Power of Collaborations | kiNection Album by #lamonte & Tony Monterry

kinection album by #lamonte & Tony Monterry

Hip Hop artist, Steven Lamont aka #lamonte joined forces with his godbrother, Tony Monterry to release their joint album, kiNection. The project shows how both artists compliment each other’s skills utilizing “Rock-N-Sock Connection” references, coming together on 8 out of the 14 album cuts.

kiNection was released on Dec 21st, a day of history since the Mayan’s 2012 prediction. The album features guests, Pazij and DayDay Duhh; #lamonte, under the music production alias, Fisherman Cap, executive produced the album.

kiNection is Available Now on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, & BandCamp!


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Inspired by Gaming | “Sanctuary” by Dusk

LA Alternative Rock Band, Dusk, Pays Homage to Kingdom Hearts III with Debut Release, “Sanctuary”

Sanctuary by Dusk
In honor of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III video game release, Los Angeles-based alt-rock band Dusk pays homage to the video game series with their single release of “Sanctuary”, a unique take on the ethereal masterpiece by Japanese-American singer, Utada Hikaru.

“Sanctuary” is the perfect marriage between the band’s strong attachment to the introspective themes surrounding the video game series and their own musical and thematic sensibilities influenced by the franchise’s original soundtrack. Dusk takes a different approach to this heartful cover through their exploration of avant-garde instruments and a more alternative sound.

“Sanctuary” is Available Now on all Digital Music Streaming Outlets!

We make a conscious effort to create a soundscape that portrays the fictional world that’s unfolding within our music. In our live show, we incorporate several instruments not commonly found in rock bands, such as bass synthesizers and theremin. – Aaron Rudin (drummer)

Lessons From Kingdom Hearts
Beyond the music, Dusk admits the Kingdom Hearts video game series has largely influenced each band member’s life in significant ways.

  • Lesson 1 Everybody is somebody, and nobody is a nobody.
  • Lesson 2 Create your own future in the present. It is not defined by your past.
  • Lesson 3 We are all a part of each other. Love and trust is the strongest weapon of all.

About Dusk
Dusk is an alt-rock band from Los Angeles, CA formed in 2018. The band’s music is connected through a narrative story which explores themes of utopia, morality, and control.

Their unique atmospheric but heavy spin on the classic alt-rock sound tells the narrative of an expansive story in which the characters’ actions and motivations often lie in a grey area between light and dark – this is the significance of the name, Dusk.

LA Alternative Rock Band, Dusk

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Note 2 America | “Black Mail” by Josey Wellz

Singer/Songwriter, Josey Wellz Releases Powerful New Single and Visual, “Black Mail”

Black Mail by Josey Wellz

Setting the tone for an amazing 2019, singer and songwriter Josey Wellz has been working hard to prepare for the release of his new single and video. The result is the project entitled Black Mail”, officially released 1.1.19. Noted as a letter, it addresses relatable issues or common occurrences endured while living as a black man in America. Josey speaks what many people have witnessed in the world such as, unjustified killings where no one is being held accountable, false imprisonments and unfair opportunities. This song is intended to reach the hearts of those who have power and want to make a change.

“Black Mail” is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

Watch Official Music Video for “Black Mail”

About Josey Wellz
In today’s ever-changing industry of entertainment, true talent like Josey Wellz cannot be contained. He exploded onto the scene with a refreshing, yet powerful sound that captivates both your heart and mind. With R&B fusion of such influences as Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Pop, his unique sound is undeniable. Whatever you call him; Singer, Songwriter or just overall entertainer, Josey Wellz is the real thing and most importantly a master storyteller, who will take you on a journey through his life with moments we can all relate to.

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Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself | “Gonna Make It” by Crizzy Santaiga

Crizzy Santaiga, The Industry’s Next Big Thing!

Gonna Make It by Crizzy Santaiga

After being away from the scene for a while, Crizzy Santaiga returns with his motivational single “Gonna Make It”. Collaborating over a smooth Cali vibing sacramento based producer Derrick Ingram beat, Crizzy displays his lyricism with his “vintage” beat surfing flow and catchy hook. He’s seen around different locations in downtown Mississauga, showing off his long proven talent in visuals shot by Mississauga’s own MWorks. Although Mr.Santaiga displaying his creative flows over a dope beat is nothing new, he plans to be more consistent in 2K19 releasing his Drake inspired “A KeKe Story” in the second week of the new year. FBRFNO!

“Gonna Make It” is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!

