Summer Jams! | “Saucy” by Keith Jacobs

R&B New-Comer, Keith Jacobs, Releases New Single, “Saucy”

Hip-Hop may still dominate the current Billboard Charts, but every now and again we are introduced to a R&B artist who has the perfect tone, style, and groove that becomes the promise of stardom. Keith Jacobs is that artist. His current single, “Saucy” from his forthcoming still untitled disc, due October 18th is already creating national attention with becoming “that song” at your favorite radio station. KEITH offers a throwback style of music which has been missing from the airwaves as of late.

Saucy by Keith Jacobs“The ladies have found them a new summer jam,” says Keisha Nicole at KBXX in Houston. “Keith’s new single “Saucy”, is sensual yet catchy,” she adds. Built on the energy of a simple guitar line, the melodies evolve to present an entrancing layered landscape where you can swim in a simple moment. At this moment you sink into the depths and all the elaborate iterations that can come when you are in search of all the flavors and depths of life and it’s passions. The Sauce of Life.

“Saucy” is Available Now on Apple Music, Spotify, & GooglePlay!

Keith Jacobs, a Houston, Texas native and a graduate of famed HBCU institution, Southern University in Baton Rouge LA. His love of music would later afford him to cross paths with another Texas native, famed music producer Jean-Robert Redwine (Chris Brown, G-Easy, Mario, Ludacris, Zendaya, Tinashe). Together through Redwine’s custom imprint, Redwine Music, the creation of “Saucy” came to fruition.

Keith is an artist that truly and genuinely embodies the energy of an era where R&B reigned supreme, says mega producer and label head Jean-Robert. “Keith is a modern evolution of the best feelings we grew up listening to and all the musicality it took to capture those classic feeling in our lives.”

“Saucy” continues to thrive at national radio and streaming platforms and has placed Keith in the path of success in the ever-growing business of music.

Saucy is a vibe and just the tip of the iceberg. I am excited about this release mostly because I can feel a shift of music and I want to be at the forefront of this change. – Keith Jacobs

Keith Jacobs brings his “SAUCY” talents to his hometown of Houston, TX with a performance at The House of Blues on June 26th and he makes his Essence Music Festival debut on Saturday, July 6th at the House of Blues in New Orleans.

About Keith Jacobs
Keith Jacobs’ music has a style and vibe that pierces through our feelings with subtle sonic influences from Houston’s iconic music culture. He sings with sensuality, appreciating every aspect of a woman. He’s loyal to his artistry, and the music holds the key to his soul. He’s intriguing; forcing you to want to know more about the man and the artist.RnB Artist, Keith Jacobs

No stranger to love, Keith Jacobs often finds himself as the muse in which his lyrics flow, embodying the good and bad experiences of his life. He’s transparently honest and true to his music. It doesn’t come as a surprise that by sharing his art with the world, he wants us to not be afraid of being transparent in our relationships.

With the release of his debut EP, Still Tippin’, Keith Jacobs shares his emotions and wants us to trust him with ours. Musically inspired by Diddy, Ryan Leslie and The Dream, Still Tippin’ takes us on an impulsive and melodic ride.

Keith Jacobs’ ambition and artistry will not allow you to forget who he is, nor will it allow him to fail. You’ll find that passion to succeed evident in his lyrics, as well as what’s most important to him: family, loyalty and constant progression.
Twitter: @keifjay
IG: ThisIsKeithJacobs

Connected at First Sight | “Familiar Strangers” by Tenille Ja’Nae

R&B/Soul Songstress, Tenille Ja’Nae, Releases her Latest Single, “Familiar Strangers”

Familiar Stangers by Tenille Ja'NaeBrooklyn-based singer/songwriter Tenille Ja’Nae is a rising R&B/soul artist who also fits comfortably in the adult contemporary genre. A New York transplant, born and raised in Little Rock, AR, Tenille Ja’Nae has taken her experiences to create music that is real, heartfelt, and relevant. Her newest single, “Familiar Strangers,”  is one of her most intimate tracks to date. The lyrics paint a picture of two strangers who, while they don’t know each other very well yet, already feel an intense connection with each other. The track also stresses the need to learn the qualities of self-love and self-empowerment. Many of us can relate to this feeling of powerlessness, and the need to look deep inside oneself to find your inner strength.

Drawing frequent vocal comparisons to Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu, with hints of Macy Gray, “Familiar Strangers” combines Tenille Ja’Nae’s soulful vocals and lyrics with a bright, soothing, and catchy acoustic melody. The stories within many of her songs are meant to draw the listener in to reflect on their own life experiences. It’s Tenille’s hope that this storytelling approach to her music will be able to reach the masses and have a positive influence on the lives of others.

“Familiar Strangers” is Available Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

“Familiar Strangers” and her previous singles, “Try It Again,” “In My Feelings” and “Too Many Times,” are a great introduction to Tenille Ja’Nae’sunique storytelling style and her classy, contemporary sound.

Get ready to see Tenille Ja’Nae on stages across NYC in the coming months, along with special performances in Los Angeles for BET Week in June and in The Netherlands for a festival appearance later this summer.
Twitter: @Tenille_JaNae
IG: tenillejanae

Get Real | “Real Something” by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA

Sultry Neo-Soul Singer Rayana Jay Reveals New Record “Real Something” ft. ESTA

Real Something by Rayana Jay ft. ESTA - BRASH! Magazine BlogFollowing her 2017 EP Morning After, Bay-area R&B/Soul Songstress Rayana Jay returns with a slew of new releases in 2019, including her latest offering “Real Something,”an openhearted record in collaboration with Soulection Producer ESTA.

Rayana flexes her signature songwriting and advanced vocals on the new track. Staying true to her form, Rayana writes from her experiences with relationship both through love and loss, of which she explains have found form as notes to her younger self. “Real Something” highlights that very first moment when you realize you’ve found your hearts other half. The singer-songwriter eloquently captures in song what it feels like to find that “real something” you’ve been searching for.

“Real Something” is Available Now on Digital Music Streaming Outlets!

Rayana Jay’s acclaimed debut EP, Sorry About Last Night—helmed by The Fader as one of the most relatable albums of the year—dropped in the Fall of 2016 and serves as a proper introduction to her penmanship, relationship with love itself, and her changing world. Her follow-up EP, Morning After—pinned as one of the top EP’s of 2017 by BBC1—expands on her distinct sound and place as one of future R&B’s most important voices.

Rayana’s After music features on popular shows like Grown-ish, Atlanta FX, Netflix’s On My Block 2018, as well her original song-video “Undefeated” collab with ESPN (also featured on Lebron James’hand-picked “The Strongest” Playlist), Rayana Jay is preparing to drop her final EP in Spring of 2019 before her full length project arrives.
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Gift of Good Men | “Be Mine” by Vadé x Jermaine Riley

Multi-award winning act Vadé Delivers a Special Valentines Gift through New Single, “Be Mine”

It’s coming up to that time of the year where the single ladies dream of pairing up with that special one – but quickly become cautious, fearing that all guys prefer the ‘player lifestyle’ over a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Be Mine by Vade x Jermaine Riley Well five-piece R&B/A cappella sensation Vadé’s brand new single, “Be Mine”, proves there are still good men out there who are more than willing to settle down. Written by band member Jermaine Sanderson, “Be Mine” documents a man’s burning desire make a commitment to his love interest …and makes it potently clear that he’s not into playing silly games.

The future is definitely looking very bright for Vadé as they offer a spine-tingling take on A cappella music – and with their latest offering, “Be Mine”, it goes without saying that the UK-based crooners have got what it takes to send shockwaves throughout the music scene across the globe.

“Be Mine” is Available Now on iTunes and GooglePlay!

About Vadé
Born as a brainchild of Philip Yeboah and JJ Hammerslay back in 2013, Vadé now includes three powerhouses, Jermaine Sanderson, Roy Crisp and Joseph Anti to enhance their rich soulful harmonies, armed with a jazz/R&B fusion – think Boyz II Men.

RnB Group, Vade

Their powerfully soulful sound certainly hasn’t slipped under the radar as the group was named the winner of Sky 1’s Sing: Ultimate A cappella in 2017, which led to the release of their debut album, ‘Cry Your Heart Out’ in the same year, recorded at the renowned Abbey Road Studios. Following their 2017 debut release, Vadé continues to generate recognition, scooping the 2018 A cappella Awards for Best Quintet along the way.
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Making It Last | “Notify Me” by Jared

R&B Singer/Songwriter, Jared, Releases New Single “Notify Me”

Notify Me by Jared - BRASH! Magazine Blog

In an ever-changing industry, musicians come a dime a dozen but there is always one that stands out above the rest. With his style, talent, and eagerness to share his gift with the world, Jared is the next best thing. Today Jared officially transitions from the guy behind the scenes to the star that was always destined to shine. With his first digital release of the self-penned song “Notify Me”, music lovers are sure to take notice.

Notify Me is about waiting & wanting to hear from that special someone at some point during your day. Call me, text me, send a pigeon or SOMETHING! I like to think of the song as the millennial, mobile version of ‘Get Here’ by Oleta Adams. However you need to reach me, do it. Notify me! – Jared.

“Notify Me” is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, & Tidal!

Watch Official Music Video for “Notify Me”


RnB Recording Artsit, Jared
Twitter: @nexbestjared
IG: nexbestjared

Summer R&B Stories | Hennessy & Rose Petals Album by Wyen Solo

UK Recording Artist, Wyen Solo, Releases Summer Love Stories with New Album, Hennessy & Rose Petals

Hennessy & Rose petals by Wyen Solo, UK singer/songwriter

The 11 track album, Hennessy & Rose petals outlines smooth R&B sounds just in time for Summer. Wyen Solo’s debut release consists of stories of  love lost, and reflections penned from her own experiences. Throughout the album, we are re-introduced to Solo’s vocal range and skills in songwriting. From reminiscing to making declarations of not being a pushover, Hennessy & Rose petals, takes us on a soulful journey of REAL R&B adding to the surge of indie recording artists keeping the genre going strong! Listeners will gain a variety of styles from this album as Solo delivers heavy beats, soft ballads, jazz melodies, and even a taste of trap-style to enjoy.

Hennessy & Rose petals album by Wyen solo

Shontay Broadway | Mello Beatz | J. Casso | Daj Jordan | Shawty Chris Beats | XVR Black

Hennessy & Rose petals is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!
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Iconic Soul Videos & an Open Letter to Whitney Houston | “Dance With Somebody” by Russell Taylor

Alternative R&B/Soul Crooner Russell Taylor Releases Music Video for “Dance With Somebody” & Pens an Open-Letter to the Iconic Whitney Houston

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(New York – NY) –  Alt-R&B/Soul Crooner, songwriter and producer, Russell Taylor, releases the touching and visually mesmerizing music video to his sophomore single, “Dance With Somebody”. The song title may sound familiar to you as it should, Russell created a rendition of the amazing song to honor the one and only Whitney Houston. Yesterday, 2.11, we celebrated six years since the passing of the iconic singer and in her honor, Russell Taylor pens an open-letter to this one-of-a kind gem.

The “Dance with Somebody” music video was directed by Kai Morrison. ​View Music Video Below:

To My Dearest Whitney:

I see you.

I mean, of course we have all seen, heard and loved you for decades. Even though you no longer physically walk among us, you are an invisible guest at our birthday parties, our chill nights by the fire, our Friday evening commutes, and on our #TBT timelines. You are indelibly woven into the matrix of our everyday lives. The voice of a generation. Silky yet assertive; in just three notes you can transport the least reachable of us to the place where we first heard your distinctive dulcet tones.

“I need a man that takes a chance, with a heart that burns hot enough to last…”

I was in grammar school at Julia Reynolds Masterman at 17th and Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia. Mom just picked me up from school and we began our daily 40 minute commute from center city to Mt. Airy, a quiet little hamlet tucked away in the suburbs. In between asking Mom what was for dinner, and Mom asking me about my day, Whitney was often part of our afternoon soundtrack. And at 10 years old, though you didn’t know it, you were indeed my girlfriend. Whitney, my heart was burning hot enough to last for you!

Then there is your iconic video, Dance With Somebody. As pastels, bouncy blonde tresses, confetti, dancing acrobats swirl around the screen, it is an immutable celebration! I am instantly transported by the playful nature of the visuals, that the content of the lyrics are largely overlooked. And until recently, I definitely missed the subtext of the visuals. Shot in black and white, Whitney the performer, gives all of herself on stage to her starving audience. She is reserved and presents as melancholic and/or exhausted. The color “fun” frames are juxtaposed with the black and white “performance” frames’ intimate isolation and loneliness. She goes into her dressing room spent from her performance, and emerges alone wafting off into her imagination of playing among fun dancers, in bright colors. I see in Whitney the performer’s eyes, that she longs to be somewhere other than in that moment. Then in that telling last shot, she gets out of the limo at the Plaza Hotel, sees the dancers from her colorful daydream, drops her bag and hits it…leaving that black and white, melancholic work life behind in order to go be free and have fun in color.

Whitney, I see you.

