Preparations for Romance | “Fine Wine” by Cherae Leri

Houston’s R&B Singer Cherae Leri Releases A New Sexy & Seductive New Single & Visual For “Fine Wine”

The Pain that Sex Brings Album by Cherae Leri

Fresh off the heels of her new single, “Dedication”, Cherae Leri releases a new seductive – foreplay single and video entitled “Fine Wine”. The song and visual display how Cherae sets the mood for her lover. “Fine Wine” is a seductive and self-penned lyrics provide a sexual empowerment anthem for women as she calls the shots over sexy, mid-tempo production. The breath-taking scenery from the visuals meets with the seductive imagery of Cherae herself, making for a powerful all-round effect. The single will be featured on her new album The Pain That Sex Brings, set to release on April 10th.

Watch Music Video for “Fine Wine”

Houston's R&B Singer Cherae LeriAbout Cherae Leri
Hailing from Houston, TZ now residing in Atlanta, GA, this young vibrant songbird is hitting the music scene hard with her own flavor and style. Cherae Leri is a songwriter, dancer, actress and former model. She began her entertainment career at the age of 3 when she began modeling and acting. Leri has never followed trends, so don’t expect to hear her trying to mimic any. The music is hers and it’s the kind of sound you want to take with you on a road trip, to the gym, and to the office.

In 2018 she released her Debut EP Conscience with her assembled team of musical powerhouses with features from Chino McGregor and Choppa Zoe, Engineering from Randy Lanphear, ashilee Ashilee, cowriting from Jai ‘Miss Ikonic’ McMillan and Production from The Giants, Mellow The producer and Chris Beatz.
Twitter: @cheraeleri
IG: cheraeleri

Fall Girl Anthem | “BXTCHE$” by Ainjo

R&B Recording Artist, Ainjo, Releases New Single, “BXTCHE$”

BXTCHE$ by Ainjo

Atlanta, GA – Ainjo returns with her new single “BXTCHE$” since the release of her debut EP 555 earlier this year. The song is her self declared “fall girl anthem” that uplifts women who are going through broken friendships and relationships. “BXTCHE$” is a relaunch from the first version of the song released nearly two years ago and this time around Ainjo draws on the geniuses of producers RayJodye and John Scott to execute the track to perfection.

Listen to “BXTCHE$” NOW on Major Digital Music Streaming Platforms!


This song is for anyone that’s going through it with anyone they cared about. It’s kind of like a response, even when you find out that people are fake to you, you take that for what it is and move on accordingly. – Ainjo

555 EP by Ainjo

Stream Ainjo’s Latest EP 555 HERE!

About Ainjo
Ainjo is an R&B recording artist from San Diego who’s drawing attention due to her distinct sound as well as her role as an active duty service member. Her sound draws influences from the likes of Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Nina Simone, and she describes her music as “jazzy-trap-soul.” To stay up to date with Ainjo by following her on socials for news about upcoming releases & more.

R&B Recording Artist, Ainjo
IG: ainjomusic

Don’t Take It Personal | “Can’t Talk” by Tiera Beverly

R&B/Soul Singer, Tiera Beverly, Works with Famed Producers on New Single, “Can’t Talk”

Cant Talk by Tiera Beverly - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Tiera Beverly’s leading single “Can’t Talk” was produced by Jason Mater (Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Eminem) and Brandon Rogers (Alec Benjamin, Troye Sivan, Bea Miller) as well as mastered by Evren Gokna at Capitol Studios. The highly anticipated release oozes with sultry vocals, dramatic drums, and soaring smokey harmonies, creating a throwback feel to Beverly’s love of 90’s girl groups. The track is brought to life with live musicians and twinkling keys, emitting a mesmerizing ambiance and showcasing her love for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Aaliyah.

Watch Music Video for “Can’t Talk”

Thematically “Can’t Talk” narrates the journey of youth and realizing that to reach your goals you need to put yourself first. Beverly reveals, “This song was inspired by what I view as the current state that we live in, as far as technology. I do like things about social media, but I do feel like we are in a world so fueled by the need for constant reassurance and instant gratification. I definitely think that a lot of people have such a short attention span and it can cause insecurity in relationships”.

“Can’t Talk” is Available Now on Apple Music, Amazon, & Spotify!

R&B Soul Singer, Tiera BeverlyAbout Tiera Beverly
Tiera Beverly is an R&B soul singer from the Bay Area. Now based in Los Angeles, the young songstress has been melting listeners with her distinct blend of old school R&B and fresh, modern elements. Born into a family of musicians, she credits her upbringing for her array of musical influences. With a father and grandfather (the famed Frankie Beverly) both musicians and accomplished artists, Beverly was propelled into the industry and has not looked back.

Engraving her own unique sound into the Los Angeles music scene, Beverly hopes that her music can inspire someone to come to the realization that it’s unselfish to be selfish every once in a while. Using her past relationships as inspiration, she was able to take her experiences and mold them into a song, as a form of self-medication and healing. She confides, “I guess it kind of empowered me in a way. I hope that people in similar situations can find some kind of empowerment in my song as well”.

Tiera Beverly continues to bewitch listeners with her hypnotic melodies and seductive vocal tones, with “Can’t Talk” slated for release late summer 2019.

Twitter: @tierabeverly
IG: tierabeverly

A Message | “Love Yourself” by Tanisha Avent

R&B recording singer-songwriter, TANISHA AVENT Releases R&B-Dance anthem, “Love Yourself”

Love Yourself by Tanisha Avent - BRASH! Magazine Blog“Love Yourself” was produced by multi-Grammy award-winning producer, Rockwilder along with Malcolm Pope and written by Tanisha Avent, Shanelle Irving (five-time Grammy-nominated songwriter), Jonathan Jennings (Oscar-nominated actor/composer) and Lawrence White.

E Music Entertainment also released a comprehensive, “Love Yourself” Radio Remix package produced by seasoned and newcomer remixers, Available NOW on all streaming and digital platforms.

Stream “Love Yourself” Now on Spotify!

Love Yourself was written with the message of love…it was written to inspire people to love themselves no matter what obstacles life might throw at them. In the process of writing this song, it has also taught me the true meaning of self-love, so I encourage all my beautiful ladies and fellas to simply love yourself. – Tanisha Avent

R&B Recording Artist, Tanisha Avent

Tanisha is currently on the “Love Yourself” promotional tour, which included singing the National Anthem at the NY Mets game on Wednesday, August 7th.

Tanisha Avent is quickly becoming a buzzworthy artist as she makes her way through the music industry. “Tanisha is one of the hottest new artists to make it into the very busy music biz…”Love Yourself” is a great song that will bring power to the people. Remember I said that,” says Klassic, CEO of Fleet Dj’s. Tanisha is currently adding additional touches to her upcoming EP, to be released later this fall. In the coming days, Tanisha Avent will be taking over the streets of New York City and will be performing at the following locations in support of the “Love Yourself” NYC Residency.

Remaining Dates for NYC Residency
* Tuesday August 13th – Atlantic City, NJ 
* Saturday August 24th Asbury Park, NJ

This past June for World Pride Month, Tanisha shot a PRIDE version of the music video “Love Yourself” along the parade’s route. (Watch Video Below)

About Tanisha Avent
Brooklyn born, R&B singer and songwriter, Tanisha Avent has been passionate about music and the arts ever since she can remember. Her inspiration and creativity sparked while listening to Whitney Houston every morning with her great grandmother. Tanisha was shy, but her family encouraged her gift, and motivated her to make others happy by singing.

R&B Recording Artist, Tanisha AventTanisha began songwriting at the age of 16 years old. She has the uncanny ability to capture true feelings and life experiences. “I feel like I have to inspire people,” mentions Avent. “My brand represents authenticity and reality. With music being my only passion, I could not imagine life without it,” she adds. “What you see of her is just the beginning,” Debbie of E Music Entertainment states. “There is a real story here. The passion and fire shown through her songs are from her own life experiences, as well as her friends and family. Tanisha’s goal is to uplift her fans through her songs.”

Currently, Tanisha is recording, while spending time performing, interviewing at radio stations, shooting music videos and developing her social media. She is extremely excited to share her dynamic collection of original and remixed songs. Available now on Youtube, Soundcloud and Spotify.
Twitter: @TanishaAventMus
IG: TanishaAventMusic

Get Real | “Real Something” by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA

Sultry Neo-Soul Singer Rayana Jay Reveals New Record “Real Something” ft. ESTA

Real Something by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA - BRASH! Magazine BlogFollowing her 2017 EP Morning After, Bay-area R&B/Soul Songstress Rayana Jay returns with a slew of new releases in 2019, including her latest offering “Real Something,”an openhearted record in collaboration with Soulection Producer ESTA.

Rayana flexes her signature songwriting and advanced vocals on the new track. Staying true to her form, Rayana writes from her experiences with relationship both through love and loss, of which she explains have found form as notes to her younger self. “Real Something” highlights that very first moment when you realize you’ve found your hearts other half. The singer-songwriter eloquently captures in song what it feels like to find that “real something” you’ve been searching for.

