Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

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milck.jpgArtist: MILCK
Track: “Oh My My (What a Life)”
A clap n stamp along beat, heralds a very welcome return for the multi talent, multi genre inspired MILCK, with the uncharacteristically upbeat, ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’, and nobody more surprised by this optimistic turn, than the Artist herself. The gifted vocalist ‘chat sings’ her way through the verses with a deftly timed conversational style, making friends of her fans, just gossiping the day away, ‘ hotel lobbies. Sshh!’. The singalong friendly choruses and pleasingly simple piano hook, once again demonstrates the classically trained, multi-instrumentalist MILCK’s integrity and good sense, by putting her fans enjoyment above any misguided, self indulgent need to ‘show off her musical chops’. ‘Oh My My (What a Life)’ is an impressively well crafted and tastely restrained crowd pleaser, perfectly pitched to own the summer. MILCK is , deservable, very much a star on the rise. stand up, put your arms around your friends and sing it loud, ‘Oh! My! My! I could cry! Cry! Cry! I’ve never been this happy in my life!’.

Twitter: @milckmusic
IG: milckmusic

his human conditionArtist: This Human Condition
Track: “Living for the Summertime”
Bristol based ‘electronic pick n mix outfit’, This Human Condition are ‘Living for the Summertime’ with their Neo-Synth-Dance-Pop mélange, latest release. Cloud light, floating synth pads are contrasted and driven well by flanged up Linndrum style beat, evocative of iconic 80s tracks, like Prince’s mini epic, ‘When Doves Cry’. Erasure laid back vocals, carry lyrics rich in idea, social observation and satirical reference. This Human Condition takes the familiar, and successfully blends it together with tasteful sleight of hand, and a ‘middle finger pinch of irreverence’. ‘Living for the Summertime’ is a gentle grower that will quietly work its way into your head and your heart.

Twitter: @ConditionThis
IG: Humancontitionsf

la thuneArtist: Angèle
Track: “La Thune”
Outspoken, French speaking, Belgium eccentric pop artist, Angèle, ‘easy swaggers’ her way into the summer with dubtronic popsonic, ‘La Thune’ (en Anglais, ‘The Cash / Dosh / Wonga’). Angèle’s lazy sweet vocal breezes above the reggae inspired, stutter-swing beat. Curious melodic oddities stop and start, left to right, playing sonic space against stylishly reserved instrumentation, which successfully opens up the stereo field. The Clever and timely use of vocal harmonies add width, depth and warmth to the Francophone pop jaunt, which is further enhanced with skillful and imaginative use of reverbs. The result is a surprisingly chart friendly, well pitched, eclectic mix of musical inspirations. ‘La Thune’ inspires favorable comparisons with Blondie’s, ‘The Tide is High’, and is arguably more musically accomplished and certainly more successful in tone and spirit. Angèle proving, she is very much one to watch and deserving of a much higher profile on the international stage.

Twitter: @angele_vl
IG: angele_vl

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Playlist Must Haves – New Music from the Indie Scene

Check out these releases from today’s hottest indie talents!

The Tapes – “You Know It’s Real”

‘You Know It’s Real’ wields a spine of driving staccato bass, a deep blue wash of analogue synths and woozy, romantic falsetto vocals over LCD Sound System beats and heralds the announcement of The Tapes self-titled debut EP, out on Friday 11th November via Nook Nook Records (the introduction label behind the debut singles from Spring King and The Big Moon). Listen on SoundCloud.


Yah Yah – “Red Cup Music” EP

After a successful, listening party at Platinum Studios attended by top music industry insiders, Yah Yah released her anticipated EP, Red Cup Music. The EP consists of eight songs produced by Call_Me Parker. Listen on SoundCloud.



Sarah Teibo – “New Day”
With her own headline gig at the prestigious 606 Jazz club in London on May 8th 2016, Sarah unveiled her 11-track album which ranges from soulful, infectious numbers such as ‘New Day’, she fuses her uniquely soulful, yet contemporary style and powerful lyrics to produce a new and exciting sound which will introduce you to the ‘dynamic force’ that is Sarah Téibo. Listen on SoundCloud.


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What’s On Your Playlist? – Indie Singles

Abrizzle: “Excuse Me”

Abrizzle is an artiste signed under Real Entertainment Domination(R.E.D) and one artiste to watch out for after holding his fans spell bound with a jaw dropping jam titled “Patewo”. He continues to thrill with this track “Excuse Me” produced by Harry and mixed by Steine which promises to be a bang and also imprint his name as a star in the making. If you love good music then you going to love this song.

Listen Here:

Elijah Steen: “Let The Music”

USC film student Elijah Steen releases his first short musical. LOS ANGELES, CA ( July 4, 2016). Student athlete turned director kicks off the summer with a positive movement. Michael Jackson inspired and 80s pop vibes, “Let The Music” takes you on a visual joy ride. “The track was actually created after the idea of the visual concept: a world without music. With all the chaos in this world, we have to appreciate the sound that gives us life and keeps us all connected”. Written, Performed and co-produced by Elijah Steen.
Listen here:

Riz-Rob: “I Don’t Know”
RIGHTEOUS RHYTHMS MUSIC Group releases RiZ-RoB debut single “I Don’t Know” on July 27 2016. This singles illustrates a true Love story from the ups & downs to the ultimate challenge of trusting God to make a successful relationship.
Listen Here:


Breeze: “De Air”

Recording Artist/ Actress/ Model/C.E.O. of Quantum Tekniq Productions from Fort Green, Brooklyn released her latest in July of this year.
Listen Here: