Lost In Emotions | “Emotional” by Josh Pearl

Josh Pearl (Cayman Islands), recently release his new single “Emotional”

emotional by josh pearl, hip hop, ballad, taylor-king, cayman islands, dancehall, soca, rap artist, indie music news, music industry news, lost in eldorado, new music releaseProduced by Taylor-King, this single is from his upcoming EP Lost In Eldorado set to be released on August 23rd. In “Emotional”, Pearl mixes hip hop and dancehall over what starts off as a piano ballad then turns up through out the track sending listeners on an emotional roller coaster.

Pearl says the inspiration for “Emotional” came after he relocated temporarily to Los Angeles. “I felt like no matter how much I would show and prove to people how serious I was about everything I was doing, I still never got that same respect back. From being betrayed by a radio station back home that I built years of a relationship with, who falsely advertised my name at a event that I had no consent to, to someone I had love for not feeling the same way as I did towards our relationship. It all melted into me letting all of my emotions go onto this song, which is something that was new for me.”

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Can’t Take the Heartbreak | “Don’t Take My Love Away” by Omar Alhindi

Omar Alhindi’s returns with his new single, the heartbreaking, emotionally pleading, “Don’t Take My Love Away”

new music, rnb, singer, omar alhindi, dont take my love away, brash magazine blogLush with raw emotions, Omar wanders through the mid-tempo track in search of resolution to a failing relationship. Listeners can feel the ache and yearning within the refreshing mix of pop hooks and grooving R&B beats that build to a pulsating, desperate chorus. All the elements, piano and layers of vocals and synths, create a rhythmic playfulness that demands a repeat listen.

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A Step Out on Faith | “New Kid in Town” by JeRonelle

R&B/Soul singer, JeRonelle returns with a soulful ballad “New Kid in Town”


Branching out and taking risks is what it takes to reach your highest potential. We always tend to skip over the struggle that took place during those risk taking moments when telling the story after we’ve made it. Singer, JeRonelle penned a journal entry of the happenings of taking off to LA to pursue his dreams but running into stumbling blocks along with way with his new song “New Kid in Town”. Worried that all will fail, he continues to strive in his mission of stepping out on faith. All of those emotions are felt in this honesty story of being “the new kid in town”.

“Imagine moving to a new city where almost no one knows who you are and you are forced to begin again, all for the sake of pursuing your dreams. Scary right? That is the feeling that many creative artists go through all because we desire to be greater at what we love to do.” – JeRonelle

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Check out “New Kid In Town” Visual Below:


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Spitting Bars Over Controversy | “Soundbyte” by Nick Weaver

New Music from Seattle Rapper/Producer Nick Weaver

soundbyte_nwSeattle native Nick Weaver delivers on his self-produced track “Soundbyte”. This new release is from his upcoming EP Photographs Of Other People. On “Soundbyte”Weaver uses his lyrical skills in his song as a rebuttal delving into his own perception of today’s society; calling out the deception while utilizing shorts from disputable strife in America.

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SoundByte by Nick Weaver is available now on all digital music outlets.

About Nick Weaver
Nick Weaver is a Seattle-based hip-hop artist, performer, and producer. He started in his early teen years, making mixtapes in the northwest while being raised on everything from Tchaikovsky to The Cure. As he grows and evolves as an artist, his interest in all types of music continues to guide his vision. When asked about his influences, Weaver cites long time favorite acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Helios, and Mogwai, as well as hip-hop legends like Nas, Royce Da 5’9″, Mobb Deep, and Eminem. Seeing the word “genre” as just a self-imposed boundary, Weaver treats each project as a way to further evolve his own art, one inspiration at a time.

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Grab Love Before Its 2 Late | “Through Your Fingers” by Pace

Good advice through feel good music 

pace2Indie-Pop band, Pace (London) recently released “Through Your Fingers” giving words of wisdom when trying to build the courage to go after “The One”….Or someone who could potentially be the one. In either case, this smooth track tells the tale of what might happen if you allow the fear of the unknown result in a love opportunity passing you by.

Just in time for the warm weather, you could picture yourself listening to this song on repeat spending time in sun as the melodies guide you to the words to say in your search for love.

Listen to “Through Your Fingers” by Pace on SoundCloud!

Available Now on all digital music outlets.

pace1About Pace
Pace is a London music group who announced themselves to the scene in 2016 with melody rich debut ‘Heartbeat’. The piano driven tune is modern, but instantly memorable.

The group followed up with second single ‘Foolish’. They have been featured on CLASH magazine and have had numerous national radio plays including BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music.

Both ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Foolish’ were produced by Bernard Butler. A fan of the project after being handed some early demos, Bernard and Pace forged a partnership in the studio, working on a number of tracks together – with more to be released in 2017.

Twitter: @PaceMelodies
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Funk Trap, Straight no Chaser | “All Night Long” by Antonio Ramsey

Antonio Ramsey - All Night Long Cover_
Vocalist and songwriter Antonio Ramsey is hitting us with #funktrap with his new soulful single “All Night Long”. This track features hot production which makes you move seductively as Antonio’s sound demands your attention. Ramsey’s voice places you in a trance as his raspy melodic controls the track and is apparently controlling mind of the lady he’s referencing.

“All Night Long” was written by Antonio Ramsey and Kareem James and produced by Brandon “Monstaa” Brown.

“As soon as I heard the guitar riff that plays the record in, it just felt sexy with that classic throwback-feel to it,”
mentions Antonio.  “Then of course the Hennessy and cranberry kicked in, giving us the melody “Imma give that girl this d***” and from there the song just fell into place,” he chuckles.  “The song is on the premise of how us as men should be upfront with a woman without sugar-coating what we want and how women should do the same.”

“Coming up in south Florida, I had no choice but to grow up a very straight forward type of person. I grew up listening to icons like James brown, Stevie Wonder & Jodeci! So me being able to put pieces of my life together to create #FunkTrap music is a journey that I look forward to,” says Antonio

Antonio is preparing to hit the road on a promotional tour in support of the single and stops will include; New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago, just to name a few.  Antonio’s forthcoming debut EP will be released later this Fall.

Take a listen to this BRASH! hit “All Night Long” on SoundCloud Now!

Antonio Ramsey Promo 1_
What becomes of a striking vocal talent that was born and bred for entertainment in South Florida, polished and primed in Atlanta and is currently being presented in the Los Angeles performance sect?  Undoubtedly, the debut of a conceptual new genre, “Funk Trap” and a comprehensive new talent, Antonio Ramsey, who’s destined to dominate the charts and update what we now know to be the soulful sound of today’s man.
The raspy baritone and soon to be vocal paramount has opened shows and shared stages with fellow celebrated performers including Fantasia, Lyfe Jennings, Anthony Hamilton, Bobby Brown, Vivian Green, Bobby V, Chubb Rock and more. Currently, Ramsey is promoting his newest single All Night Long, a mannish, bass-ladened promise to unabashedly “give it all he’s got” all night long.  The accompanying video, shot between a desolate California desert and a sex-charged hotel room is steadily tearing through the social-sphere drawing fans into the look, feel, sound and overall experience that is the 20-something year old crooner with boy-next-door charm.
Ramsey, who is heavily inspired by James Brown and Jodeci, has made cameo appearances on television in projects on MTV, BRAVO and NBC.  2017 will continue to usher in performance and portrayal opportunities for everything from new music to forthcoming movie roles.  Walls, boundaries and boxes don’t stand a chance if attempting to stop this show.  It’s already in process and he’s got the feeling baby.

Twitter: @IAmARamsey
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Drive You Crazy | “Crazy” by TJ Stafford

TJ Stafford gets sinister with his dark debut single, “Crazy”

Crazy_TJStaffordA Los Angeles-based songwriter, Stafford performed in various bands before finally stepping out on his own, saying “being a musician for most of my life, not making an album that was just me, with the exact words I wanted to say, and the exact sounds that fit those words, would have been an unimaginable regret.”  The songwriter has a long history of success with sync placements that included AMC’s The Walking Dead, HBO’s True Blood, NBC’s Parenthood, and FX’s Sons of Anarchy. While his music filtered through various television shows, his live performance has led to sold out shows at famous L.A. venues like The Roxy, The Troubadour, and the House of Blues. His track Shoot First recently won the Production Music Award for Best Rock Song. His music is a mixed bag of alternative rock fused with blues and pop influences that fearlessly explores the darker side of human nature.

On his debut single, “Crazy,” TJ relies on the power of his intense presence. His voice howls across the growing darkness, as pounding percussion and an atmospheric air of uncertainty create a visceral feel. Aching guitar burns alongside a languid, hypnotic melody until it explodes with aggression. It’s the perfect introduction to a songwriter insistent on exploring the parts of himself that others keep buried deep down inside.

Listen to Crazy by TJ Stafford on SoundCloud now!

Check out the BRASH! Exclusive on TJ Stafford and his upcoming album in the May/June ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

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The Lyrical Loner | “Alone By Choice” x Jango


Jango presents Alone By Choice, Jango’s latest mixtape produced by Jimmy Hill of Amplified Wax, the production house responsible for a platinum record for Matthew Koma, as well as collaborations with Myles Kennedy and Eva Simons. Whether Jango is spitting over a banging beat or giving his vocals over a smooth sound, this Pacific Northwest-based rapper/singer makes a bold statement with each track.

Born in Connecticut, Jango’s first mixtape was The Pursuit, and he has toured with Crooked I and Eazy E3.

Jango describes Alone By Choice as “a statement. I wanted my fans and friends to understand that it’s okay to be alone. So many people find depression and helplessness in being alone when in fact they should be able to find some happiness by appreciating and loving themselves. The project was inspired after the passing of my best friend Cam, who last year chose suicide to end his life. I hated that he had made that decision but I understood why. He was alone and couldn’t find happiness by himself. My goal and point to this project is to save everyone else from this mindset. No one can love you better then yourselves, and nobody should ever be able to tear you down. It’s your life, it’s your choices, and ultimately your happiness.”

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Welcome to the Factory | Hit Factory Vol. 1 by Steven Lamont

DMV Rap Artist Steven Lamont Releases Hit Factory Vol. 1: I’m No Saint


Rapper Steven Lamont welcomes the Spring season with new music on his latest project “Hit Factory Vol. 1: I’m No Saint”. This new release comes after the summer playlist “Trifecta” and the heartfelt “Sincerely EP”. Hit Factory Vol. 1 entails a wave of upbeat productions complementing his unique flows. Paying tribute to his friends he’s lost in the song Heaven Gates while praying for better days while showing his humble beginnings and his current status in his journey in the track Something Outta Nothing. This new project contains great music for all to enjoy and relate to in today’s rap culture.

Listen to Hit Factory Vol. 1: I’m No Saint Now!

About Steven Lamont
Steven Lamont (born Steven Lamont Stembridge Jr. on November 8th, 1993 in Raleigh, NC) grew up in Oxon Hill, MD, where he claims as his hometown. At the age of 17, Steven took music seriously and began to promote himself under the moniker ‘Cap Stylez’ at his alma mater Oxon Hill High School; the majority of his buzz originated from starting freestyle cyphers at lunch and performing at the school’s talent shows. After graduating in 2012, he began to perform at numerous open mics around the DMV. In 2013 he founded his own imprint “Obese Citizens”, pushing the ideology of aiming big and promoting progession. By 2016, Steven was already established in the local hip-hop community in DC, collaborating with other local acts such as Sir E.U of KoolKluxKlan, Sugg Savage of Akoko, Mike Of Doom, Matt McGhee, AllitheAbstract, and many more. As an independent artist, Steven Lamont has performed in various open mics as well as campuses (UMD, UMES, MSU) around the DMV. He also produces under the pseudonym ‘Fisherman Cap’.

Twitter: @StvnLmnt
IG: StvnLmnt

Music for the Playlist | Indie Music Blast

A song to inspire and an EP from an artist on the rise. Check out indie music talents putting out good music, good vibes, and good energy. PRESS PLAY!


“Resist, Stand Up, Fight Back” by Xavier Gonzalez Jr.
RESIST, STAND UP, FIGHT BACK, the new pop/rock single by Austin,TX singer-songwriter Xavier Gonzalez Jr.
At the end of each month, 50% of all Bandcamp (https://xavierofficial.bandcamp.com) sales of this song will be donated to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Please support these great causes. Listen Now.

Twitter: @xgonzalezjr


thegetaway“The Getaway” by Sire
Sire was born to do music! Sprouted from the pavement of the San Francisco City streets, Felicidad “Sire” Linton has been a singer, rapper, songwriter since middle school. Just 20 years young, but don’t let her age fool you! Her sexy girl on girl action lyrics and sick bars will have your ears begging for round two! With experience, it seems, beyond her years and bars that easily smash the competition, Sire is the break out artist of 2017! She has opened up for the likes of Rayven Justice, HBK Skipper, Show Banga, and Lil Durk! Keep your eye out for the rise of Sire! (MAC Music Management). Listen Now.

Twitter: @Sire415x2
Instagram: @Royalsoulsx2