“Real Something” is Available Now on Digital Music Streaming Outlets!

Rayana Jay’s acclaimed debut EP, Sorry About Last Night—helmed by The Fader as one of the most relatable albums of the year—dropped in the Fall of 2016 and serves as a proper introduction to her penmanship, relationship with love itself, and her changing world. Her follow-up EP, Morning After—pinned as one of the top EP’s of 2017 by BBC1—expands on her distinct sound and place as one of future R&B’s most important voices.

Rayana’s After music features on popular shows like Grown-ish, Atlanta FX, Netflix’s On My Block 2018, as well her original song-video “Undefeated” collab with ESPN (also featured on Lebron James’hand-picked “The Strongest” Playlist), Rayana Jay is preparing to drop her final EP in Spring of 2019 before her full length project arrives.
Twitter: @Rayanajay
IG: Rayanajay

Release the FUNK TRAP! | FunkTrap: The Unveiling EP by Antonio Ramsey


FUNKTRAP: THE UNVEILING EP by Antonio RamseyR&B crooner, Antonio Ramsey proudly announces the release of his highly anticipated EP, Funktrap: The Unveiling. The six-song funk-trap-vibe-filled body of work is AVAILABLE NOW via all steaming outlets. Earlier this summer, Antonio released the in-your-face single, “Trash” to rave reviews. Prior to that, he introduced the smash and well received song, “Rituals”.

“FunkTrap: The Unveiling is the product of determination, Faith and not giving AF! I wanted to create something that felt authentic to me that other people in the world could relate and rock to,” says Antonio. “Whether it’s the guy that caught his girl banging on his Gucci throw, or the girl who wants to know what the hell happens to y’all Rituals. There’s something for everybody and I’m glad to finally be sharing FunkTrap with the world!” he adds.

1. Skurt Skurt featuring Hopp
2. Rituals
3. Trash
4. Swim
5. 2 Way Street
6. All Night Long

FUNKTRAP: THE UNVEILING is Available Now on iTunes!

Antonio Ramsey aka Mr. Funk Trap is currently on the road on the highly energetic “The Unveiling” promotional tour in in support of the debut EP release; stops include; New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago, just to name a few.

Antonio Ramsey, RnB ArtistABOUT ANTONIO RAMSEY
What becomes of a striking vocal talent that was born and bred for entertainment in South Florida, polished and primed in Atlanta and is currently being presented in the Los Angeles performance sect? Undoubtedly, the debut of a conceptual new genre, “Funk Trap” and a comprehensive new talent, Antonio Ramsey, who’s destined to dominate the charts and update what we now know to be the soulful sound of today’s man.

The raspy baritone and soon to be vocal paramount has opened shows and shared stages with fellow celebrated performers including Fantasia, Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Bobby Brown, Vivian Green, Bobby V, Chubb Rock and more. Ramsey, entered the music industry with his debut single, All Night Long, a mannish, bass-ladened promise to unabashedly “give it all he’s got” all night long. The accompanying video, shot between a desolate California desert and a sex-charged hotel room is steadily tearing through the social-sphere drawing fans into the look, feel, sound and overall experience that is the 20-something year old crooner with boy-next-door charm.

Ramsey, who is heavily inspired by James Brown and Jodeci, has made cameo appearances on television in projects on MTV, BRAVO and NBC. 2018 will continue to usher in performance and portrayal opportunities for everything from new music to forthcoming movie roles. Walls, boundaries and boxes don’t stand a chance if attempting to stop this show. It’s already in process and he’s got the feeling baby.
Twitter: @IAmARamsey
Instagram: IAmAntonioRamsey

Making It Last | “Notify Me” by Jared

R&B Singer/Songwriter, Jared, Releases New Single “Notify Me”

Notify Me by Jared - BRASH! Magazine Blog

In an ever-changing industry, musicians come a dime a dozen but there is always one that stands out above the rest. With his style, talent, and eagerness to share his gift with the world, Jared is the next best thing. Today Jared officially transitions from the guy behind the scenes to the star that was always destined to shine. With his first digital release of the self-penned song “Notify Me”, music lovers are sure to take notice.

Notify Me is about waiting & wanting to hear from that special someone at some point during your day. Call me, text me, send a pigeon or SOMETHING! I like to think of the song as the millennial, mobile version of ‘Get Here’ by Oleta Adams. However you need to reach me, do it. Notify me! – Jared.

“Notify Me” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, & Tidal!

