Summer R&B Stories | Hennessy & Rose Petals Album by Wyen Solo

UK Recording Artist, Wyen Solo, Releases Summer Love Stories with New Album, Hennessy & Rose Petals

Hennessy & Rose petals by Wyen Solo, UK singer/songwriter

The 11 track album, Hennessy & Rose petals outlines smooth R&B sounds just in time for Summer. Wyen Solo’s debut release consists of stories of  love lost, and reflections penned from her own experiences. Throughout the album, we are re-introduced to Solo’s vocal range and skills in songwriting. From reminiscing to making declarations of not being a pushover, Hennessy & Rose petals, takes us on a soulful journey of REAL R&B adding to the surge of indie recording artists keeping the genre going strong! Listeners will gain a variety of styles from this album as Solo delivers heavy beats, soft ballads, jazz melodies, and even a taste of trap-style to enjoy.

Hennessy & Rose petals album by Wyen solo

Shontay Broadway | Mello Beatz | J. Casso | Daj Jordan | Shawty Chris Beats | XVR Black

Hennessy & Rose petals is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify!
IG: WyenSolo


Week3 | Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

Tobi's new music monster

JUXTA CRASH BURN ARTWORKArtist: Juxta / The Turtle Project
Track:Crash and Burn”
Dark clouds cast long shadows, deep with beats, across a sprawling urban landscape. Rasping guitar strings blow through the baking heat, cascading discarded trash down the deserted streets. UK based, self described, ‘Industrial Post-Punk’ act, Juxta team up with one man, ‘songwriting experiment’, The Turtle Project to ‘Crash and Burn’ your shiny happy, pop chart friendly, summer playlists. Taken from prolific, release machine, Juxta’s latest EP, ‘Survive’ (Released June 29), the band’s twelfth release this year, ‘Crash and Burn’, successfully combines ambient, technoir cinematic, soundscapes with highly percussive musical elements to create a tense, sonic assault upon the senses, that compels as it confronts ; the Turtle Project’s idea rich, stab n rush, lyrical flow forming the phonetically charged, snarled oratory, straight up the centre of the mix. ‘Crash and Burn’, a fallen city on fire. ‘Crash and Burn’, a summer soundtrack to social decay. ‘Crash and Burn’, caught between the ideals of the vista haze. ‘Crash and Burn’, and the sweltering stench of failed reality. ‘Crash and Burn’. ‘Crash and Burn’.
Twitter: @JUXTAMusicUK
IG: juxta_uk

el dramaArtist: AN1MALA
Track: “El Drama”
Cuban born, multi talented singer songwriter / producer, AN1MALA (Berto Carlos Lopez), drops a well brewed slice of Cubana infused electro-beat, slinky instrumentation and effortless vocal hook, to move, groove and improve the mood of your summer party season. ‘El Drama’ rides its vibe light, by carefully crafting percussive value into every musical element, seamlessly blending the rhythmic with the melodic, through slick production techniques. AN1MALA’s vocal shifts in tightly timed phrases, the La Habana born singer, having first made his bones on the Cuban freestyle rap scene. The track walks the tightrope of good taste well, complementing his vocal style and feel with deftly applied pitch FX, that enhances, but never takes chances with the singer’s accomplished voice. ‘El Drama’ is a Travolta strut. Saturday night fever, finessed. Perfectly pitched for the summer sweat and grind. Arms round your lover, bodies pressed hot and hard together, lost in the stink of each other. Dance ’till the sun comes up. Dance ’till the two of you drop. Dance.
Twitter: @an1mala
IG: an1mala

Oracles Front Cover Hi ResArtist: Ana Silvera
Track: “Circle of Chalk”
Taken from her new album, ‘Oracles’ (Released July 6), London based alt. folk singer songwriter, Ana Silvera’s, ‘Circle of Chalk’ is an orchestrated delight ; a vocal opus, rich in percussive energy and intriguing musical device. The track inspires a singular listening sensation, more akin to that of performance art. The tonal uniqueness of the opening rhythmic salvo, catches the ear immediately, with a ‘beat-orientated’ voice arrangement of hushed vowel sounds, swiftly adding to the theatre evoking and quickly evolving aural experience. Further instrumental elements join, adding to both the sonic palette and syncopated tapestry. The track avoids become cluttered through skillful and well thought out use of arrangement, EQ / Dynamic treatment and panning position alike. Comparisons between Ana and Kate Bush, are as obvious as they are inevitable. And yet, the music of Ana Silvera feels too fiercely original, to be crassly compared to that of another. As it moves from one musical idea to another, building in intricacy and engagement, ‘Circle of Chalk’ dares the listener to become bored. The grace and imagination of the track is sweeping, and almost overwhelming to take in all at once. Not a song for the summer. A song for the rest of your life.
Twitter: @anasilveramusic
IG: ana_silvera

 week3 new music monster.JPG

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The Breakthrough | “Better” by Clyde J

Rising Neo-Soul Gospel Artist CLYDE J Releases His Uplifting Single “Better” Written During An Emotional Period Of Hurt and Joy

neo-soul gospel, better by clyde j, better, clyde j, new music releaseLouisiana’s Neo-Soul Gospel artist CLYDE J is a up-and-coming singer and songwriter who shows power, passion and perseverance in his music. In this competitive music industry, Clyde J is pressing to break through and become a mainstay in music where so many indie artists cannot sustain or endure.

