You” is Available Now on Spotify!
Twitter: @SoulfulFox1
IG: SoulfulFoxMusic

In support of Indie Music, The #MonsterThread and BRASH! Magazine is joining forces to help get indie music heard! With this new weekly competition, indie artists can get exposed  while gaining an opportunity to have new music reviewed and featured on BRASH!

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Universal Audio Presents Creating Hip Hop with Just Blaze

Universal Audio (UA) has been pioneering audio recording for over 50 years. This company is known for providing ingenious products for music production since its beginning in 1958, founded by the late Bill Putnam Sr. Today, music producers and recording artists are still utilizing the equipment and new innovations provided by this company built on the foundation of constructing modernized designs. UA caught up with music producer Just Blaze and gave an inside look on how he creates Hip Hop tracks that we love to hear!


10 Questions with Just Blaze

From Jay-Z to Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar, producer Just Blaze is behind over a decade’s worth of iconic hip hop productions.

Learn how he creates punchy bass lines and captures inspired ensemble takes, and how he uses UAD plug-ins every day to deliver multi-platinum results. You can view the full interview here.

To learn more about Universal Audio and it’s innovations in recording products, visit

iZotope Launches VocalSynth for ‘Outside the Vox’ Vocal Experiences

New plug-in keeps producers on trend, providing transformative vocal effects in classic and new styles


Inspired by decades of iconic vocal effects, from Peter Frampton to Beastie Boys to Daft Punk, iZotope, Inc. announced on May 18, 2016, the release of VocalSynth, a new creative plug-in for music producers and sound designers in search of distinctive vocals.

VocalSynth is the first ever plug-in to bring together four advanced vocal engines – Vocoder, Polyvoice, Compuvox, and Talkbox – alongside specialized vocal effects and pitch correction. This unique combination of tools opens up fresh potential for vocal transformation: the ability to blend the modules unlocks sounds that were previously impossible, and genre-based presets ensure that classic vocal sounds are just a click away.

“I love manipulating sound. It is my ‘go-to,’ if you will. When I started playing with VocalSynth, I lost my mind,” says Focus, a two-time GRAMMY Award-winning record producer. “I use a lot of vocal stems/bits in my production and this plug-in gives the user much more of a palette with regards to sound manipulation. This plug-in is going to get tired of me…”

Key Features

  • Four advanced vocal engines: Use the voice as the foundation for robotic vocals (Vocoder), organic harmonies (Polyvoice), glitchy digital speech (Compuvox), and singing synthesized sounds (Talkbox).
  • Specialized vocal effects: Add edgy or tasteful distortion, filters, speaker convolution modeling, beat-repeats, and wide stereo delays.
  • Pitch correction: Correct off-key notes in vocals with real-time pitch correction, preserving the original formants and timbre of the vocals for natural-sounding results.
  • Streamlined voice generation: Easily add harmonies, octaves, or unisons in Auto mode, or plug in a MIDI controller to drive VocalSynth with the specific harmony voicings.
  • Presets across genres: Quickly access classic sounds that are known and loved, plus distinctive new combinations of all four vocal engines.

    “When we decided to make a new vocal product, we started with inspiration from the past and present – we even compiled a playlist of vocal productions we admire,” comments Matt Hines, Product Manager for iZotope. “Our dream was to make a product that puts these complex sounds within easy reach of any music producer, while also making it possible to invent the sounds of the future. We can’t wait to hear how people start discovering their voice with VocalSynth.”

    Availability and Pricing
    VocalSynth is available now at a special promotional price of $149 USD (€139 EUR) through June 16, 2016. After June 16, VocalSynth will be available for $199 USD (€189 EUR). VocalSynth can be purchased via the online store at and at select retailers. To learn more, visit:

    About iZotope
    Driven by a passion for audio, iZotope develops innovative products that inspire and enable people to be creative. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the iZotope team has spent over 15 years developing award-winning audio production tools found in professional facilities and home studios alike. The iZotope product line focuses on Music Production, with solutions for mixing, mastering, and creative effects, and Audio Post Production, with tools that enhance audio for film, broadcast, video, and new media. Alongside the development of studio software, iZotope incubates bleeding-edge audio technology for future release, and develops rich audio education to help enthusiasts and professionals alike improve their craft.

April ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Exclusive Interview with Anna Kelian

Pt II for April’s BRASH! Artist feature includes this lovely singer from Russia, Anna Kelian. This artist is another risk-taker who moved to another country to follow her dreams. Check out her exclusive interview below:


B!: What got you started in the music business?

Anna: I always had a feeling that music was a purpose of my life. Even when it was practically impossible to develop a music project, something was telling me I would end up here. To be really precise, I decided clearly that music industry attracts me more than anything else, when I moved from Moscow to NYC.

B!: How was it growing up in Russia?

Anna: The market for popular music in Russia was not interesting for me. There are many reasons for that, just to name one – lip-sync is very widely spread. Overall, I did not dream about career in music business there. And when I got an opportunity to move to NYC, I was so fascinated, that I can pursue my passion on the worldwide scale. No guarantees, too hard, but absolutely worth spending a lifetime trying.

So back in 2011 I started putting efforts to develop my artistry and music production skills.

B!: How would you describe your sound?

Anna: From what I’ve heard from other people, my music has a kind of nerve, or longing, or yearning. To give more musical description, it is close to electronic RnB, pop, hip-hop, dance. I was inspired by Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara and their sound.

 B!: What inspires your music lyrics?

Anna: Relationships. Some of them are feeding, warm and fulfilling. Some of them can destroy you. I write being inspired by my friends’ stories, as well as by my own experience. And, it’s not necessary for relationships to be even defined in any way. Sometimes, one glance or one word from somebody can ignite a lot of emotions. And one way to celebrate them is to put them in a song.

B!: If you weren’t singing what would you do?

Anna: I would probably focus on music production and audio engineering. If not music, I could go into fashion, or sports, or science. Who knows… Once I was good at martial arts, I was a captain of a judo team. Right now, I have this impatient desire for music, I must sing.


B!: What do you want your fans to take away from your live performances?

Anna: I want them to feel connected, to feel understood, related. I want them to open up and feel good. In my opinion, common strengths cannot drive people towards each other, in fact the opposite – they tend to be in a competition. At the same time, common weaknesses make very different people closer. When someone else shares your vulnerability, you suddenly feel so much connection!

I was taught by good teachers such as Craig Derry and Clurel Henderson, and I try to be very real and honest to touch my audience. There is still a lot to work on.

B!: How do you mentally prepare for a new music project?

Anna: I am in the beginning of my path now, and so far there is a stock of the past experience I can dig into when needed. Besides, something happens every now and then, something worth putting in a song.

In future, for new ideas to emerge, I may search for new experiences. I think traveling can be very inspiring.

B!: What are we to expect from your upcoming music project?

Anna: Now I am working on two EPs, one of them will contain low-tempo sensual compositions with the elements of jazz. The second one will be more energetic, strong, up-tempo set of songs.

On these projects I am getting deeper. More expressive, sincere, and revealing.

B!: What are your thoughts on the how female artists are currently being portrayed in the music industry & media?

Anna: Women are expected to do a lot of work and at the same time be sexy and attractive. I don’t think men are in a much better position, since they have rather hard social expectations to meet as well. I think people should tend to realize their potential and simply get to be happy. Sexiness, or soulfulness, or power – they just need to be organic, not artificial. This way it is real and it is beautiful.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?

Anna: You may find all about my music on my Facebook page: On this page there is always fresh news, information about the upcoming shows, links to my live videos and photos.

You may hear my music at SoundCloud or Spotify, and purchase it at Itunes or Amazon.


Check out Anna Kelian on Social Media!!
Twitter: @annakelian
Instagram: anna.kelian
Facebook: AnnaKelianMusic
Youtube: Anna Kelian Channel

April 2013 Artist Spotlight – FYU-CHUR

This month, BRASH! would like to highlight producer, songwriter, and engineer FYU-CHUR.

“Any REAL music lover will come to luv and appreciate this producer’s skills. They will also understand the hard work and passion that Fyu-chur puts in his music upon the first listen.”

– E. Alexcina Brown, MBA, Editor In Chief


Fyu-chur is a music producer/Songwriter/Engineer looking to not only “make it” in the Music Industry but change the sound of music we listened to today. He was born in Oklahoma and lives in Lawton. Fyu-chur had his first placement at the age of 19. He also is very driven to “IMPACT” music as a whole. Credits include: The Game, Joe Budden.. produced the lead single “The Future” ft. The Game on “Padded Room” which became the #2 independent album in the country during its release. He was nominated for Producer of The Year by his local radio station KJMZ in July 2012. He is a Featured Producer on Production MarketPlace (PMP) a website that offers the best opportunities to producers and songwriters. His specialties as a recording studio owner includes mixing and mastering, production, and audio engineering. He has clients are as far away as Brazil and Canada. He has met recording stars Montell Jordan and Ginuwine over the course of his 6 years as a music producer. He also produced a track for Stevie Boi, American Fashion Designer, for his fashion show on Nov.10, 2012 in Hollywood.

Check out the video below, displaying his production skills: