A Wavy Farewell | “Summer 18” Music Video by BIANCA

LA Recording Artist, Bianca, Releases Official Music Video for “Summer 18”

Summer 18 by Bianca - BRASH! Magazine Blog

Bianca, recently released her latest music video for the track, “Summer 18”. Giving a smooth, wavy vibes; officially kisses the Summer goodbye. The new single was produced by Sledgren (Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Gang) and BatmanontheBeatz.

The artist is known for her smooth and melodic sounds from previous releases, “Makin Mine” and “Light it Up”. Bianca is back with new vibes and more releases coming our way! “Summer 18” is from her upcoming EP, Cool Kids Travel, coming in November!

Watch Official Music Video for “Summer 18”

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About Bianca Varela
Los Angeles singer, BIANCA, has been working intensely on, writing, crafting her own sound. Inspired by her adventurous LA lifestyle, Bianca uses every pieces of her world and translates them into songs. Being sensual, funny yet edgy and raw, unafraid to be who she is, the whole essence of being your true self, is what her music is about. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the smile on her face is like the weather, always shining. She aspires to transform all this warmth and lust for life despite the ups and down, into extraordinary songs.

Twitter: @BiancaVarela_
Instagram: BiancaVarela_
YouTube: Bianca Varela

Are You Ready for the Heartbreak?

The Blakk Dahlia Announces eBook Release Date for “Rushing to Distraction”, Lead-off from upcoming book series the “Heartbreak Diaries”

rushing to distraction, heartbreak diaries, the blakk diaries, african american books, romance novels, authors(New York, NY)  – They shared a passion. He changed some of his ways for her, gave her the possibilities. So why did she end up alone?

The first “diary entry” Rushing to Distraction is a story of losing focus when the possibility of love arises. The book dives deep into the emotions of a career-oriented women who risks losing it all over trying to make love work. The expectations of what it’s supposed to feel like overshadows what is. She wasn’t looking for it, but once it was in reach, she refused to let it go.

Rushing to Distraction serves as the lead off for the Heartbreak Diaries Series. The eBook will be available NOW!

Within the Heartbreak Diaries book series, readers will get the chance to decide who breaks the heart and how.  Heartbreak Diaries will invoke thought, relate, and be transparent about the need for companionship.

Check out the desk note from The Blakk Dahlia, 
“Seat Filler”, Welcoming you to the Heartbreak!

Heartbreak Diaries is a project that has been long in the making for The Blakk Dahlia, E. Alexcina Brown. She describes the process as therapeutic moments of taking snippets from her own personal experiences as she was living them. “I started this project in 2014. With some stories, I was writing them as I was going through these situations. This is my own personal diary of my way of thinking when it came to dating. Sometimes we’re afraid to say what all we’ve done to hold on to love or the ideas of love. Heartbreak Diaries are my way to being transparent with a touch of suspense for avid book lovers.”

The Blakk Dahlia also serves as a lifestyle blog channeling the journey of taking a major risk of leaving everything she’s known to going after a major challenge in taking on a new city, new lifestyle heading full force in pursuing dreams as a writer, model, and entrepreneur in NYC.

For more details on what’s to come from the author as well as the series, visit www.TheBlakkDahlia.com.

the blakk dahlia, e alexcina brown, black author, blogger, lifestyle blog, black writers, women authors, author, heartbreak diaries, rushing to distractionAbout The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown)
E. Alexcina Brown, adds another slash to her name, author in writing under the moniker The Blakk Dahlia. The Model/Blogger/Editor-In-Chief has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes in creating and serving as the lead writer for the indie digital publication, BRASH! Magazine. Wearing many hats, this entrepreneur shows that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams.
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