Like No Time Has Passed| “All My Friends” by Matt Koelsch ft Georgia Feroce

New highly anticipated single from Matt Koelsch ft Georgia Feroce, “All My Friends”

all my friends by Matt Koeslch ft Georgia Feroce - brash! magazine blog“All My Friends” is about the heart warming spirit of friendship after a prolonged absence. Reminiscing around a piano, basking in nostalgia and embracing the night.

Georgia Feroce and Matt Koelsch made an instant connection amidst the dynamic music scene surrounding the Eastside of Los Angeles California in early 2016. Both natives of the harsh New England winters, each set out to the west coast with the intentions of expanding their musical horizons and in pursuit of eternal sunshine.

Together through their collaborations, performances and travels, a single was born, All My Friends. A song about the heart warming spirit of friendship after a prolonged absence. Reminiscing around a piano, basking in nostalgia and embracing the night. A timeless feeling and moment we all look forward to year after year while tapping glasses and breaking bread.

“When writing this song we connected through our own struggles of being apart from the people we grew up with and saw on a regular basis. The distance has made us realize how special it is when we do get to spend time with family and friends, and it makes every reunion that much sweeter.

True friendships do not suffer from time spent apart. With my best friends, we pick up right where we left off, as if no time has passed.”

The pair sought out acclaimed engineer Pierre De Reeder (She & Him, St. Vincent, Sia) to help capture the magic that exists in All My Friends.

Upbeat-jangly-rag piano, light acoustic guitar textures, three-part female-male pop-harmonies with a crowd of 15 background singers merge together to form this modern spin on a folk-sing-along. The track you are hearing is an unedited raw live performance amongst the entire group in the recording studio.

Georgia Geroce and Matt Koelsch performed at acclaimed venues throughout the United States including a variety of festivals. Both musical artists share common ground in philanthropy, Georgia often donating blood to the Red Cross and fostering animals. Matt is a 1% for the Planet member (environmental) and both have performed for a variety of fundraisers for cancer research, homelessness and green initiatives.

“All My Friends” is Available Now on Spotify!
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Twitter: @georgiaferoce
IG: GeorgiaFeroce


Ending it With A BANGER | “DRUGZ” by EG¥PT

Singer/songwriter and recording artist breaks 40,000 plays in 24hrs

EG¥PT a new artist breaking barriers early before 2019

Charlotte, NC – Self-taught, singer/songwriter and recording artist, EG¥PT, recently released her single “DRUGZ”. “DRUGZ” is one of the nine songs on her soon to be released EP, early 2019. Only a year into her music career and she’s breaking barriers by reaching 40,000 plays on “DRUGZ” in just 24 hours.

"DRUGZ"  by Egypt

Fans adore EG¥PT’s artistry because of her soft, soulful voice, songwriting ability and her sexy, edgy but yet classy style. Fan’s think it is safe to say that EG¥PT is that mix of Rhianna’s edge, Aaliyah’s mysterious and soulful vibe and the crazy, sexy, cool of TLC; that we’ve been yearning to see in this industry.

Listen to “DRUGZ”

About EG¥PT
As a former actress and starting her singing and music career just a year and a half ago, EG¥PT is moving fast through the industry. She infuses her own style and edge with the modern trap-soul genre to give a refreshing sound to the Hip- Hop industry. She continues to grow and evolve her musical ability, brand, and following, to maximize her career and become a power player within the industry.

Twitter: @iamegyptmusic
IG: iamegyptmusic


Love Games… | “Don’t Suffer” Music Video by AOB

Portland R&B artist AOB makes his return with the official music video for the lovesick single “Don’t Suffer”

Dont Suffer Music Video by Aaron OBryan Smith

Produced by David Ferguson (aka Portlandkid), AOB takes the time to warn his fellas about the women that are out there playing games and doing dirt too. Reminding listeners “girls just wanna have fun,” AOB delivers a simple message to not suffer for someone who won’t do the same for you. For fans familiar with AOB this release is a long time coming as he has one of Portland’s best kept musical secrets for some time now. With Executive Production from another Portland R&B star TYuS and David Ferguson, it’s clear to see AOB has the right people in his corner with this go round. Filmed and directed by AEON Visuals, “Don’t Suffer” marks the first of many releases from PDX’s own AOB.

Dont Suffer by AOB - BRASH Magazine Blog

“Don’t Suffer” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & CD Baby!

Watch the Official Video “Don’t Suffer”
Twitter: @AaronOBryan

Find Peace in the Message | “Message” by Chrohm

Teaming up with South Florida’s powerhouse label Essential Media Group and the super-talented producer Raphox, Chrohm recently released the anticipated single, “Message”

Message by Chrome - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Chrohm has the artistic allure that you’d expect to find in a talented recording artist / Singer-Songwriter. His sound is a unique combination of Urban/Future Soul with a throw back edge that sounds so good, “make you wanna slap yo momma!”

The new track is a very personal song for holiday lovers’ playlists. Regardless if it’s a make up or break up… “Message” is needed to make it through the pain and find solace.

