Can’t Take the Heartbreak | “Don’t Take My Love Away” by Omar Alhindi

Omar Alhindi’s returns with his new single, the heartbreaking, emotionally pleading, “Don’t Take My Love Away”

new music, rnb, singer, omar alhindi, dont take my love away, brash magazine blogLush with raw emotions, Omar wanders through the mid-tempo track in search of resolution to a failing relationship. Listeners can feel the ache and yearning within the refreshing mix of pop hooks and grooving R&B beats that build to a pulsating, desperate chorus. All the elements, piano and layers of vocals and synths, create a rhythmic playfulness that demands a repeat listen.

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Music Video of the Week | “My Intentions” by Omar Alhindi

“My Intentions” by Omar Alhindi

Omar Alhindi brings heartbreak to life in the video for his soulful new single, “My Intentions.” Following the trajectory of a romance, the video showcases the breakdown of a love that was meant to last forever. As Omar falls for his best friend and dream girl, and subsequently loses her because of his rising success as a musician, he openly struggles with the desire to move on and the comfort of existing in the past. Though it’s clear he misses the woman that was once the love his life, the allure of the stage lights continue to pull him away. He croons against the scenic desert backdrop and you can feel that he aches openly for “the best he ever had.” Beautifully shot in a cinematic style, there’s no doubt about the weight and meaning of this song in Omar’s life, with every little lyrical detail bursting into vibrant, heartbreaking color.
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