Like Mother Like Daughter | My Mother’s Daughter EP by Dakota Danielle

Illinois native and country singer-songwriter Dakota Danielle reveals her most impactful moments in life with her debut EP My Mother’s Daughter

My Mothers Daughter EP by Dakota Danielle

Nashville, TN —  The entirely self-penned project is a reflection of Danielle’s past and touches on her healing and growing process following the loss of her mother last year.

My Mother’s Daughter features the upbeat “City” premiered by Nashville Noise, the relatable “Small Town Talk” premiered by Roughstock, the nudge toward self-acceptance “Maria” premiered by Vents Magazine, and the deeply emotional “Growing Old,” Danielle’s sole source of expression as she emerged from her devastating loss. Produced by Robbie Artress (Chris Stapleton, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, For King & Country) and John Naclerio (My Chemical Romance).

Danielle is staged to perform “Growing Old” on WSMV’s Today in Nashville on May 13.

My Mother’s Daughter Track Listing
“City” | Written by: Dakota Danielle
“Small Town Talk” | Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd
“Maria” | Written by: Dakota Danielle, Jessilynn Kidd
“Growing Old” | Written by: Dakota Danielle

My Mother’s Daughter EP is Available Now on Spotify & iTunes!

The small town sensation broke into the country scene with the release of her debut single “One Church” last year, which quickly and independently garnered over 56k streams on Spotify. After the video premiered on The Country Network, Dakota followed with her sophomore single “Forever,” which led to a series of school speaking engagements, inspiring and encouraging students to boldly pursue their dreams.

A drive to share her lyrics and passion for music lands the 26-year-old on stage weekly, including a recent performance with Easton Corbin.

Capitalizing on her momentum from 2018, Danielle dove into writing and recording as a means to move forward and follow the dream her mother strongly supported. This spring, Danielle launched her Bandtwango campaign and was able to fund My Mother’s Daughter through the support of her fans. The collection of songs are from her first chapter in life — the small hometown, an adolescent journey to self-acceptance, a move to the big city and one of life’s hardest tragedies. This journey to self-discovery offers fans a transparent opportunity to learn exactly who Danielle is — her mother’s daughter.
Twitter: @DDanielleMusic
IG: dakotadaniellemusic

A Serenade for the Future | “Girl” by Cory Singer

New Jersey native, Cory Singer releases his new pop/rock single, “Girl”

“I wrote this song because I have a dream that I will sing this song to my future girlfriend,” explains Cory Singer. “All girls deserve a good love song.”

Girl by Cory Singer - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Cory Singer is an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician and theater performer. Cory has performed in arenas before thousands nationwide. He starred on BRAVO TV’s singing Competition The Kandi Factory, winning the grand prize, taking home a song penned by Grammy Award Winning Artist Kandi Burress, “I Can Do Anything”.

Cory has spent 6 years in development honing his exceptional songwriting skills, performing and working on his EP. He has penned his upcoming EP due to release Summer 2019. Cory is an exceptional songwriter and he captivates his audiences no matter the venue or event. He has had several song placements this year including “The Devil” by The Highway Women.

“Girl” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Google Play!
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Jul/Aug ’17 BRASH! Inspirations | Tamara Wellons

The Inspirational Story of Tamara Wellons

Singer & Indie Label Owner, Tamara Wellons was motivated to sing at a very young age. Since then, she’s been paying it forward using her music and empowerment skills to work with other artists in living up to their greatest potential. Her Dreams Productions is her label recently launched to navigate her career through her vision and creativity. Along the way, Wellons has inspired others to step out on faith and utilize their gifts to uplift others.

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Learn more about her journey in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine AVAILABLE NOW!

Check out her latest album Pretty

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Sept ’15 BRASH! Artist Spotlight Pt II – Keeyen Martin

KM3BRASH! is continuing the month of September with another GREAT artist who has had the opportunity to sing with some notable artists. You can say that music has been with Keeyan Martin since he was a toddler and his craft has only grown to capture audiences and listeners…Especially those with dreams! Read his exclusive w/ BRASH! below:

B!: How did you start your journey in music?
Keeyan: Church was the birthplace of my journey. It was here I followed blossomed and learned how to sing and command a crowd. I’ve been singing since age 2 and come from a church centered/musical family.
B!: You’ve definitely paid your dues by singing background for various artists. How have those experiences shaped you to be the artist you are today?
Keeyan: I’ve definitely gained wisdom and development from my experiences. The knowledge of how to be a showman and shine in your lane have been greatly enhanced from singing behind greats.

B!: What avenues are you currently taking to market/promote your music?
Keeyan: Social media is a primary avenue. It’s no secret that social media really dominates the world of entertainment. My brand manager has also been huge in building campaigns to further promo my music.
B!: You’ve shared the stage with MANY notable artists, who would you like to share the stage with next? And Why?
Keeyan: Wow. That’s a tough question. Honestly I’d love to share the stage with Jazmine Sullivan, Sam Smith, and Drake. I’m a huge fan of all their endeavors.


B!: Where do you go/what do you do to get into that creative zone to write music?
Keeyan: I relax often times and sit at my keyboard. Creativity is random though, sometimes it will hit u at the most inopportune times. When it comes I just flow and try not to force it.

B!: Tell us about the importance of standing out above the rest?
Keeyan: I think once you make it a focus to stand out it becomes a “job” stripping away the joy of what you love. Simply being yourself and polishing your art inevitably makes you stand out.

B!: What was the inspiration behind the song “Suitcase”?
Keeyan: Suitcase is a song for the dreamers. It comes from a place of wanting more and striving for more. Dreams are hard, the journey is hard, but if I have live outta my suitcase traveling to achieve my dreams I’ll do just that. Suitcase is a mantra of encouragement to myself and others.

B!: What advice would you give an aspiring artist fighting for a chance?
Keeyan: To never give up. Be relentless! It’s vital for your existence in a world where it seems every other person is an artist with amazing music. The greatest truth is there is a lane and an audience for us all. Find your niche and work it to the max!

B!: Are there any other avenues within the entertainment industry that you would like to go after?
Keeyan: Absolutely, I love television and film. I so dream to have songs as well as land roles on the big screen.

B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?
Keeyan: My music is available on ALL online music retailers (ITunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Tidal) simply search: Keeyen Martin

Keeyen Martin has also set up a web series on his YouTube channel titled “Pieces”.
Check out Episode 1: “Who is Keeyen Martin”

Social Media Links:
Instagram: KeeyenMartin
Twitter: @KeeyenMartin
YouTube: Keeyen Martin
Facebook: Keeyen.Martin
Official Website:

Where are you?

Letting your fans know where you’re going to be and when

Promotional teams are usually in place to promote appearances, showcases and tours. However, it is a common practice for artists to promote their appearances and performances as well. This extra insurance will make sure your fans are well aware of where you are at all times. If you aren’t able to have a street team or multiple promoters, there are various ways to get this information out to your fans along with the general public.

Take advantage of the web to reach these people and let them know, remind them, and remind them again!

  • Website: Your website is one of your main online marketing tools. Having your music, photos and a bio isn’t enough anymore. Create a page or a section (and update it often) to let your fans know about your appearances and performances. Tweet, Facebook, and even post a screen shot of this page on Instagram to let your fans know that you will be at a city near them and when.
  • Social Media Platforms: Utilize your social media pages to keep them updated. Find trending and useful hashtags to gain their attention and get your performance trending as well.
  • Email Marketing: Setup email marketing campaigns to send out updates to your fans. Use eye-catching headlines to ensure the emails won’t get spammed or go unopened. Email marketing can be very effective if used properly. Be sure not to overload your fans’ inboxes with emails that contain the same content. Try to find various and marketable ways to provide your performance/appearance information to get them excited.
  • Press Releases: Press releases are used to not only gain the general public’s attention but media outlets use these for content pieces as well. Sending out a press release to online/print publications as well as entertainment blogs will give much exposure to for you, especially if you’re going on tour.

All of these must be planned strategically to give the public time to plan to attend your functions. Set up a calendar as to when you want your emails, press releases to go out as well as plan on how many times a day you feel it is best to run your social media campaign as well.  Sometimes its hard for indie artists to have a full team to aid in promotions. This will get you well on your way in promoting your bookings.


Now go tell them where you are!!!!

Cover that!

