‘Tis the Season of Love | “Lover Lover” by Rachel Kerr

Multi-Award Winning Recording Artist Rachel Kerr Releases Single “Lover Lover” From Upcoming Debut Album


It’s taken me a while but I have used all of my unique experiences, my Caribbean roots, my love for live instrumentation, my appreciation of retro soul and my inspirational lyrics and blended it to create my unique sound. A sound I couldn’t be any more proud of. A sound that is unapologetically me. – Rachel Kerr

Lover Lover by Rachel Kerr - BRASH! Magazine BlogRecently, Rachel Kerr released her new single “Lover Lover” from her upcoming debut album (set to be released in spring 2020).

Her last single “Alive” garnered 100,000s of streams from Spotify and Apple Music and even caught the attention of Sam Smith who posted the song to his social media. “Alive” also received a GRAMMY Award consideration in 2018.

“Lover Lover” is Rachel’s follow up single. The song’s vibrant uptempo instrumentation with live brass meets contemporary Caribbean inspired drums- an ode to her Caribbean heritage. “Lover Lover” like all of Rachel’s songs are self-penned, celebrating the beauty of love free from drama, carnality, and stress – ultimately a superior love that gives peace. In 2018 Rachel Kerr headlined her sold-out show at The O2 Islington with her 9-piece band. Her two hour set of original material showed fans what to expect for her upcoming debut album.

After spending 2015-2017 touring the US, Africa and Europe opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill and Brandy, few singers can also boast personal invitations to sing for the Former US President and UK Prime Minister, but Rachel Kerr is one. After the success of her debut and sophomore EPs Back to Music and Getting Started, Rachel has spent subsequent years honing in her sound. A sound set to establish her as a leading force in music.

With influences in soul, r&b, gospel and reggae “Lover Lover” showcases the singer’s sonic fluidity and ability to transcend the limitations of a boxed, singular musical genre.

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About Rachel Kerr
Rachel is a MOBO Award 2012 Winner and a UK Entertainment Award 2016 Winner.

Rachel Charmaine Kerr professionally known as Rachel Kerr is a British singer/songwriter and entrepreneur born in Walsall, United Kingdom. She is also the CEO and founder of international performing arts academy Singercise™. She is a member of the Grammy Award Association and a BET Music Matters endorsed artist. Her debut EP release Back To Music was released in 2012 and went on to win the singer her first MOBO Music Award making her the first female artist to ever win in her category. Kerr has toured the US, UK and Africa opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Musiq Soulchild, K. Michelle, Kirk Franklin, and Fred Hammond. Rachel made history as the first British Female artist to win a MOBO Award (2012) & UK Entertainment Award (2016) in her category as well as the first British Female artist to release a free-mixtape in 2016 entitled ‘Unboxed’.

Twitter: @RachelKerrMusic
IG: Rachelkerrmusic

Letting Go? | “Hard to Quit” by Fantazmz

NYC Neo-80’s Artist FANTAZMZ Releases Break Up Song, “Hard to Quit”

Hard to Quite by Fantazmz - BRASH! Magazine Blog“As a songwriter, my creative process exists on a spectrum. Often, songs require endless hours of fine-tuning, but sometimes a song pops out effortlessly. “Hard to Quit” is one of those songs that popped right out. The timing probably helped. Aside from the strings, the Mellotron, and a few vocal patches, I wrote and recorded nearly everything in one afternoon after splitting up with my boyfriend of over two years. It was my first queer relationship, and first times always leave a mark. I cried while writing many of the lyrics for “Hard to Quit,” so the writing process was very therapeutic for me. And even though I wrote the song in the aftermath of a break-up, I wouldn’t consider the song sad. In fact, some lines are meant to come off as humorous, because I felt like the song needed to be funny. It reflects more of who I am. Afterward, I could have gone back and strengthened the words a bit, made it more poetic and less rough, but I liked how raw and juvenile the song sounded. There’s an honesty to emotional rawness that I tried to capture.”

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Recording artist, Fantazmz About Fantazmz
David Gagne, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer from Portland, Maine.
David has been a paid musician since the age of 10, releasing his first full-length LP, Man With No Name, while still in high school. He later fronted Portland reggae band, EastWave Radio, releasing the EP Soulful Noise and touring Canada opening for and backing Jamaican Dancehall artist, Jah Cutta. The tour was cut short when their van slipped off an icy roadway. David was dealt with the worst injuries and was hospitalized for two weeks before returning to Maine to heal. After a lengthy recovery, he collaborated with long-time friend, Sam Franklin to create Post Provost and release their LP, Ancient Open Allegory Oratory. The band’s sound included elements of folk, jazz, world, and country music, fused in a unique avant-garde style.

David and his family headed west for southern California in 2014 where he immersed himself in the scene and linked up with Brian Stanley of LA-based band, The Years. Brian’s ear and direction have been of great importance to David as he’s developed and assembled the Fantazmz sound and EP. Since moving to NYC in 16’ David has performed everywhere, from subway platforms to well-known clubs and music venues. He’s steadily been outfitting a home recording studio and working as a producer for up and coming artists in the city; most recently, HoloMovement, a genre-bending collective with a debut album of the same name. David is credited with writing and recording the majority of the instrumentals on the album as well as production, all out of his home studio in Bushwick. Fantazmz Orbitizmz is the product of a fearless artist leveraging years of experience to transmit his brand of nostalgia-inducing synth-pop throughout the multiverse.

Twitter: @Fantazmzband
IG: fantazmz_nyc

Little Name, Larger Than Life | “Small” Music Video by Fabian Secon

Fabian Secon Teams Up with XXXTentacion Director Tristan Zammit for New Video Animation, “Small”

Small Music Video by Fabian Secon - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Fresh from his successful debut headline show at Camden Assembly on 2nd September, Fabian Secon has teamed up with world-renowned director/animator Tristan Zammit for new video “Small”. Zammit is known for his animations for the likes of XXXTENTACION, Tory Lanez, and Lil Yachty to name a few.

The video tells the story of a young Fabian feeling small in a big city but eventually standing tall and triumphant over everyone and everything in his way. “Small” is taken from Fabian’s latest EP I See Things Others Can’t, which has helped push his global streams past 25 million—a huge milestone for the independent artist who writes and produces all of his own music.

Watch Video for “Small”

Having recently collaborated on J Spades’ MMMP 4 project, Fabian is currently working with artists such as Santino Le Saint and Ali3nhead, as well as writing for other artists with Jacob Manson (Rudimental, Ed Sheeran, Craig David), Redmojo (Madonna, Anitta, Pitbull), Will Simms (Aloe Blacc, Sean Kingston, WSTRN) and Daniel Mirza (Mr Eazi) among others. He’ll return to the stage later in the year with IAMNEXT.

I See Things Others Can’t follows previous projects Until We Meet Again alongside 5ive Beatz (2017) and Don’t Disturb (2016) and sees Fabian experimenting more with his sound.

“Each song has its own personality and expression, ranging from uplifting emotions to depressing places and rebellion”, says Fabian. “The EP’s title and concept revolve around the idea that sometimes I’m in my own world and only I can feel and visualize certain things around me. I always like to be one step ahead creatively and sonically too.”

“For this project, I wanted to push my own boundaries. I created a more progressive sound with tracks like ‘Small’, which is very melodic and pop-R&B driven, while keeping a more familiar dark and eerie sound on others, such as ‘One More Day’ [co-produced by Jacob Manson]. I wanted to show growth and capabilities of what else I can do but also pay homage to what has been successful for me previously.”
I see things others cant ep by fabian secon

Stream I See Things Others Can’t EP Now!

Fabian has already garnered global acclaim from industry tastemakers for tracks such as “Haze” (feat. Young T & Bugsey), “Defeated” and “Bandz No Sleep”. Online support has come from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, Complex, MTV, Wonderland, Highsnobiety, Hunger Magazine, Notion Magazine, EARMILK, DJBooth, GRM Daily and Link Up TV.

Fabian Secon

Meanwhile, he’s received radio backing from major US stations Power 105.1 (DJ Self, DJ Clue, DJ Suss One, DJ First Choice and Drake’s DJ Spade) and SiriusXM, as well as UK stations BBC 1Xtra, Capital FM and Capital XTRA. Now a leading rising name in the urban music scene, he has his sights set on the live arena, with performances at UK venues Jazz Cafe, Hoxton Bar & Grill, and Barfly preceding his debut headline show at Camden Assembly earlier this month.

Twitter: @FabianSecon
IG: fabianseconofficial

Week 64 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster


Untitled by LEDA - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: LEDA
Track: “Untitled”
Scottish-based Alt-pop Independent Artist LEDA delivers a willfully unrefined dose of broken up overdrive and honesty with the new song, “Untitled”.

Electric six-strings strike and grind, fused modulation soaked in blunted saturation from analog circuits overdriven; a protected series of stabs and resonance, adrift without a clear purpose of melody or percussive form; lost to the ambient and the great weight of silence.

LEDA’s voice comes tumbling down in freefall, driving and holding the track with accomplished, understated melody and compelling, well-worked, but loosely fit the rhythmic structure. Her words, a conversation in the absence of another, an uncontrollable stream of consciousness, without censure or contrivement.

Absent-minded high-frequency shimmers and shifts from up the neck, the distant somewhere else; brittle and pained, ill-formed and beautiful in its ugliness. Pulse and surge of reverb, stacked feedback of delay, shudder and sustain from words left to linger and pollute the atmosphere. Echoes of after-thought and aside, break from the stereo wide, in lo-fi tones; 3 – 5 kHz, old telephone calls for black and white times.

A heart-stopping testament to the great power of simplicity, a staggering act of artist honesty; a fundamentally alternative and independent creation, devoid of the superficial or disingenuous; a breathtakingly bold statement of uninhibited songwriting craft and the singular value of commitment in performance.

Twitter: @fxckleda
IG: fxckleda

Hollow by Tournier - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Tournier
Track: “Hollow”
Essex-based rapper/singer/songwriter Tournier drops a deftly produced slice of true word, stuttered beat, and loop in contrast with new single, “Hollow”.

Synth-strings shift in odd, lo-fi timbre and pitch-reversed tone; stabs in atonal tremolo; a voice setback and lost in ill-defined distance. Kick burts in broken surges of low frequency, stuttered ripples of sub and heavy-weight sound pressure level; a snare snips, dry and electric. Hi-hat fizz and glitch, brittle and teased metallic.

Tournier walks his words with an everchanging gate from stride to shuffle, idle and meander, strut and bounce; laying rhymes to emphasis meaning through phonetic resonance; pushing and pulling at the count of his flow, to reflect the emotion of his thoughts. His voice rising and falling in tone to draw the ear and color the sound of his phrasing.

The production structured in runs, stops, and drifts to echo and enhance the sense behind Tournier’s vocal. The beat in a state of perpetual re-working, refusing to stand still or laze into hapless repetition; but rather insist upon challenging the listener with new pattern and form. Contrasting sonic textures dropped into the track to create further dimension and emotional impact.

Rap is a genre much maligned by indifferent practitioners more interested in self-aggrandizement, than self-expression. Artists like Tournier demonstrate the art form is still alive, vital, and compelling. ‘Hollow’ is a work of musical integrity and a testament to the artistic credibility of its creator.

Twitter: @tourniermusic
IG: tourniermusic

Future by Mickey ft. Beatriz Nunes - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Mickey ft. Beatriz Nunes
Track: “Future”
Mickey and Beatriz Nunes cook up a fresh dish of laid back alt-pop hook, smartly arranged instrumentation, and tidy beat with new single, “Future”.

Stratocaster dry six-string riff rattle and slap, electro-pop-sonics chime synthetic in a funky alt-pop hook. Beats stab and smack; the kick landing in funky-tight dabs and thuds, the snare a slight spat of perfectly-timed impact. Raspy dry claps and hi-hat snaps, pop, and burst across the stereo field. A bass shifts and grooves, in turns and drones; low-frequency shifts and weights.

