10 is a Magic Number | BLACK Album by Mr. Del

Hip Hop Artist, Author, Pastor and Music Mogul MR. DEL Drops 10th Career Album BLACK Underscoring The Racial Division In Christian And Gospel Music

Del Lawrence aka “Mr. Del” Continues To Build Mogul Status With 10th Career Album, Thriving Church and Record Label and Popular Soul Ties Enterprise Books and Podcasts.

Memphis, TN — Hip Hop Artist, Author, Pastor and Music Mogul Del Lawrence, aka “Mr. Del” has established himself as the ‘Hope Dealer’ and an innovator in the Christian/Gospel Rap genre. He is the pastor of the thriving City of Refuge Church in Memphis and as an artist has garnered Dove, Grammy and Stellar Award nominations. He started his own label, Dedicated Music Group (DMG), that develops new talent and pushes out multiple hard-hitting albums each year. DMG has released albums, singles and videos over the past 10 years from Mr. Del himself, Mali Music, Murk, D. McGhee, Fro, and has orchestrated dynamic collaborations with Canton Jones, Pettidee, Uncle Reece, Kirk Whalum, Salt (of Salt-N-Pepa), Gangsta Boo, Hee-Sun Lee, Gospel Gangstaz and more.

BLACK Album by Mr. DelMr. Del is now releasing his 10th career album, BLACK. The album theme underscores the continued racial division in music, specifically in Gospel and Contemporary Christian genres.

“Black has a dual meaning,” Mr. Del explains. “It represents the dark side of the gospel and the dark side of being Black in America.” He continues, “I feel that as a Kingdom Hip Hop artist it is my responsibility to uncover both of these dynamics especially since there is segregation even in our Christian music industry. Christian or Contemporary Christian is viewed as ‘white music’ and Gospel is viewed as ‘black music’. Shouldn’t we all be ONE?”

Mr. Del’s BLACK album spurs thought on racial divides not only in music, but addresses its impact on individuals of various nationalities and races globally. However, Mr. Del’s album isn’t just another album filled with lyrics highlighting societal challenges, the album also promotes peace, unity and love and self awareness through inspiring lyrics and biblical doctrine.

“Pray It Up”, featuring FRO and Murk, encourages listeners to turn to prayer first in all things and “Can You Forgive?” is Mr. Del’s personal testimony of walking in forgiveness after abusive situations and personal attacks. Mr. Del takes time to honor, uplift and encourage African-American women on “Black, Bold & Beautiful” and is joined by long-time friend Canton Jones and Uncle Reece on “On God”.

In addition to his acclaimed albums and impressive music career span, Mr. Del is also the author of a book series called SOUL TIES which includes: Soul Ties: How To Detox From Toxic Relationships and Soul Ties 2: Love, Lust, & Lies. His candid, soul searching series and Soul Ties Seminars have been revolutionizing relationships and changing lives all over the country.


mr del - brash! magazine blog“I am excited to have launched the Soul Ties Enterprise which includes, radio, television, and podcast,” he transparently shares. “During my childhood, I suffered mental, emotional, and physical abuse at the hands of my parents. Those toxic experiences negatively shaped my perception of myself and others. This started a cycle of dysfunctional relationships that continued into my adulthood. It wasn’t until I got saved and developed a relationship with God that I was able to detox from those toxic soul ties and become a better man. My own trials and triumphs sparked a burning passion within me to help others experience the transformation I have and become whole, healthier, happier people.”

The Soul Ties Podcast features Mr. Del and co-host Ms. Murk P31. His weekly podcast also includes The Mancast Podcast with his co-host T-Mo w/the Dance Moves. Mr. Del’s Mancast Podcast also addresses relationship topics and was created By Men, For Men and The Women That Love Them.

You can listen to podcasts via his channel www.patreon.com/DelLawrence, purchase his books on Amazon and download or stream BLACK and all of Mr. Del’s extensive music and video catalog on iTunes and Spotify.

BLACK Track List:
1. Blackout
2. On God (ft. Canton Jones & Uncle Reece)
3. Pray It Up (ft. FRO & Murk)
4. BLACK,BOLD & BEAUTIFUL (ft. James Robinson)
5. I Can Feel It
6. Judas
7. Can You Forgive?
8. Miss You (ft Canton Jones, D. McGhee & Urban D)
9. Somebody Love Me (ft. FRO)
10. We Are Kings / Queens
11. Shuck & Jive
12. Not Guilty (ft. Kelli)


Twitter: @MrDel
IG: MrDelMusic

Dishing the Debut | DEFY Pt. 1 by Teraj

Former BRASH! Cover Artist, Teraj, Set to Release Debut EP, DEFY Pt.1

Teraj, music artist, DEFY Pt. 1, debut album, entertainment industry news, independent artists, indie music newsNew York, NY – Miami-born artist transplanted in NYC, a former model and TV personality, Teraj​ is ready to release his much anticipated debut EP, DEFY Pt. 1​, coming April 27th. ​With multiple tracks engineered by the team behind Calvin Harris’ song “Blame” and jointly produced by Danny Bobby, Vezzo and Teraj​ himself, the debut EP is set to show the industry that Teraj is continuing to shatter his goals.

The former resident performer at Manhattan’s trendy Iguana Lounge, Teraj, ​singer and songwriter, is the rising maverick of Pop and R&B. Teraj​ is also a Cornell graduate who wrote, arranged, and co-produced all of his own tracks for this debut EP.

Capitalizing on his previous success as a social media influencer, NYC model, personality, and real estate agent, with numerous appearances on Bravo’s hit reality show Million Dollar Listing New York, Teraj ​returned to his musical roots to pursue a full-time career. Carrying out a lifelong dream of producing a quality album, filled with uplifting songs, edgy beats, and inspiring lyrics stemmed from his own life experiences.

“So don’t believe when they say ‘you can never do that.’ Be brave and take center stage, oh yes you better do that. For generations you’ll pave the way, yes you can do that. Defy and prove them all wrong…” Teraj​ sings in the chorus of his song “DEFY”​, which was engineered by Arthur Indrikovs and Seb Berrios.

DEFY, Pt. 1​ is a fusion of Pop, R&B, and EDM that showcases Teraj​’s soulful voice, creating his own unique and refreshing sound. The EP is available for preview on his website at TerajMusic.com.

DEFY, Pt. 1​ is Available for Pre-Order Now on iTunes!

Twitter: @IAmTeraj
Instagram: Teraj08

Dope Album ALERT! | “Love Me or Leave Me” by Alvester Martin

love me or leave me, new album release, alvester martin, professional dancer, rnb albums, rnb music, male vocalist, singer-songwriter, love me or leave me by alvester martin

This is not a gratuitous bunch of songs…this body of work is a journal for the last 5 years of my life. – Alvester Martin

If you’re not familiar with the name Alvester Martin then clearly you’ve been out of the loop in the entertainment industry. This multi-talented artist has been linked to top-rated acts in the industry as a dancer while we got a closer look into him on Lifetime’s Vivica’s Black Magic. Now, we are getting to know more about the singer/songwriter with his debut album release, Love Me or Leave Me

“Yea I just wanted to get that sh*t off my chest.”, a snippet from the track “I’m On”. A BRASH! fav that gives the real on how he’s staying focused in this industry while enduring the words of nay-sayers.

The ladies will also get to croon over this artist with the tracks “S&M” & “H.O. T.” ft. Reek Ivan. And not the mention, the clever way he uses these acronyms, you gotta listen for yourself 🙂

Love Me or Leave Me  was produced by Philip “Phoe Notes” Randolph, including ten songs and seven interludes written by Alvester Martin, Deontrez McKluskey and a few other guest songwriters. Throughout this personal journal, Alvester shows the path of love, intimacy, making moves in the industry, and personal struggles. All written over a mixture of Rock, Pop, and R&B sounds. This body of work was WELL thought-out, planned, and executed perfectly as music lovers are seeing why this he is here to stay in the music industry.

Trust, this album is definitely one to keep on rotation giving a mixture of everything that makes an artist great! The album is already topping the charts on iTunes so you know its a hit.

Alvester is set to perform songs from Love Me or Leave Me at New York’s 103.9 WNBM radio station’s Halloween event on October 30, 2017, and at the Anaheim Amphitheater where he is slated to open for Chico DeBarge and Marsha Ambrosius on December 28, 2017.

love me or leave me, new album release, alvester martin, professional dancer, rnb albums, rnb music, male vocalist, singer-songwriter, love me or leave me by alvester martin

But don’t worry, we haven’t seen the last of Alvester Martin on the screen as BET is on the list of networks showcasing this talent with his role on the hit show Tales A Hip-Hop Anthology.