Watch the Official Music Video for “Gonna Make It”


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Ending it With A BANGER | “DRUGZ” by EG¥PT

Singer/songwriter and recording artist breaks 40,000 plays in 24hrs

EG¥PT a new artist breaking barriers early before 2019

Charlotte, NC – Self-taught, singer/songwriter and recording artist, EG¥PT, recently released her single “DRUGZ”. “DRUGZ” is one of the nine songs on her soon to be released EP, early 2019. Only a year into her music career and she’s breaking barriers by reaching 40,000 plays on “DRUGZ” in just 24 hours.

"DRUGZ"  by Egypt

Fans adore EG¥PT’s artistry because of her soft, soulful voice, songwriting ability and her sexy, edgy but yet classy style. Fan’s think it is safe to say that EG¥PT is that mix of Rhianna’s edge, Aaliyah’s mysterious and soulful vibe and the crazy, sexy, cool of TLC; that we’ve been yearning to see in this industry.

Listen to “DRUGZ”

About EG¥PT
As a former actress and starting her singing and music career just a year and a half ago, EG¥PT is moving fast through the industry. She infuses her own style and edge with the modern trap-soul genre to give a refreshing sound to the Hip- Hop industry. She continues to grow and evolve her musical ability, brand, and following, to maximize her career and become a power player within the industry.

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An Encouraging Reminder | “Everybody Sing” by Cory Singer

Cory Singer Releases New Single ‘”Everybody Sing”

NASHVILLE, TN – New Jersey native, Cory Singer releases new single, Everybody Sing”

Everybody Sing by Cory Singer

The new track was inspired by Cory’s desire to encourage other artists to continue to create their music authentically from their heart.  He feels that the best song will arise from truth and in the music industry it is common for writers to fall into a trap of writing what they think the industry wants them to produce.

“Everybody Sing” is Available Now on iTunesSpotify, and Google Play!

Cory Singer is an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician and theater performer. Cory has performed in arenas before thousands nationwide. He starred on BRAVO TV’s singing Competition The Kandi Factory, winning the grand prize, taking home a song penned by Grammy Award Winning Artist Kandi Burress, “I Can Do Anything”.

Leaving the Music Theater World in 2013 he has spent 4 years in development honing his exceptional songwriting skills, performing and working on his EP.  He has penned his upcoming EP due to release Fall 2017 with a recent single release June 14th 2017 “Goodbye Felicia” available on all digital outlets. Cory is an exceptional songwriter and he captivates his audiences no matter the venue or event.  He finished out 2017 on a high note being added to several media magazine watch lists for 2018.

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Open the Pages to a Love Story | Quiet Fall Album by Ryan Gibeau

Pop/Rock Artist, Ryan Gibeau, Releases Debut Album, Quiet Fall

Quiet Fall by Ryan Gibeau Ryan Gibeau’s debut album entitled Quiet Fall is an eclectic journey through style and mood, narrating a love story from start to finish. With essences of pop and alternative rock, the use of strings brings a unique flavor to the tracks. Thematically the album is about seeing the change you need, taking care of yourself and leaving behind what isn’t right for you. Sometimes we turn life against ourselves, play victim and it stops us from inspiring others. Quiet Fall is about empowering yourself, seeing that change is necessary and getting back up. Written as an immersive and meaningful album designed to inspire others to be your best self, Gibeau reveals “The album was inspired by a relationship kept together by two people suffering from emotional addiction, what it takes to leave and how to get back on your own feet”.

Leading single “Flying Away” was written whilst flying to Los Angeles to leave behind an unhealthy on-again/off-again relationship. The act of finally and physically leaving allowed the lyrics and chords to almost fall out of Gibeau, essentially sonically journaling his experiences and emotions. “Flying Away” highlights the songwriters signature style of beautiful string arrangements, organic instrumentation and raw vocals that tug on your heart strings.

“Room Gets Hotter” features twangy guitars, smokey vocals and a throbbing bassline. Gibeau reveals, “The theme of my music centres around the concept of love. Often the music subconsciously surfaces and the songs write themselves. I love the exploration and discovery in my songwriting”.

Quiet Fall is Available Now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon!

singer songwriter, Ryan GibeauAbout Ryan Gibeau
Ryan Gibeau, a New Hampshire native is a singer/songwriter residing in Brooklyn, New York. His stunning music is a concoction of heartfelt honest lyricism, soulful melancholy soundscapes and alternative pop/rock. Gibeau’s songwriting is an emotional and poignant documentation of a love lost. Through his use of powerful and authentic musicianship Gibeau has been resonating with listeners across the nation.

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