Mickey and Beatriz Nunes working the words back and forth in a lively vocal game of push and pull. The tone of their voices contrasting and complementing each others’, as they bounce back, overlap, support, and counterpoint. Words delivered in percussive stanza and phrase, counting the beat as walking the notes of the melody.

The accomplished production makes effective and smart use of sonic space, framing the silence, pause, and mute with good judgment and finesse. The 3-minute 16-second track working its runtime light; an ever-evolving array of texture and timbre, cascading left to right/right to left. An immensely enjoyable track that adeptly demonstrates pop needn’t be superficial, generic, or superfluous; that it can creative, inspiring, of integrity and credibility.

Twitter: @mickeymickeyeah
IG: mickeymickeyyeaaah

IG: beatriznunesmusic

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Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.

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Week 62 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Sunday Afternoon by Katie KittermisterArtist: Katie Kittermaster
Track: “Sunday Afternoon”
Singer-Songwriter Katie Kittermaster delivers a quietly compelling slice of upbeat Indie-pop with new single, “Sunday Afternoon”.

Acoustic tones tumble in protracted rake, before opening up into percussive rattle and shake; a kick lands deep and bedded in, and the track builds with a low-frequency push and shaker rasp. Acoustic six-strings playing off each other left/right, the steady rhythmic build broken-up for a 4 count of bars; arpeggio and backing vocals held in amber. Piano keys add depth and weight during the choruses, as strings gently widened the track.

Kittermaster’s vocal walks the beat loosely, allowing the melody to drift; the 18-year-old Artist demonstrating impressive craft and maturity in what is a disarmingly talkative, understated, and well-judged performance.

The accomplished and tastefully ‘hands-off’ production, mix, and master reflects, supports, and enhances Kittermaster’s vocal delivery. The 3-minute 51-second track an object lesson for aspiring Artists in knowing when enough is just enough; a quiet gracefulness and warmth of spirit running throughout.

Artists are oft tempted to the cynical and downbeat as it lends itself more easily to earning the attentions of plaudits and the impression of integrity; but in a world that, of late, feels as though as it is darkening with each passing day, it is of the utmost importance that Artists and Entertainers deliver work of optimism and hope; there is, quite simply, no greater imperative; and it is, in this regard, that Katie Kittermaster has excelled. “Sunday Afternoon” is a quiet triumph; a beacon of light, shining bright against the rising dark.

Twitter: @kkittermaster
IG: katiekittermaster


The River Bend by Subculture + Rachel ChinouririArtist: Subculture + Rachel Chinouriri
Track: “The River Bend”
Subculture and Rachel Chinouriri come together to craft a bluesy ambient of soulful voice and scattered Acid-Jazz instrument with new single, “The River Bend”.

Bass stalks with deep dab, yet light on its feet. Brushwork shuffles with snare rattle and bleed; percussion landing metallic and blunt in stereo-cascade. Sample rasps in dry coughs and deadened sneeze. Ambient shifts with tonal impressions, too distant for definition; brass bursts in long, shrieked-sustain and shimmering delay. The space of the track fluid and in perpetual flux. Sonics erupt hectic in a well-worked mess of frequencies, random with clear intention.

Chinouriri’s vocals rise glorious from the ambiance; nonchalant and uttered in the swallow and close mouth, words drop like liquid gold; tone, understated, rich and thick with soul. A tour-de-force in voice, delivery, and performance; Chinouriri drawing the ear into the midst of the great undulating swell and surge of accomplished instrumentation.

Evocative of the uber-cool acid-jazz movie soundtracks of Dirty Harry, Bullet, and The French Connection, “The River Bend” is an inspired contemporary brew and exploration in rhythm, melody, and harmony; a living, breathing critique and conversation upon the subject of music and its artistic form; one that opens up the possibilities of creation and liberates the listener from the tired, the generic, and the cynical; a composition that dares you to be different.

Twitter: @whoissubculture
IG: whoissubculture

Twitter: @rachelchinourir
IG: rachelchinouriri
Crazy Horse by MillyArtist: Milly
Track: “Crazy Horse”
LA-based Independent Outfit Milly drop a glorious dose of laid-back lo-fi and garagey goodness with new single, “Crazy Horse”.

Thrift Shop beats drop blunt and off-tonal, willfully awkward and intentionally warped; alternating off-balance and sat in odd, indifferent distance by quizzical and curious use of reverb. Six-strings delivered in tremolo and chorus, counting strings and rasping rakes, rattling off-set and played-off against each other; left to right, the stereo-field opened up, messing/smart. Bass drones heavy and deep, grinding the track forward in swells of low frequency.

Vocals land lazy and laid-back; teased by saturation and oft scattered by delay, in short, idle stanzas of gloriously lackluster melody and compelling understated lyric. Seemingly haphazard backing vocals, discarded distant and off-center, provide additional width and depth.

Deceptively effective and well-worked in its production, the 3-minute 14-second track peppered with undersold sonic delights, reverses, and keys, crafting shifting layer and contrasting texture into the composition. “Crazy Horse” slow-burns to a triumphant and chaotic crescendo of awesomely distorted guitar noise and dirty swell, as though the noise-floor itself is rising up to bring the song to a cacophonous and glorious end.

Proper independent, alternative music.

Twitter: @millymusicgroup
IG: millyleband

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Don’t Take It Personal | “Can’t Talk” by Tiera Beverly

R&B/Soul Singer, Tiera Beverly, Works with Famed Producers on New Single, “Can’t Talk”

Cant Talk by Tiera Beverly - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Tiera Beverly’s leading single “Can’t Talk” was produced by Jason Mater (Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Eminem) and Brandon Rogers (Alec Benjamin, Troye Sivan, Bea Miller) as well as mastered by Evren Gokna at Capitol Studios. The highly anticipated release oozes with sultry vocals, dramatic drums, and soaring smokey harmonies, creating a throwback feel to Beverly’s love of 90’s girl groups. The track is brought to life with live musicians and twinkling keys, emitting a mesmerizing ambiance and showcasing her love for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Aaliyah.

Watch Music Video for “Can’t Talk”

Thematically “Can’t Talk” narrates the journey of youth and realizing that to reach your goals you need to put yourself first. Beverly reveals, “This song was inspired by what I view as the current state that we live in, as far as technology. I do like things about social media, but I do feel like we are in a world so fueled by the need for constant reassurance and instant gratification. I definitely think that a lot of people have such a short attention span and it can cause insecurity in relationships”.

“Can’t Talk” is Available Now on Apple Music, Amazon, & Spotify!

R&B Soul Singer, Tiera BeverlyAbout Tiera Beverly
Tiera Beverly is an R&B soul singer from the Bay Area. Now based in Los Angeles, the young songstress has been melting listeners with her distinct blend of old school R&B and fresh, modern elements. Born into a family of musicians, she credits her upbringing for her array of musical influences. With a father and grandfather (the famed Frankie Beverly) both musicians and accomplished artists, Beverly was propelled into the industry and has not looked back.

Engraving her own unique sound into the Los Angeles music scene, Beverly hopes that her music can inspire someone to come to the realization that it’s unselfish to be selfish every once in a while. Using her past relationships as inspiration, she was able to take her experiences and mold them into a song, as a form of self-medication and healing. She confides, “I guess it kind of empowered me in a way. I hope that people in similar situations can find some kind of empowerment in my song as well”.

Tiera Beverly continues to bewitch listeners with her hypnotic melodies and seductive vocal tones, with “Can’t Talk” slated for release late summer 2019.

Twitter: @tierabeverly
IG: tierabeverly

Entertainment News | Music Release from New Music Musical STAND!

Singer, Actress, and Songwriter Lisa Bell Releases “STAND” From Director Robert Adetuyi’s New Movie Musical “STAND!”

STAND by Lisa Bell - BRASH! Magazine Blog

(Toronto, ON) – Actress & Songstress Lisa Bell debuts “STAND” – the theme song & music video from Director Robert Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard, Bring It On) and Juno and Kobzar-Award-winning writers Danny Schur and Rick Chafe’s new movie musical STAND!.

“STAND” is Available Now on CD Baby!

STAND! transports us to Winnipeg,1919 in the grips of violent anti-immigrant riots and a general strike that altered the course of history. STAND! follows Ukrainian immigrant Stefan, smitten with his Jewish suffragette neighbor, Rebecca, but family and anti-immigrant veterans oppose the would-be Romeo and Juliet. When a movement develops to better the lives of immigrants, Stefan, Rebecca and a city of immigrants take on the halls of power in an inspirational, but high stakes, final stand.

STAND! Movie Musical

STAND! uses history as a metaphor for a current world of nativism and discrimination. It leaves us with a renewed understanding of what it means to be a citizen in a diverse democracy, with an inspiring message (delivered in song): “Hearts can change….and the change starts in mine.”

STAND! stars Marshall Williams (Glee, How to Build a Better Boy – Disney), Laura Slade Wiggins (Shameless, Nancy Drew & the Hidden Staircase), Gregg Henry (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Scandal”) and outstanding newcomer, Lisa Bell.

Watch Music Video for “STAND”

About Lisa Bell
Canada’s Lisa Bell is a Winnipeg singer, actress, and songwriter and already winning accolades as the “next Jennifer Hudson.” Lisa first came to prominence when she placed in the Top Twenty of Canadian Idol. She parlayed that exposure into a series of high stature opening slots with reggae stars Luciano and Sean Paul. Lisa’s incredible stage presence won her repeated starring roles at Canada’s largest musical theatre company, Rainbow Stage, along with roles on some of Canada’s most prestigious musical theatre stages like Toronto’s Mirvish Productions (Hairspray) and Canstage (Crowns). Lisa’s film and TV acting career took off with the TV series Falcon Beach. In Robert Adetuyi’s upcoming movie musical STAND! (her first feature film starring role), Lisa plays Emma Jones, the refugee from racial strife in Oklahoma c.1919. Lisa’s powerful rendition of the movie’s title track song was all director Robert Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard) needed to be convinced Lisa’s fit for the role.

The track is already in radio rotation on LA radio stations and the film is nominated for Best Score (composer Danny Schur) at the Burbank International Film Festival. Stand! will be making its Toronto debut at the Royal Theater on September 9-11.


Twitter: @stand_movie
IG: standmovie

New Heat! | Made It Happen EP by FLIBOIMOE

FLIBOIMOE Drops His New EP “Made It Happen” ft Roddy Ricch, Mozzy, & More!

Make it Happen EP  by FLIBOIMOE - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Portland artist FLIBOIMOE has been hard at work behind the scenes during the last few months. As an official Trap Kitchen artist, MOE also announced the debut of his own food venture “Rip City Tacos” powered by the none other than the Trap Kitchen. To go along with his own business venture, MOE recently released the fire anthem “Direct Deposit” featuring Cash Kidd. Back again with more fire, this time MOE hooks up with one of the hottest names in the music industry Roddy Ricch for fire new single “Made It Happen,” plus the full EP by the same name!

Airy chords and uptempo drums produced by Kris England set the tone for Roddy and MOE to break down their come up from the dirt. Roddy Ricch delivers an anthemic chorus and fire verse to match MOE’s contagious energy on Made It Happen. It’s rare to find this type of chemistry on a one-off collaboration but to be honest these two artists sound like they’ve been making music together for years. With Roddy Ricch buzzing as one of the hottest artists in the game Made It Happen is a rare collab that serves as a testament to FLIBOIMOE’s grind.

To go along with the Cash Kidd and Roddy Ricch collab FLIBOIMOE also features the G-Mix of “Shoot Sumn” featuring Mozzy and Pop Off featuring OMB Peezy on the official Made It Happen EP. With an all-star collab list, nobody shines harder than MOE himself on his latest tape showing growth maturity as a writer and artist.

Made It Happen EP is Available NOW on Spotify, Apple Music, & Tidal!

