Week11 | Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
New Music Monster

Written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Blue Roses by Karin ParkArtist: Karin Park
Track: “Blue Roses”
In prayer. In refusal. In honesty. In defiance. In violence. In realization. Swedish / Norwegian, singer songwriter and producer, Karin Park follows up on her 2015 release, “Apocalypse Pop” with new single, “Blue Roses”.

In prayer. In refusal. In honesty. In defiance. In violence. In realization of an inability. Piano strikes, hard and heavy; rooted deep into the ground, count the track in stark melodic progression, compulsive; ambient-scapes, shift the stereo in uneasy builds and willfully quiet risers; intended to disquieten, rather than excite and heighten. In realization of an inability, ever present in her work; an itch become unbearable; the inability to compromise. Saturated organic, dampened by over driven current, synth sequence, pulse and reverse, merge perceptual, with tourniquet string and noise born acoustic. The inability to compromise; unable to offer the merest contrivement, to bend the knee to the fashionable bland, blah of playlist friendly, chart targeted, cynically constructed, EDM pop nothing. Vocals, verse to chorus and back, overlap in carefully crafted contrast; Karin’s vocals stood titan tall, set down the middle, though verse; arrive the chorus, floated light, left and right, hi passed and pitched up (just), deftly distorted sweet, angel lifted up on dirty wings.

And in the realization of that inability, find truth, hitherto peripheral; history retold, an evolution of influence, revisited. Cast in soft depths, framed temple, sanctified upon ancient drum; the track wells up, like an approaching army from feudal time; beat inevitable, percussion by hand, glacial drift. Lyrics arranged in riffs; straight spoken, cut by imagery and cliché re framed honest, and mantra, ‘Stay off my sacred land’; Karin’s voice, older, angrier, with beautiful bluesy rasp; gun in her hand; defiance beyond act of will, born of primal reflex not rational reaction. Revisited through gritted teeth, by embittered revision; the violence of hindsight, an embattled honesty is stumbled upon. A song opened in hushed chamber, infinite space, cloistered; whispered chant, monastic; confessional, yet confrontational; evocative of both folk verse and nursery rhyme, the first used in hope to ward off evil, the second meant to instill caution through fear ; the vignette come chorus, a prologue of dark foreboding; the most personal of prayers, set at counterpoint to world weary mantra, and hardened battle cry, ‘Stay off my sacred land’.

Great Art is not just seen or heard, it is experienced. It rises to the defining significance of an event lived. It becomes bonded to who you are, by forever altering the way in which, you perceive the world around you. The title track of Karin Park’s forthcoming EP, due out early November, “Blue Roses” is out now on all major streaming media platforms. Take a deep breath. Your world is about to change.

Twitter: @KarinPark
IG: KarinParkOfficial


Ghost by Ida KudoArtist: IDA KUDO
Track: “Ghost”
Pulsating electro drum, pagan beat and blunt broken, sonic shards, thrown left/right percussive, herald the arrival of new release, “Ghost” from rising star of the Copenhagen underground electronic scene, IDA KUDO. The half Japanese/half Danish Artist and Producer’s second single of 2018, and follow up to the swaggered primal, sampled charged, grace and majesty of previous release, “Wolf”“Ghost” treads lighter and faster on its feet; the tribal drive and energy of “Wolf” remains, but stepped up and hyped nice for the dance floor. IDA’s astonishing voice stabs and slashes, through the verses; lyrics whipped at you, cutting deep by the syllable. In chorus, her vocals amped ethereal, in lingering melodic shrieks, further enhanced with stylish use of reverb. An ever-contrasting, ever-moving, array of ultra cool instrumentation, cascades about the stereo field, creating width and depth at speed. The entire track, alive in perpetual movement; a blood boiling, phonic-cauldron; a rising charge, creeping up your spine; drawing the basic, the fundamental, the animalistic from deep down, inside your very core. Inspired use of creative double tracking, SSL style compression smacks and smart use of automation, heighten the track and your senses alike. A confident and accomplished piece of EDM/Pop production that will stand out on playlists, is taken to another level by the original collection of sample, sound and instrument, successfully woven together in a striking aural experience; all of which, underpinned and strengthened still further by IDA KUDO’s deft songwriting and singular performance. “Ghost” represents a bolt upwards, as this talented underground Artist continues her impressive ascent to the stars.

Twitter: @IdaKudoMusic
IG: IdaKudo


Side by Side by The Workday ReleaseArtist: The Workday Release
Track: “Side by Side”
Released on his wedding day, new single “Side by Side”, represents a heartfelt ode to fidelity and the most personal of promises for singer songwriter David Ottestad, aka The Workday Release. The Orange County based Artist’s second release of 2018, the carefully instrumented, “Side by Side” forms an oblique and oddly beautiful pairing to the willfully stripped down, earlier release, “Opposites” (Click here for my review). And whereas “Opposites”, stark in its presentation; testament to the beauty of simplicity, and intended act of demonstration against the hyper-produced music of our charts, was very much a protest song in the action of its production, “Side by Side” is disarmingly simple in its intentions. Produced by good friend, longtime collaborator and creative partner, Warren Huart, and recorded at his Spitfire Studio (located behind the English born/LA based Producer’s family home), with David and Warren playing all the instruments themselves; the 4 minute 9 second track sways in an open, deceptively easy, series of lovingly arranged, musical stanzas. The care and attention brought to the graceful production, speaks quiet volumes of the talent and experience of Warren Huart, whose well judged, in-obtrusive style of orchestration, works in tandem with, and is supported by, the multi-instrumentalist’s hard earned musicianship. David’s vocal performance, a tender rendition; his well worn heart, worn well on his sleeve; his voice resonating sweetly, as he strains to convey the depth and verity of his love. Well finessed and ‘hands off’ vocal processing, allows David’s vocals the necessary air to breathe, and, in turn, for us to feel; the lyrics, expressed in the characteristically straightforward and honest manner; those familiar with his work, will know and love. In an Industry where so many young Artists employ disingenuous, ‘by the packet’, ‘calls to action’, in lazy, less-than-half-hearted attempts to cheat/fake engagement with their fans, David’s decision to release, ‘Side by Side’ in celebration and recognition of his marriage; and in doing so, share the day with his fans ; is the embodiment of what rests at the centre any real relationship, an act of intimacy.

You catch the home-brewed music video for “Side by Side” on YouTube

Watch David and Warren record “Side by Side” via the Produce Like a Pro YouTube Channel

Twitter: @WorkDayRelease
IG: TheWorkDayRelease

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