Reggae-Pop Fusion! | “Billionaires” by Betti Mac

NYC’s reggae-pop fusion artist Betti Mac shares upbeat single “Billionaires”

Jamaican native blends upbeat pop, with dance-remix style and reggae inspiration off her upcoming debut EP

Billionaires by Betti Mac - BRASH! Magazine BlogNew York City – NYC-based and Jamaican native Betti Mac shares her new single “Billionaires”. An upbeat pop track provides a dance-fusion mix to groove to in the coming summer months. It comes off her upcoming debut EP titled Beth MacFarlane, due out later this month.

Leading with a dance, pop-remix style, Betti Mac also pulls notes of reggae, RnB and modern pop influences into the track. The single pushes the powerful message to live your life, and aim high, letting music and happiness lead the way, regardless of what others think.

Billionaires is a positive up-beat song that everyone can relate to. In these times, it’s easier now than ever to be a millionaire so why not go higher and thrive to be a billionaire.  – Betti Mac

The lyrics of “Live your life / and be free” open to a pulsing track, pushing a much-needed message in an over-saturated and busy world. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day worries of life – especially in the hustle and bustle of NYC – and Betti Mac reminds listeners to be themselves, follow their dreams, and enjoy the ride. Hailing from Jamaica, Betti Mac fuses together a unique sound from a diverse range of influences including reggae-greats such as JC Lodge and Pam Hall, to pop legends including Whitney Houston. “Being from Jamaica W.I. and growing up there is everything ‘BettiMac’ music where Reggae is concerned, but the pop part of my music is a mixture of American & European music as I’m influenced by both cultures.”

Her upcoming EP, Beth McFarlane, due out May 31, provides seven tracks ranging from emotive and moving slow-burners, to energizing, upbeat tracks like “Billionaires”. Betti Mac offers originals as well as some covers on the release, with a notable tribute of Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”.

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About Betty Mac
Beth McFarlane aka ‘BettiMac’ is a solo singer-songwriter and recording artist who hails from Stony Hill / St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I. She is the youngest of ten children, ‘De Wash Belly’ as they would say, she had her singing television debut at age eight on a popular children’s show hosted by the late Louise Bennett, ‘Ms. Lou’. BettiMac continued singing wherever she could at her school and around town, knowing it was what she wanted to do as a career, but her parents did not see it that way. At seventeen, after singing at her high school graduation and seeing how her parents and the audience were moved and congratulating her, she knew it was time to make a move on her singing career.

A few years later, BettiMac debuted her single and music video “Brown Eyes Blue” on her own record label Prosperity, which was only released in Jamaica W.I. Shortly thereafter, BettiMac started a family and a business which led her to be out of the music industry for ten years.

Fast forward to 2000 R.I.P. Daddy! BettiMac was back in the studio, singing her heart out to the tunes of Britney Spears “Lucky” and Shania Twain “You’ve Got Away” reimagined in reggae style. The latter of the two songs led her to her second journey in music, recording and releasing her debut album Icy Spicy Girl (2008) and a slough of singles and mix CD’s followed. Now, she presents her debut EP self-titled Beth McFarlane in 2019. A blend of influences across seven tracks, merges old and new inspirations for fans to get excited about!
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Get Real | “Real Something” by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA

Sultry Neo-Soul Singer Rayana Jay Reveals New Record “Real Something” ft. ESTA

Real Something by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA - BRASH! Magazine BlogFollowing her 2017 EP Morning After, Bay-area R&B/Soul Songstress Rayana Jay returns with a slew of new releases in 2019, including her latest offering “Real Something,”an openhearted record in collaboration with Soulection Producer ESTA.

Rayana flexes her signature songwriting and advanced vocals on the new track. Staying true to her form, Rayana writes from her experiences with relationship both through love and loss, of which she explains have found form as notes to her younger self. “Real Something” highlights that very first moment when you realize you’ve found your hearts other half. The singer-songwriter eloquently captures in song what it feels like to find that “real something” you’ve been searching for.

“Real Something” is Available Now on Digital Music Streaming Outlets!