Twitter: @FLiBOiMOE
IG: fliboimoe

The REAL Funkytown | “Something in the Water” by St Paul Peterson

St Paul Peterson “Something in the Water” honors Minneapolis music. Former Member of The Time, The Family/fDeluxe and Prince collaborator to release a new single on August 27.

Something in the Water by St Paul PetersonSome songs celebrate the cultural legacies of cities like Chicago, Paris, New York, London, New Orleans, etc., “Something in the Water” celebrates the music of Minneapolis, MN, a city that has produced legends like Bob Dylan, Prince, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, Husker Du, Willie Murphy, Wee Willie Walker, and current stars like Lizzo and Atmosphere. One need only look at the performance and production bio of St. Paul Peterson to understand his fingerprints on 4 generations of popular music.

St. Paul Peterson’s new single “Something in the Water”, is a burning slice of greasy blues-driven new funk. Take a big drink of the Minneapolis sound, kick back and let “Something in the Water” improve your funk stride no matter what city you hail from!

Co-Produced and co-written by St. Paul Peterson and long-time collaborator Oliver Leiber (Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Paula Abdul, Beth Hart et al) at Ollywood Studios in LA and Creation Audio in Minneapolis. “Something in the Water” was inspired by a question often raised, “Why is Minneapolis so funky?” St. Paul Peterson addresses this question in song form, explaining it must be “Something In the Water.”

“Oliver Leiber and I have been writing songs together going all the way back to 1986 and my first solo single, “Rich Man,” explains Peterson. “He understands what I want to say and is the ultimate collaborator. His clever lyrics and incredible guitar playing set the tone to explain why Minneapolis is so funky.”

St. Paul Peterson, “Something in the Water” new single is a simmering synth-funk salute to the Minneapolis Sound, with shout-outs to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Sonny T, Morris Day, André Cymone, Jellybean Johnson, Bobby Z, Willie Murphy and pretty much everyone but the Purple One, who so obviously influenced all this funkiness that he doesn’t need to be namechecked. – Jon Bream

“Something in the Water” will be available on all digital streaming and download platforms on August 27, 2019!

About St. Paul Peterson
St. Paul Peterson came up in the 80s as the teenage keyboard player in the Purple Rain era line-up of The Time, appearing in the hit film and on the platinum-selling album “Ice Cream Castle” (“The Bird”, “Jungle Love”). Subsequently enlisted by Prince to front The Family, who would release an eponymously titled album on Paisley Park featuring the singles “Screams of Passion”, “High Fashion” and the original recording of “Nothing Compares 2 U’. As a solo artist, he scored Top 15 R&B and Top 40 Pop hits for MCA and Atlantic Records respectively. A multi-instrumentalist and platinum-selling songwriter his resume include names as varied as Mavis Staples. Paula Abdul, Brian Culbertson, and Victor Wooten through to rockers Beth Hart, Peter Frampton, Kenny Loggins and Steve Miller Band. George Benson scored a Grammy nomination with the St. Paul Peterson penned ‘Song For My Brother’. In early 2019 St. Paul Peterson released his first new single in over two decades ‘You Got 2 Love’, which received a warm welcome back from BBC Radio, American Public Radio, and tens of thousands of streams from fans from around the world.

Twitter: @stpaulpeterson
IG: stpaulpeterson

Week 59 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster


Kitten-MemphisArtist: Kitten
Track: “Memphis”
LA-Based alt-pop 6-piece Kitten drop a compelling slice of lofi grind and indie-pop groove with new single, ‘Memphis’.

Hanging on the sweet-candy grind of bass delivered up the neck, Lofi tones shift like arcade sirens in an inspired off-tonal alt-pop hook; kick and snare arrive in a pittapatta of dense punch and snap, with shuffle and groove on the hi hat. The fused-electro of dial up internet rattles blunt and dissident, perfectly placed to add texture and ear candy. Guitars fizz and shimmer in scattered auto-pan patterns, while keys add layer and ambient.

