Press Announcement: The BRASH! Expansion



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (ATLANTA, GA – Sept 19, 2014) BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is now in its third year and looking to provide more than advisory blogs in music marketing. Since 2011, BRASH! has gained positive reviews, increased readers, Independent artist interviews, and numerous features in Niji Magazine (an international entertainment publication). The goal of this blog is to continue to grow while providing useful content for independent artists as well as give an opportunity for them to gain media exposure. To reach this goal, BRASH! is looking to do more. This blog is looking to highlight industry professionals working behind the scenes to get their take on how to make it in music. In addition, BRASH! wants to gain more ideas and expertise from other music marketing contributors.

In order to provide quality marketing information for indie artists, BRASH! would like interview independent label owners, producers, managers, booking agents, interns, and any other music industry professional who works solely with underground/independent talent. This section will give these professionals the opportunity to speak about their brands along with providing any advice to up and coming/established artists who wants to excel in the music industry. “It is important to hear their stories along with artists’ to get a full look into what it takes to make it.” says creator/Editor-in-Chief, E. Alexcina Brown. “I am hoping that these articles will help show the true mission of BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog.”

BRASH! is also looking for talented writers within the entertainment industry to contribute their expertise or highlight on special music events that usually are over looked by mainstream media. This blog is constantly on the search for fresh content that will be entertaining and helpful to its readers.

If interested in being interviewed or providing content for BRASH! email

BRASH! readers are encouraged to send in their feedback regarding what they want to see in future blog posts. They can submit to

About BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog

BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog is an advisory blog site designed to provided tool and resources for music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the music industry.  BRASH! provides its readers with a different point of view on specific topics along with sharing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors.



Media Contact:

Fearless Vision Marketing


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