I have heard this song 100 times easily, but it took just one time for me to actually sit inside of the words and melodies; to experience it as a singer first hand; to come to know you Whitney the woman, more intimately. And suddenly, all of who I know you to have been publicly, and what I have read and heard of your private life…it all makes sense. I am you, sans the throngs of superfans and millions of dollars and your 20 octave range of course. I am a human being. I am an artist. And just like you, my imperfect humanity and my artistry are conjoined, impossible to separate no matter how detrimental and/or toxic to one another they may become. I have a semi-permeable hard shell with a soft fleshy vulnerable middle. I create fearlessly, while needing the World to love me. I cajole myself into believing that I am 100% authentic always, but in the alt-reality of Entertainment, no one wants to really know the real you. I am a breathing contradiction of objectives. At times, I am in an abusive relationship with myself and my art–the unspoken price that I pay to be free and fly into Nirvana for magical moments in the studio and on stage. When I demand that my art fill me up and sustain me through my own ennui and bouts of depression, and it falls short–I seek to medicate myself with distractions like love, sex, alcohol and food. I am indeed you, Whitney. No judgement, only understanding artist to artist. We are a kindred of a motley crew of soul-filled griots. The imperfections or the cracks that we possess are crucial to our creativity. They allow the light within us into the world, to share with the people that can’t access the extreme joys and pains (and everything in between) of life. Within us is a great power that must be protected and nurtured. Your need to be protected, your need to be seen, your need to be authentic was truncated by your remarkable fame. The world saw you, myself included, as Whitney The Superlative, an impeccable superstar, when sometimes you wanted and needed to be seen as just Whitney the Human, being.

I see you Whitney Elizabeth Houston for the first time ever with my grown man heart. Even more, I see you in me by connecting with the spaces in between the words and the notes of the song, Dance With Somebody. I will protect my artist. I will water him, feed him, love him but not baby him. I will allow him to express himself fully without guilt or punishment. I will support him, speak kindly to him and never shut him out. I will allow him to be seen. Rather, be seen, in all his imperfections so that he may live. I hope that I make you proud.

I thank you for all that you have given to me and to the World beyond the music.

Rest well my unicorn,

Russell Taylor aka Rt!

“Dance With Somebody” by Russell Taylor is Available Now on Spotify!

Russell Taylor’s fourth studio project, Tin Man:The Blue is a trilogy of sorts–represented by the (3) primary colors: Blue, Red and Yellow. Blue represents introspection, Red represents sensuality and love, and Yellow represents bright and new. “This album, gives permission to me and others like me to feel, to love, to be open and to take leaps of faith,” he adds. In the past, you might have listened and enjoy the smoothness of his voice on national tv shows, such as; “Black Ink Crew”, “Degrassi The Next Generation”, “ABC’s The Fosters” and many others. Well, the time has come for you to fall in love all over again with the crooner that is Russell Taylor and his new album.

Fresh off the heels of the critically acclaimed War of Hearts album, Russell is set to hit the road on a national promotional tour and hand-deliver his fans the essence of the “Tin Man” project. After being voted one of the network’s You Oughta Know Artists in its first ever crowd sourcing contest, Russell’s music stayed in heavy rotation on the network. He was also featured on VH1’s The Morning Buzz Live and the 60 second mini-performance segment Stop/Watch. Music fans may have also heard War of Hearts on television shows like The Fosters, Degrassi the Next Generation, Atlanta Exes and Black Ink Crew.

I live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for this God-given ability and that I have been so well-received for so long. I am grateful for all that we have achieved with War of Hearts and to all of the people – my team, my friends, my followers – who continue to support me on this journey. And it is a journey. It’s a marathon not a sprint!

– Russell Taylor
Twitter: @RsoulStar
Instagram: RSoulStar

Looking for the Elements | “Eclipse” by Coldway

Recording Artist/Producer, Coldway Is on a Search for the Earth’s Elements to Get Over Heartache in his single “Eclipse”

coldway music producer, music producer, recording artist, eclipse by coldway, dope music artist, entertainment news, new music release

In “Eclipse” by Coldway, the soul of the lyrics are executed over a spaced out R&B melody. This track takes you on a wave of emotions as the artist sends out a message of grief in a romance gone wrong. Taking over the state of mind, in the lyrics, this self-produced track places you on a search for nature’s wonders to help get you over. Comparing lost love to darkness.

“Eclipse” is one of many dope tracks by Coldway and is available now on SoundCloud!
Twitter: @Coldwaypro
Instagram: Coldway