Rayana Jay’s acclaimed debut EP, Sorry About Last Night—helmed by The Fader as one of the most relatable albums of the year—dropped in the Fall of 2016 and serves as a proper introduction to her penmanship, relationship with love itself, and her changing world. Her follow-up EP, Morning After—pinned as one of the top EP’s of 2017 by BBC1—expands on her distinct sound and place as one of future R&B’s most important voices.

Rayana’s After music features on popular shows like Grown-ish, Atlanta FX, Netflix’s On My Block 2018, as well her original song-video “Undefeated” collab with ESPN (also featured on Lebron James’hand-picked “The Strongest” Playlist), Rayana Jay is preparing to drop her final EP in Spring of 2019 before her full length project arrives.
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Uncomfortable Convos | “Uneasy” by Stevie Rae Stephens

Nashville, TN – Pop singer/songwriter and former American Idol powerhouse Stevie Rae Stephens recently released her newest single, “Uneasy.” 

Uneasy by Stevie Rae Stephens

With touching, yet chilling, lyrics like Does it make you uneasy, when the world is in pain and the face of it looks like you, does it make you uneasy, when the women you love and the men you call friends write #metoo, Stevie Rae manages to write a very relatable song based on unfortunate current events.

“Uneasy” is the first of four singles Stevie Rae will be releasing, preceding three EPs, Ladylike, Daydreams, and Cruel Love. These will ultimately make up her upcoming album, Ladylike, set to be released in Fall 2019.

“Uneasy” is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

As an activist for raising awareness and confronting domestic violence, rape culture, sexual violence/exploitation/trafficking in all it’s ugly forms, I do my best to address these issues in my songwriting. To call me a ‘feminist’ is an understatement.
– Stevie Rae Stephens

Inspired by pop icons like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Sara Bareilles, Stevie Rae also has deep roots in theater and composition. She is currently directing a production of The Vagina Monologues, which will take place on February 17 & 18 at Nashville’s famous Exit/In. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

About Stevie Rae Stephens
California native, Stevie Rae, is a pop singer/songwriter whose powerhouse vocals, presented through honest lyricism and soaring melodies, create the perfect canvas for her message of empowerment, feminism, and self-love. Past achievements range from reaching the Top 75 on American Idol Season 12 to singing the National Anthem for the San Fransisco Giants. She has two full lengths albums and will be releasing a third called Ladylike in Fall 2019.

Stevie Rae Stephens, Ladylike Album Promo
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Moving Through the Storm | “Stormy Emotions” by Ishani

With its thundering atmospherics and incisive explorations of our interior lives, Ishani’s “Stormy Emotions”, is already a modern classic

Stormy Emotions by Ishani

This song is about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life, from the darkness to light. – Ishani

Dark and brooding, Ishani’s new single “Stormy Emotions” is a genre-bending edifice of brutalist electro-pop experimentation. Evoking alt pop artists like Santigold with the expansiveness of Lana Del Rey, the production lends the track a dark trip-hop/industrial vibe that chimes with its tempestuous subject matter. Its vast oceanic sound expresses the tumultuous depths of tragic love as Ishani’s natural lyricism conjures vivid and sublime images of limitless, horizon-chasing bodies of water. Framing her speaker as an ocean unto herself, Ishani’s “Stormy Emotions” makes us examine the depths of our romantic feelings. Ultimately, like ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Dark Angel’ before it, “Stormy Emotions” shows Ishani to be an artist not just on an expansive musical quest, but one that is also concerned with finding the psychological limits of our interior selves.

In the Press
“Poetic,magical realism mixed in with Trip Hop”
– Bobby Friction BBC Asian Network
“Dank, trip-hop songwriting with a twilight feel”
– Clash
“A wonderfully unique sound”
– Listen With Monger
“Soulful vocals set alongside glitchy beats and ethereal, whirring hooks”
“She is breathing some much deserved new life into the Trip Hop genre as a whole.”