Making classic music your own

Many artists have taken advantage of covering their favorite songs. Some have tried and failed while others have gained huge success in putting their own twist on a vintage hit record. As an artist you must display your range what better way than to cover a most beloved tune.  This can be used as a marketing tool for you as well to introduce you to fans of the music who know the song but are unaware of who you are. Have you thought about re-doing a song for your mix tape or other marketing materials? Think about your most favorite song and think of how you remake it into your own. How would you keep the same feelings of the lyrics while putting your twist on it while at the same time, doing that song as well as the artist justice? If done properly, covering a song can take you to new levels and add to your musical portfolio. Now I’m not going to get into the legal logistics of gaining permissions to record, distribute a remake.  However, this blog will help you to understand how this can aid in getting your brand to the masses.

Before you book a studio session, ask yourself: Am I able to pull this off? Do not take on a project if you’re not 100% sure your fans as well as the song’s fans will love and appreciate you for it. A lot of time artists are so wrapped up in finding that one good gimmick to get their name out there or back on the radar of the music industry, they forget about the quality it takes to put into each project. Understand that die-hard music fans are very sensitive about their favorite hits so you don’t want to “mess it up”.

What can you bring to the music that stamps your name/brand on it? Its awesome that you want to have that same level of performance as the original artist. But keep in mind that you want to be yourself. Work with producers to find arrangements that show who you are.

After your cover is done, make sure you do heavy marketing/promotional activities within your current along with the original artists’ market. These activities will help you expand your audience. Add this cover to your usual music set during live performances. Look to book gigs within your “new found” market to perform the cover song. Take heed to the feedback both positive and negative to see what worked for you as well as what didn’t.

Recording and/or performing a cover tune can be a great tool in your overall marketing scheme for your musical brand. However the key is showing your personality while still delivering that same quality. Don’t work too hard at trying to recreate the same success or even “out do” the original success. Build a great buzz around this marketing scheme to get your fans excited about how you’ll deliver.

What do you want to cover?

February BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Jamie Bailey

We are continuing to deliver quality indie artists each month for our BRASH! Artist Spotlight Features. For the month of February we are highlighting singer/songwriter/musician Jamie Bailey. Check out his entertaining and inspiring interview with BRASH! below:

Jamie bailey pic studio

B! – What is your inspiration for writing new songs?

JB – It can come in many ways but usually from an overwhelming feeling that I need to sit down and just write! Sometimes I may be playing on the piano or guitar and little riffs come in to my head. Some songs can be written in minutes, some over weeks but I don’t usually set out to write a particular song, I just tend to let it happen naturally and try not to over analyze the process.

B! – When was the defining moment where you decided that you were going to pursue music?

JB – I suppose the first time I realized I wanted to pursue music was after my first ever performance singing standby with my guitar in front of my whole secondary school [in the 8th grade]. I felt it also helped me avoid years of bullying for my ginger [red] hair! Plus I used to get out of loads of lessons at school.

B! – What is your most proudest moment to date in your musical journey?

JB – Playing at the Closing ceremony of London Olympics was big for me but the pleasure of being a musician and teacher is you have lots of little proud moments to look back at whether it is in the studio listening back to your creations or watching some of the kids perform in my classes. 

B! – What is your ultimate goal in your music career?

JB – Global songwriting dominance

B! – How do you bounce back from obstacles and/or setbacks?

JB – I don’t I leap over them (he says sarcastically!) Obviously life can always get in the way of you achieving or being what you want to be, but it’s important to be resilient and make sure you learn from doing your 29th open mic slot where you’ve had to pay to perform! Lol

B! – Who are some artists/producers you would like to work with in the future?

JB – There are so many to even begin but more recently I have been loving what Naughty Boy has been doing and also Labrinth. 

B! – What is your advice to other aspiring artists fighting for a chance at a music career?

JB – I have no clue! Let me know when you have the answers and share them with me…  Joking aside,  Build a fan base, work hard and keep plugging away to get your music and  name out;  through social networking sites, collaborating with other artist, network events, gigs, magazine, radio big and small. If you get setbacks don’t take it to heart, one person’s view is not everyone’s view,  music is a very subjective art form and not everyone likes the same thing. If you have the talent and put in the hard work you will get there in the end.    

B! – Where can we listen and purchase your music?

JB – YouTube Jamie Bailey and ITunes “Under Pressure” which has been released through buffalo beats and of course when the EP is finished you will be the first to hear it.

B! – Do you have any upcoming projects?

JB –  I have a couple of projects in the pipeline, working with some quality up and coming artist and producers from the UK and US, I’m also playing a gig at the Finsbury on the 10th March.

Follow Jamie Bailey on Twitter and Facebook!
Twitter – @JamieBailey85
Facebook  –