Stay tuned with BRASH! as we follow this amazing artist and make sure you stream Love Me or Leave Me AVAILABLE NOW on all digital music outlets!

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Shining Like Sade’ Emoni | Jul/Aug ’17 BRASH! Exclusive

sade emoni, brash magazine blog, singer, american idol, songwriter, brash magazine
The new issue of BRASH! Magazine is Available Now! We want to give you a taste of the indie talents working hard and making a name for themselves in this ever-changing industry. One artist who is not afraid to show her greatness, Sade’ Emoni.

In her exclusive with BRASH!, this singer/songwriter took us back to her roots as well as gave info on her experience during her time on American Idol. We also received info on the creation of her album 222″, which is AVAILABLE NOW!

Not only did Sade’ Emoni Shine during the 10th Season of American Idol, she continues her glow on Instagram participating in challenges and just plain singing for her followers to enjoy. This is a GREAT marketing tool idea for new artists, nothing like saying you’re a singer when you can SHOW it!

Its one thing to release original music straight from the heart but it’s another thing to hear a completely different twist put on one of your all time faves.

Learn more about Sade’ Emoni in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!!

Get your copy of 222 Available Now on iTunes!

222, singer, songwriter, sade emoni, brash magazine blog, brash magazine, indie music news, indie music magazine, jersey, new album, indie singer


Photo Credit: Jim Leo

Twitter: @Sade_Emoni
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EP HEAT | “Sharptongue” by Al-One The Remedy

After teasing us with Good God Bad Business, the Portland/Sandpeople emcee, Al-One The Remedy, recently dropped his latest EP Sharptongue

hip hop, emcee, Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, brash blog

This new project features music production from !llmind and also features the talents of Illmaculate, HalfmanHalf, Theory Hazit and more! On the 7-track EP, Al-One shows his versatility in lyrical flows delivering true Hip-Hop. He also tackles different subject matters from heart break to the affects of abuse and dealings of drugs. Sharptongue is a one of a kind hip hop album taking us into the 2nd half of 2017 with hot beats and smooth flows.

Listen Now on SoundCloud!

Sharptongue by Al-One The Remedy is available now on iTunes and Spotify!

Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, hip hop, new album, brash blog


IG: AlOneTheRemedy
Twitter: @AlOneTheRemedy


Time Travel in Good Music

 New Album “Oceans” by Principe Valiente


Earlier this month, Swedish post punk / shoegaze band, Principe Valiente, released their latest project, Oceans. This new album is filled with an 80’s inspired vibe blending with their sonic sounds, topping it off with masterful vocals.

With their third work “Oceans”, the band has created another alluring world with “human, all too human” lyrics and phantasmagorical soundscapes. Cool, yet impassioned and loaded with sweet anxiety, Principe Valiente have managed to make an irresistibly beautiful and intense continuation of what was started in the previous two albums.

“Oceans” was partly recorded by the producer Martin Ehrencrona (Les Big Byrd), and partly in various basements and art school lobbies around their hometown Stockholm, Sweden. The combination of innovative and inspired material makes for an invigorating listen as it is difficult to pinpoint in regard to genre.

Oceans by Principe Valiente is AVAILABLE NOW!

PVAbout Principe Valiente
Principe Valiente from Stockholm, Sweden has been around since 2005. Their musical style has been described as dark pop by the media, drawing comparisons to different post/punk- and shoegaze-indie-acts. Learn more at www.principevaliente.com.


New Release!! | PROPAGANDA by jSTOCK

Hip Hop artist, jSTOCK, releases new album “PROPAGANDA”

propagandafrontHot beats, lyrics to live by, catchy hooks, and tracks to ride to. You can find all of these and more in the latest release from Hip Hop artist jSTOCK entitled PROPAGANDA. This new release (under FTMG Records) contains 15 tracks with the musical production works from OnGaud, Charlie Mac, Robot House, and Knxwledge. Also included on this album are 3 bonus tracks where jSTOCK teams up with fellow rap artists, Burman (You Will | Prod. ITSSPVCEMVN), Main The Saint (Let You Know | Prod. JCORREA), and Cory Rhymal (Basics | Prod. BLUNTEDBEATZ).