“Stormy Emotions” is Available Now on Spotify

"Stormy Emotions" by IshaniAbout Ishani
Ishani spent her childhood in the sprawling metropolis of Bangalore, India. After obtaining her degree in TV, Film and Radio in Singapore she moved to London to study Audio Engineering at Alchemea & Point Blank. Her first track “Pelican Elephant” was picked up by MTV India. Ishani has performed at Sziget Festival and she’s also opened for the Icelandic electronic group ‘GusGus’ at Be My Lake Festival. Her second single ‘Don’t Stop the Fight’ was picked up by VH1 and included in the Indian interactive comic book Priya’s Mirror. Ishani is deeply influenced by artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba and Hooverphonic. She has recently been made a BBC Introducing artist by Bobby Friction. Instantly recognizable by her distinctive vocals, and with incisive and often challenging lyricism, (‘Don’t Stop The Fight’ centers on the horrific social effects of rape), Ishani has already earned her dues as a serious and provocative recording artist. Her single “Insomnia” centered on the anxiety that keeps us awake every night, and last release “Dark Angel” is inspired by the loss of two of her friends to suicide, a loss too difficult for Ishani to discuss in detail. Together they, along with “Stormy Emotions” , teased her upcoming EP also titled Stormy Emotions, which is to be released later this year. Ishani hits the pop landscape as a serious artist committed to making both serious and widely appealing work. Her themes are culled from the darkness and the light in the world around her, and she weaves her razor sharp observations into pristine and addictive electro pop.
Twitter: @IshaniChakra
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Seduction in Technicolor | “VR” Music Video by Kristina Bazan

Fashion Influencer Kristina Bazan Releases Sublime Video for “VR” from Debut EP, HV1

VR by Kristina BazanAfter the hypnotic and cinematographic single “Clockwork” released in May, fashion blogger icon Kristina Bazan has lifted the veil on her very first EP EPHV1.

New single offering “VR” from the EP explores modern relationships, virtual feelings, these ensorcelling “digital fragments of love” keeping us away from a violently normal reality.

“VR” or Virtual Reality is a song treating of the ephemeral nature of love in our digitally predominated new world. It asks where the limit is between reality and virtuality, feelings and illusions.

The song was written and composed by Kristina Bazan and was produced with Louis Côté, the executive producer of Kristina’s upcoming album. The influences: disco & glam rock… bands like Goldfrapp with their “Strict Machine”, Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” or even the melancholic yet sweet first few notes of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Games”.

HV1 EP is Available Now on All Digital Music Streaming Outlets!

EPHV1 by Kristina Bazan

“VR” comes with a SF music video and it has an unmistakably 80’s touch, directed by Giovanna Gorassini. The video makes us travel into a parallel world where a strange Fish-boy (played by Christopher Michaut) enters a futuristic nightclub. He puts a VR mask on and meets a surreal virtual apparition: a woman who seduces him in a technicolor world. The aesthetic of the video is reminiscent of Blade Runner, Shape of Water or even some of David Lynch’s work, meaning to unveil a psychedelic world full of magic and sensuality where seduction and illusion meets.

Watch Official Music Video for “VR”

As the new YSL beauty “music talent”, Kristina is dedicating herself entirely to her music now following previous releases as an author and major work as a model. This year Kristina has already performed in Paris and at Cannes Film Festival for the private event of her tour producer, Live Nation.

Music Artist/Fashion Influencer, Kristina BazanWrapped in this mysterious electronic melody, sparkling and fascinating, taking us from Kate Bush to Daft Punk, Kristina Bazan plays with lights and shadows, drawing pieces after pieces for the shape of a promising music career.
Twitter: @KristinaBazanxx
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Breaking the Code | “Girl in a Gilded Cage” Release and Lyric Music Video

Indie Music Hall Of Fame Award Winners Release New Single And Lyric Video

London-based songwriting and production team Fitzsimon And Brogan have released a new single and lyric video “Girl In a Gilded Cage.”

Girl in a Gilded Cage by Fitzsimon And Brogan - BRASH! Magazine BlogLondon, England, UK — With the release of their latest album, Big Blue World, and its infectious title track, the London songwriting and production team of Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan have propelled their collective career into the pop stratosphere. They’ve earned worldwide critical acclaim, international radio airplay and charting, and even a nod from the Indie Music Hall of Fame: they earned an Achievement Award for the Top 2 performance of their lyric video, on the renowned video charts.

Now, FaB, as they are commonly referred to, have released the latest single and lyric video from Big Blue World, “Girl In a Gilded Cage.”

