When Love Takes Over | “Can’t Help Myself” by Alexa Ferr

BRASH! Cover Artist Alum, Alexa Ferr Releases New Single “Can’t Help Myself”

Los Angeles, CA – R&B/Pop artist ALEXA FERR returns with her brand new single, “Can’t Help Myself”! This marks Alexa’s first release since the release of single If You Only Knew, produced by Th3ory (Mary J. Blige, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Eric Bellinger, Ye Ali) last year.

Can't Help Myself by Alexa Ferr

“Can’t Help Myself” is a sexy, eclectic open love letter about realizing a love interest’s effect on you.

“Can’t Help Myself” is about finding everything about an individual you are either in a relationship with or have an interest in irresistible. You often find yourself thinking about this person, and wanting to be with them. Essentially, you “can’t help yourself” whenever you are with them.” – Alexa Ferr

“Can’t Help Myself” was produced by ‘Til December and written by Alexa Ferr.

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About Alexa Ferr
R&B/Pop artist Alexa Ferr is no stranger to the music industry. A bonafide triple threat, Alexa discovered her love for the arts performing at local singing competitions and as a dancer gaining 8 years of experience in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance.

Alexa’s career began in 2011 with the release of her first single, “Fell” via Universal Music Group/Dauman Music. The single featured Disney star Matthew “Mdot” Finley, who was also featured in Camp Rock 2. Following the release of “Fell”, Alexa worked with a multitude of producers throughout 2012, including production duo The Invaders who helped the then 17-year-old discover her sound as an artist. In 2013, the Toronto native moved to Los Angeles and released her debut EP ‘Lipstick On The Glass’, introducing fans and media outlets to the “Rugged Pop” sound.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Alexa took pride in solo-songwriting, while working with many producers, continuing to create music on her own terms.

Alexa is working with a variety of producers on new music which will be released throughout 2019.


Summer ’18 BRASH! Cover

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Standing with Kap | “NFL” by Bee Boisseau

Three-time Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Raheem Devaughn Introduces Bee Boisseau’s New (thought-provoking) Single, “NFL” Featuring Raheem Devaughn, Wes Felton and Vandell Andrew

NFL by Bee BoisseauNaturally-gifted and multi-talented writer/musician/producer/vocalist Bee Boisseau (last name pronounced “boy-so”) released new single, “NFL”, featuring three-time Grammy nominated recording artist Raheem Devaughn, member of the Hip-soul conscious group CrossRhodes – Wes Felton, and saxophonist, Vandell Andrew. The thought-provoking song is lifted from Bee Boisseau’s debut upcoming project, Raheem Devaughn Presents – Bee Boisseau’s BACK TO LOVE, set to be released via the DMG (Devaughn Multimedia Group) imprint, in the spring of 2019.

“NFL” was written by Raheem Devaughn and Wes Felton and produced by Bee Boisseau, while Vandell Andrew is on saxophone. “As four conscious artists and musicians of black and brown color that celebrate the hashtag #LiveWoke we have created this anthem in solidarity and honor of our brother, Colin Kaepernick,” mentions Raheem Devaughn.

Listen to “NFL” Now! on SoundCloud

Bee Boisseau - BRASH! Magazine BlogAbout Bee Boisseau
It has been long suggested and sometimes documented that following one’s true passion can instinctively and naturally lead one into circumstances and places – amongst like-minded people –that ultimately guide a person to their truly determined successes in life…sometimes resulting in a series of full-circle experiences. Bursting out of the musically-fertile D.C. area (which actually comprises the so-dubbed “DMV,” which also entails metropolitan Maryland and Virginia), naturally-gifted, multi-talented writer/musician/producer/vocalist BEE BOISSEAU (last name pronounced “boy-so”) knows of this phenomenon all too well, having rode the wave of a childhood steeped in musical encouragement into a young adult life of honing his craft and not-so-by-chance encounters (most notably with veteran R&B star Raheem DeVaughn) that placed him squarely where he needed and was destined to be. The culmination of his lifelong musical journey of following his passion all lie within the oh-so-contemporary, musically-rich fusion of modern-day R&B, hip-hop and jazz that comprise his forthcoming DMG (DeVaughn Multimedia Group) debut set, Back To Love.