Clyde J released  “What I Need” single and music video in December of last year and has an all new single “Better” that continues to set the singer on course for longevity in music and ministry. “Better” is Clyde J’s anthem for pushing through tough times in life and leaning on the Father who will make all things better.

“The words to ‘Better’ were birthed out of an emotional time of hurt and joy,” Clyde shares. “The passing of my mother and the birth of my daughter happened just a few weeks apart. God was using my pain during loss and my joy of being blessed to formulate the lyrics to this song,” he continues. “The good and bad in my life were ingredients to make a Better version of me for my next season in life.”

Clyde J offers “Better” to listeners as a weapon in taking back their power through Christ. “So many times our situations, struggles, and circumstances strip us of our power and faith. This song puts the listener in the position to drag all those issues into the presence of a holy God who makes everything Better and all things new,” Clyde J proclaims.
The “Better” single is the title track to his forthcoming album BETTER.

“Better”  is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & GooglePlay!

The public is invited to attend PRESENCE OF BETTER: An Evening of Passion and Praise concert featuring Clyde J. Alicia Hardy-Montgomery and Marty The Greatest. The event will be held Saturday July 14 at 3:00PM at El Bethel Worship Center in Slidell, LA. This is a free event.

PRESENCE OF BETTER: An Evening of Passion and Praise
Twitter: @Clydejmusic
IG: Clydejmusic

Coming Soon… | Trajectory Album by Steve Lewin

Toronto-based recording artist Steve Lewin transforms passion into a new album, Trajectory 

steve lewin, trajectory by steve lewin, indie artist, indie music releaseTrajectory is an album that feels both independently pure and meticulously refined. With subtle and obvious inspirations of grunge, Britpop, and alternative music, Trajectory recalls the music of the 90s while striding confidently forward.

Watch the captivating lyric video for the title track “Built to Collapse” premiered exclusively on Indie88.

Trajectory is Steve Lewin’s fourth EP. His music has achieved domestic and international recognition through licensing in television and film, airplay on Sirius XM and CBC radio, and two tours performing across Europe and throughout the UK.

As a multi-instrumentalist who holds musicianship in high regard, Steve writes and performs every instrument on the album and focuses his craft with a natural approach. The results are standout tracks like “Built to Collapse”, engaging ballads like “Standing Still”, and the tumultuous track “I Won’t Break”. Steve’s emotions are executed with large and expressive dynamic range, capturing a perspective that is honest, refreshing, and inspiring. This perspective produces tracks like “The Rest of Us”, celestial in its core and inspired by life in a universe that miniaturizes ourselves.

Trajectory will be released independently July 27 2018,
available worldwide! Pre-Order Today!

About Steve Lewin
Toronto-based recording artist Steve Lewin has achieved domestic and international recognition through licensing in television and film, broadcast on Sirius XM and CBC radio, and two tours performing dozens of shows across Europe and the UK.

Steve Lewin
Twitter: @SteveLewinMusic
IG: SteveLewinMusic
Apple Music

Cali Vibes in Your Radio | Too Fast Debut EP

California Based Trio, Too Fast, Makes an Impressive Debut with their New Self-titled EP

Too Fast EP, new music release, cali artists

Starring the works of producer Cyran, vocalist Dave L, and rapper K-Lien, the music group comes from three different musical backgrounds. Too Fast blends these artists individual style into one amazingly unique sound. 5 songs deep the self-titled EP is cinematic and big production-wise from the opening track “Just Like You.” Within a few listens you might get the sense that Too Fast’s sound might be where urban music is heading the next few years – mixing Hip Hop, with EDM and high tempo rhythms. This trio might just be on to something.

Too Fast EP is Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon Music!

Check out the music video for Too Fast’s lead single “Just Like You”

Too FastAbout Too Fast
Too Fast is the breakthrough collaboration of three seasoned artists– electronic music producer Cyran, singers K-Lien and Dave L– introducing a tantalizing new sound to the music world. At its core a bracing blend of EDM and Hip-Hop, their music is infused with bold topical themes to move even the most jaded, weaving a powerful spell that touches heart and head. The trio’s first self-titled EP “Too Fast” debuted June 2018 in Santa Ana, California.