Throughout this album you will find jSTOCK giving his true story delivered with a unique flow garnering the true essence of the Hip Hop culture. From beginning to end, music lovers will be entertained, motivated, and find these tunes relatable.

Check out “PROPAGANDA” on SoundCloud Now!


Twitter: @stock_marley
Instagram: stock_marley

The Production of an Electro-Mix

Music producer, BecomingPhill, releases new album “Electrum”


If you’re looking for a new album to vibe and dance to, check out this mix of electro, funk, and R&B music by producer BecomingPhill. Winner of a Namibian Music Award, this Southern African producer has provided us with a new sound featuring Namibian singers (Shishani and Dantago) along with guitarist, Christian Polloni, to create an album to play from beginning to end.

Electrum is available now on iTunes!

Twitter: @BecomingPhill

Music Aid for Syria

The Joe Strummer Foundation Announces Fundraising Album, with Oxfam America

joestrummerThe Joe Strummer Foundation and Oxfam America recently announced a collaborative fundraising album, Strummerville A Go-Go #003. The digital-only album features 19 tracks donated by independent artists who The Joe Strummer Foundation support to help raise funds for Oxfam America’s Crisis in Syria appeal.

Millions of refugees – many of them children – are seeking security in other Middle Eastern countries and beyond. They lack adequate food, shelter, healthcare, and warm clothes. Driven from their homes, many families are risking their lives in a dangerous flight for safety. Oxfam is helping people get the essential supplies they need and working to provide clean water and sanitation to protect public health.

Moved by the ongoing atrocities facing the people in Syria and the surrounding region The Joe Strummer Foundation, whose mission statement is in part: to give support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music, decided to reach out to Oxfam about a collaboration.

“We’ve been in contact with Oxfam for over a year now and have admired their dedication with music-related projects in the United States to raise awareness for the important work Oxfam does.” said Steve Mullen, project lead & coordinator. “It’s a real privilege to be releasing our 3rd Strummerville A Go-Go fundraising album in partnership with Oxfam America and we hope we can get to raise a substantial amount to help fund much needed humanitarian support & provisions.”

Strummerville A Go-Go #003 will be released online on 18th November 2016 and will be the 3rd in an ongoing series of fundraiser albums in which independent artists, 16 in total, each donate a track, the album is then compiled and released on Bandcamp as a digital only album which can then be streamed online for free, with an option to download the album in return for a donation of £3 (approx. $4 USD) or more.

Proceeds from the album will be split equally between Oxfam America’s Crisis in Syria appeal, and The Joe Strummer Foundation, to support the work they do in giving opportunities to musicians and support to music projects around the world.

“Oxfam is pleased to partner with The Joe Strummer Foundation on this edition of Strummerville A Go-Go. Joe once famously said, ‘Without people you’re nothing,’ and it’s that spirit of collaboration that is the foundation of Oxfam’s work to find solutions to hunger and poverty. At Oxfam we truly believe that music can change the world.”Bob Ferguson, Creative Alliances & Music Outreach Manager, Oxfam America.

To find out more about the campaigns goals, learn about both organisations and to listen to and download the album please visit main campaign page: http://bit.ly/SAGG003

About The Joe Strummer Foundation
Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, we seek to reflect Joe’s unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to musicians who would not normally have access to them and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music. For more information, visit www.JoeStrummerFoundation.org.

About Oxfam America
Oxfam is a global movement of people working together to end the injustice of poverty. With 70 years of experience in more than 90 countries, Oxfam takes on the big issues that keep people poor: inequality, discrimination, and unequal access to resources including food, water, and land. We help people save lives in disasters, build stronger futures for themselves, and hold the powerful accountable. Learn more at www.OxfamAmerica.org.

Music Video Monday – Kenya “Never Giving Up”

Music Video Monday

“Never Giving Up” by Kenya

Kenya teams up with award winning director Damon Jamal again for a new music video shot in Paris, France her rework of the single “Never GIving Up” originally on her debut LP MY OWN SKIN. The new “Never Giving Up” (Edgewood Agents Rework) is from her forthcoming album SKIN DEEP: THE COLLECTION (Nov 2016) released by Expansion Records. Learn more about Kenya at www.kenyamjmusic.com.