Chaidez’s vocals travel with haste, hustling the beat of the track in hushed rushes; lyrics delivered at speed; overlapping imagery, thought, sensation, and expectation, pushed through like stories skipped on an Instagram feed.

Compelling original and impressively put together, ‘Memphis’ is a legitimate Independent release with credible mainstream appeal; accomplished songcraft framed by tasteful use of instrumentation and well-worked production, further enhanced by careful attention to musical detail with surprising and engaging melodic relationships between instruments and vocals.

‘Memphis’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

IG: kittentheband


Sara Philips New York Without MeArtist: Sara Phillips
Track: “New York Without Me”
Stand-out singer-songwriter Sara Phillips delivers a singular moment, bold and unapologetic, of timeless depth and somber poetry, new single, ‘New York Without Me’.

Footsteps track lonely left to right, the stark tick-tock of passing time; piano keys fall into the noise-floor, only to rise reversed; warped and contorted disharmonious, but refusing to be forgotten. Subs drop in isolation, punctuating the great distance exposed. A bass-drone modulates in slowburn pulses, shifting uneasy beneath; bleeding depth into the track and a vast weight of somber melancholy. Arpeggios shimmer in the high rafters, diffused and drained of presence and body; a scant hint of light in the otherwise unapologetically dark arrangement.

Sara Phillips voice drifts in close breaths across the twilight soundscape of the instrumentation; her now trademark, disarmingly simple delivery, a compelling mixture of rich, expressive mids and fragility in the highs. Her vocal and lyrical style working in perfectly pitched harmony, thoughts and sentiments expressed without caveat nor quarter given.

The very best songwriters do not endear, nor ingratiate, they simply tell it as it is; without excuse, explanation, or equivocation. Though mournful and of quiet poetic grace, ‘New York Without Me’ is not without embitterment; and although, ultimately sincere in its goodwill, it is nevertheless tinged with the vindictive and a sense of well-deserved validation. It is complex; and conveys that complexity, namely the lasting impression of hurt, the odd lingering sadness in nostalgia, and sense of peace in finding a better place, a better person, with great and accomplished success.

Courageous and without apology in both its sparse production and raw uncompromised songwriting, ‘New York Without Me’ is a pop song in the classic sense; a modern-day soul record, one that exhibits and exemplifies the self-discipline and musical integrity of the legendary Motown recordings. And, like those unforgettable songs, hewn into the very soundtrack of our lives, so will ‘New York Without Me’ be rendered timeless and cast permanent for future generations to call their own.

Twitter: @sara_jphillips
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O Mer Shelley DuvalArtist: O Mer
Track: “Shelley Duvall”
Israeli singer-songwriter/producer O Mer conjures a sonic-kaloidoscope of electro-oddity, psychedelic melody, and percussive energy with new single, ‘Shelley Duvall’.

Scuttling tones rattle and delay left to right; electro-bass phonics dab percussive and deliberate; a familiar, forgotten snippet of dialogue rasps in dated mono; sharp warped-funky synth-sonics shift portamento, alt-pop hook experimental. Brassy riffs blur and blaze, opulent yet disquieting in their dissidence; a French dis-connection. Slaps, cracks, and snaps land dry, fiercely rhythmic and across the stereo field; the scattered array of musical oddity driven by their ever-present, ever-compelling percussive force.

O Mer runs the vocals in expansive stanzas of willfully deconstruction thought; the melody surging in great flurries of psychedelic progression. Ideas are played like a notebook torn up; reference, context, and idea presented at jagged odds with each other. Rational thread spun sideways, association given precedence over logic.

Evocative of the free form of the Acid Jazz of 70s Cinema and the great soundscapes of David Axelrod, but with a playful irreverence more akin to Zappa and the sardonic pop postmodernism of Bowie, ‘Shelley Duvall’ is an alternative creation in the truest sense. A constant source of delight and equally, a constant challenge to the sonic senses and tastes of the listener. O Mer restless throughout, seemingly intent on surprising and inspiring at every turn.

‘Shelley Duvall’ is available now on all major digital platforms.

Twitter: @0mermusic
IG: 0mermusic

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