“Message” is the perfect example of a smooth, Melodic and Experimental track that is not your typical love song… This track, just like the Anti-Hero; is an anti-love ballad that reaches into the heart of the loneliest of loves and pulls out yet another tearjerker.

“Message” is Available Now on Music Streaming Outlets!

About Chrohm
Chrohm is the newest young hip-hop/Soul and R&B crooner to grace the airwaves. Born and raised in South Florida “CHROHM” is a Latin and African American mix, vocal powerhouse dedicated to bringing that throwback passion to the R&B music scene.
Twitter: @iamchrohm
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Week24 |Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
New Music Monster

Music Reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Venus by TannersArtist: Tanners
Track: “Venus”
New York based, alt electro pop Artist, Tanners delivers a tight slice of nu disco groove and uber cool synth stab ‘n’ build, with new single, “Venus”. It’s been a busy year for Tanners, having released both debut single and EP; her music breezing into the over saturated dance-pop marketplace, like the bohemian kid at a packed high-school party, who simply doesn’t give a f**k; roomy drums and darkly 80s-style synth phrasing, played alongside gated beats and sing-along Indie-pop melodies; Tanners playing the genres like an instrument; crudely at times, no doubt; a little rough and ready, but with the unmistakable brazen audacity/joyful liberty of someone, who simply doesn’t see the box; and therefore, doesn’t have to make the same effort to think outside it. The first 46 seconds of latest release, “Venus” plays like a well produced piece of chart-targeted electro-pop; the production has been stepped up and tighten; Tanners working the counts well, with her vocals; lyric and beat building in smartly fashioned unison. It’s not until the 47th second that the bohemian kid struts onto the dance-floor, and slams us with a bust of synth/beat sound pressure; the track alternating and contrasting between, percussive pop on the down lo and surging, eruptions of electro-sonics and soaring melodies; resulting in a dramatic, forever off balance, listening experience that engages and keeps the track feeling new and exciting, play after play; with well judged use of frequency/register, instrument and reverb to build the song, in terms of height, width and depth; both enhancing Tanners eclectic musical voice, and framing the track ‘more playlist friendly’, without sacrificing or comprising its creative intentions. Tanners has been hard at work, practicing ‘the genre instrument’, her playing has become more accomplished and comprehensive. You better step back, that bohemian kid is about to own the dance-floor.

Read my review of Tanner’s previous release “Crazy”.
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No Pleasure only Pain by Tokyo Taboo - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Tokyo Taboo
Track: “No Pleasure only Pain”
Dirty vocals and gut punch drums, glorious guitar fuzz and bass line strut, shock rock nutjobs Tokyo Taboo drop 3 minutes and 28 seconds of awesome noise, new single, “No Pleasure only Pain”. London based Tokyo Taboo first hit Spotify (right in the face) in 2016, with their debut single, the electrocuting scream-fest and sonic exploding drag racer, “Make it out Alive”; following up in 2017 with second single, slammy jump-around crowd-pleaser, “Pussy Power” (gotta love that title); and their debut LP, 6th Street Psychosis, a ten track speed/demolition derby; striking, not for the obnoxious loudness (although it is impressively obnoxious in its loudness), but for the depth of songwriting and instrumentation. Tokyo Taboo kicked off 2018 (right in the balls), with 3rd single “Paper Cut” (taken from 6th Street Psychosis), a mustang on a razor-blade; precise and almost surgical in its noise, drive and aggression. “No Pleasure only Pain” works the ring, with well stepped menace; landing its punches in tight combos that snap and bite at the listener. The track sweats heavy, neo-bluesy swagger from the crotch; the verses built of stripped down bass-line; contrasted by thick, fisted guitar riffs that land left / right about your head; drums smack sporadic, sucka punching on the counter, fills splattered like shrapnel. Dolly Daggerz runs the gambit of vocal tone with great success; torturing and contorting her voice with simmering distortion; allowing it soar, like scram jet fumes, through reverb; or delivering rich, soulful melodies, often in call/response with her distorted alter-ego. The attitude, aggression and glorious, obnoxious noise remains, aided and abetted by accomplished production/arrangement; opening up the track and allowing the depth of the band’s songwriting and musicianship to better express/test itself. Tokyo Taboo began 2018, a street-fighter; a brawling rock n roll animal. In 2019, they’ll step into the ring, not a boxer; but an hardened, snarling ultimate fighter.