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Love Spiraling Down | “Bad Habit” by Devin Kennedy

Pop Meets Soul in the Latest Release, “Bad Habit” by Devin Kennedy

Bad Habit by Devin Kennedy - BRASH! Magazine BlogDevin Kennedy’s “Bad Habit” is an atmospheric pop track with the trappings of urban soul that speaks to the carnal desire love elicits in all of us. The silky slices of sensual rhythmic energy provide an addictive backdrop for a track that explores the ways love has the potential to be our worst habit. As Devin begs to continue being a bad influence on his lover, the beat undulates beneath layers of humming vocals and synthy vibes. A surefire hit, it’s equal mix of dance club energy and savvy pop fodder crafts an ultra-melodic charisma that listeners won’t be able to forget.

“Bad Habit” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, & Google Play!

Deving Kennedy - BRASH! Magazine BlogThe multi-instrumentalist, based out of Los Angeles, began self teaching himself at an early age, mastering drums, bass, guitar, and piano all before his teenage years. It quickly became clear that music was his calling. After being accepted to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Devin began writing, recording, and promoting his own music to much critical acclaim. His debut single, “Call Me Back,” garnered over 140k Spotify streams in less than six months and received praise from media outlets such across the country. The performer and songwriter has hit stages across North America including performances at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and iHeartRadio’s annual Jingle Ball alongside Big Time Rush member James Maslow — all before the age of 21. Now, with his solo career ready to take off, he’s set to debut one of his most dynamic tracks yet.

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Sonic Sound Experience | Tangerine Fantastic Album by Antony Payne

Antony Payne Releases New Album,
Tangerine Fantastic  

Tangerine Fantastic album by Anthony PayneFollowing the release of his debut album Glory in August 2017, singer/songwriter/producer, Antony Payne moved to Los Angeles with his pregnant wife and put down roots in the Silver Lake neighborhood. With the change of scenery, birth of his daughter and a new, re-energized outlook on life, Antony began working on the material that would become Tangerine Fantastic.

Tangerine Fantastic is a sonic experience like no other. The album is complex, but strangely familiar in the best ways possible. Like much of Antony Payne’s music, this project is laden with undeniably catchy hooks and riffs, accompanied by a certain youthful excitement in his delivery. What separates Tangerine Fantastic from Payne’s previous works is the tangible warmth found throughout every track.

As a songwriter, I’m always writing, composing, and piecing together new music. Over the past year, I started to hear a common tone in certain songs. They had a color to them that had been missing. Once I came to this realization, I spent the subsequent months tossing out hundreds of tracks and takes, cutting songs, and began a quest for the purest rendering of the vibe I’m after. Also, contrary to my prior individualistic artistic process, for Tangerine Fantastic I worked with a handful of musicians in LA who were tuned in to the same frequencies. At the end of the day, we were able to come together and really bottle something special here. – Anthony Payne

Tangerine Fantastic is Available Now on iTunes!

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Beginnings of a Hollywood Rock Saga | “She Don’t Know” by Zach Callison

Zach Callison brings listeners on a chaotic journey into despair and addiction with his new track, “She Don’t Know”

She dont know by Zach CallisonWith a smattering of different genre influences and captivating storytelling, Zach Callison taps into the darker side of fame and heartbreak in a way that inspires both sympathy and frustration. Harrowing instrumentation, soaring vocals, and a no-holds-barred attitude create a track of self-loathing and vulnerability that feels undeniably real. A raging rhythm collides with a mix of electric and acoustic guitars as well as Callison’s piano, building an arrangement that lends itself to the desperation at the center of the character’s journey.

“She Don’t Know” is Available now on Spotify and iTunes!

“She Don’t Know” is from Callison’s debut EP, A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak.

A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak is an epic rock saga and AVAILABLE NOW!

The actor/musician, most known as the voice of “Steven” on Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe, spent the past year expertly crafting the dynamic one-act alternative rock musical that comprises his debut EP. Running just under 30 minutes long, Zach pulled inspiration from real life experiences and personal struggles to create a stunningly energetic and grandiose* musical journey in the form of one cohesive story.

A A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach CallisonThis unique experiment in sounds is a genre-bending tale of protagonist Zach, and his lost love, Juanita. The twists and turns are as surprising as the special guests, including Callison’s co-star from Steven Universe, Grace Rolek, on some of the interludes, as well as singers Merges and Jesaiah. The EP cements Callison’s place as a creative rock-pop powerhouse in a world of trend-following pop songs. The project itself is an all encompassing artistic vision, going beyond the music with cover art that displays little hints and tidbits about the story itself, rounding out a full artistic experience for fans and critics. But, the intensely emotional tale, interwoven with purely compelling rock arrangements, makes for an all together introspective and incomparable experience.

On the opening track, “Phantom Love,” Callison’s voice serves as an introduction, haunting and emotional from the very start. It’s a reflective track about the end of Zach’s relationship with the mysterious Juanita. It grows in power and intensity with its burgeoning arrangement of guitars, harmonies and an unequivocally addictive rhythm. However, the true surprise comes in the unforgettable rap that hits just before the chaotic final note. Things get darker, but no less addictive, on the effervescent pop rock track “She Don’t Know.” A grieving Zach is taunted by the world, leading him into the dark side of Hollywood where he begins to lose himself in a spiral of drug use and self-sabotage. Between the jaunty piano and bright synths, the track brings listeners on a topsy-turvy carnival ride through the thoughts and methods of an unstable mind. On “Nightmare,” listeners experience the softer side of Callison’s gritty, rock-infused disposition. It features another impressive rap immersed in heartfelt rhythmic poetry— words that are impactful at their very core. Stunning piano melds with atmospheric synths for a truly subjective view of how loneliness can slowly allow someone to lose themselves completely.

“Curtain Call” is a turning point in the dramatic battle between two versions of one man. The explosive track is the beginning of the end, full of dark eulogies and uncertainty, between wild electric guitar riffs and pounding drums. Wrought with all the pain a broken heart can possess, Callison’s howling vocals encompass those dark emotions effortlessly. The ruthless finale, “War!”, features an all-out smear campaign. As Zach’s hurt turns to anger, he goes after Juanita with everything he has on this no-holds-barred revenge track. One of the most genre-forward tracks on the EP, it melds blues, rock, and jazz into one cohesive moment. From the swinging notes of the brass section that pepper the arrangement, to the raging electric guitar, it’s a song that captures the intensity of finally giving into your demons. As the finale track, “War!” taps into all the highlights of an EP full of powerful moments, bringing them together in one explosive sendoff.

Alternative Rock artist, Zach Callison

Be on the look out for A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach Callison OUT NOW!

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NATION | Something Happened EP

MUSIC EXCLUSIVE w/ NATION About Something Happened EP in the Latest Issue of BRASH!

something happened - NATIONNATION, headed by the musicianship of Guillaume Destot (Vim le Commodore), is a blend of futuristic soul influences. This band was formed in 2016 with Destot, Swanny E, Mael C, Edison K, and Cleo B. Hailing from Paris, France, NATION creates music for the people with a true love of the craft. They give a sense of hope within a world of chaos which is prevalent in their first EP release, Something Happened.

To develop the latest project, Destot found the musical inspiration through a wide variety of artists such as Prince, Jamie Liddel, Raphael Saadiq. Throughout Destot’s life, Stevie Wonder played a major role in getting inspiriting as well as other soul music artists. Currently, he is looking more at the future bass sound.

Read more in the SUMMER ’18 Issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!


NATION | Something Happened EP - BRASH! Magazine

A Queen Just For Me | “She Got It” by Omar Wilson

R&B Vocalist, Omar Wilson’s, New Single “She Got It”, Celebrating A Good Woman

she got it by omar wilson, indie music, rnb music, use recordingsCrooner of R&B, Omar Wilson recently released his latest single “She Got It”. The track was written by, Omar Wilson, Arika Kane, Lou Humphrey and Rsonist of the Heatmakers. Produced by Edwin Ramos, Lou Humphrey and Rsonist.

“She Got It, is an appreciation for all the queens whom carry themselves with dignity,” says Omar.  “It’s a song about a woman that is top-model beautiful with a personality so magnetic that she could have anything and anyone she wants, but she chooses to give her love to me, and that makes her extra special in my eyes,” he adds.

Earlier this year, Omar Wilson reached the #1 spot on the Amazon.com R&B Charts with his rendition of the classic, “It’s A Man’s World”, maintaining the position for (2) consecutive weeks.  Omar Wilson will be making his Essence Music Festival debut this 4th of July weekend as he has been confirmed to be one of the performers at the esteemed music festival.  He will be performing on Friday, July 6th at 3:00pm on Center Stage.

“She Got It” is Available Now on All Music Streaming Outlets!

As a 3x Apollo Amateur Night winner, Omar Wilson is no stranger to the music scene. He has been able to grace stages abroad opening for the like of Boyz II Men, The Neville Brothers and others.  His music speaks to his own personal experiences growing up in an urban environment bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and Soul.  Growing up 30 minutes from New York City, church members at the Calvary Baptist Church in his hometown noticed his ability to have a spiritual impact through his singing at the young age of seven years old.  While performing regularly in New York, fans gravitated towards his unique, gritty vocals. It was at that point that Omar realized what he was born to do, Soul Music. Omar was named Best R&B Male of the Year for 2 consecutive years at the Underground Music Awards.  He has worked and written with Multi-Platinum selling recording artist Angie Stone and DMX featuring them on songs he wrote. Angie Stone was quoted saying “Working with Omar Wilson came naturally and he is one to watch!”.  A few years back, Omar released the single, “Faith” featuring DMX.

Omar’s voice and personality is contagious. He leaves a long standing impressions wherever he goes, wherever he sings and with whoever he meets. This past September, Omar released the chart-topping single, “Passion” to rave reviews and is currently enjoying the success of his #1 new single, “It’s A Man’s World”.

Twitter: @OmarWilson
Instagram: OmarWilson1

NEW MUSIC! | “Tha Misery We Love” by Tracy Healingmoon

HealingMoon Song Addresses America’s Obsession With Toxic Behaviors!

Tha Misery We Love by Tracy Healing MoonAtlanta, crossover artist, Tracy HealingMoon, releases her new single, Tha Misery We Love”. The song was inspired by the high rates of opioid addiction, obesity and infidelity that America is currently experiencing. Tha Misery, an urban yet jazzy tune, laden with live guitar, strings and beatbox, was written and co-produced by Tracy HealingMoon. Logic meets insanity and falsettos tango with contralto notes that will give you goosebumps! Her hope is to convey a message of self-love and self-control. Some say Lauryn Hill meets Portishead, vocally, on this track, yet her clever and thought provoking lyrics may remind you of a merger of Dolly Pardon and Stevie Wonder!

Her winning charisma…..sultry tone and ability to turn her audience into singers, during her live shows have (and will) won over the listeners. – Performer Magazine

“Tha Misery We Love” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon!

About Tracy HealingMoon
Tracy HealingMoon is an Atlanta native whose talents have taken her all over the world, including Egypt, Czech Republic, Spain, Ethiopia, England, France and Germany. She desires to be known as the artist that tackles the issues going on around us and yearns to use her talents and being, to heal. She’s had the pleasure to open up for and/or work with such artist as Estelle, Snow Patrol, Ken Ford, Nappy Roots, Collective Soul, R. Kelly, Helen and Dallas Austin. Tracy HealingMoon placed runner up in OpenMic Atlanta, where she competed completely A Capella with over 120 bands! HealingMoon has fine-tuned her craft beautifully and holds a voice and presence that will lift you up, not only spiritually, but up out of your seat! She sings and writes across the genres but all tracks are naturally laden with soul. Don’t sleep on this versatile artist. Add some healing to your day. STAY WOKE!


Twitter: @TraeSkhillz
Instagram: TracyHealingMoon

To The Next Chapter | Moving On Album by Heather Whitney

Heather Whitney Is “Moving On” With New Album And MTS Management Group

Moving On album, moving on song by heather whitney, texas artist, heather whitney, indie music news

Texas-based country singer-songwriter, Heather Whitney has signed with MTS Management Group. Her album, “Moving On” features her latest single, “Movin On Song.”