The group’s name is a reflection on all things that go “too fast”– from life itself to the frenetic pace of change in the world/technology– and the challenge of dealing with it all. This theme is at its most poignant in their first music video, “Just Like You,” based on Cyran’s earlier EDM dance hit and now transformed into a heart-wrenching, mesmerizing tale of love lost in a flash. The video was filmed by producer and MTV/VMA 2015 winner Satien Mehta.
Twitter: @TooFast_Music
IG: TooFastMusic

Chess Moves | “Girl You’re So Money” by Tyson Kelly

LA Artist, Tyson Kelly, Presents 60’s Psych Rock Single, “Girl You’re So Money”

la artists, girl you're so money by tyson kelly, no signal ep“Girl You’re So Money”, the single fuses gritty 60’s psych rock with tripped-out modern pop soundscapes, reminiscent of Tame Impala meets Neil Young. Draped in modern electronics and oozing synthesisers, the track evokes summery vibes with its minimalistic yet compelling melodies. “Girl You’re So Money” thematically focuses on wanting something so bad but trying to play your cards right. Kelly’s laid-back, sultry vocals softly ride atop the quirky instrumentation, emitting an almost hypnotic effect.

The single is from Kelly’s first solo EP No Signal  coming this summer! The new five-track EP is a collection of songs which focuses on reflection and contemplation. The release is filled with heavy and heartfelt lyricism narrating the feelings of love lost. “I named the EP No Signal because there is a bit of that theme throughout. There’s five songs and each one touches on the feeling of friction and pain of rejection in one way or another” reveals Kelly.

“Girl You’re So Money” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

Tyson KellyAbout Tyson Kelly
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Tyson Kelly creates music which fuses gritty 60’s psych rock with tripped-out modern pop soundscapes. As a New York Film Academy graduate, Kelly’s artistic flair runs deep throughout his music and visuals. Having taught himself both classical piano and guitar from a young age, his music reaps musical maturity, with his highly anticipated debut EP featuring an eclectic mix of both old and new.

You may have seen Kelly in his previous band King Washington who shared the stage with such notable acts as Arctic Monkeys, Ambrosia and Collective Soul. Or perhaps you’ve seen him disguised as John Lennon, where he has spent the past nine years touring the world far and wide, even making his debut on Broadway and ultimately being labeled one of the most sought after John Lennon impersonators. Kelly has now taken it upon himself to truly embrace the music he writes through a new avenue, taking the leap as a solo artist and pursuing his vision.

As the son of renown Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Tom Kelly, who wrote multiple hits such as Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’, Whitney Houston’s ‘So Emotional’ and The Pretenders ‘I’ll Stand By You’ to name a few, Kelly is no stranger to the world of hit making. Following his fathers footsteps, he is on the path to writing his first hit, who at a young age wrote Madonna’s breakthrough hit ‘Like A Virgin’. Influenced by the likes of David Byrne, Thom Yorke and David Bowie and other artists who maintained true to themselves throughout their careers, Kelly is embracing who he is and going with it.

IG: panklets

Jammin’ for the Summer | “Everyday Sun” by The Aztext

Vermont Hip-Hop Duo, The Aztext, Drops New Single “Everyday Sun”

vermont, hip hop duo, the aztext, everyday sun

Produced by Rico James, “Everyday Sun” features singer/songwriter Xenia Dunford. The duo of Pro and Learic has several albums under their belt including their 2007 album The Sacred Document featuring Mac Lethal and One Be Lo. The Aztext has collaborated with !llmind & Shuko, Craig G, Wordsworth and Romanian emcee Skilltester Stabbone, (“Break It Down” music video). Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP. “This song is meant to make people feel good,” Pro explains. “A summer jam meant to warm the soul.”

“Everyday Sun” is Available Now on Apple Music & Spotify!

The Aztext hip hop duoAbout The Aztext
Since 2005, Vermont based duo The Aztext have been a dependable go-to for classic, head-nodding boombap. With influences like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane, their up-tempo energy, lyrical word play and storytelling have made them a favorite in underground hip hop communities globally.

All four of The Aztext full length EPs have earned them top spots on ‘best of’ lists both locally and beyond, with 2007’s The Sacred Document maintain cult status still receiving 100s of streams and downloads every month.

The Aztext have collaborated on tracks with platinum producers !llmind & Shuko, as well as underground legends One Be Lo, Mac Lethal, Craig G, Wordsworth and others.

Currently, The Aztext are working on their fifth full length EP.
Twitter: @TheAztext
IG: TheAztext