Watch the lyric video for “No Pleasure only Pain”.
Twitter: @TokyoTabooUK
IG: TokyoTaboo


Black Hole by Freya Alley - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Freya Alley
Track: “Black Hole”
Upon driving sub and dance pop kick, with lyric poetic, bound by percussive vocal hook, London based Lithuanian Artist and Songwriter Freya Alley’s new single, “Black Hole” is pop music with integrity. The Vilnius born Independent recording artist began her musical journey in 2016 with debut single, “Another Man”; a graceful piano ballad, with accomplished orchestration and mournful vocal melody. Though poetic and striking in it’s imagery and tone, it’s not until follow up “Swimming” (released in 2017), that Freya Alley begins to find her own brand of obscure, oddly beautiful and unique pop music. 2018 has seen the upcoming young Artist release a steady string of four singles, including the stand out, “Come Back”; a darkly melancholic, brooding tapestry of tribal drum and menacing guitar/string. Latest release “Black Hole” continues the trend alternating from melodic, singer/songwriter compositions to percussive alt-pop artist productions; “Black Hole” very much and very successfully belonging to the second, the new single representing Freya Alley’s most ‘playlist friendly’ release so far. Freya’s vocals stand tall in the arrangement, rich with idea and image; her voice rising above the instrumentation in great pulsating phrases, demonstrating her talent for both vocal and lyrical expression. A sub drone pushes the 3 minute 41 second track forward in slow burn build; weighty kick and snare/clap (in tried and true, kick/snare kick/snare pattern), punctuates the sub build in metronomic stomps and slaps. Synth-sonics fizz and sparkle in oblique sequences, creating an ambiance, stunned and punch drunk; the track opened up left/right with snaps and clicks. Solid production/mixing frame the track well, while smartly never attempting to overshadow or outdo Freya Alley’s singular style and creative identity. Very much an artist still in the early years of her musical journey, and clearly one not afraid to take chances, Freya Alley’s creative path will not be without the occasional misstep. However for every misstep, her fans will be repaid with inspiring musical moments; these moments made by possible, by the artist’s willingness to take risks and chart her own creative course.

Watch the official music video for “Black Hole”.
Twitter: @Freya_Alley
IG: Freya.Alley

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I Dreaming in Wild | “Wild Lyfe” Music Video by Polartropica

Wild Lyfe by PolartropicaPop/psych artist Polartropica recently released music visual for the single “Wild Lyfe”. The track features dreamesque soundscapes, playful instrumentation and ethereal vocals. The eccentric visuals narrate how we are all the same underneath our facade and that we need to treat all creatures with kindness and respect.

“Wild Lyfe” is Available Now on Spotify, & iTunes!


Watch Official Music Video for “Wild Lyfe”

About Polartropica
Polartropica is the music endeavor of Los Angeles based, whimsical space-pop artist, Ihui (eeway) Cherise Wu. Born in Taiwan yet raised in California, Wu successfully combines quirky pop melodies, futuristic synths and classical string arrangements, creating a genre of bubblegum psychedelia that you’ve never heard before.

Polartropica - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Polartropica derived after Wu heard a song which couldn’t be defined by a genre – ‘Polartropic’ by Mark Foster. Admiring the contrast between both ‘polar’ and ‘tropical’, Wu decided to formulate a place where things can exist where they don’t belong. Polartropica fuses elements of complete opposites together with the outcome resulting in a unique, ethereal sound that defies all sonic worlds. Using both organic and synthetic instruments, Wu conceived a visionary dream world for listeners to escape to. Wu professes, “I wanted to create a healing, inspiring and empowering space with just the right amount of disco-party!”

Integrating 90’s pop, classical arrangements and intergalactic space-pop, Polartropica is guaranteed to feed your imagination, with their eccentric and distinguished sound.
Twitter: @Polartropica
IG: Polartropica

Release the Magic Within | “Breakdown Breakthrough” by Derek Sallmann

Pop artist, Derek Sallmann, Releases New Single, “Breakdown Breakthrough” and is Set to Release the infectious EP, Love, Future You, on Dec. 14th

Breakdown, Breakthrough by Derek Sallmann - BRASH! Magazine BlogOn Derek Sallmann’s newest single, “Breakdown Breakthrough,” he reflects on discovering hope within the darkest moments of chasing a dream. Co-written by Garrison Starr, the stunningly soft melody is the perfect accent to Sallmann’s smooth, emotive vocals. Hope radiates from one sweet chorus to the next with echoes of encouragement. It inspires listeners to fight for what they believe in and trust that eventually, life will guide you where you need to be. As he sings, “I might breakdown, but I’m gonna breakthrough, in the highs and the lows, you find another side of you,” Sallmann taps into the magic born from the struggle. From the layers of harmonies to the impactful heartbeat rhythm, every moment of this inspiring track makes you believe that any dream is possible if only you dare to keep chasing it.

“Breakdown Breakthrough” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play!

On his new EP, Love, Future You, Derek Sallmann presents one unforgettable pop experience after another that lingers in your mind long after you stop listening.

Love, Future You (Cover Art)

The artist, born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, began writing and performing at an early age, tinkering around on his father’s guitar and experimenting with songwriting. He released his debut album, All Seasons in 2016 and immediately hit the tour circuit to bring the music to audiences from coast to coast. He’s performed over 300 shows and already has a multitude of accolades under his belt including being named the Shepherd Express 2017 “Best of Milwaukee” winner for “Best Acoustic Musician” and a Wisconsin Area Music Industry nomination for “Best New Artist” in 2016. He spent most of 2018 writing and recording the songs that comprise Love, Future You with producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin) and co-writers Kyler England and Garrison Starr. The collection of songs is powerhouse pop perfection that will have listeners hitting repeat again and again.
Twitter: @DerekSallmann
IG: DerekSallmann