Neil Fitzsimon on the song’s creation: “When I first wrote the song, Bee’s (Brogan’s) mum said it sounded like ‘Waltzing Matilda.’ When we recorded the song in the studio, with producer Pat Collier (Katrina and the Waves), Bee could not get the scream to sound right, so we had to ask an ex-band member to send in the demo, so we could drop the original into the track. I don’t think he was very pleased!”

Watch Lyric Video for “Girl in a Gilded Cage”

Big Blue World Album is Available Now
on Deezer & Spotify!

About Fitzsimon and Brogan
Neil Fitzsimon, the songwriter, and Bee Brogan, the vocalist, aim to produce “Pure Pop For Now People.” Preferring to remain faceless in an industry that holds image in high regard, the pair have gone on to form a songwriting/production partnership that led to placement of their songs in Film and TV. They also wrote a musical, Jack Dagger, which was showcased at the Greenwich Theatre, London for the Musical Futures Award. It was also showcased at the Bridewell and the Royal College of Music in London. They have also just had a song placed in a USA Sci–Fi Feature film. The duo recently had a track reach number 3 on a French national download chart. Their track, “This Is Love” earned the duo Semi-Finalist status in the Eurovision Contest. Their lyric video for “Big Blue World” reached #2 on the World Videos chart. They have been featured on the NBC Radio and Westwood One Radio networks. FaB are currently recording new tracks for WTPL Records with legendary Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’ (David Bowie) drummer, Woody Woodmansey.

Fitzsimon And Brogan Indie Hall of Fame - BRASH! Magaine Blog
Twitter: @broganand

Choosing Your Own Path in Love | “Confess Your Love” by C. Shirock

It tells the story of a couple meeting and their beginning…those little chance encounters that if we take them, can change the entire course of our lives. 

New indie pop single “Confess Your Love” by C. SHIROCK  is a passionate love song about the first moments of connection and the bravery involved in taking a risk to be the first at initiating these feelings.


Confess Your Love by C. Shirock - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Sonically, “Confess Your Love” features heartfelt, emotional vocals with glistening synthscapes and powerful melodies reminiscent of early Madonna, George Michael and Prince.

Continuing to carve out his unique place with this new project, C. SHIROCK describes his songwriting as vulnerable and honest, “whether it’s capturing a feeling, or telling a specific story, it’s always based on my own life. If it doesn’t come out of my own emotional experience, it feels inauthentic and I don’t feel connected to it”.

C. SHIROCK has found success with his music featured in multiple TV networks, as well as working with brands such as American Eagle and Hollister. He has performed at major summer festivals in front of hundreds of thousands of people across the US and UK, alongside acts such as Twenty One Pilots, Cage The Elephant and Manchester Orchestra, to name a few. Outside of his music, the songwriter is also a professional model landing his face on campaigns across the globe. He has further involved himself in charity work, where he has partnered with various homeless and poverty-focused organizations. The new music from C. SHIROCK marks a new chapter for the prolific artist with “Confess Your Love” currently available worldwide.

“Confess Your Love” is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

Singer/Songwriter, C.SHIROCKAbout C. SHIROCK
C. SHIROCK is Chuck Shirock – founder, frontman and primary writer for internationally acclaimed band, SHIROCK. The new music from C. SHIROCK is an evolution and a distillation of his previous work, cutting to the core of his identity, with a power and clarity not heard before. Blending anthemic choruses, musical builds and releases with heartfelt and personal lyrics, the new music from C. SHIROCK delivers a vulnerability, urgency and an aching vocal that is uniquely his own. Driving rhythms and bass are anchors to the soaring melodies, layers of keyboards, and programming that call to mind the emotive, intelligent pop music of artists such as Peter Gabriel and David Bowie.

The cultural influences of C. SHIROCK’s upbringing, both musically and melodically, can be heard in his latest releases. Seamlessly blending his refined melodic and pop sensibility with years of classical training and hints of Phil Collins, Prince, and The Cure, C. SHIROCK has established a defined and modern sound. After going through major life changes and transitions, C. SHIROCK decided it was time for a change of identity and took the leap from playing in his band SHIROCK, to going it alone. “I viewed it as a continuation or an evolution or sorts. It’s been incredibly freeing and liberating to chase whatever turns me on…to create without inhibition”
Twitter: @CShirock
IG: CShirock