Watch Official Music Video for “Notify Me”


RnB Recording Artsit, Jared
Twitter: @nexbestjared
IG: nexbestjared

Wake Up! | “Don’t Sleep” by Terrance Anderson

Singer, Terrance Anderson’s RnBass Single,
“Don’t Sleep”

Terrance Anderson, Dont' Sleep, rnbass, singer, indie music news, teeflek, music industry news, entertainer

Terrance’s new single, “Don’t Sleep” is a track full of emotion and expression about love. Using clever metaphors, to express himself over the RNBass, produced by Teeklef.

“Don’t Sleep” is filled with smooth chords and harmonies. Lyrically, it’s the push and pull of wanting love within a relationship that draws you in. “I’m in the dark, looking for your heart,” Terrance sings in the pre-chorus over a dark voice. At that moment he’s willing to open up about his feeling of abandonment within the relationship.

“Don’t Sleep,” is Available Now on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal!


Aireal-300-EditAbout Terrance Anderson
Terrance Anderson was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with early aspirations to become a rapper at age 11. He later found his voice as a singer in 2015 at which his love for R&B grew. In 2017, Terrance rebranded himself as an alternative and contemporary R&B singer-songwriter. As a singer-songwriter, Terrance built a reputation of being musically gifted, while creating songs for other artists, and creating remixes to some of his inspirations. Using the rapper’s way of metaphors and symbols, Terrance bring’s wit and coolness back to R&B. Terrance Anderson expresses his inspiration through his original music and remixes. His newest project is titled, Be4ore Five. Terrance Anderson is set to debut a new project in 2018.

“The lyrics Terrance create often capture the minds of his listeners as he sways them with his creativity. His use of metaphors and symbols are as a rapper bringing coolness and wit back to R&B” -Aireal Strickland, Terrance Anderson Music LLC.
Twitter: @TerranceA_5
Instagram: TerranceAndersonFive


It’s Still Feeling Like Summer | “Low Tides” Music Video by Eso.Xo.Supreme

Rising Portland R&B artist Eso.Xo.Supreme connects with director Thomas Dierikx for the highly creative new visuals for his new anthem, “Low Tides”

Eso.Xo.Supreme, rnb artist, Thomas Dierikx, low tides, supreme summer ep, new music video, music visual, indie music artist, music videos, music vids,

Appearing on the recent SUPREMESUMMER EP, Eso keeps bringing the vibes with another uptempo, dancehall-influenced single. Assembling a crew of creative visionaries, “Low Tides” is Eso’s most aesthetically pleasing video to date with every shot and color pallet falling perfectly in place. Beautiful women, fashion, substance, and danceable rhythms paint the picture on Eso.Xo.Supreme’s latest masterpiece. Having recently racked up over 2 million plays between Youtube and Spotify, Eso continues to drop banger after banger while increasing his fanbase to a worldwide brand.

Check out the music video for “Low Tides”:


Directed & Edited by: Thomas Dierikx
Director of Photography: Matt Taylor & Thomas Dierikx
VHS Photography: Christian LaMontagne
Photography: Morgan Westerholt
Producer: Mulu Habtemariam
Composer: Mxller
Stylist: Stone Jarboe

When You’ve Had Enough | “Keep On” by DANNIE

VA Singer, DANNIE, Brings the 90’s R&B Vibes in Breakout Single, “Keep On”

Keep On by DANNIE, new music, Dae One (XCVI Recordings), rnb music, rnb singer, 90s rnb, singer, va artist, indie artist, indie music news, entertainment industry news,

Produced by Dae One (XCVI Recordings), “Keep On” is DANNIE’s lead single from her debut album coming in early 2018! On this track, DANNIE takes us through the various emotions of letting go when love has already left. Her declaration comes in smooth vocals over classic R&B production. Expressing the exhausting efforts of holding on, she describes coming to terms with reality and taking the courage to move on, even if that means walking alone.

“Keep On” by DANNIE is Available Now on SoundCloud!

Along with this release, DANNIE dropped the official music video to “Keep On”. View below:


Hailing from King & Queen County Virginia, DANNIE is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of hip-hop, soul and R&B.

Her music is not just about entertainment: DANNIE is passionate about portraying her thoughts, hopes and dreams, going for a truly authentic and emotional approach. Her songs are all about connecting with the listeners through thought-provoking lyrics, uplifting melodies, and unforgettable vocal performances, echoing the greatness of artists such as Teena Marie, Jill Scott, Beyonce and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

Through DANNIE’s parents vision and guidance she understood the importance of getting an education early on. She was fortunate to become a college graduate and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Legal Assistance and she also has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Justice received from Virginia Commonwealth University.
Twitter: @IamRealDannie
Instagram: IAmRealDannie