What gave me strength to complete my album, was knowing that I was not alone, & that someone else out there would hear these songs, relate to them, and possibly gain some healing like I did.  — Heather Whitney

Jasper, TX – MTS Management Group is happy to announce Heather Whitney as joined the “MTS Family.” Heather has signed on with MTS for publicity and promotions of her album, Moving On, including her latest single, “Movin’ On Song”, and her video, “Shut Up and Dance”. The video was produced by Cherish Lee, daughter of country legend Johnny Lee and “Dallas” vixen, Charlene Tilton.

Check out the official music video for “Shut Up and Dance”:

Moving On is full of love, heartbreak, and… moving on. This album is everything Heather has lived through, felt, and overcome, while in the studio. “Just because you’re working towards your dreams, doesn’t mean that the world stops spinning, and hardships won’t find you,” says Heather. “What gave me strength to complete my album, was knowing that I was not alone, & that someone else out there would hear these songs, relate to them, and possibly gain some healing like I did. We have to stick together.”

Moving On is available worldwide, on all major digital music outlets

heather whitney, country music, singer-songwriter, country music artistAbout Heather Whitney
Singer-Songwriter, Heather Whitney comes from an itty-bitty, one-red-light town deep in the pines of Southeast Texas, where the mosquitoes are big, but Heather’s love for music is bigger. Heather spent the last year flying back and forth from Newton, TX to Nashville, TN, writing, hand-picking songs for the album, and recording with producer, Buddy Hyatt.

Instagram: HeatherWhitneyMusic

The Resurgence of Coralcrown | Birth EP & Music Video Release

Coralcrown drops debut EP Birth and shares the video for his disco-funk laden indie anthem “She Is A Saint”

She Is A Saint by Coralcrown, Coralcrown, birth EP, music video release, indie music news, new music release

Close mic’d guitars and a lush indie soundscape form the backdrop for an anthemic meditation on carnal desire and temptation. The song’s voyeuristic perspective is soundtracked by 80’s sunshine pop synths and funk guitar. “She Is A Saint” showcases Coralcrown’s effortless knack for song architecture. It’s danceable, groove-laden and subtle, climaxing with a bluesy guitar solo that highlights his perfectionist’s ear for feel-good sounds.

Check out the official music video for “She Is A Saint”

Birth EP
After a couple years break from music, Birth EP is an artistic tabula rasa for its creator Luis Gotor. It’s the culmination of a mix of the impulses and influences that got him tracking demos as a bedroom artist again. Freewheeling, experimental, but never straying into indulgence, it’s a tight-knit collection of tracks. The final four cuts are self-produced by Luis, recorded by Josh Green at Ray Davies’ legendary Konk Studios, and mastered at the no-less renowned AIR Studios. This record signals the emergence of an ambitious and passionate new artist attuned to the allure of timeless pop music and the vitality of the sonic world around him.

She Is A Saint by Coralcrown, Coralcrown, birth EP, music video release, indie music news, new music release

Birth EP Track Listings (Available Now on Spotify!)
1. She Is A Saint
2. Between the Lights
3. Whoever
4. Treehouse

Coralcrown, Birth EP, london music artists, entertainerAbout Coralcrown
Upon settling in London, Coralcrown auteur Luis Gotor took a hiatus from music, crestfallen that his old band had finished. Eventually, the capital’s vibrant and diverse musical nightlife captivated him, and he decided to return to music as a solo artist on his own terms and with complete creative control. Coralcrown is the result of that. It’s a vital and visionary project, establishing Luis as an ambitious musician with a gifted ear for the kind of restlessly infectious melodies that made popular music from the seventies and eighties so uplifting. His technical approach is cutting edge, and the sound he’s achieved is nothing short of the slick professional indie pop production you’re likely to hear on say, a Foals or Bombay Bicycle Club record – audacious and primed for the festival circuit. Luis’s first EP Birth is the culmination of his effortlessly lush rebound back into writing music, and with a live band backing him, the stage is literally and figuratively set to disseminate his canny pop hooks to anyone with a relish for melody.

Twitter: @CoralCrownBand
Instagram: CoralCrownBand

See Coralcrown live on May 4th: The Finsbury, N4 1BY, London